15-02-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

To remain awake from the sleep of carelessness, laziness and giving excuses is
the true Jagran of Shiv Ratri

Today, BapDada has especially come to meet His extremely beloved, long-lost and now-found children from everywhere who are worthy of God's love; the Father without an Image has come to celebrate the birthday of the children. All of you have also especially come today to celebrate the unique birthday, have you not? Throughout the whole cycle, no one else can have this birthday. You would never have heard of the Father and the children having a birthday on the same day. So, have all of you come to celebrate the Father's birthday or have you also come to celebrate the children's birthday? Because, in the whole cycle, God, the Father, and the Godly children have so much love that even their birthday is on the same day. The Father is not going to carry out the task of world transformation alone; He wants to do it with the children. It is only at this confluence age that you experience the alokik love of being together and the love of being a companion. The Father and the children have such deep love for one another that their birthday is on the same day; and where do you stay? Do you live alone or with the Father? Each child says with zeal and enthusiasm, "I am combined with the Father." You remain combined, do you not? You do not live alone, do you? Your birthday is together, you live together and what is the further promise? You are together, you will remain together and you will return home together to your sweet home. Have you seen as much love between any other Father and child? No matter which child it is, where the child is or what he is like, he is with the Father and is going to go home with the Father. So, you have come to celebrate the unique and the loveliest of all birthdays. Whether you are celebrating while sitting in front, whether you are in this land or abroad, you are all celebrating together everywhere at the same time.

BapDada is seeing everywhere how the children are singing the song of "Wah Baba! Wah Baba! Wah this birthday!" in their heart with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. If Baba puts on the switch, He is able to hear in His ears the sound from everywhere, the sound of zeal and enthusiasm from their hearts. Seeing the enthusiasm of all the children, BapDada is giving them multi-multi-multimillionfold greetings for their divine birthday. In fact, a festival (utsav) means to stay in zeal and enthusiasm (utsah). So, all of you are celebrating this festival with enthusiasm. The devotees have given it the name Shiv Ratri.

Today, BapDada is giving greetings to that devotee soul (who started devotion of Shiva at the beginning of Copper Age) who has copied the celebration of this unique birthday. You celebrate with knowledge and love whereas that devotee soul celebrated with faith and devotion. He has copied you well. So, today, BapDada was giving congratulations to that child because he has played a good part in copying. Look how they have copied in every respect. One needs wisdom even to copy. The main thing is that on this day, the devotees too hold a fast. They observe a fast of food and drink; out of faith, they make a vow to make their attitude elevated. They have to observe this fast every year and what vow have you made? You make the vow just once; you do not make this vow every year. You made the vow of purity only once. Have all of you made the vow of purity? Have you made a firm vow? Those who have made the vow of purity firm, raise your hands! Firm. Not even a little bit weak. Is it firm? Achcha. There is also another question. Congratulations for making this vow. However, impurity has 5 main companions. Is that right? You may nod. OK, have you made a vow for all 5 of them? Or, have you made a vow for only 2 or 3? Where there is purity, if there is the slightest trace of impurity, would that soul be called a completely pure soul? And for you Brahmin souls, purity is the property, personality and royalty of Brahmin life. So, check: In having complete purity, it should not be that you pay attention to the main thing about purity, but that you become a little slack with its other companions. You have kept love for the little ones and put the main one right. Has the Father given you permission to be slack with the other 4? Purity does not mean just celibacy, but Brahmachari. To become a Brahmachari means one who is observing the vow of purity. All of you have a heart-to-heart conversation, and some children, in their heart-to-heart conversations say very sweet things: Baba, we are OK in the main thing, but the little ones sometimes enter our mind. They come into our thoughts; they do not come into our words, and no one can see the thoughts." Some say, "One generally has love for little children, and so we also have love for these 4. There is anger, there is attachment; we don't want it, but it comes." BapDada says: If anyone comes, it is because you have left the door open that they come. So, why did you open the door? You have left the door of weakness open. To open the door of weakness means to invoke them.

So, on this day, you are celebrating the birthday of the Father and your own, but you also made a promise on the day that you took birth. What was the first blessing that the Father gave you? Do you remember it? Do you remember the blessing of your birthday? What was the blessing that Baba gave? May you be Pure, May you be Yogi. Do all of you remember this blessing? Do you remember it? You haven't forgotten it, have you? You were given the blessing, "May you remain pure!": not in just one thing, but of all 5. So, what does BapDada want today? You have come to celebrate the birthday. You have also come to celebrate the Father's birthday, have you not? You have come here to celebrate Shiv Ratri; so have you brought a gift for the birthday or have you come empty-handed? 70 years of establishment are now being completed. You do remember, do you not? Just think, it is now 70 years. Even if you have come later, it is now 70 years of establishment, is it not? Even if you have come just recently, you are still companions in the task of establishment, are you not? You are companions, are you not? Even if you have come here for the first time - those who have come here for the first time, raise your hands! Those who have come to meet Baba in Madhuban for the first time, raise your hands! Raise your hands high! Achcha. Even if you have come just for a year or two, what do you call yourselves? Are you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris or Purusharth (effort-making) Kumars and Kumaris? What do you call yourselves? Do any of you call yourselves the Purusharthi Kumars? You put up the sign of Brahma Kumars, do you not? Do all of you write B.K. or P.K? Purusharthi Kumars. So, what was the promise? That you will stay together, you will return together. That you will remain combined, and so to be combined you need equality.

So, we have been celebrating the festival of the 70th Anniversary. BapDada has seen that every zone that has come to serve has been celebrating the 70th anniversary. You have the honouring ceremony, do you not? All of you celebrate it, do you not? You simply give little gifts, and that is all. However, firstly, today is the birthday, and you have come to celebrate it, have you not? Are you sure? Secondly, the 70th year is now being completed, so you are also celebrating the honouring ceremony, and also the birthday, and so what gift will you give? Is it that you will give a tray or a sheet? What gifts have you brought? OK, we will give a silver glass. However, on this day, BapDada's pure desire for His children who are the lamps of hope is - should Baba tell you what that pure desire is? Those sitting in the first row - should Baba tell you? What does it mean for Baba to tell you and for you to hear it? It is that you hear it with your ears and you merge it in your heart? You will not let it come out of your heart, will you? You just merge it in your heart. So, on this day, those sitting in the first row - should Baba tell you? Then, at least nod! Teachers, you may nod in agreement. You are waving your flags very well. Double foreigners, should Baba tell you? You will have to bind yourself in this; only then, say yes for Baba to tell you. Don't say it just like that! Baba has seen that for 70 years you have just played games of carelessness, laziness and giving excuses. OK, if not 70, then it has been 50, 40, 30, 20 years. For all that time, Baba has seen a lot of games of these three things that the children play. On this day, devotees stay awake (jagran) at night; they do not go to sleep. So, what is the jagran for you children? Which sleep do you repeatedly go to sleep in? You comfortably go to sleep in the sleep of carelessness, laziness and giving excuses.

So, today, BapDada wants to see you doing jagran of these three things at all times. Whenever you see that you are getting angry, arrogant or greedy, then what do you say as an excuse? BapDada can see a trademark, whenever any situation arises. What do you say then? "This is OK, it happens all the time." You don't know who has 'made do' with it. The words you use are: "This happens all the time, it happens like this all the time. This is not anything new; this happens all the time." What is all that? Is that not carelessness? "This one is doing this too anyway." In order to protect themselves from anger, the majority would say, "That one did this and that is why this happened." They would not say, "What I did was wrong." "This thing happened; that one did this, and that was why this happened." It is very easy to blame others. "If that one didn't do that, then this would not have happened." If the Father says something, you would not do that. If that one does something, then this will happen. Can you not finish anger by following the Father's shrimat? Nowadays, there are many types of bossiness, a child of anger. So, today, will you make a vow for the other 4 too? The majority of you have especially had the determined thought for the first thing. Similarly, have the same thought for the other 4! Do not give excuses for this. "This one did this and that was why this was done by me", but you don't remember what the Father repeatedly tells you. You remember what the other person did. So, this is also giving excuses, is it not? So, today, BapDada wants the birthday gift of these 3 things which make you become slack in the 4 things. The sanskars have to be faced. This is not facing the sanskars, but it is a paper. It is the study of one birth and attainment for the whole cycle: the fortune of the kingdom for half the cycle and being worthy of worship for half the cycle. The attainment for the whole cycle in one birth, and that too is just a small birth. It is not even a full birth, just a small birth. So, do you have this courage? Those who feel that they will definitely have courage, not those who say, "We will make effort, we will pay attention...". Baba doesn't want those who leave everything to the future, singing "We will do this.. we will do that.." You are not little children; 70 years are now finishing. It is children who are 3 to 4 months old who speak such language. You are the Father's companions, are you not? You are world benefactors. 70 years are now being completed for that. BapDada is not going to ask you to raise your hands because BapDada has seen that even after raising your hands you sometimes become careless, but those who feel that no matter what happens, even if a test paper as big as a mountain come you will change the mountain into cotton-wool; do you have the courage to have such determined thoughts? Because you have very good thoughts; even BapDada is pleased with you when you have those thoughts. But what is it? For 70 years, you have let yourselves be slack in this. However, BapDada sees that there is no guarantee for time, and, on the basis of knowledge, every aspect of effort is connected with the practice over a long period of time. OK, you may say that you will do it now, since it is connected with the account of a long period of time. What is the attainment that each one wants? Now, Baba will ask you to raise your hands. Will anyone become Rama or Sita? Those who wish to become Rama or Sita, raise your hands - you will receive a kingdom. Some are raising their hands. Will you become Rama and Sita and not Lakshmi and Narayan? Are any of those among the double foreigners raising their hand? (No one raised their hand.) Since you wish to attain the fortune for a long period of time - to become Lakshmi and Narayan means to attain the fortune of the kingdom for a long period of time - then the attainment too is for a long period of time. There has to be a long period of time in every respect. You now have the sanskars of a long period of time, of 63 births and so you say, do you not, that that wasn't your intention or feeling, but that those are your sanskars of 63 births? So, that is an account over a long period of time, is it not? This is why BapDada wants there to be determination in your thoughts. It is this determination that is lacking when you say, "It will happen; it happens all the time, so let it continue; who has become perfect yet?" And one thing that everyone knows very well is that BapDada has noted this. When you don't have courage, you say: "Even the maharathis do this, and so what does it matter if we do it?" However, BapDada is asking you: When a maharathi makes a mistake, is that one a maharathi at that time? So, why do you spoil the name of the maharathis? At that time, that one is not a maharathi. So, to refer to maharathis and make yourself weak means to deceive yourself. It is easy to look at others, but one needs a little courage to look at the self. So, today, BapDada has come to take the gift of finishing the account. The account book of weaknesses and giving excuses is a very big book and it has to be finished. So, each one of you who feels that you will definitely demonstrate this, that you have to do it, that you have to bow down and change yourself, you have to celebrate the transformation ceremony, too, those of you who feel that you will have that thought, raise your hands! Is it firm or just ordinary? There are ordinary thoughts and thoughts that are determined. So, have you all had a firm thought? Have you had a firm thought? Those from Madhuban, raise your hands high! Those from Madhuban sit here, do they not? You have a chance to sit very close. Those from Madhuban are sitting in the front seats. BapDada is pleased. You are sitting at the front; always remain at the front.

So, today's gift is a beautiful gift, is it not? BapDada is also pleased because you are not alone. Following you in your kingdom are your royal family members, your royal subjects and then, in the copper age, your devotees. There are three types of devotee: sato, rajo and tamoguni. There is a long line behind you. Whatever you do, those who are behind you also do the same. You give excuses and so your devotees also give a lot of excuses. Now, even the Brahmin family is also very clever in watching you and copying you in the wrong things. Now, have the determined thought. When there is a conflict of sanskars, when there is a difference of opinion because of their natures, and the third thing is weaknesses - someone may have told a lie about someone else - then some children say that they get more angry when someone lies. However, did you verify it with the true Father? The true Father is with you, so even if the whole false world is on one side and the one Father is with you on the other side, your guaranteed victory is fixed. No one can shake you because the Father is with you. What they are saying is false, so let the falsehood remain false. Why do you increase it? So, today, the Father doesn't like the giving of excuses. "This happened, that happened, this happened." This song of "this and that" should now end. What happened was good, what happens will be good and everything will be good and you will make everyone good. Sing the song of Achcha, Achcha, Achcha. Do you like it? Do you like it? Will you finish giving excuses? Will you? Raise both your hands! Yes, you can wave them very well. Achcha, even those who are watching are waving their hands. Wherever you may be watching, wave your hands! You are waving them, at least. OK, you may put them down. Now, you may applaud for your own transformation. Achcha. (Everyone applauded very loudly.)

Always keep in front of you this day, this time and the picture of this gathering. Whenever any weakness comes, do not allow it to come. Close the gate. You know the gate, do you not? Close it. Keep it doubly closed; put a double lock on it. Nowadays, a single lock doesn't work. One is of remembrance and the other is of keeping your mind busy in service. Put on these two almighty locks. Not of Godrej, but of God. Have a firm jagran (staying awake). Make a firm vow.

BapDada has deep love for every child. Even if it is the last number child, BapDada has deep love even for that child. Why? Is any other father going to have such children? It is BapDada alone who has Brahmin children. No great soul, mahamandleshwars or father of a religion, no matter who it is - has anyone received such children where every child says, "My Baba"? Is there anyone in history? This is why BapDada knows the importance of every child. Children say, "We are singing the song of "Wah Baba, Wah!" The Father says: The Father sings the song "Wah children, Wah!" a hundred times more than you do. This is fine, is it not? You are 'wah, wah', are you not? Those of Madhuban you are 'wah, wah' children, are you not? Those sitting at the back, you are 'wah, wah', are you not? Achcha.

It was the turn of Bhopal to serve the groups: Yes, you can wave your flags so that Baba can see. It is good. Bhopal is in Madhya Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh is a very big state. You have done service there. In the beginning, you brought very good Governors and VIPs. However, now, no one has brought any such persons. You have brought people, but you have not brought anyone special such as Governors etc. So, teachers, listen with attention. BapDada wishes to give Bhopal two types of service. Should Baba tell you which? Firstly, bring a VIP such as the example you saw recently when the Governor of Rajasthan came. She went away with a very good experience that this is a divine family. And, together with that, she also took up the responsibility of service. It wasn't just: "This is good, this is good. You are doing very good work." No. She also took responsibility upon herself. BapDada knows that there are such special VIPs in Madhya Pradesh; they are hidden. They just have to be brought onto the field. And, secondly, give Baba a list of all the big centres. So, there are many big centres which have many sub-centres and many, many Gita pathshalas under them. When BapDada asks for a list of the Gita pathshalas, there are many Gita pathshalas. You are being given one year which is a very long time; you should not be given that, but, in that one year, the big centres should, at the very least, bring at least one heir-quality soul in front of Baba. Even if such souls exist now, they should become well-known as heir-quality souls in the yagya. It isn't that you have many of them. Many centres say that they have heirs, but the heirs cannot remain hidden. Anyone who is heir-quality cannot remain hidden. BapDada doesn't believe in incognito heirs. Those souls should be in connection and relationship properly. Each big centre should bring such an heir in front of Baba. The big centres can bring them, can they not? In this, do not say "We are small." Do not become small! Even the small ones have to become big. Is this OK, teachers? Did Baba say it correctly? Raise your hands! Those who are small and will demonstrate being big, wave your flags. Are you waving it from your heart? So Bhopal has to carry out these two tasks. Is that OK, those from Bhopal? Someone from among you will become an heir, will he not? So, we shall see. In fact, they should be prepared in just 6 months, but BapDada still is giving you one year. Is that OK? The golden chance that you take for service is good. BapDada always says that this is a very good chance for self-progress, because you don't have another responsibility of service; you only have the responsibility of the service of the yagya. Back at home, you will still have to give time and attention. Here, you just have to pay attention to one thing: self-progress and service of the yagya. If you accumulate the charity of serving the yagya at every moment, then your account of accumulation can increase very, very quickly. So, you did very well. You have brought good numbers. You have taken a good chance. Now we shall see the result of the future. Achcha.

700 Double foreigners have come from 60 countries: BapDada is especially pleased about one thing when He sees the double foreigners. He is extra pleased, and that is because when the double foreigners came in the beginning - the teachers probably remember that - it used to take a lot of effort to transfer them from the different cultures. However, now BapDada has seen that there isn't as much talk about this now. Why? What is the reason for that? Seeing the gatherings of one another, there has been good expansion, has there not? And BapDada has also heard that the majority of you adopt different methods to relate Baba's message in the areas around you. You have good enthusiasm for giving the message. So in that result it has been seen that, in every turn, it is not a small number of foreigners. The quality is good and the quantity is also increasing and this is why you have all become a sandalwood tree. So, BapDada is pleased to see the sandalwood tree. All the news reaches BapDada anyway. Even if you send it by e-mail, BapDada receives a copy of it first. Your enthusiasm for service is good. Now, just make today's vow firm. Foreigners, you will claim a number, will you not? Do you wish to claim a number? Which number? First, or will the second number do? (First.) Those who have love for the one Father will become like the One, the number one. There is the slogan: The one Father is your world. Since there is just the one world, then that is number one, is it not? Your title is 'double foreigners'. So, in your effort and in the determination of your thoughts, demonstrate this by making effort of double force. You do pay attention, but where is there a difference? The intensity of your determination decreases. You make very good programmes. BapDada hears about the topics. Baba becomes very pleased on seeing the topics of the different groups. However, what happens is that when you begin a topic or the aim that you keep is of great force, then of course one paper or another does come, and it has to come. No one can pass without taking a paper. Your determination decreases in that and your effort becomes ordinary. There should always be determination but you begin to lack this. So, become double effort-makers in everything. We will demonstrate it by definitely doing this and becoming this. You have that much enthusiasm, do you not? Do you? You do, but simply check your determination. Do not get caught up in the situations. Look at your determination. Achcha.

Meeting a group of double-foreign kumaris: Achcha, you have made a banner. Wave your hands! What you do is good, because the atmosphere of Madhuban also creates an impact. You have the love of the Dadis and also the help of the atmosphere of the attitude here. So, in the special topics and the heart- to-heart conversations that you have among yourselves, you feel that you receive special help in that. Do you receive help? Achcha. For how long do you have this intoxication? Does it last for 6 to 8 months or does it stay all the time? Revise this! Revise it within yourself and also realise it. Revise and also realise all the things of knowledge. Realise the individual points of teachings, of intoxication and happiness that you receive. Realise it within yourself and then check: Do I have the experience of each of those points? Have you experienced them? Or, do you just think about them, listen to them and speak about them on the basis of knowledge? BapDada has seen absolutely, whether in this land or abroad, that attention is lacking in going into the depth of the experience of each point. You pay very good attention to listening and speaking about it. You are number one in that. However, to become an embodiment of experience, and to experience the soul as you walk and move around, and experience the combined form of the Father - the experience of these is lacking. Therefore, realise this and you will become real gold. But otherwise, BapDada is pleased that the teachers do pay attention. Your Dadi (Dadi Janki) gives you a lot of attention. If all of you pay as much attention to yourselves as she (Dadi) does and the hopes that she has in all of you, and if you keep your attention on the hopes that Baba has in all of you, then you are already number one. You do realise your weakness, but something is missing in bringing about transformation. In that, BapDada has seen that there is a lack of determination. And, secondly, in the speciality of being able to stabilise your mind so that you are able to stabilise it in whatever you want whenever you want - this is lacking. Determination and concentration: pay attention to these, whether you are from Bharat or from abroad. Until now, there is still waste; there isn't economy. Use your thoughts, words, relationships and connections, nature and sanskars economically. Economy is also essential. To the extent that you are economical with your thoughts, to that extent, you will not be able to stay without being economical in the yagya. If you don't know how to be economical in the yagya, if those sanskars are not emerging, then, understand that you don't have the habit of being economical with the treasures of time and thoughts, and that is why the sanskars of being economical in the yagya are not emerging. So pay attention to determination, concentration and economy. Is this OK? But otherwise, BapDada is pleased and is also happy with the plans for service. You are doing good service, are you not? It is Gayatri sitting in front, is it not? You have a lot of enthusiasm for service, do you not?

International Mothers group: You make very good pictures; this is your speciality. You make good pictures. Look, there are so many mothers and if each one were to become a world mother - if every mother becomes stable in the form of a world mother with her attitude at every moment and in every thought, then the world would receive so many vibrations, because the feelings of a mother reach others very quickly. So, all the mothers who are standing, at every moment, continue to give vibrations to your children of the world, your brothers. Just as a mother gives sustenance to her children with so much love, in the same way, you have to sustain everyone considering them to be your children. Spread those vibrations. Is that OK? Now, we will see if, throughout the day, every mother has become a world mother and spreads those vibrations. Self-progress is automatically included in this. Demonstrate it by doing this. Mothers are good. You are in BapDada's vision. You have good courage. You can do this. So, continue to move forward. Achcha.

Russia has created a project to travel around 50,000 Kms. and serve 150 cities. It is good. BapDada had heard the news through the child and BapDada liked one thing - which was: BapDada had asked for everyone to send their result as OK. The result that was sent was good and so congratulations, and Baba had also heard about this plan. You have created it with good zeal and enthusiasm, and the method that you have created will become easy. So, success is merged in zeal and enthusiasm. You also have good hands and a good number of students. So, BapDada likes it. And you have everyone's good wishes. Everyone is hearing about it now, and so everyone's good wishes are with you for this programme. Congratulations.

Mohiniben told Baba: Dadiji and all the service companions from Bombay have sent lots of love and remembrance.

Everyone with their heart loves Dadi. Everyone is sending lots of pure waves of love. BapDada had said about Dadi that she was a patient, but in the practical form, even the doctors are amazed that Dadi is not a patient but one who has patience. While being a patient, she is showing what an embodiment of patience would be. You would feel that something is happening to Dadi, but when you ask Dadi, she would say that it's nothing! So, she is not a patient, but she is showing the form of patience. There is illness, but she is loving and detached. The illness is continuing, but she is lost in her own intoxication. That body is being purified. Her last stage and the stages of the future and of devotion are being created. At present, she is liberated while being in life, and in the final moments she will be revealed as one of the eight deities, and in bhakti she will become an especially beloved deity. She is playing the part of all three sanskars. And all the servers who are serving her are doing that from their heart. However, this is not just for them. They are serving day and night from their heart, but in the whole Brahmin family, no one should have any waste thoughts. Dadi is yours and she will always remain yours. BapDada saw that when Father Brahma became avyakt, and gave drishti to Dadi, through the will-power of that drishti she became very much loved by all, completely powerful and a humble instrument as the administrator. While fully following Father Brahma, she filled the whole Brahmin family with power, and played a very good part of being BapDada's companion and staying with all the Dadis. Even now, she is playing a part with you in the subtle form. Even BapDada sings wonders of Dadi. She has tied everyone in the bondage of the gathering on the basis of love and co-operation and this is an immortal blessing. Everyone has a lot of love for her. Seeing this, BapDada is pleased.

BapDada is seeing that all the cards, letters and greetings that you have all sent have accepted BapDada. In return, Baba is giving love and remembrance together with blessings to each one personally by name and speciality. Those who have not sent their zeal and enthusiasm through cards and letters but through their heart and thoughts, to all those children, too, multimillionfold love and remembrance and also the Father's blessings from His heart.

All of you who are personally sitting in front here, the pleasure of being personally here is completely different. No matter how clear and good everything may be with the facilities of science, the gate of progress of being personally in Madhuban gives its own experience. Now, each of you sit for one minute in the form of the determined thought of what BapDada just said: you have to finish giving excuses, laziness and carelessness at every moment with determined thoughts and definitely accumulate an account over a long period of time. No matter what, do not consider anything else, but you definitely have to be seated on BapDada's heart-throne. You have to be seated on the throne of the world. All of you sit in the form of this determined thought. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who always stay in the experience of zeal and enthusiasm, to those who always use determination, the key of success, to those who always remain with the Father and are His companions in every task, to those who always belong to One and are economical, to those who always continue to fly ahead with their form of stability, BapDada's extremely beloved, long-lost and now-found special children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: Now, even the Dadis have become the long-lost and now-found. You are now only a handful. You have become long-lost and now- found, have you not? Simply continue to sing the song: Who else is going to love us as much? The Father says: The children love Him so much. If there weren't the children, what would the Father do? If the children were not there, who would call Him the Father? (Dadi Janki said: Baba is the world (sansar), but now, Baba, do something so that Baba is in the sanskars too.) However, if the Father did that, who would receive the reward? If the Father did that, He doesn't want the fruit. It is the Father's duty to give co-operation. He can give you legs and feet, but you yourself have to walk. Achcha. Very good.

To the three senior brothers: The memorial of Shiv Ratri is the memorial of the birthday of the Father and the children at the same time. So, it is the power of the gathering. Even the Father did not do anything alone. He carried out every task with the children. So, the power of the gathering, and that has to be brought onto the practical stage once again. One says something and the other one does it. Do not look at the situationsf one another, but it is essential to unite the gathering. This is the duty of you instrument souls. Reveal the gathering on the stage; this is essential. Is this OK?

Bholi Dadi shed her body on 9th February 2007: Everyone loved Bholi. No matter what her health was like, she didn't leave the bhandara. Father Brahma sat her in the bhandara and so she didn't leave it till the end. She was a special goddess of doing service through her actions and this is why everyone had very good love for her. (Now, Meera will also do well.) Yes, why not? She will definitely do it. She has taken very good sustenance. Achcha.

BapDada hoisted the flag of Shiva with His hands on the stage in Diamond Hall and gave greetings to everyone.

All of you celebrated the Father's and your own birthday with a lot of love. Multi-multi-multimillion fold greetings and congratulations. Just as you hoisted the flag as a symbol and showered flowers, in the same way, hoist the flag of the Father's remembrance and His awareness in the heart of each one. You have it in your heart already, but now hoist the Father's flag, that is, the flag of remembrance in each one's heart, and then the whole world will become a garden of flowers. The jungle of thorns will finish and become a garden of flowers. Always keep such a thought emerged in your heart. We have to do it; it has to happen, it has already happened. You just have to be an instrument. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *