18-01-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Now liberate yourself, become a master bestower of liberation and become an instrument to liberate everyone.

Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, is looking at all the loving children everywhere. He is pleased to see two types of children. One are the children who are merged in love (loveleen) and the other are the children who are lovely. The waves of love of both types of children were reaching BapDada even before amrit vela. In every child's heart, the song "My Baba" was playing automatically. The same song was playing in BapDada's heart: "My children, My beloved children, the children who are the crown on BapDada's head."

Today, because of the Day of Remembrance, there were greater waves of love in everyone's mind. The garlands of the pearls of love of the many children were being garlanded around BapDada's neck. The Father was also putting the garland of His loving arms around His children. You are all merged in the unlimited arms of unlimited BapDada. Today, everyone has especially reached here in the flying vehicle of love, and from far, far away, too, children have reached here in their avyakt (subtle) form, in their angelic form, with the flying vehicle of their mind. Today, BapDada is giving all the children multimillionfold remembrance for the Day of Remembrance and so the Day of Power. This day reminds you of so many types of awareness (memories), and each type of awareness makes you powerful in a second. The list of memories comes into your awareness in a second, does it not? As soon as that awareness comes in front of you, you have the intoxication of being powerful. Do you remember the first form of awareness? When you belonged to the Father, what awareness did He remind you of? That you are a fortunate soul of the previous cycle. Do you remember what transformation took place with this first form of awareness? By being soul conscious, you became intoxicated with the love of God the Father. Why were you intoxicated? What were the first words of love that emerged from your heart? "My sweet Baba." And what was the intoxication you had when these golden words emerged? By saying, knowing and accepting "My Baba" all the Godly attainments became your attainments. You have this experience, have you not? By saying "My Baba" so many attainments became yours! Where there is attainment, you don't need to make effort for remembrance, but there is automatic and easy remembrance, since that attainment is yours. The Father's treasures became your treasures. Where you have the consciousness of "mine", you don't have to make effort to remember; there is natural remembrance. Something that is "mine" is difficult to forget, not difficult to remember. You have the experience that the body belongs to you, so are you able to forget it? You have to make effort to forget it. Why? It is "mine". So, where there is the consciousness of "mine", remembrance is easy. So, your awareness made you into a powerful soul. The one phrase "My Baba" did this. You made the Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of Limitless Treasures belong to you. You are the children who perform such wonders, are you not? You have claimed a right to sustenance from God. This direct sustenance from God is only received once in the whole cycle. You receive sustenance from souls and deity souls all the time, but sustenance from God is received only for one birth.

So, on this day of Remembrance and so the Day of Power, there was easily the intoxication and happiness of God's sustenance, was there not? Because today the atmosphere was of easy remembrance. So, on this day, did you remain an easy yogi or did you have to battle to have remembrance on this day too? Because today is said to be the Day of Love, is it not? So, love makes you finish making effort. Love makes everything easy. So, on this day, did you especially remain an easy yogi or were there any difficulties? Those who faced difficulties on this day, raise your hands! No one had any difficulties? All of you remained easy yogis? Achcha, those who remained easy yogis, raise your hands! Achcha, all of you remained easy yogis? Today, you bade farewell to Maya. Did Maya not come today? Did you bid farewell to Maya for today? OK, you bade farewell for today. Congratulations for that! If you remain merged in remembrance in the same way, then you will have bad farewell to Maya for all time, because the 70 years are being completed. So BapDada wants to celebrate this year as the Unique Year, the year of being loving to all, the year that is free from effort and the year that is free from problems. Do all of you like this? Do you? Will you celebrate the Year of Liberation? You want to go to the land of liberation, so you have to enable the many peaceless souls who are experiencing sorrow to receive liberation by becoming companions of the Father, the Bestower of Liberation. Only when you master bestowers of liberation become free yourselves will you be able to celebrate the Year of Liberation. You Brahmin souls are yourselves instruments to become free and give liberation to many others. One type of language that ties you in bondage, instead of making you free, that makes you dependent on problems is: "It is not like this, it is like that. It is not like that, it is like this." When problems come, you say, "Baba, it was not like this, it was like that. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been like that." These are the games of making excuses.

BapDada has seen everyone's file. So what did He see in the file? For the majority, the file was full of paper on which promises were written. At the time of making a promise, you make it with your heart, you even think about it, but up to now, it has been seen that the file is continuing to become bigger, and it has not become final. For a firm promise, it has been said: Even if you have to die, you will not break your promise. So, today, BapDada saw everyone's file. You have all made many very good promises. You have made them in your mind and also written them down. So, what will you do this year? Will you increase your file or will you make the promise final? What will you do? Those sitting in the front line, Pandavas, speak! Teachers, speak! This year, will you make the file that is getting bigger with BapDada final? Or, will you add another paper this year too? What will you do? Speak Pandavas! Will you make it final? Those who feel that even if you have to bow down, if you have to change, even if you have to tolerate or listen to other things, that you have to change, raise your hands! Look, record everyone's picture on the TV! Take everyone's photo. There are 2, 3, 4 TVs (cameras). Take a photo from all sides! Keep this record! Take this photo and give it to the Father! Where is the TV person? BapDada should also take benefit from the file. Congratulations! Congratulations! You may applaud yourselves.

Look, on one side there is science, on another side there is corruption, on another side there is sin and all of these are continuing to grow in their own way. Many new plans are continually being made. But you are the children of the Creator. You are the children of the World Creator. So this year, adopt an instrument of such newness that your promise becomes firm, because everyone wants revelation to take place. So much expense is being incurred. Big, big programmes are being held in many places. Each professional wing is working very well, but now, this year, make this addition: Whatever service you do - for instance, you may be doing verbal service, then don't let it just be service through your mouth, but let there be service through your thoughts, words and deeds filled with love and co-operation - let all three types of service take place at the same time. They should not be separate. BapDada sees that, in one type of service, there isn't the result that there should be. You also want revelation to take place, and so far this result has been good. It is a very good result compared to earlier. Everyone who attends goes away saying, "This is good, this is good, it is very good." However, to become good means for revelation to take place. So, now make this addition, that at the same time you have to be loving and co-operative in your thoughts, words and deeds. Give this to every companion - whether it is a Brahmin companion or an outsider who is an instrument for service. To give love and co-operation means to claim number one in the service through deeds. Do not speak the language, "This happened like this and this is why I had to do it like that." Instead of giving love, you sometimes have other things to say and Baba is not using those words. "I have to do this, I have to say this, I have to consider all these things." Let it not be like that. For so many years it has been seen, BapDada has allowed it to happen. For how much longer will it continue to be "Not like this, but like that."? In their heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada, the majority say, "Baba, when will You open the curtain finally? For how much longer will this continue?" BapDada is asking you: For how much longer will this old language, these old ways of carelessness and bitterness continue? BapDada also has a question: How much longer? If you reply, then BapDada will also reply about when destruction will take place. BapDada could open the curtain of destruction even now, at this second. But, first, those who are going to rule there should be ready. So, only when you make preparations from now will you bring completion close. In terms of any weaknesses, do not make any excuses or give reasons, find a solution. You say, "Because of this reason...." BapDada watches the games of the children throughout the day. He has love for you children, and so He repeatedly continues to watch the games. BapDada's TV is very big. The world can be seen on it at the same moment. The children from everywhere can be seen. Whether it is America or Gurgaon, everything is visible. So BapDada sees many games. The language of 'putting off' is very good, "There was this reason, Baba; it wasn't my mistake, that one did that..." OK, that one did it, but did you find a solution? Did you let the excuse remain an excuse or did you change the excuse into a solution? Everyone asks, "Baba, what are Your hopes?" So BapDada is telling you His hopes: BapDada has only one hope - that solutions should be visible and reasons and excuses should finish. Problems should finish and things should continue to be resolved. Is this possible? Those in the first line, is it possible? At least nod! Those sitting at the back, is it possible? Is it possible? Achcha. So, if BapDada opens His TV tomorrow...... He will definitely watch the TV, will He not? So, if BapDada watches the TV tomorrow, then, whether it is abroad or in India, whether it is a small village or a big State, there won't be any reasons or excuses visible anywhere, will there? Are you sure? You are not saying "yes" for this! Will there be any reasons or excuses? Raise your hands! You raised your hands very well. BapDada is pleased. It is the wonder of getting you to raise your hands. You children know how to please Baba. BapDada sees and thinks that a handful out of multimillions, and a few out of that handful, have become instruments, so who apart from you children will do something? You are the ones who have to do it. BapDada has hopes in you children. All the others who are to come will be all right on seeing your stage. They will not have to make effort. You just become this because all of you promised the Father the moment you took birth: You will stay together, you will become companions and return home together and return to the kingdom with Father Brahma. You promised this, did you not? Since you will stay together and return together, then you are also service companions together, are you not?

So, what will you do now? You raised your hands very well. BapDada was pleased, but, whenever any situation comes, then remember this day, this date and this time and what you raised your hand for. You will receive help. You do have to become this. Now, just become this soon. You think that you are the same ones of the previous cycle, that you are the same ones of this cycle and that you have to become this every cycle. This is firm, is it not? Or is it that you will become this for 2 years and the third year you will go? It will not be like that. Always remember that you are the instruments, you are the few out of multimillions and a handful out of those few. A few out of multimillions will come, but you are the handful out of those few.

So, today is the Day of Love! Nothing is difficult to do out of love. That is why BapDada is reminding everyone of this today. Shiv Baba is very happy to see how much love you children have for Brahma Baba. Everywhere, Baba saw that, whether someone was a student of 7 days or 70 years, on this day, those who have been here for 70 years or even 7 days were merged in love. Father Shiva is very pleased to see the children's love for Father Brahma.

Should Baba give you further news of today? On this day, even the advance party emerged in front of BapDada. The advance party is remembering all of you: When will you open the gates of liberation with the Father? Today, the whole advance party was telling Baba: Give us a date! What reply should Baba give? Speak! What reply should Baba give? Who is clever at giving an answer? BapDada gives the answer that it will happen very quickly. However, the Father needs the co-operation of you children for this. All of you will return home with the Father, will you not? Are you those who are going to return home with the Father or those who will halt every now and then as you go? You are those who will return with the Father, are you not? You would like to return home together, would you not? Then you will have to become equal, will you not? If you want to return home together, you will have to become equal. What is the saying? "Hand in hand, both together as companions." So 'hand in hand' means equal. So, Dadis, speak! Will the preparations be made? Dadis, speak! Dadis, raise your hands! Dadas, raise your hands. You are called the Senior Dadas, are you not? So Dadis, Dadas, speak! Do you have a date? (If not now then never.) What does that mean - if not now then never? You are ready now, are you not? You gave a good reply. This has to be completed. Each one should consider the self to be responsible. Young, old - do not be small in this. Even a 7-day-old child is responsible. You are going to return home together, are you not? If the Father wants to go alone, He can do that, but He will not go alone; you have to go with Him. It is a promise between the Father and you children. You are going to fulfil your promise, are you not? Those from Madhuban are sitting here, are you not?

All those who are heads, those in-charges - there are many in Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhavan, everywhere. Give a list of the names of those who are in-charge to BapDada. BapDada will take an account from them. And the teachers who are in-charge - whether of a centre or a zone - we will have a gathering of them one day. Baba will ask for all the accounts, will He not? This is because the sound of a lot of sorrow and peacelessness reaches BapDada. Sounds of distress come to BapDada. Can you people not hear it? There would be your devotees too, would there not? So can you, the specially beloved deities, not hear the call of the devotees? Can the teachers hear the sound of the devotees? Achcha.

Maharashtra Zone, Bombay and Andhra Pradesh servers: Everyone takes a good chance. The very name is Maharashtra. A good number of people have come. Maharashtra means the State of great souls. So BapDada is seeing that there are many very good children in Maharashtra because BapDada's vision is more on Bombay in Maharashtra and Delhi. Bombay is Nardesavar (one who is plentiful; the son who earns an income - looks after everyone) and Delhi is the instrument to create a loud sound, and, according to the drama, Maharashtra, Bombay and the surrounding places and Delhi all received sustenance from sakar Baba and Mother Jagadamba. You have received special sustenance. So whenever any task is carried out, BapDada remembers Maharashtra and Delhi. All the other states become companions anyway. The other zones are not small zones; they too are big zones. However, in terms of having received sustenance in the sakar form, BapDada especially remembers Bombay and Delhi. The smaller zones can also perform wonders. BapDada always says: The big ones are big anyway, but the smaller ones are equal to the Father. Now, Maharashtra will have to carry out a great task. It has now been a long time since a new invention was created. The project of the professional Wings has also now been continuing for some time. You have also had conferences, youth rallies. Now, invent a method of some new type of service. Think about something through which the sound can easily spread. Whatever service plans you have done until now, BapDada is pleased with them and there has also been growth. However, these programmes have been continuing for a long time. Now, create a new invention. Anyone can do it. Even the smaller ones do it. Congratulations in advance! It is good that there is good growth in Maharashtra. It is now the turn of Maharashtra. So why should Maharashtra not be number one in giving the return of the Father's love? BapDada has told you - the return of BapDada's love is to turn the self and the world. In giving a return, remove the re- and you will be able to turn yourself. BapDada has many very good hopes and you are those who will fulfil those hopes. So, what will Maharashtra do? Will it give the return? It is good. There are good maharathis in Maharashtra. Have a meeting all together. In the whole of Maharashtra, BapDada has seen that there are the stars of hope. They can do whatever they want. So, have a programme collectively and create some new plans. You can do it. Maharashtra can do it. You will do it, will you not? The very name is Maharashtra (the Great State) and so you are going to carry out a great task, are you not? What do the Pandavs think? Will you do it? Will the Pandav Army do it? Will the Shakti Army do it? There are many teachers too. It is very good.

BapDada meeting Double Foreigners: Very good. BapDada has also said earlier that when the double foreigners come, Madhuban becomes beautifully decorated. Everyone has a lot of love for the double foreigners. Whenever anyone sees your group they become happy because you are also the handful out of multimillions and a few out of that handful that have emerged. And nowadays there is good news of the service abroad. Baba's message is being given very well in the Muslim religion too. One speciality of the double foreigners that has been remembered well is: When the double foreigners take on any task, if they say "yes" they mean "yes", and if they say "no" they mean "no". Whatever task they take on, they become victorious in that. So, whichever group this is, it is a victorious group, is it not? The tilak of victory is applied to you, is it not? BapDada is seeing that there is growth in service, that Baba's message is being given. To be a merciful soul and give souls the message is to be a server like the Father. You were told just now: do not do just one type of service at one time; let all three types of service take place simultaneously and this will create an impact quickly. You can serve through your face and your activity. You are mobile museums. Just as there is a variety of pictures in a museum or an exhibition, in the same way, your eyes, your forehead and your smiling lips - you can serve with all these different means. You are good. BapDada feels that you have courage. Now, just a little bit of subtle realization is needed. You do realize, but now have realization in a subtle way and become number one. Win and become one, not the second number, but one. Is this all right? You are number one, are you not? You are not number two, are you? Are you number one? At least nod! Achcha. BapDada likes it when the groups of double foreigners continue to come to Madhuban. Madhuban becomes decorated.

Indian Youth Group: A Youth group has come, has it not? Indian Youth Group, stand up! Achcha, what wonder will the Youth Group of India perform? The Youth have double strength in giving a message and in spreading the sound everywhere. BapDada has heard that you had a very good topic - Victory. It is like this, is it not? So, you are those who become victorious and make others victorious. So, you can only become victorious when you demonstrate it by being an example of the work that BapDada has given this year. Everyone should say that the Youth Group is victorious, that is, free from obstacles. Everyone should say this. Have you had this thought? Have you? You will not make any excuses, will you? You will not say, "like this" or "like that", will you? I have to change. I have to adjust myself. I have to co-operate. I have to give love. First 'I'. You may put yourself first in this. It is good that you had a gathering like this - those from abroad did it and now those from India are doing it. It is good. Congratulations. Continue to fly ahead. Achcha.

BapDada also received the love and remembrance of the group that came to Madhuban to decorate Madhuban with flowers (brothers and sisters from Calcutta). This group, stand up! Where are they? Look, everyone loved the decoration of flowers. Decoration of flowers is a common thing and others also do it but there is a difference between the decorations that you do and those that people do - you decorated everything being embodiments of love. People do it considering it to be a duty, whereas you have done it with love. So where there is love, the fragrance and decoration of those flowers becomes even more beautiful. So BapDada liked it that love brings you here from Calcutta. So you brought everything in the plane of love, did you not? You didn't bring the flowers on the train, but on the viman of love. It is good. Even your brothers and sisters who come become very happy. "Wah! it is a wonder!" So BapDada is giving you multimillionfold greater love than the love with which all of you have decorated everything. Congratulations. Achcha.

Baba has received many letters - letters of remembrance by e-mails and phones from everywhere. They have reached here, in Madhuban, as well as in the subtle region. Very loving remembrance in the minds of the mothers who are in bondage also reached BapDada. BapDada remembers very much such loving children and is also giving them blessings. Nowadays, BapDada sees that everyone happily has very good experiences of being close while being far away. However, to come to Madhuban in person, to fill your aprons, to meet such a big family - this family is no less. In whatever way you might be watching Baba (Internet or TV), to meet the family in person brings so much happiness, because you have met after 5000 years. So that experience is its own, but the golden chance to be a resident of Madhuban also brings co-operation. Everyone also experiences that. However, BapDada is happy that everyone has love for the murli, and to have love for the murli means to have love for Murlidhar (the one who is playing the murli flute). If someone says that they have love for Murlidhar but he only hears the murli sometimes, BapDada would say: BapDada does not consider that love to be love. To fulfil the responsibility of love is different from just loving. Those who have love for the murli are the ones who fulfil the responsibility of love, and those who don't have love for the murli are in the list of those who just have love; they are not in the list of those who fulfil the responsibility of love. The memorial of Madhuban is that the murli is played in Madhuban. The land of Madhuban has importance. Achcha.

So, to all the loving children from everywhere, to both the lovely and loveleen children, to the knowledge-full and powerful children who accumulate multimillions at every step, according to the Father's shrimat, to the children who are always loving and who always maintain their self-respect and give respect to others - to such victorious children who always follow the Father's shrimat, to the easy yogi children who always take every step, placing their foot in BapDada's footsteps, BapDada's love..... However, today, each one of the children of the advance party in the subtle region also said: Give all the children everywhere love and remembrances on our behalf. And give them our message: We are waiting for you. Make your preparations as quickly as possible. Especially, the loving Mother of all of you and Didi, Dada Vishwa Kishor, and all your companions who have gone, all of them have given all of you love and remembrance. And, together with that, your sweet Mother said: Now, become victorious, remove the sorrow and pain and become the Father's companions to quickly open the gates to the land of liberation. Those who have not seen Father Brahma in the corporeal form, Father Brahma is also giving all of you special love and remembrance from his heart. So, love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the Dadis - Dadi Ratanmohini and Dadi Manohar Indra: You are also playing an all- round part. Whatever you were able to do, you claimed number one in service. You have been number one from the beginning. Your name is in Brahma Baba's heart. No matter what happens, just continue. Seeing you, others also receive courage. Karavanhar is with you anyway.

To Dadiji: Very good. When you smile, everyone is very happy. Now, do one thing. Will you do it? Are you sure? Now eat your food properly. Eat with your eyes open. Do not close them, because when your eyes are closed, everyone has thoughts about why you are closing them. Therefore, now eat with a lot of love. Now, don't close your eyes. You will do this, will you not? They will become very happy. Yes, you will do it. You have to do it.

Dadi Shantamani: Wonderful! Do you remember what one special title Baba gave you? A true shell (honesty). In those days, shells were valuable. Everyone is happy on seeing the Dadis, are you not? What song do you sing? Wah! Dadis, wah! If they were not wah! wah! then you too would not be here. Achcha.

* * * Om Shanti * * *