02-02-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

The sign of a soul full of Godly attainments - Holiest, Highest and Richest.

Today, the World Transformer, BapDada has come to meet His companion children. He is seeing three special attainments on the forehead of each child - holiest, highest and richest. The foundation of this knowledge is holy, that is, to be pure. So, each child is holiest; purity is not just celibacy, but purity in thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. Just see, you Godly Brahmin souls are the holiest in all three aspects of time - the beginning, the middle and the end. First of all, when souls reside in Paramdham, you are the holiest there. Then, when you come down in the beginning, you are the holiest souls in the deity form. The speciality of a holiest soul, that is, of a pure soul, is that of remaining completely pure while living with a family. Others too become pure, but the speciality of your purity is that impurity doesn't touch your mind or intellect even in your dreams. In the golden age, you souls are pure and your bodies are also pure. The purity of both the soul and the body of the deity souls is elevated purity. Just as you become the holiest, in the same way, you also become the highest. You are the highest of all Brahmin souls and you have become the children of the highest-on-high Father. In the beginning, in Paramdham, you are the highest, that is, you reside with the Father. In the middle, too, you become worthy-of-worship souls. Such beautiful temples are built to you and you are worshipped with such discipline, with the right method. You deities are worshipped in the temples with the right method. Similarly, temples are built to others too, but only your deity form is worshipped with the right method. So, you are holiest and also the highest. Together with that you are also the richest. In the world it is said, "richest in the world", but you elevated souls are the richest in the cycle. You are the richest throughout the cycle. Do you remember your treasures? How many treasures are you the masters of? The imperishable treasures that you attain in this one birth last for many births. No one else's treasures last for many births. However your treasures are spiritual. The treasure of powers, the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of virtues, the treasure of elevated thoughts and the treasure of the present time - all of these treasures last for birth after birth. The treasures attained in one birth go with you because you have attained them from God, the Father, the Bestower of All Treasures. So, do you have the intoxication that your treasures are imperishable?

You have become easy yogis in order to attain these spiritual treasures. You accumulate the treasures with the power of remembrance. Also at this time you are carefree emperors who are full of all treasures. Do you have any worries? Do you? Because these treasures cannot be stolen by any thief; no king can eat (take) them, nor can water drown them and you are therefore carefree emperors. So, these treasures always stay in your awareness, do they not? And why is remembrance easy? The basis of having greater remembrance is relationship and attainment. The lovelier the relationship, the more natural your remembrance is because there is love in the relationship. Where there is love, it is not difficult to remember the one you love; in fact, it is difficult to forget that one. So, the Father has created the basis for all relationships. Do all of you experience yourselves to be easy yogis? Or, are you yogis who find it difficult? Is it easy? Or, is it sometimes easy and sometimes difficult? When you remember the Father with a relationship and with love, remembrance is not difficult. Also remember the attainments. The Bestower of All Attainments has given you all attainments. So, do you experience yourself to be full of all treasures? BapDada has also told you the easy way to accumulate the treasures. The way to attain all the imperishable treasures is: a dot. Just as perishable treasures increase by adding a zero, similarly, the method to accumulate the imperishable treasures is also a dot. There are the three dots - the soul is a dot, the Father is a dot, and whatever happens in the drama is a full-stop, that is, a dot. So, do you know how to apply a dot? What is the easiest punctuation mark to apply? It is to apply a dot. So, the soul is a dot, the Father is a dot and through this awareness your treasures automatically accumulate. By remembering the Dot in a second you receive so much happiness. All of these treasures are the right of your Brahmin life because to be a child means to have a right, and you especially have a right to the three relationships. You made God your Father, your Teacher and also your Satguru. Through these three relationships you attain sustenance, the study which is the source of income, and blessings from the Satguru. You receive the blessings so easily. It is a child's birthright to receive blessings from the Father.

BapDada is checking every child's account of accumulation. All of you should also check your account of accumulation at every moment. The method to check whether you have accumulated or not is: whatever actions you performed, you yourself should be content and whoever you performed that action with should also be content. If there is contentment in both, then you can understand that you have accumulated in your account. If there isn't contentment in yourself or in the one with whom you performed that action, then you haven't accumulated.

BapDada also continues to warn all of you children about the time. This present time of the confluence age is the most elevated of all throughout the whole cycle because it is this confluence age that is the time to sow the seeds of elevated actions. It is the time to attain the practical, instant fruit. Every second of the confluence is the most elevated of all. Can all of you become stable in the bodiless stage in one second? BapDada has told you an easy method - adopt a method for constant remembrance. All of you speak two words throughout the day and you say those words many times. Those two words are "I" and "mine". When you say the word "I", the Father has given you the introduction, "I am a soul". So, whenever you say the word "I", then remember "I am a soul". Do not think of "I" alone. Together with this think, "I am a soul", because you know that you are an elevated soul, that you are a soul who is within Godly sustenance. And when you say the word "Mine", who is "Mine"? "My Baba", that is, God, the Father. So, whenever you say the words "I" and "Mine" then make this addition, "I, the soul", and "My Baba". The more you bring about the consciousness of "Mine" with the Father, the easier your remembrance will become because you never forget anything that is yours. Throughout the day you only remember the things that are yours. With this method you can easily become constant yogis. BapDada has made every child sit on the seat of self-respect. If you bring the list of self-respect into your awareness, it is such a long list. When you are stable in your self- respect there cannot be body consciousness. There will either be body consciousness or self-respect. The meaning of self-respect is to come from that place of elevated awareness, that is, the soul. So, are all of you stable in your self-respect? The more you are stable in your self-respect, the more natural it will be to give respect to others. It is so easy to remain stable in your self-respect.

Do all of you remain happy? Those who remain happy themselves also make others happy. BapDada always says: Never lose your happiness throughout the day. Why? Happiness is such that, in just that happiness, there is health, there is wealth and you are also happy. If there isn't happiness, life is without sweetness. It is of happiness that it is said: There is no treasure like happiness. No matter how many treasures you may have, if you haven't got happiness, then you cannot attain anything from the treasures. It is of happiness that it is said: There is no nourishment like happiness. So wealth is happiness, health is happiness. Happy is said, and so you are happy anyway. So, there are all these three things in happiness. The Father has given you the treasure of imperishable happiness. Do not lose the Father's treasures. So, do you always remain happy?

BapDada has given you the homework to remain happy and to distribute happiness because happiness is such that the more you distribute it the more it will increase. Have you experienced this? You have experienced this, have you not? If you distribute happiness, before distributing, it increases in you. When you please someone, you yourself become happy. So, have all of you done your homework? Have you? Those who have done it, raise your hands! Those who have done it - to remain happy, not to give reasons and excuses, but to be an embodiment of solutions - raise your hands! Now, you will not say that "this happened", will you? Some children have written to BapDada with their result, saying to what percentage they remained OK. If you keep the aim, you automatically develop the qualifications for the aim. Achcha. What are we going to do now?

It is the turn of Karnataka to serve: Those from Karnataka, stand up! It is good. Those from Karnataka have taken a golden chance because now, at the confluence age, you receive instant fruit. There is accumulation, but the instant fruit is that you receive instant happiness at the same time. For however many days you did service, did you experience instant happiness in yourself? Did you receive happiness? Raise your hands! Did Maya come? She didn't come? Those who didn't have Maya, raise your hands! Did the Pandavas have Maya? Did a little bit of Maya come? Achcha. The atmosphere here is very co-operative. Scientists can change the atmosphere with the power of science. They can change heat into coolness. They create the atmosphere, do they not? And in the cold they can create an atmosphere of warmth. The power of silence creates an atmosphere of the awareness of spirituality. When you do service here, what is the awareness you have? This is service of the yagya. The charity for the yagya is very great. When you do service in this imperishable yagya your attitude becomes elevated. The atmosphere becomes elevated. Now, what speciality will those from Karnataka reveal? Demonstrate it by performing a new task. The numbers of Karnataka are huge and the area of service is also very large. Those from Karnataka can do this great task, and that is that no small place of Karnataka should remain without being served. Otherwise they will complain: Our Father came and you didn't inform us! You didn't give us the message! This complaint should not remain. Those from Africa succeeded in giving the message to their area. BapDada likes this task. No one should complain. Your task is to give the message. Whether they come now or later, you have to accomplish your task. When those from Karnataka come next year, what will they have done? No area should remain unserved because you know that when souls receive the Father's introduction and come into relationship with Him they will become very happy. Now, day by day, sorrow and peacelessness are increasing because day by day corruption and sin are increasing. They are going into the extreme, but you know what happens after the extreme. There is the end. What does the end bring? It brings the beginning. They are your brothers, because you have the same Father. Whether they know and they accept or not accept, the Father is the Father. Definitely give the message to your brothers and sisters. So, what will you do? Will you keep a record, teachers? No village should remain. Raise your hands, those who are going to do it! Don't raise your hands just like that! Will you do it? Send the result after you have gone back. Make a plan. You have to perform wonders, do you not? The more you remain engaged in performing wonders, the more little aspects of chaos will finish. You have a good chance. You have taken a chance. You will also carry out the task for which you have received the opportunity. Are you sure? Pandavas, are you sure? Don't get tired. So much charity will be accumulated. It is good. BapDada is also pleased that the children are increasing their account of charity with a variety of methods. BapDada has already told you: Accumulate three accounts. One is the account of accumulation through your own efforts. The second one is the account of charity of making other souls content. Contentment accumulates in your account of charity. The third is the account of loving relationships in service with your mind and words. So check all three accounts. Nothing should be lacking in all three. So, will you claim number one? Claim number one in the account of accumulation. You are Karnataka; you are no less. Karnataka is in BapDada's vision. You can do a lot. You are in Baba's vision in this way. Those who are standing in the first row, what are you going to do? You will perform wonders, will you not? Perform wonders and claim a number. Self-progress and progress in service - keep a balance of both. It is fine. You can sit down.

(Dadi Janki said: Mama started service in Bangalore. Dadi Hirday Pushpa and Sundriben served there with a lot of love.) Child Hirday Pushpa served with a lot of love, so you have to give the proof of the love you received. You have to give the return of the service of Mother Jagadamba. In how many days will you give the news of service? Give your news every month. "We did this. This is happening and this is going to happen." BapDada is telling every zone; however, especially those whose turn it is have to pay attention.

All of you always keep your mind busy because it is the mind that deceives you. It is the mind that has tension. It is the mind that wanders here and there. So to keep the mind busy means to become stable in your complete stage quickly. BapDada says: When you speak of the physical organs saying "mine", when you say, "my hand", you can control your hand, can you not? You are able to put your hand where you want and as you want. So, is the mind yours or do you belong to the mind? You are the masters of the mind, are you not? It is not, "I, the mind", is it? The mind is not the king; the soul is the king. So, when you imbibe controlling power and ruling power, your mind will become your best of all number one co-operative companion. Just try it and see. Simply become a master, a king. In this world, there are already the three ruling powers - look this one has come from politics (the Governor of Rajasthan, Ms Pratibha Patil has come to meet BapDada). So, there are the three authorities at present. There is the authority of ruling (politics), there is the authority of religion and there is also the authority of science. But, what is the result? How many authorities do you have? You have four authorities because the world is lacking the authority of spirituality. Do you have the authority to rule? You have become the king of your physical organs, have you not? You are masters of the self, self-sovereigns, are you not? And you also have the authority of religion. Religion (dharma) means the imbibing of divine virtues, the adoption of an elevated character, the dharna of elevated actions. Where there is character, there is everything. Where there isn't character, then, even while having everything, there is nothing. The authority of science has the facilities whereas you have the spiritual endeavour of silence. So, when all the four authorities come together, world transformation will then take place. This is why BapDada says to everyone and this child (the Governor): It is very good that you have reached here. You have ruling power, and so, at the very least, make Rajasthan full of the power of spirituality. Rajasthan should take the initiative and world transformation will take place by itself. First of all transform Rajasthan. (The Governor said: Baba, Rajasthan is the foundation of spirituality. The task of world transformation is taking place from here.)

The world is receiving this power, but the people working in the Government in Rajasthan should also become co-operative. Look, you are a Shakti. BapDada has placed the Shaktis in the front. So, you too are a Shiv Shakti. A Shakti can do whatever she wants. It is good. BapDada has seen that you have a lot of enthusiasm. You have made Rajasthan the best of all, but you also have so many others with you. If all of you do this together, then what is not possible? Rajasthan will ignite the lamp of character and that lamp will race everywhere. You have done well. BapDada is pleased to see the zeal and enthusiasm that the children have for being co-operative in this task. Others have also come with you. Those who have come with you, raise your hands! BapDada likes it very much. Now, all of you have a meeting among yourselves. Make a plan of what you can do. And all the people here will be co-operative with you. You have this enthusiasm, do you not? It is good. Rajasthan should become the instrument. It is good.

Double Foreigners: Double foreigners, you don't forget your original foreign place, do you? Which place are you originally from? You remember that, do you not? This is why everyone calls you double foreigners. You are not just foreigners, but double foreigners. So, you probably don't ever forget your sweet home. So, where do you live? You are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, are you not? BapDada says: When any small or big problem comes, it is not a problem, but a paper to make you move forward. So, BapDada's heart-throne is your right. Be seated on the heart-throne and the problem will become a toy. Then you will not be afraid of the problem, but will play with it because it is a toy. All of you are those who have a flying stage, are you not? Do you have the flying stage? Or, are you those who walk? Are you those who fly or those who walk? Those who fly, raise your hands! The ones who fly! You are only half raising your hands! Are you those who fly? Achcha. Do you sometimes stop flying? It should not be: "I am moving along." Some say to BapDada, "Baba, we are moving along very well." So, BapDada asks: Are you walking or flying? Now is not the time to walk; it is now the time to fly. All of you have wings of zeal and enthusiasm and courage. So you have to fly with your wings. So check every day: Am I flying in the flying stage? It is good. BapDada has seen the result that the number of centres is increasing abroad, and they have to increase. Just as you are double foreigners, now do double service - with your mind and also with words. With the power of your mind create a spiritual attitude for all souls. Create an atmosphere. Do you not feel mercy on seeing the sorrow increasing? People are crying out in front of your non-living images, "Have mercy on us! Have mercy on us!" Now become merciful and compassionate. Have mercy for yourself and also for souls. It is good that you come every season, in every turn. Everyone has this happiness. So continue to fly and make others fly. It is good. BapDada has seen in the result that you are now going fast in transforming yourself. So, the speed of self- transformation will increase the speed of world transformation. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, stand up! Congratulations to all of you for your Brahmin birth. Achcha. You will receive toli anyway, but BapDada is feeding you the Dilkhush (happy-heart) toli. Always remember this Dilkhush toli for coming to Madhuban the first time. That toli will finish as soon as you put it in your mouth, but this imperishable Dilkhush toli will always remain with you. Welcome! BapDada and the whole family in this land and abroad are happy to see you, their brothers and sisters. Everyone is watching. Those in America are watching. Those in Africa, those in Russia and those in London are also watching all of you. All five continents are watching you. So, while sitting there, everyone is congratulating you on your birthday. Achcha.

Do you remember BapDada's spiritual drill? (BapDada conducted drill.) Now, BapDada wants every child, whether old or new, little or senior - in fact, the little ones can quickly become like the Father - so now, your mind should become stable and concentrated wherever you want in a second. Constantly continue to perform this drill of concentration. Now, become a master of the mind in one second and become stable in the awareness of "I and my Baba are my world, and there is none other." Achcha.

To all the intense effort-making children everywhere, to the children who are the embodiments of experience of the flying stage with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm, to the children who always remain seated on their seat of self-respect, to the merciful and compassionate children who are always merciful and give souls of the world a drop of happiness and peace through the power of their mind, to the children who are always merged in the Father's love and seated on His heart-throne, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: It is good. All of you are the original jewels. The original jewels have the speciality that everyone who sees them becomes happy. Everyone is also remembering Dadiji. (Dadiji was taken to Bombay hospital on 31st January for special treatment and checking. Mohiniben, Munniben, Nirwairbhai, Yoginiben and all other brothers and sisters sent love and remembrance.) Some special experiences have to come to the seniors, do they not? They are detached, and loved by the Father. While remaining detached in small matters, you become an example in remaining beyond. You have to become 100% absolutely complete because those who are to become number one should not have any trace remaining. Everything has to finish here because the kingdom of the new world is to be created on the basis of them. And the clan of the kingdom will be created. So, you are burning away even the trace. This is why, no matter what happens, you remain detached, full of all virtues, completely viceless and following the highest code of conduct. In order to become complete in a practical way, a few of these games have to be played. (Dadi Janki said: It is a game for Baba.) It is a game for you too. This is also your part. Just as you play other parts, so this part is also fixed. Even the little bit that may still remain is being burnt away. Become completely pure; not even a trace should remain. Everyone has love and Dadi is receiving the blessings of love. It is good. All of you together become instruments and are making everything work. This is also very good. (Par Dadi has also sent love and remembrance.) This too is a game within a game - that all of you are becoming pure together at the same time. This one (Shantamani Dadi) also showed courage. You showed courage to the doctors too, did you not? Each of you has your own speciality. It is good that, together, you are companions. The task of the yagya is not going to stop, it is immortal, it will continue and it will increase. All of you are watching the game as observers. Or, is there a question mark? The questions "What?" or "Why?" do not arise, do they? Whatever happens, there are many secrets merged within that. The Father knows and the drama knows. Achcha. Is everything OK. It is good.

BapDada speaking to Ms Pratibha Patil, Governor of Rajasthan: You have had good courage and BapDada is pleased about one thing. That in Rajasthan, there are two other main women; it is a Trimurti. The Chief Minister, the Governor and the Speaker - all three are women. So here also, BapDada enabled the establishment to take place through the women. Become co-operative and increase service. Now, Rajasthan should become number one. (With Your blessings, it will happen.) Why would it not happen? Where there is a determined thought, success is guaranteed. The key to success is determined thought. Always keep this key with you. Now, you have become the companion. Those who carry out an auspicious task and have courage automatically receive blessings. Whether you ask or not, the one who has courage and enthusiasm receives. The Father's promise is: One step of your courage will bring 1000 steps of help from the Father. All of you companions, be co-operative. Very good. All of you must give co-operation. What can you not do? When human souls can harm the world, can they not bring benefit? They are playing a part of bringing harm, are they not? (Why is this happening?) All of this has to go to the extreme. Look, 10 years ago corruption and sin were incognito. Now it is happening openly. It will go to the extreme. This is the iron age, is it not? The iron age is going into the extreme. (What is the solution to finish this?) The solution of this is to increase the power of spirituality. Give this message to them and create the feeling in them of performing elevated actions.

Jay Kumar Raval (MLA): No matter what, you have to be co-operative in the Father's task. (To the Governor) She has become a member of the family. Look, she has come with the Dadis.

Commissioner from Patna: No matter what happens, you now have to become a companion in God's work. Simply go with this determined thought: "I have to do it. I have to give my company." Do not fluctuate! Remain firm!

Mr Prahbhakar Reddy, Andhra Pradesh: No matter what happens, what do you now have to do? You now have to move along being co-operative in God's task. Achcha.

Sisters who look after the Dadis: You are not living at the centres, you are not living in Madhuban, you are living in the midst of the whole Brahmin family. Everyone's vision is on you. You have a huge responsibility. Do not get tired. You are not ordinary. Move along like angels. You are looking after the Dadis. There are no complaints. BapDada is pleased.

BapDada gave special love and remembrance to all the brothers and sisters who have gone to the Bombay hospital specially to serve Dadiji: BapDada is giving love and remembrance to all those who have gone as instruments to serve Dadiji, the one who is loved by all, the most loved Dadi in everyone's heart. Whatever you are seeing about Dadi in the drama, see it as a detached observer. You are doing and will continue to do the service of giving blessings, love from your heart and the sakaash of love. See everything as a detached observer and continue to fly. BapDada is giving everyone blessings from His heart and all of you are serving with love. Congratulations for the service. (Dadi Jankiji said: The doctors are also doing good service.) Whatever happens, service and benefit is merged in it. Achcha.

Are all of you very, very, very happy? Are you happy? Are you very happy? How happy are you? So, always remain like that. Whatever happens, let it happen. Now, you just have to remain happy. We have to fly; no one can bring you down. Make it firm. Is this a firm promise? How firm is it? Simply remain happy and give happiness to everyone. Even if you don't like something, don't lose your happiness. Just manage the situation as best you can, but your happiness should not go away. The situation will finish anyway, but your happiness has to go with you, does it not? So, whatever is going to go with you, you let go of that and whatever is going to leave you anyway, and which you have to leave, you keep that with you! Do not do this! At amrit vela, every day, first of all feed yourself the nourishment of happiness. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *