12-12-1998         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

Renounce anything wasteful and negative and become a perfect, double­light angel like father Brahma.

Today, BapDada is seeing His Brahmin souls everywhere. To be a Brahmin means to be one born through the mouth of Brahma. BapDada is very happy to see the fortune of every Brahmin child. As soon a Brahmin child takes birth, the tilak of awareness is applied on the forehead of each one through father Brahma. God Himself makes you into one who has the tilak. As well as this, He enables each Brahmin soul to adopt a crown of light through the great mantra of purity. Together with this, He also makes each of you Brahmin souls into a world benefactor and enables you to wear the crown of responsibility. God Himself sits you on His heart­throne and makes you wear a double crown. As soon as you take birth, you become one who has a tilak, a crown and a throne. No other soul throughout the whole cycle could have such great fortune. So, are you Brahmins aware of your elevated fortune? Are you aware that as soon as you take birth you become so fortunate? People of the world have symbolised you Brahmins in the form of Krishna. However, that tilak, crown and throne are the symbols of being a Raj kumar (prince) of that world. However, he receives none of these in his childhood, whereas you Brahmins receive all three. It is only you Brahmins who have the fortune to receive these three attainments from the Supreme Father. So, BapDada was seeing how great the star of fortune sparkling on each one’s forehead is. Can you too see your star of fortune sparkling on yourself? Can you see it sparkling? Or, is it that sometimes your star sparkles very well but at other times, the sparkle of that star reduces? This star of fortune is a unique star. So, whenever BapDada sees you and meets, He is pleased to see the star on each one’s forehead sparkling. Why does the sparkle of the sparkling star reduce? All of you know the reason for this very well. When BapDada looks at the chart of you children, He smiles. When any of you are asked what you want to become or what your aim is, the majority of you reply, “I want to become number one. I want to become part of the sun dynasty.” None of you want to become the moon dynasty King Rama or Sita. However, since you aim to become number one sun dynasty, then according to your aim, you have to reveal the qualifications necessary for that aim. You children aim to become part of the sun dynasty; you aim to be constantly victorious. To be constantly victorious is the sign of a number one sun­dynasty soul. The degree of a sun never increase or decrease. The sun does rise and set, but its degree never reduce like those of the moon dynasty. To be constant and steady and always victorious is the sign of a sun­dynasty soul. Those of the moon dynasty are called warriors. In a warrior­life, there is sometimes victory and sometimes defeat. Sometimes, they are embodiments of success and at other times, they are embodiments of labouring. To battle means to labour. The degrees of those who are part of the moon dynasty are not constant. This is why you must make your qualifications equal to your aim. You have kept your aim of becoming equal to the Father. When each of you is asked what you want to become, you say, “Equal to the Father.” So, Baba is constantly the embodiment of easy victory. If you don’t have a constant and steady stage, how would you become number one? Or, will you go amongst those who are numberwise? One is to claim number one and the other is to go amongst those who are numberwise. Therefore, ask yourself: Am I number one or am I in the list of those who are numberwise? To be number one means to follow father Brahma.

BapDada is showing you an easy method: By following the father, it takes less effort. The foot, that is, the footsteps of Brahma is a sign of the footstep of every task. So, it is easy to place your foot in his footsteps. You don’t have to find a new path. You simply have to place your foot in his footsteps. Whatever task you carry out, whether it is of creating thoughts in your mind, speaking any words or interact with others, before carrying out that task, you should consider whether that act you are about to perform is equal to that of father Brahma’s acts. What was father Brahma’s thought? Is your thought according to his thoughts? Is every word you speak equal to that spoken by Brahma? If it is not, then you mustn’t do it! If it is not, then you mustn’t think in that way, nor speak or do anything else in that way. The steps of you children should not be different from the steps of father Brahma. Otherwise, how will you fulfil your aim and reach your destination of becoming equal to the Father? When you constantly follow Brahma at every step, then you will firstly experience yourself to be an easy effort­maker and, secondly, experience the destination of perfection to be close. To become like father Brahma means to reach your destination of perfection. So, father Brahma in the subtle region is invoking all of you to become perfect subtle angels. Can you not hear the song of invocation, the sweet sound of the song that father Brahma sings, “Come child! Sweet children, come quickly”? Can you not hear this melody and these words? Listen to Brahma Baba’s voice, catch it. Brahma Baba says that you children are thinking about the year 1999 a great deal. You wonder what will happen: whether this will happen or that will happen; whether it will happen or not happen. You think about this a great deal that perhaps it may not happen. Sometimes you think it will happen and at other times you think it will not happen. You constantly sing this song of will it happen or not. However, very few of you think about moving forward at a fast speed and reaching your angelic form or your complete and perfect form. “What will happen?” You sing this song of, “Will it happen or not” a great deal. Baba says: whatever happens, is your aim to listen and see everything or is it to become an angel like father Brahma? Have you made preparations for this? Even if the elements do show their colour and form from time to time, are you children, the ones who have an avyakt form, and are equal to the father, prepared to watch every scene of the elements? Have you become angels who are free any effect of the upheaval of the elements? Are you busy in making your stage ready or are you busy in thinking about what is going to happen? No matter what adverse situation appears in front of you, will you masters of the elements be set in your stage of being the masters? Or, will you become upset and wonder “What happened”? Will you busy yourselves in the news of the scenes of “This happened and that happened”? Or, will you remain stable in your stage of perfection, and experience any adverse situation to be like a passing cloud?

Therefore, children, Brahma Baba is asking you: Have you become angels like me for all time? All of you children have to become avyakt whilst living in the corporeal form. You would say: Baba has become avyakt, and ask to be made avyakt like him. Brahma Baba says: First of all, ask yourself whether you have fulfilled the responsibility of the crown that Baba has placed on your head, that is, the responsibility of world benefit? Have you world benefactors completed your task of world benefit? Brahma Baba became avyakt because he had to give you children the task of world benefit. He had to become free from all bondage and become an instrument to accelerate the speed of service. You can see the practical form of this everywhere. Both in this land and abroad, the speed of service has been accelerated by avyakt Brahma, and it will continue to accelerate. Brahma Baba had to become the instrument to accelerate the speed of service. However, it is not Brahma Baba alone who will claim a right to the kingdom. All of you children also have the right to claim the kingdom with him. This is why you children in the corporeal form have been made instruments in the corporeal world. However, at the end, all of you children in the corporeal form will also have to become avyakt angels. Therefore, you must increase the speed of service of world benefit and become perfect yourself and bring about completion.

Father Brahma asks you: Should we have the completion in the year 1999? All the elements are ready and waiting for us to clap our hands and signal them. Have you become as double­light as angels? Are at least one hundred and eight of you constantly victorious? Have you passed in not having any type of wasteful or negative thoughts, words, acts when in connection and relations with everyone? The burden of anything wasteful or negative stops you from becoming angels for all time. So, Brahma Baba is asking you: Have you become angels who are relieved of this burden? Have you underlined the word “constantly”? When at least one hundred and eight souls constantly experience an angelic life can it be said that they have become equal to father Brahma. So, Baba is asking you: Should we clap our hands now? Or, should we clap our hands in the year 2000? Or the year 2001? When should we clap? What are you thinking about? That you will become this when Baba has clapped? Is it like this? What are you thinking about? Will you become this when Baba claps? What will happen? Should Baba clap? Speak! Are you ready? Should you be given a test paper? Baba is not going to accept everything just like that! Should Baba test you? Teachers, speak! Should Baba give you a test paper? You will have to renounce everything. Those who are in Madhuban will have to leave Madhuban. Those who are in Gyan Sarovar will have to leave Gyan Sarovar. Those who are in centres will have to leave their centres and those who are abroad will have to leave those countries. You will have to leave everything, so are you ever­ready? If you are ever­ready, then clap your hands! Are you ever­ ready? Should Baba test you? Should Baba announce this tomorrow? It isn’t that you will renounce everything after you have returned home, is it? It shouldn’t be that you say that you will put everything in order first. No. You will have to remain wherever you are. Are you ever­ ready? You won’t have your work­place, nor your bed, your room, not even your cupboard. Don’t say that you have a little work that you first have to finish in two days and then come back. No. An order is an order! Are you ready? Speak! Consider this before replying! Otherwise, Baba will issue an order tomorrow about where you should go and where you should not go. Should Baba issue this order? Are you ready? You are not saying “yes” with much courage! Are you still thinking that it would be good if you were given another day? “Perhaps this will happen without me.” “This will not happen without me.” You must not have this waste thought. Everything will carry on fine. When Brahma Baba was transferred, did he think what was going to happen without him? Did he think whether everything would carry on or not? Did he think that he should give one direction? Did he give it? Did he give any directions? He gave a direction through his perfect stage, not through his words. Become ever­ready to such an extent that as soon as you receive the order, you are able to let go. Should Baba do this now? Should this upheaval be created now? Yes, this is going to happen. Baba is telling you what you have to do. You will not be asked anything, but you will just be given an order. A date will not be fixed. Suddenly, the order will be given to you that you have to come. This is known as being a double­light angel. As soon as you receive an order, you fly. When you receive the order of death, will you think about anything? Will you think about your centre, your cupboard, your students or your area? Nowadays, there is a lot of disturbance about “my area”. Does a world benefactor have a limited area? You will have to renounce all of that. All of that is also arrogance of the body. To have awareness of the body is still not as serious as having arrogance of the body, which is very subtle. To have the consciousness of “mine” is called arrogance of the body. When you have the consciousness of “mine”, there will definitely be arrogance. It may be of your speciality that “this is my speciality”, “my virtues”, “my service”. Remember that when you have the consciousness of “mine”, all of it is “Prabhu prasad” (something offered to God and received by you), it is not yours. To consider “prasad” to be your own is body consciousness. To renounce this arrogance means to become complete. This is why it is said, “An angel is one who has no arrogance of the body, no awareness of the body nor any different types of consciousness of “mine”. To be an angel means that you have ended all limited relationships. So what preparations are you now going to make? Listen to Brahma Baba’s sound with attention; he is invoking you. Baba says: It is very easy to beat the drums of completion. He can beat them whenever He wants, but at least 900,000 people should be prepared for the beginning of the golden age, even though they will be numberwise. After all, very few can be number one! There should at least be 108 who are number one; 16,000 who are number two and 900,000 who are number three. At least this many should be prepared. The kingdom has to be prepared.

In the result BapDada saw, that, at present, Maya exists in the majority of you in the form of negative or wasteful thinking. The stage of you world benefactors should be of constantly having an unlimited attitude, drishti and an unlimited stage. There should not be the slightest negative or wasteful feelings in your attitude towards any soul. To transform something negative is something different. However, those who themselves have a negative attitude cannot help others to transform their negativity into positivity. This is why each one of you should examine yourself in a subtle way and see that your drishti and attitude towards others are always benevolent in an unlimited way. You should only have benevolent feelings; there should not be any limited feelings, limited thoughts or words within yourself in a subtle way. Anything that is merged within you in a subtle way will emerge and become physical at a particular time or when a problem arises. You might now constantly remain OK, but it will emerge at a particular time.

Then, you would think: “This one is like this anyway. This situation is like this. This person is like this.” That person may well be like that, but is your stage filled with pure and unlimited feelings? Examine your own mistake. Do you understand?

Don’t look at the situations! Look at yourself! That’s all! In the year 1999, you must be concerned that your steps are placed in Brahma Baba’s footsteps. All of you love father Brahma, do you not? So, you always follow the one you love. You have to become equal to the father. Is this all right? Will all of you be ready in 1999? You still have one year. Don’t think, “This happened”, or “That happened”. All of that will happen. You have been told in advance that it will happen, but you also have to become an angel like the father. Do you understand? You have to become this, do you not? Are you able to do this? Will you be ready in one year or will you be ready in half a year? Brahma Baba is also invoking you for you to become perfect; nature too is waiting for you. Become ever­ready in six months! If not six months, you still have a year. Do not fluctuate, remain unshakeable! However, never let go of your aim. No matter what happens, you have to become equal to the father. Even if a Brahmin tries to shake you or puts some obstacles in your way, you still have to become equal to the father. Do you like this advice? (BapDada made everyone in the gathering raise their hands and had everyone’s photograph taken.) Baba will send everyone this photograph. Here, in this movie, someone can be missed out, but no one can be missed out in the movie of the subtle region. Achcha.

Baba asks: Can each of you become bodiless in a second? Now, become stable in the bodiless stage in one second. (Baba conducted drill.) Achcha, you may now return to your body. Now, become bodiless again. Throughout the whole day, even if only for a second, continue to have this practice. Achcha.

To all you most elevated Brahmin souls; to those who constantly place their feet in the footsteps of father Brahma; to the obedient children who follow the father; to those who constantly remain stable in the angelic stage like father Brahma; to the close and unshakeable souls who become the masters of the elements and who observe every scene of nature as a detached observer; to the unshakeable and immovable souls; to those who constantly have an unlimited attitude and drishti; to the fortunate children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. Special love and remembrance to all of those in this land and abroad who are listening to this.

BapDada meeting Dadis: You receive blessings by becoming an instrument. Blessings are also medicine for all of you. All the Dadis and whoever becomes an instrument helper in any task receive a lift of special blessings. In the history of the yagya, the souls who became instruments for any particular task received special blessings for the task for which they became an instrument. Do you understand what fortune you received by becoming an instrument? Firstly, because everyone’s vision is on those who are instruments, the instruments would have attention on the self. Then the effort they made on themselves becomes easy. Just as when you sit on a stage, you automatically have to pay attention, and in the same way, to become an instrument means to be on the stage. So, because of being on the stage, your own effort becomes easy. You also receive blessings of everyone’s co­operation. When you instrument souls play your part accurately, you receive the help of everyone’s co­operation. It is good. (The drill felt very good.) Each one of you should do this every day. You shouldn’t say that you are too busy! Even if someone is just sitting with you or even talking to you, you can repeatedly make that one conduct this drill for just one second and you yourself can also practice it. It is not difficult. You should take two to four seconds to do this and you will receive a lot of help from it. Otherwise, throughout the day, your intellect continues to work all the time. So, it then takes time to become bodiless. If you have practiced this every now and then, then, when you want to become bodiless, you will be able to do so at that time. You have to do this because at the end everything will happen suddenly. It is extremely essential to practice being bodiless in order to pass the test paper that will come suddenly. It shouldn’t be that you continue to make effort to become bodiless after the situation has finished. Then, you would not be called part of the sun dynasty. This is why, to the extent that you are busy, it is just as important for you to practice this stage accordingly every now and then. Then, the tiredness that you feel in service or the upheaval that takes place amongst yourselves every now and again will no longer happen. You will practice this, will you not? Will you practice becoming detached in one second? Because you have practiced this stage, you will be able to go beyond within a second when something happens. As soon as you think about it, you will be able to stabilise in that stage. You will not have to battle. The sanskars of battling and labouring stop you from becoming part of the sun dynasty. Even your last moments would be spent in battling if you don’t now practice becoming bodiless in a second. The last paper you are given by Maya will be in whatever you are weak in, whether it is your nature, your interaction with others, in the power of your mind, your attitude or the influence of the atmosphere. Therefore, it is very essential to practice becoming bodiless. No matter in which form Maya comes, you already understand her. By your becoming bodiless in a second, Maya cannot influence you, just like a dead person cannot be influenced by anything. Once you have become bodiless, that is, detached from your body, then you are detached from your old nature, sanskars and weaknesses that are all connected with your body. To be detached from the body means to be detached from everything. This is why this drill will be very helpful. You need controlling power for this. You should be able to control your mind and stabilise your intellect. Otherwise, you will be distressed by your habits. First of all, become stable, for only then will you be able to become bodiless. Achcha. All of you practiced this for fourteen years. (Baba has drilled this sanskar into us.) Your foundation is strong. This became your nature after fourteen years. No matter how busy you may be in service, you cannot make any excuse that you don’t have the time, because BapDada now wants you to prepare 108 and 16,000 quickly. How else will everything get done? He needs His companions. So, first, there has to be 108, then 16,000 and then 900,000. If you were told to give a list of 108 names of those who are free from anything wasteful or negative, could you prepare a rosary? Can you make a list? Baba is only asking for 108. By the year 1999, there has to be 16,000. 900,000 will be prepared anyway; that is not a big thing. First of all, prepare 108. (Asking the gathering.) You must be thinking that you will become part of the 108. Whatever happens now, you must now remove everything wasteful from within and tell Dadi that you are ever­ready. Yes, each of you can give your own name. You should offer yourself and say that you are part of the 108. Then Baba will have it verified. It is best to give your own name yourself. You definitely have to do this. It is essential to do this once and for all. Now, Baba is telling you this now so that you can become ever­ready. Then Baba will order you. Those from Madhuban will have to be moved. Those from Madhuban will have to go to the centres and those from the centres will have to come to Madhuban. You will have to empty your cupboards! No one will be allowed to put a lock on them. Achcha. This too is a pleasure, is it not? This is a game of pleasure. Achcha. What shall we do now?

(Very good service has taken place in Kathmandu, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. Those from Kathmandu have sent special remembrance today.) Wherever service has taken place, all of you are better than one another. Service started in Delhi and so to reach Pragati Medan (famous open grounds for holding melas and exhibitions) in Delhi is also a very good result of service. To receive free land at such a place in Delhi is the successful result of service. Whoever comes, however many comes, to glorify your name in Delhi means to spread your sound everywhere. This is why, at the moment, you just hoisted the flag in Pragati Medan, but you now have to move ahead of this. You definitely now have to hoist the spiritual flag in Delhi that will glorify the name of spirituality. You will now have to move ahead even more because the sound from Delhi spreads through the TV and newspapers. As well as this, whatever happens in the yagya, the special souls (non­Brahmins) who become instruments for a task of the yagya are also influenced by the big programmes that take place. This is why BapDada’s vision is on Delhi. You have eventually hoisted the flag of spirituality and the establishment of service in Delhi.

You have to spread the sound and hoist the flag that says “This is spirituality and these are spiritual souls”. In Kathmandu, the king there has a lot of love for his people. This is why when the Maharajahs came, it very easily created an influence on the people of that land. It has been seen that the instruments of Nepal are very powerful. This is why it is easy for service to take place in Nepal. Children made a lot of effort and many good people were impressed and came close. One is to impress others and the other is to bring those souls close and make them co­ operative. So, in Nepal, you have very good close co­operative souls. This result is very good. Those from Gujarat have also done a lot of hard work.

You have very successful in the aim you have of making souls co­operative. This is why when souls become co­operative they definitely receive from the Father or the drama some fruit of their charity. This is why those co­operative souls will continue to come close in the future and service will spread through them. You accomplished the largest and best programme. You kept your aim well and everyone that took on something, did so worrying about anything, whether it the expense or any limited things. Whatever you did, you did it from your heart and with your body without thinking about anything limited and with a lot of love for one another, and so this has brought about success. Gujarat has received success and will also continue to receive it in the future. Those from Calcutta also kept their courage well. All of you are young, but your courage was good and the fruit of your courage was that you received special help from the yagya. You did everything with that zeal and enthusiasm, and so your name is also glorified. Many good people came to the yoga shivirs also. Many good people came to the mela as well. Because of your zeal and enthusiasm and because of not looking at anything else, everything happened at the right time. Everything happened very well. Therefore, to all those who carried out the programmes, whether small or large, whether they were carried out by mature ones or young ones, special congratulations to you all! Whatever happens now will be very good because time is blessed. Whatever you do anywhere, the result will be the best of all. Achcha. Programmes are going to take place in all these three places ­ Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad. All three are very good. BapDada tells you in advance that everything will be very good. (Big programmes are also going to take place in Madras and Bombay.) Congratulations for the future to everyone! Achcha.


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