31-12-2006          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

The newness for the New Year: With the powers of determination and transformation, say farewell to the words 'reasons' and 'problems' and become an embodiment of solutions.

Today, BapDada, the Creator of the New Age, has come to give all His children everywhere congratulations for the New Year and the New Age. Children from everywhere have also arrived here in order to give congratulations. Have you come simply to give congratulations for the New Year or also for the New Age? Just as you have happiness of the New Age, so you also give happiness for the New Age. So, do you Brahmin souls remember the New Age just as much? Has the New Age come in front of your eyes? Just as it is in your heart that the New Year is just here, in the same way, do you experience that your New Age has just come? Is the awareness of this New Age just as close? Does the sparkling dress of your body come in front of you? BapDada is giving you double congratulations. Are the scenes and scenery of the New Age emerged in front of the children's mind and their eyes? Your body, mind, wealth and relationships (people) of the New Age are so elevated, and you have a treasure-store of all attainments. You have the happiness that today you are in the old world and that just now you will go into the new kingdom. Do you remember your kingdom? Today, you have come here for a double task - you have come to bid farewell to the old and give greetings for the New Year. Similarly, have you come simply to bid farewell to the old year? Or, have you also come to bid farewell to the old nature, sanskars and old behaviour of the old world? It is easy to bid farewell to the old world, but does it feel just as easy to bid farewell to the old sanskars? What do you think? Have you also come to bid farewell to Maya or have you just come to bid farewell to the year? You want to bid farewell, do you not? Or, do you have a little love for Maya? Do you wish to keep her with you a little longer?

Today, BapDada wants to enable the children from everywhere to bid farewell to the old nature and sanskars. Are you able to do this? Do you have this courage? Or, are you thinking that you do want to bid farewell, but that Maya still comes? On this day, do you have the courage with the power of determination to bid farewell to the old sanskars and to give greetings for the sanskars of the New Age and the new life? Do you have this courage? Those who feel that this is possible, that it has to happen - do you have this courage? Those who feel that you have courage, raise your hands! Do you have courage? Achcha, those of you who haven't raised your hands - are you still thinking? Did the double foreigners raise their hands? Those who have courage, raise your hands! Not everyone. Achcha. The double foreigners are clever because you have double intoxication. Just be careful! BapDada will see the result this month. BapDada is pleased that you are the children with courage. You are the children who respond with cleverness. Why? Because you know that, with one step of your courage, you will definitely receive a 1000 steps of help from Baba. You have a right. You have a right to 1000 steps of help. It is just that Maya tries to shake your courage. BapDada sees that you maintain courage well and BapDada also congratulates you from His heart. However, you do maintain courage, but, as well as that, you also create waste thoughts: "I am doing this, it has to happen, I will definitely do it..., I don't know". To have thoughts of not knowing weakens your courage. In between, there is this 'but...' "I am doing it, but..." "I do have to do it, but..." "I do have to fly ahead, but..." This makes your courage fluctuate. So, don't think about 'buts' - you have to do it. Why would it not happen since the Father is with you? So, there cannot be any 'buts' with the Father's company.

So, what newness will you bring about in this New Year? Strengthen the foot of your courage. Strengthen your foot of courage to such an extent that Maya herself is shaken, but your foot doesn't shake. So, will you bring about newness in the New Year? Or, will you sometimes remain firm and sometimes fluctuate? You will not do this, will you? What is the duty and occupation of all of you? What do you call yourselves? Remember that. World benefactors, world transformers - this is your occupation, is it not? So, sometimes, BapDada is sweetly amused. You have the title of 'World Transformers', do you not? Are you world transformers? Or, are you transformers of London or transformers of India? Are all of you world transformers? Whether you are living in villages, in London or America, you are all world transformers, are you not? If you are, then raise your hands! Are you sure? Or are you only 75% that? Is it that you are 75% world benefactors and you are allowed not to be the other 25%? What is your challenge? You have even challenged nature that you are definitely going to transform nature. So, can the world transformers, the nature transformers, not become self-transformers? What is the Shakti Army thinking? This year, your title for the self and for the Brahmin family is 'World Transformers'. Because, first, charity begins at home, so, you will reveal the practical form of your occupation, will you not? You yourself, and BapDada also want self-transformation; you know that. When BapDada asks all of you what your aim is, the majority of you say, "To become equal to the Father". Is that right? You want to become equal to the Father, do you not? Or, will you see about it? Will you think about it? So BapDada also wants that, in this New Year - you are completing the 70th year and are now in the 71st year - you will demonstrate this by performing some wonder. All of you have a variety of programmes for service with so much enthusiasm; you are also successful in that. BapDada is happy that you are successful in the effort that you make. It doesn't go to waste, but why do you do service? What do you reply? In order to reveal the Father. So, today, the Father is asking you a question. You have to reveal the Father and you definitely have to do that. But, before revealing the Father, reveal yourself. Speak, Shiv Shaktis. This year, will you reveal yourselves as the Shiv Shaktis? Will you do this? Janak, speak? Will you do this? (We have to do it.) Your companions, those sitting in the first row, the teachers in the second row - teachers, those who will do it this year. Not that you will do it at some time, but you will demonstrate this by doing it. Achcha - did all the teachers raise their hands or did some not raise their hands? Achcha, those from Madhuban? You have to do it, you have to. Those from Madhuban have to do this because you are close. Note down this date (31st Dec) and also the time (9.20 pm). And the Pandava Army? What are the Pandavas going to demonstrate? Victorious Pandavas. Not those who are only sometimes victorious, but you are the victorious Pandavas. Are you this? Are you going to demonstrate it this year? Or, will you say, "What can I do? Maya came, even though I didn't want it, but she came"? BapDada has told you earlier too that Maya will not stop coming till the end. However, it is Maya's duty to come and what is your duty? To be victorious. So, do not think, "I did not think, I did not want it, but Maya came and it happens!" Now, together with this year, BapDada also wants to enable you to say farewell to those words. At midnight, you will bid farewell to this year, will you not? So, when you ring the bell, what will it be the bell for? For the end of the day, the end of year or for farewell to Maya? There are two things. One is that you are weak in the power of transformation. You make very good plans. "I will do this, I will do that, I will do this." Even BapDada becomes pleased that you have made very good plans. You have made very good plans, but, because you lack the power of transformation, some things become transformed, and other things are left. The second weakness is of determination. You have very good thoughts. Today BapDada saw so many cards, promises, resolutions etc. So many very good letters have come. (The stage was decorated with cards, letters, new year resolution notes.) So, you will do this and demonstrate it. It has to happen. You have to become this. Multi-multimillionfold love and remembrance. Everything has reached BapDada. The sound from the heart of all of those who are personally sitting here face-to-face has also reached BapDada. However, BapDada is now underlining these two powers. One is the lack of determination. The reason for this weakness is carelessness and seeing others. "It will happen, I am doing it... I will do it, I will definitely do it..."

BapDada now wants you to bid farewell this year to one word for all time. Should Baba tell you? Then you will have to bid it farewell. This year, BapDada wants to make you bid farewell to the word 'reasons'. Let there be solutions and finish reasons. Let problems finish and become an embodiment of solutions. Whether the reason is the self, your companions, the gathering or the circumstances, in the Brahmin dictionary, the words 'reasons' and 'problems' should be transformed into 'solutions'. Because, this morning at amrit vela, you spoke to Baba about these things, that in the New Year, you will do something new. So, now BapDada wants you to celebrate the New Year in a such a way that these two words finish. Become those who uplift others. Whether you yourself become a 'reason' or someone else is a 'reason', become one who uplifts others, be a merciful soul, be one who has good wishes and pure feelings and give co-operation and receive love.

So, what will you designate this year as? Earlier, you used to designate each year; do you remember? So, this year, BapDada doesn't just want this year to be designated as the year for elevated and pure thoughts, determined thoughts, thoughts of love and co- operation, but Baba wants to see you become like that. Make the power of determination and the power of transformation your constant companions, even when someone gives you something negative. You give a course to others to transform the negative into positive so can you yourselves not change the negative into positive? Others are externally influenced, so you have mercy for those who are influenced. The non-living images are your images, are they not? In Bharat, there are also the images of the double foreigners that are worshipped, are there not? You have seen your images in the Dilwala Temple, have you not? Very good. Since your non- living images are merciful, what do you say when you go in front of any of those images? Have mercy! Be compassionate! Have mercy! Mercy! Mercy! So, always first have mercy for yourself. Then have mercy for the Brahmin family. If some are under an influence of their sanskars, if they are weak, they become senseless at that time. So, do not become angry. BapDada receives a greater number of reports about anger. If not anger, then you have a lot of love for its children. Bossiness is a child of anger. Therefore, just as in a family, love for the old children decreases and there is greater love for the grandchildren, so, too, anger is the father and bossiness and wrong intoxication - there is a variety of intoxication: intoxication of your intellect, intoxication of your duty, intoxication of a special task of service you carried out. All of that is bossiness. So be merciful, be compassionate. Look, in the New Year, you also sweeten one another's mouth: you give greetings and you sweeten their mouths, do you not? So, throughout the whole year, do not show any bitterness. Those people sweeten the mouths; you mustn't just sweeten the mouths, but your face should also become sweet. Your face should always be filled with the love of spirituality, and always smiling. No bitterness. When the majority of you have a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada, you tell Baba honestly about yourself, because no one else listens anyway. So, in the result of the majority, there is a greater report of anger and the children of anger.

So, in this New Year, BapDada wants you to remove this bitterness. Many of you have written your promises, saying that you don't want it to, but it comes. So, BapDada told you the reason, that it is a lack of determination. You even make a promise in front of BapDada in your thoughts, but determination is such a power that even people of the world say about it, "Even if you have to leave your body, your promise must not be broken." You may have to die, bow down, transform yourself, tolerate, but only those who remain firm in their promise are successful at every step, because determination is the key to success. All of you have the key, but you lose it when it is needed. So, what are your thoughts?

In the New Year, you definitely have to bring about newness - in yourself, in those who are co-operative with you and in world transformation. Are those who are sitting at the back listening? So, you are going to do this, are you not? Do not think, "The seniors will do it first; we are only little ones." Little ones are equal to the Father. Each child has a right to the Father. Even if you have come here for the first time, when you have said, "My Baba", you have a right. You have a right to follow shrimat and you also have a right to all attainments. Teachers, make a programme among yourselves! Those from abroad and also those in Bharat, make a programme!

BapDada will give you a prize. Which zone - whether it is in India or abroad - will claim number one? They will be given a golden cup. Do not just make yourself this, also make your companions this because BapDada has seen that without the transformation of the children, the transformation of the world is taking place slowly. And souls are receiving new types of sorrow. There are new reasons why sorrow and peacelessness are growing. So, now, on hearing the cries of sorrow of the children, the Father wants to see transformation. So, O master bestowers of happiness, have mercy for those who are experiencing sorrow! Devotees too have become tired of performing devotion. Enable the devotees to receive their inheritance of liberation. Do you feel mercy or not? Are you busy in your own service and in your own timetable? You are also instruments. It is not that only the seniors are instruments. Each child who has said, "My Baba" and accepted this is an instrument. So, in the New Year, you also give one another a gift, do you not? So, you now have to fulfil the hopes of the devotees and enable them to receive a gift. Liberate those who are experiencing sorrow from their sorrow. Give them the peace of the land of peace. Give them this gift. In the Brahmin family, give every soul the gift of love and co- operation from your heart. Do you have a stock of this gift? Do you have love, co-operation? Do you have the power to enable them to receive liberation? Those who have a lot of stock, raise your hand! Do you have such a stock? Do you only have a little stock? Those who are sitting in the first row, do you have a little stock? Brijmohan is not raising his hand. You have this stock, do you not? Do you have this stock? Did all of you raise your hands? Do you have this stock? So, what are you doing with this stock? Have you simply accumulated it? Teachers, you have the stock, do you not? So, give it! Be generous-hearted! What will those from Madhuban do? Do you have the stock in Madhuban? Everywhere in Madhuban is full of stock. So, now become bestowers. Do not just accumulate. Become bestowers and continue to give. Is that OK? Achcha.

BapDada will see that every week, every zone should send their result saying "OK". Or if you are not OK, put a line through OK; don't write anything else. No one will read your letters. You all write very long letters and therefore you (Dadi Janki) don't have time to read them. So, just write OK or otherwise, that you are not OK; put a line through OK. That is all. From that, Dadi will know that there is still a margin. If not the zone, then every centre should write this. In all types of service - of the devotees, of those experiencing sorrow and of Brahmins - either OK or there is a line through OK (OK) in all three types of service. Use the power of transformation and the power of determination very well. Achcha.

This time, it is the turn of Delhi and Agra for serving. It is good. Look, in the beginning of establishment it was Delhi that was first instrumental. Bombay was also that a little at the beginning. However, Delhi was the instrument at the time of establishment, and so will those who were the instruments for establishment become instruments to claim the golden cup? Will you become this? This time,

BapDada is having golden cups made. We shall see how many claim it. However, Delhi definitely has to go to number one. It is like that, is it not? Not that you will claim it, but that you are definitely going to claim it. If what Baba is saying it true, then raise your hands! You definitely do have to claim it. Or, is it that you think, "We shall see about it, we will think about it"? It is not like that, is it? You are courageous. Look, BapDada and your Mama directly sustained Delhi and Bombay. They went to other places for only a short time, but BapDada and your Mama directly sustained Delhi and Bombay. So, those of you from Delhi have this intoxication, do you not? So, in this too, claim number one. What can not be achieved? Determined faith guarantees your becoming victorious. You use determination very little - "We will see about it, we will do it, it will happen..." This language of leaving it to the future comes in between. It is good. Those from Delhi should become samples. Those who become samples receive extra marks in their final exams. So, you are those who will claim marks, are you not? Are you this? Will teachers claim this? Achcha. What letters will now come? Of OK or of 'OK'? Do not send those of 'OK'. You will send letters of OK because everyone's vision is on Delhi. All Brahmins are aware that they are only going to rule their kingdom in Delhi. So, those of you from Delhi will first have to accomplish this, will you not? It is good.

What else will those from Delhi do? Have you made any new plans? From the beginning, Delhi and Bombay have always been instruments for one type of newness or another. So, even now, those from Delhi should make a plan for a short-cut and for greater success, which everyone can demonstrate and is able to do. It should be short and you should also become embodiments of success in that. Achcha. Half the gathering seems to be of those from Delhi. There is a very big number. So, you are those who will claim the golden cup, are you not? Should BapDada give you the title 'Number one'? Should BapDada give you this title? Those who are sitting at the back? Then, all of you will have to give your co-operation. First is self-transformation and then is the transformation of your companions. 'Companions' does not mean just four or five, but all the residents of Delhi are companions. Then, there is world transformation. So, give your co-operation. So, it is good. While giving your co-operation to one another, while giving co-operation from your heart, continue to make one another move forward and fly. It is good. Delhi has courage. You have courage, but now demonstrate by having courage in a collective way. Everyone's vision is drawn to Delhi. It is good. You have had interest in doing service and so congratulations for that. You have accumulated in your account of charity. Achcha.

Sindhi group: Sindhi group, stand up! All of you have one special intoxication. Do you have this intoxication? Good intoxication. It is not bad. That BapDada also had to come to Sindh. So, Sindhis have some fortune, do they not? The original jewels. The original establishment was in Sindh. This is a good group that has been created. Similarly, you have thought - and BapDada has seen - that every year, a good group comes here. Those who especially encourage one another are good. Now, what will your group do? What will the Sindhi group especially do? What will you do? Perform some wonder! You have been having Sindhi conferences. Your group is a good one, and each one of this group can become an instrument for a special task because the majority are couples; there are very few who are single in this. So, where the couples come, they are united and they can do very good service. You are samples, are you not? None of you have left anything; you are still staying with the family and are moving along united. Therefore, even your few words can do service. Now, make your group a little larger. It is not small; it is of medium-size. Now increase it a little. Bring about zeal and enthusiasm. Just as you come here once a year, in the same way, add to your group those who are well-known who can become instruments for service. (Dadi Janki told Baba that this group mostly belongs to the family of Dada Ram and Dada Ratanchand and have spread all over the world.) Yes, this is a well-known family and, look, they have become instruments in both families. The speciality of Ratanchand: he didn't think about anything, but just surrendered everything; he showed his zeal and enthusiasm; he followed Father Brahma. So, today, his family is moving along very well with those blessings. And Ram and Savitri became instruments for service with their heart. They became co-operative at a time of need in an incognito way and their family has those blessings. They did the work and gave the name of that to the family. This was their renunciation. You are receiving the fortune of their renunciation. It is a good gathering. BapDada likes your group. Achcha. Congratulations from the whole family and from BapDada. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

Double-foreign Children's Retreat: (Children sang a song - Baba loves the children and the children love Baba.) It is good. Just as children are having a programme here with zeal and enthusiasm, so increase the group of children in your own cities in the same way. The child who prepares the biggest group will be given a prize. BapDada also loves the children because children are honest in their heart. Achcha. Children, you don't ever get angry, do you? Do you sometimes become angry? Do you get a little angry? So, this year, write your result at your centres, and then your teacher will write, saying, "These children did not get angry throughout the whole year, and they made effort very well." Then you will be given a prize. Achcha.

Double-foreigners: Those from abroad are increasing in number, and you are moving forward in serving the various countries that are still left to be served with zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada is pleased to see that you have become merciful in a practical way and are having mercy for souls. You have enthusiasm for service and are also showing the practical form of service. Now, make double intense effort so that those from abroad claim the golden cup. You can claim it. Then you will receive e-mails from everyone: OK, OK. You will not receive anything more. You will have to read them then, will you not? (Speaking to Dadi Janki). Simply write OK. The Father is showering love in an incognito way on the children who remain OK. He sings the song, "Wah children! Wah!" Whether you are from Bharat or abroad, some children are making intense effort in an incognito way and BapDada also has a list. There are these children in Bharat and also abroad, but, BapDada now wants to see this over a long period of time. You are doing this, but it has to be over a long period of time. So, BapDada was noting who the intense effort-makers are over a long period of time. If you become slack in between, it is cut from being over a long period of time and this is why BapDada is making a list. At present, there are only a few, but everyone has to become this. Those from Bharat and also those from abroad have to become this. However, some are very good in an incognito way. BapDada continues to count how many children like this there are. Now, pay attention to "Over a long period of time", because only those who are victorious over a long period of time will claim a right to the full half-cycle of the fortune of the kingdom. If you do something only now and then, only for half the time, only for three-quarters of the time, then the attainment of the fortune of the kingdom will also be just that long. This is why BapDada is giving special thanks to the double foreigners, that you do pay attention, but in between, there is also tension. Now, let tension finish and let there be attention. Become part of such a list of those who are intense effort-makers over a long period of time. Not those who are this only sometimes, but continuously, all the time. Is that OK? You are this. BapDada sees that you are the stars of hope. You will come onto the practical stage. You are this, are you not? You are the stars of hope, are you not? Children are the stars of the Father's hope. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations.

International Youth Group: The well-known speciality of the Youth Group is that the youth can do whatever they want. So, this year, what thought will the Youth Group fulfil? The Youth Group will demonstrate this by doing what BapDada has said. Will you do it? Become an embodiment of solutions. Do not be the reasons, but an embodiment of solutions. Be an embodiment of solutions. You continue to have an exchange among yourselves, do you not? So, keep the aim that you have to become an embodiment of solutions over a long period of time and fly. Reasons will come, but you youth have the strength to change the reasons into solutions. "What can we do? There is this reason." The youth cannot say this. You are powerful. So, is this OK? Will you do this homework? Will you do this homework? Achcha. Continue to write your result to Baba. Just write the result of OK. It is good. BapDada has very good hopes in the Youth Group. "We are doing this, we are making plans." Now demonstrate this by doing it practically. Whoever sees you should say that you are angels. You should all be seen as angels everywhere. An angel's way of moving is the flying stage, not fluctuating. You are those who fly and make others fly. You even make weak ones fly. You are not those who come down. So, have you made such a plan? Have you thought in this way? Show this by performing some wonders. However, it is good that you meet every year; it is very good. It increases your zeal and enthusiasm. Baba heard the result of the present time. You have created something, have you not? You have written some notes: Aims for the year. You have made a good thing. (An hourglass with everyone's aims for the year - to be opened next year.) You have made good effort. Now, the notes that should fall down (in the hourglass) are that these ones are the best of all. Not a percentage, but the best. It is possible. It is not a big deal. Achcha. (Everyone promised to fulfil Baba's hopes, and that Bharat and the countries abroad will work together. We will make a plan like that.) It is good. Achcha.

All of you are the decoration of Madhuban. When all of you come, Madhuban becomes decorated so beautifully. You enjoy coming to Madhuban, do you not? Or, do you find it difficult? Does it take you any effort? Or, do you feel happy? Achcha.

Now, are you able to experience yourself as a master of the mind and stabilize your mind in one second? Are you able to order it? Reach your sweet home in one second. In one second, reach your kingdom, heaven. Does your mind obey your orders? Or does it fluctuate? If the master is worthy and powerful, it is not possible for your mind not to obey you. So, now practise - all of you reach your sweet home in one second.

Pay attention to practising this every now and again throughout the day. The concentration of the mind will make you yourself and the atmosphere powerful. Achcha.

To all the extremely elevated souls everywhere who are loving and co-operative with everyone, to all the victorious children everywhere, to all the children everywhere who are powerful with the power of transformation, to all the children who always reveal themselves and also reveal the Father, to the children who are always the embodiments of solutions and world transformers, love and remembrance from BapDada and please also accept blessings from His heart. As well as this, to all the children, who are also the crown of the Father's head, to such children who are the crowns on the head, BapDada's namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadis: Dadiji: Everyone wants to see your smiling face. Look, everyone is smiling. Seeing you, everyone is smiling. It is good. You have given everyone love from your heart and this is why everyone loves you with their heart. And love is making you move upward like a lift. You are not one who will climb the stairs; you will reach there in the lift. Everyone is happy to see the Dadis because Dadis have done altruistic service. You have all served everyone with blessings from your heart. Whether someone is staying with you or is far away, your love, blessings, drishti filled with blessings and thoughts filled with blessings sustain everyone. So, you all have the desire to receive drishti, do you not? With this speciality that the Dadis have given to you, make others happy by giving them love. No matter what someone is like, love from the heart, not of words or external love, but love from the heart can make anyone loving. Just as Dadis do not quickly become disheartened - this one is never going to change, this will never happen - so all of you have pure hopes and you followed BapDada in this. When you first came to BapDada, what were you like? You came with the sins that you had accumulated over 63 births, but BapDada considered you to be the lamps of hope and made you into sparkling stars. He didn't have any dislike, nor was He disheartened. In the same way, this year, do not be disheartened with anyone, do not become tired. Continue to give love and co-operation. Continue to bring about transformation in a positive way. Do not look at the negative. So, in this year, you will bring time close. Create such an atmosphere. In any situation, do not have any other feelings for anyone at any time, only good wishes and pure feelings. Give your co-operation to the souls who have been influenced and have fallen and uplift them. Everyone will get up and fly. Everyone will then see angels wandering around everywhere. This vision will be seen. They will experience that a group of angels has come somewhere onto the earth to uplift them. Look at one another with the vision of the angelic form. This one is this and this; no! They are angels. Is this OK? Learn this from the Dadis. Give good wishes and have pure feelings. You have a stock, but you don't become a bestower in giving as much. Do not look, hear, speak or think of anything negative. Continue to fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm and make others fly. It is good. When the Dadis come onto the stage, everyone's face beings to smile. Achcha.

Dadiji told Baba: Baba, everyone loves You a lot. Everyone also loves you a thousandfold more.

Speaking to the three Senior Brothers: There is no salvation without Madhuban. From you Pandavas, too, everyone should receive the feeling that you are following the Dadis. You follow the Father, but from you all, they should have the feeling that you are those who will give to them, that you will give your co-operation and love from the heart. If anyone is ever disheartened, they should feel that you will co-operate with them. Now, reveal this form. It may be that you have this internally, but now reveal it. Is this OK? You will perform wonders. The Pandavas are no less. The Pandavas are especially remembered.

The Pandavas have been shown as the co-operative companions. The Shaktis are shown on the field (of service), but the Pandavas have been shown as the companions. You are those who give their company and who stay with the Father. You stay with the Father and give your company to everyone. Is this OK?

To Rameshbhai: Is your health OK? Look after yourself.

To Golakbhai: You are tireless, are you not? Or, do you feel tired? Yes, there is conflict, but transform that conflict into happiness. There is the rosary, is there not? There must be a difference between the number one and the last number. Not everyone will be the same. It is fine. Everything is moving along well.

Farewell to the Year 2006 and Greetings for the Year 2007: (At midnight, BapDada gave all the children greetings and congratulations for the New Year.) Multi-multimillionfold greetings and you also have blessings from the heart and love and remembrance from the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. Always remain flying this year and also make others fly. Be the master bestowers, children of the Bestower, and fulfil the desires of the mind of all souls, and continue to give them happiness, peace, love and blessings. And, while giving everyone the Father's introduction, continue to give them the inheritance of liberation. Achcha. Special love and remembrances of the confluence age, farewell and greetings.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *