16-11-2006          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Maintain the honour of your self-respect, know the importance of time and become ever-ready.

Today, BapDada is seeing the children from everywhere who are worthy of receiving God's love and are set on the seat of self-respect. All the children are set on their seat, but some children are set in the stage of concentration whereas other children are a little upset in their thoughts. According to the present time, BapDada wishes to see every child constantly in a concentrated form and as an embodiment of self-respect. All the children also wish to remain stable in the stage of concentration. You know all the different types of self-respect, you think about them too, but sometimes concentration brings them into fluctuation. You have a constantly stable and steady stage very little. You do experience it, and you wish to have this stage, but why is it only sometimes? What is the reason? It is a lack of constant attention. If you were to make a list of your self-respect, it would be such a long one. The first self-respect is that you have become the direct children of the Father whom you had been remembering; you are a number one child of His. BapDada has selected all of you children, who are the handful out of multimillions, from all over, and made you belong to Him. Out of all five continents the Father made you children belong directly to Him. This is such a huge self-respect. You are the first creation of the World Creator. You know this self-respect, do you not? Together with BapDada, He has made all of you children the ancestors for the souls of the whole world. You are the ancestors of the world; you are worthy of worship. BapDada has made every child an image of support and an example for the world. Do you have this intoxication? Does it decrease a little sometimes? Think about it. It is the most invaluable throne; it is such an invaluable throne that no one else can attain it throughout the whole cycle. You have been given God's throne, the crown of light and the tilak of awareness. Do you remember: Who am I? What is my self-respect? You are feeling intoxicated, are you not? No matter how invaluable the golden-aged throne is, it is only you children who receive God's heart-throne.

BapDada always sees even the last number child in the form of an angel who is to become a deity. At this moment you are a Brahmin, from a Brahmin you will become an angel and, from an angel, you have to become a deity. Do you know your self-respect? BapDada knows that it is because of forgetting your self-respect that you have body consciousness and arrogance of the body. You even become distressed. BapDada sees that when you become body conscious or you have arrogance of the body, you become so distressed. All of you are experienced in this, are you not? To maintain the honour of your self-respect and to become distressed by not staying in your self-respect - you know both of these. BapDada sees that of all the children, the majority of you have become knowledge-full very well, but in terms of being full in power, you are not powerful. You have a percentage in this.

BapDada has made every child a child and a master of all His treasures. He has given everyone all the treasures. It is not that He has given less or more to some, for it is countless treasure, it is an unlimited treasure. This is why He has made every child a child and master of the unlimited. So, now check yourself. It is the unlimited Father, He is not a limited father. He is the unlimited Father and the treasures are also unlimited. So, do you have the unlimited? Do you have it all the time or does some of it sometimes get stolen or lost? Why is Baba drawing your attention to this? So that you don't become distressed, so that you are able to remain set on the seat of self- respect and not become upset. You have experienced becoming upset for 63 births. Do you wish to experience it even more? Have you not become tired? Now, maintain your self-respect, that is, maintain your highest-on-high honour. Why? So much time has gone by. You are celebrating your 70th anniversary, are you not? So, the recognition of the self means recognition of self-respect and remaining stable in self-respect. According to the time, now put the word 'constantly' (sada) into your practical life. Do not just underline the word, but underline it in your practical life. "I have to remain this, I will remain like this, I am doing it..., I will do it..." These are the not the words of those who are the children and masters (balak so malik) of the unlimited. These words should now continuously emerge in the hearts of all of you: "I have attained that which I wanted to attain." "I am attaining" - children of the unlimited Father with the unlimited treasures cannot say these words. "I have already attained." Since you have attained BapDada, you have said, "Mera Baba" (My Baba); you have accepted this, you know this, you have accepted it, only these continuous words emerging in the hearts: "I have attained" (paa liya) should emerge. BapDada knows that because it is only sometimes that children have self-respect, they keep the importance of time in their awareness very little. One is respect for the self and the other is the importance of time. You are not ordinary, you are ancestors. Each one of you is a support for the souls of the world. Think about it. If you come into upheaval, then what will happen to the souls of the world? Do not think that only those who are called maharathis are the support for the world. If there are new ones who have come, and today, many new ones must have come, then have the new ones accepted this in their heart, "My Baba"? Have you accepted this? Do the new ones who have come accept this? Not just those who know, but those who accept, "My Baba", raise your hands! Raise them high! The new ones are raising their hands. You older ones are pakka (firm) in this, are you not? Those who have accepted "My Baba" in their heart, and the Father has also accepted "My child", are all responsible. Why? From the time that you say that you are a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari, or whether you say Brahma Kumar or Kumari or Shiv Kumar or Shiv Kumari, or that you belong to both, you are tied. You then have the crown of responsibility. You have it, do you not? Pandavas, speak! Do you have the crown of responsibility? It doesn't feel heavy, does it? It is light, is it not? It is of light. Light is so light (weightless). Pay attention to the importance of time. Time is not going to ask before it comes. Even now some children say or think that they need to have a little clue, that they should know whether they have 20 years or 10 years. However, BapDada says: Let alone the time of the final destruction, do you know about the destruction of your own body? Do any of you know that you will leave your body on such-and-such a date? Do you know? Nowadays, bhog is offered for so many Brahmins who have departed. There is no guarantee. Therefore, know the importance of time. This small age is short in time, but it is the age for the greatest attainment because the greatest Father of all comes here in this small age; He doesn't come in the other longer ages. It is this small age in which you have the time to sow the seeds for the attainment of the whole cycle. Even if you attain the kingdom of the world, or you become worthy of worship, this is the time to sow the seeds for the whole cycle, and it is the time to receive double fruit. You receive the fruit of your devotion at this time and you also receive the instant, visible fruit at this time. You do something and you instantly receive the practical, visible fruit and you also create that for the future. Throughout the whole cycle, is there any such other age? It was at this time that the Father gave the greatest of all gifts to the children on the palm of their hand. Do you remember your gift? The fortune of the kingdom of heaven. Baba has given every child the gift of the heaven of the new world on the palm of their hand. No one else gives such a big gift nor could it be given at any other time. You receive it at this time. You become master almighty authorities at this time. In no other age do you receive the status of being a master almighty authority. So be concentrated in maintaining your self-respect and also know the importance of time. The self (swayam) and the time (samay) - respect of the self and the importance of time. Do not become careless. 70 years have gone by; if you become careless now, then you will reduce your attainment a great deal. The further progress you make, the more carelessness there is: "I am very good, I am moving along very well, I will reach there. Just see, I won't be left behind; it will happen." This is carelessness and royal laziness. Carelessness and laziness. The words 'some time' (kab) indicate laziness and the word 'now' (ab) indicates the instant donation that brings about great charity.

So, now, today is the first turn, is it not? So BapDada is drawing your attention to this. This season, you mustn't come down from your self-respect nor must you forget the importance of time. Alert, clever and cautious. You are loved, are you not? One cannot bear to see the slightest weakness or defect in someone one loves. You were told that BapDada has deep love for even the last child, because that one is Baba's child. So, now in this season (this turn), and although it is the season of those from India, the double foreigners are no less. BapDada has seen that there is no turn in which there are no double foreigners. This is their wonder. Now, double foreigners, raise your hands! Look how many there are! Your special turn has already gone, and yet look how many of you there are! Congratulations! Welcome. Many, many congratulations.

So, did you hear what you now have to do? You have been given the homework of what needs to be done this season. Realise the self. Only realise yourself, not others, and become real gold because BapDada believes that those who say "My Baba" will go back with the Father. They will not go as part of the procession. You will go with BapDada, holding the hand of shrimat, and then you will come into the first kingdom with Father Brahma. There is pleasure in a new home. Even if it is one month old, it is said to be one month old. You have to go to your new home, new world, new ways, new customs and systems and then come into the kingdom with Father Brahma. All of you say that you have a lot of love for Father Brahma. So, what is the sign of love? To be with him, to return with him and to come down with him. This is the proof of love. Do you like this? Do you like staying with him, returning with him and then coming down with him? You wouldn't leave something you like, would you? So, the Father's responsibility of love for every child is that they return home with Him, and not follow Him afterwards. If something still remains, you will then have to stop for punishment from Dharamraj. In that case, you won't have your hand in His hand, you will follow later. In which one is there pleasure? It is in being with Him, is it not? So, have you made a firm promise? Is your promise to return with him firm, or, are you going to follow behind? Look! You raise your hands very well. BapDada is pleased to see the raised hands, but raise the hand of shrimat! Shiv Baba doesn't have a hand, and Brahma Baba, the soul, would not have any hands. You too will not have those physical hands; you have to hold the hand of shrimat and return together. You will go together, will you not? At least nod! Achcha, you are waving your hands! BapDada wishes that not a single child should be left behind, that all should return home together. You have to remain ever-ready. Achcha.

Now, BapDada will continue to look at the register of all the children everywhere. You made a promise (vayda) and to fulfil that means to take benefit (faida). Do not just make a promise, but take benefit from it too. Achcha. Now, you will have a determined thought, will you not? Sit stable in the stage of a determined thought. I have to do this. I have to return. I have to return together. Now, have this determined thought within yourself. Sit in that stage. Do not say, "I will do it... I will do it.." I have to do it. Achcha. What shall we do now?

Rajasthan served this time and Indore and Gujarat were co-operative. All those who have come for service, stand up! It is good. Half the class is of those who are co-operative. To give co-operation is not giving, but to receive many, many blessings because whomever you serve becomes pleased and those who become pleased automatically give blessings. Therefore, you have accumulated so many blessings. It is Rajasthan, (the land of kings), is it not? Rajasthan is the instrument and so it receives this golden chance of accumulating in the account of charity. It is good. Rajasthan easily has the intoxication that BapDada came to Rajasthan. BapDada too liked Rajasthan, did He not? It is good, and Gujarat who give their co-operation is a companion anyway. Whenever anything is to happen, it is Gujarat that first becomes a helper. So, Gujarat has the title of being the ever-ready group. It is good. You never say no; you always arrive there. Where is Sarla? Gujarat has been made into a good companion. It is Gujarat that is close to Rajasthan, and that is why greater charity is accumulated. Now it is the turn of Rajasthan to serve. Between the last season which has just gone, and now, which is the beginning of the new season, you have had 6 months. So, how many heirs has Rajasthan created? The very name is Rajasthan (the land of kings), and the Father has also come in Rajasthan. So, speak! How many heirs have you created? BapDada told you to make heirs emerge, and so yours was the first turn. So, have any emerged? Raise your hands! If two have emerged, or one has emerged, or if there is hope that someone or other will emerge, raise your hands! How many? One or five? How many? (Three to four have emerged in Jaipur, and their efforts are still going on. Two have emerged in Jodhpur.) So, there are five now. How many more are there? We will see which five have emerged. Congratulations for having them ready. Now, those heirs will be invited here at some time. It is good. This is now only the first turn. The zones that have come for service definitely have to bring a list of heirs. Is this OK?

You like this, do you not? Double-foreigner also bring it. Baba will see how many heirs the double-foreigners have brought from which countries, because the rosary of 108 now has to be prepared. BapDada has heard that even those from Abu do service. Those around Abu do a lot of service of the places around Abu. Those from Abu, stand up! Those from Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan, stand up! Achcha. All are Abu residents because up and down, Abu is one. The residents of Abu say that BapDada doesn't give them love and remembrance. So, today, Baba is especially remembering the residents of Abu, though there are the special four arms. Everyone says to Dadi that she has many arms. So the four arms are the main arms. So BapDada is giving blessings for beginning the charity of service and congratulations because, no matter how many servers have come, things cannot work without the residents of Abu. This is why the treasure box of your account of charity has opened. We shall now see how much it is being filled. The Government has stopped that bhandari (collection box) and so BapDada has opened the bhandari of charity. You residents of Abu have that intoxication and happiness, do you not, that while sitting at home, you continue to accumulate charity? When you do service altruistically with love, your bhandari of charity continues to become full automatically. There is no need to put anything into it with your hands, but it is a matter of doing service with love. So, you are in the heart and at the hearth. You are on the hearth and also in the heart. How many heirs have those from Abu made emerge? Baba would ask for the result, would He not? Who is the instrument for up above, of Pandav Bhavan? Who is the instrument there? Mrutyunjaya, yes, you can tell Baba how many heirs have emerged in the Abu area. Have any emerged? Or, do you still have to work this out? Now, work out how many have emerged. You can tell Baba at the next meeting. And who is the instrument down below? (Bhopalbhai). Yes, how many heirs have emerged? It is now over 6 months (since service of the villages down there started.) Everyone has done some service or other for this. You haven't yet worked this out. OK, it doesn't matter. You must have remained very busy. Baba will ask you in the next turn. If you haven't worked it out, then work it out now, because Abu is the Headquarters, and so the news from the Headquarters should also be first. It is good.

Kumaris from the Indore Hostel: All kumaris are remembered as those who are greater than 100 Brahmins. You are not ordinary kumaris, you are Brahma Kumaris. Each Brahma Kumari is remembered as being greater than 100 Brahmins, and so how many students have you Kumaris made ready? Baba is not asking about heirs; Baba will ask about heirs later, but how many students have you made ready? Or, are you still just getting yourselves ready? Speak! Where is your teacher? (The teachers of Indore Hostel: Karunaben and Shakuntlaben) Come to the front! Achcha, how many students have you made ready? (Some kumaris become Brahma Kumaris and their parents also come into knowledge.) Tell Baba: on average how many have become students? It is good. When you Kumaris are ready, will you look after centres or will you get a job? Those who are getting ready to look after centres, raise your hands! There are many of you. So, when will their training finish? (They are still studying.) Till when will you study? Those who have completed their graduation, raise your hands! There are 3 or 4. Will only these 3 or 4 look after a centre? Or, will you get a job? Or, will you do both? (Brother Om Prakash told Baba - Until now, there are about 450 kumaris who have completed their study and are now looking after centres.) Then it is good. It is good that hands are prepared. So congratulations to the teachers. All of you who have come, are you content with your efforts? Are you content with your efforts? Are you content with your study? Yes? Or, are you new ones who have just come? Do you remain happy? Do you remain content? OK, prepare good hands because time is very short and a lot of service has to be done. A lot of service still remains to be done. You have a song, and you also have programmes of the Call of Time. So the Call of Time is very much for the teachers. Therefore, get them ready quickly. Achcha. Remain happy and continue to fly in happiness.

300 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 30 countries: Double foreigners make double effort: one is for service and the other is for themselves. So, your title of a double foreigner is good. You are doing double service of everyone and for yourself individually. Double service. Sometimes, you do one type of service and at other times you do the other type of service, or, do you do both together? Those of you who feel that you do both types of service, of the self and also of the souls whom you serve at the same time, raise your hands! The majority have passed in this. It is moving at a good speed, but make it increase even more because now, according to the time, there has to be double service at the same time: service of the world and of the self. Give rays of happiness and peace to the whole world. Just think about how many souls are still left to be served, whether abroad or in this land, and so you have to do that service, do you not? Every day, check whether you did double service. To what percentage did you do that? Was it powerful or was it to a percentage? Baba is saying this to everyone, not just to the double foreigners. Those from Bharat also have to do this. Now make your speed a little fast. Souls should emerge at a fast speed. At the very least, they should say: Our Baba has come. At least the word 'Baba' should emerge in their heart. Not through their lips, but in their heart. So, keep this chart. So, double foreigners are going to go ahead at double the speed, are they not? BapDada is pleased. Why? BapDada loves one speciality of the double foreigners. Do you know which one? You always speak the truth. If you fall, you speak the truth and, even if you climb, you speak the truth. So the Lord is pleased with a true heart. Now create such an atmosphere that, seeing one another, everyone begins to race - not a competition, but a race to claim a number ahead. You yourselves may go ahead, but also give such a lift to your companions that they too go ahead. Is this OK? You have such courage, do you not? The atmosphere at each centre should be such that it becomes the atmosphere of Madhuban. Those from Madhuban have not yet become complete, but whoever comes here goes back happy through the atmosphere of Madhuban. The atmosphere of the centre should be such too. It has been remembered that every home should become heaven. This is for those from India too - all centres should be such that they are a blueprint of heaven. Only then will it be said that every home has become heaven. It is good. The foreigners also have the speciality that if they have a determined thought for any situation, they definitely put that into practice. Now, use that sanskar for this task: Only after accomplishing it will I leave it. Is this OK? You are going to do this, are you not? So, next season, Baba will ask you for this result. Every centre should be a blueprint of heaven. Achcha. Congratulations.

Spirituality in Research Dialogue - planning group. (Rameshbhai told BapDada that someone from every zone is carrying out special research on one topic or another, and there is the thought to have a dialogue between those main people, and their meeting was taking place.) Achcha, you have made a programme. Achcha. Each wing will do their service and make some souls emerge from that, and then a dialogue will take place between those souls. So, BapDada will see what each wing does, what each wing has made emerge and which souls who have an interest have emerged. It is good that all of them together will have a dialogue. Very good. (A programme will take place here of those in connection from all the wings from all the zones.) First, each of the wings will do this service in their own zone, and then the souls that emerge from that will all come together here for a dialogue between them. Is this right? Continue to give news at the same time and also continue to give your co-operation. Each wing, do this! Then we shall see how many emerged from each wing. Very good.

The Delhi Programme was very good. Those who have come from Delhi, stand up! Achcha, so many have come. Welcome. The mela in Delhi was good; the sound was spread. The sound was spread, was it not? Because everyone also received a message through the TV. That was good because by doing it for 10 days, at least people got a message. In one day, only those who come get a message, but by having it for 10 days, a variety of souls must have come and taken a message for themselves. So, you all liked it. Did all of you like it? Did you enjoy doing the mela? (We enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to Baba from those from Delhi.) BapDada has seen that there is enthusiasm everywhere in those from all zones that they should also do the same. So Delhi has become an instrument to give inspiration to others. It is good. You started the mela service after a long time. Previously, there just used to be melas, did there not? There used to be melas taking place everywhere. Now you have big programmes. So a variety of melas is good. So, congratulations to all those from Delhi. Congratulations to those from Delhi for doing this. (It was international and there was also a stall from Abu.) Congratulations to those from abroad, and congratulations to those from Abu. It was good. BapDada received all the news. Seeing one another, continue to move forward. BapDada wishes to see that out of so many millions of souls, they should at least receive this message. So many still remain. Just as Africa did "Serve Africa", so BapDada has heard that not a single country in Europe is now left. In Europe and Africa, there isn't a country that has not been served. It should be like that everywhere. The message should reach them at least. Otherwise, you will receive many complaints. Everyone will complain: Our Father came and you didn't even tell us! No complaints should remain. Achcha.

A group came from the old people's home in Hyderabad, Secunderabad. (An old people's home - Pharishta Bhavan, Om Niwas has been built. Many VIPs come to see that place. All of them together make very good effort.) You are moving forward with different types of service. Continue to move forward. Achcha.

To all the double-server children from everywhere, to BapDada's jewels of the forehead from everywhere, who are always set on the seat of self-respect with concentration, to all the children from everywhere who know the importance of time and thereby become the worthy children who give the proof of intense effort, to all the double-light angelic children who constantly fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm and make others fly, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: Everyone is moving along giving their co-operation. BapDada is pleased that each of you is giving a finger of your speciality. (To Dadiji) Everyone is pleased to see the original jewels. From the beginning, you have given your bones in service. You have served with your bones. Very good. Look, no matter what happens, just see this one thing: Whether on the bed or wherever else, you have not forgotten the Father. The Father is merged in your heart. It is like this, is it not? Look, she is smiling so beautifully. Yes, you are old in age, and you want to say "Ta ta" to the land of Dharamraj. You don't want to experience punishment. Even Dharamraj will have to bow down. He will have to welcome you. You will say "Ta ta" and you are therefore settling your few accounts here in remembrance of the Father. There isn't any suffering; though there is the illness, there isn't a trace of sorrow. (Speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta) This one is smiling a lot. Give everyone drishti! Achcha. (Dadiji embraced Baba.) Very good. (Munniben said to Baba that that time was the first time she had missed a meeting.) You didn't miss it. BapDada saw you.

Speaking to Yoginiben: You liked doing that service, did you not? There is pleasure in maharathis serving maharathis. There was splendour there, was there not? Whether it is a hospital or whatever else, there was splendour. (You looked after all the guests well.) You didn't just offer hospitality, but accumulated your charity. All those who served there also accumulated in their account of charity. (Everything went well under Your guidance.) The determination for serving that everyone had did the work. Give lots of love and remembrance to Dr. Ashok Mehta. All the doctors who became instruments, all those who served, served from their heart with love. (Many thanks to You, BapDada). You gave congratulations to BapDada, but BapDada is congratulating you children. (Munniben had a lot of patience.) One has to stay patient. You have done so for a long period of time. Look, all of them (all the Dadis) together did everything.

(Nirwairbhai said: Dadiji will become even better, but it will take some time.) Yes, she will get better, that is fine, and yes it will take time because it has lasted a long time, so time has to be given. Everyone is so happy to see all the Dadis. (All the server brothers and sisters in Bombay, especially the teachers, have given a lot of remembrance.) Blessings and love and remembrance to all of them for their service.

(To Brother Brijmohan): You did well. Congratulations for the mela.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *