17-03-2007         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

With your elevated attitude, make intense effort to make your vibrations and the atmosphere powerful; give blessings and receive blessings.

Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love and Power, has come to meet His loving, long­lost and now­found, beloved children. All the children, through the attraction of love, have also reached here from far, far away to celebrate a meeting. Whether you are sitting personally in front of Baba, or are sitting in this land or abroad, you are celebrating a loving meeting. BapDada is pleased to see all His loving children and totally co­operative companion children. BapDada is seeing that the majority of the children have just the one thought in their heart: We will now very quickly reveal the Father. The Father says: The enthusiasm of all the children is very good. However, you will only be able to reveal the Father when you first of all reveal yourselves as complete and perfect, the same as the Father. So, the children ask the Father: When will You be revealed? And the Father asks the children: You speak, when will you reveal yourselves as being equal to the Father? Have you fixed a date for your becoming complete? Those abroad say that a date should be fixed a year in advance. So, have you had a meeting among yourselves and fixed a date to become equal to the Father? Have you?

BapDada sees that, nowadays, there are many meetings of every wing. BapDada heard about the meeting of the double foreigners; He liked it very much. All the news of the meetings always reaches BapDada anyway. So BapDada is asking: For when have you fixed a date for this? Will the drama fix this date or will you fix it? Who will fix it? Of course you will definitely have to keep the aim. All of you have a very good aim, the best of all, but now, according to the aim you have kept, also develop the qualifications according to that elevated aim. At present, there is a difference between the aim and its qualifications. When the aim and its qualifications become equal, then the aim will become practical. When all the children celebrate a meeting at amrit vela and have a thought, they do that very well. BapDada hears the heart­to­heart conversation of every child everywhere. You have very beautiful conversations. You also make very good effort, but in your effort, you need to bring about intensity in one thing. You are making effort, but there has to be intense effort. There has to be determination for intensity; there has to be this addition. According to the time, BapDada has one desire for all the children ­ even though you may be numberwise, and BapDada knows, even while you are numberwise ­ let there always be intense effort; there is a great need for this. Time is moving fast towards completion. However, now, children definitely have to become equal to the Father. This is also fixed. You simply need to have intensity in it. Each one of you has to check yourself: Am I an intense effort­ maker at all times? Because many papers come in your effort and they will come. However, for an intense effort­maker to pass that paper ­ it is fixed as though an intense effort­maker has already passed that paper. Not that that one has to pass, but that he has already passed. This is fixed. All of you are doing service with great interest. However, BapDada has told you before too: according to the present time, you have to do three types of service at one time, that is, through your thoughts, words and deeds. Through your mind give an experience. Through your words, give an introduction to the treasure of knowledge. Through your face and activity, give the experience of the practical form of a completely yogi life. You have to do all three types of service at the same time, not individually. There is little time and there is still a lot of service to be done even now. BapDada has seen that the easiest method for service is to create vibrations through your attitude and to create the atmosphere through your vibrations, because the attitude is the most powerful method of all. Just as the rockets of science are able to fly very fast, in the same way, your spiritual attitude of good wishes and pure feelings will change your vision and your world. While sitting in one place, you can serve through your attitude. It is possible to forget what you have heard, but you cannot forget the experience you have had of an atmosphere. You have experienced in Madhuban the atmosphere of the land where Father Brahma performed actions, the land where he had yoga and performed divine activities. The atmosphere that anyone experiences even now cannot be forgotten. The experience of the atmosphere becomes imprinted on your heart. Of course you have many big programmes of serving through words, but each one of you has to create an atmosphere with your spiritual attitude and vibrations. However, your attitude will become spiritual and powerful when you do not have any vibrations of a wrong attitude in your heart or mind. The attitude of your mind should always be clean. If you have any wasteful attitude towards any soul, or, in terms of knowledge, if you have a negative attitude, then negative means rubbish. If you have rubbish in your mind, you will not be able to serve with a pure attitude. So, first of all, check yourself: Is the attitude of my mind pure and spiritual? Transform a negative attitude into a positive attitude with your good wishes. With negative, you feel distressed in your own mind, do you not? You have waste thoughts, do you not? So, first of all, check yourself: Is there any conflict in my own mind? Of course, it is numberwise. There are good ones, and there are also those who create problems with them. However, just to understand “This one is like that” is good. Consider wrong to be wrong and right to be right, but do not keep it in your heart. To understand this is a separate matter. It is good to be knowledgeful. Of course, you will say something is wrong when it is wrong. Some children say: Baba, You don’t know what they are like. If You were to see them, You would know. The Father believes what you say; He already knows before you tell Him what that one is like, but by keeping such things in your heart and in your attitude you yourself become distressed. When you have something bad in your heart and mind, then where there is something bad, where there are waste thoughts, how can that one be a world benefactor? What is the occupation of all of you? Would any of you say that you are benefactors of only London, of Delhi, of UP? Or, of wherever you are staying? OK, not the land, but of the centre that you are staying at? All of you say that your occupation is that of a world benefactor. Who are all of you? Are you world benefactors? If you are, then raise your hands! World benefactors! You do not have anything bad in your mind, do you? You may understand it, but that is a different matter. Understand that this is right and that is wrong; however, do not keep that in your mind. By having this attitude in your mind, your vision and the world also change. BapDada gave you homework. What was that? It is the easiest effort which everyone can do – the mothers, the youth, the old ones, the children can all do that. The method for that is just to do one thing. When you come into contact with anyone, then give blessings and receive blessings. Even if that one gives you bad wishes, what course do you give? To change the negative into positive. At that time, give yourself this course. What is the challenge? Your challenge is also to make nature satoguni from tamoguni. This is your challenge, is it not? You have all issued the challenge that you have to make nature satopradhan. Do you have to make it like that? If so, then nod! Wave your hands! Don’t wave them just by seeing one another, but wave them from your heart. Now, according to the time, the intense effort is to create the atmosphere through your attitude. So, if there is even a slight bit of rubbish in your attitude, how would you create the atmosphere through your attitude? Your vibrations will reach nature; words will not be able to reach there. Your vibrations will reach there. Vibrations are created through your attitude and the atmosphere is created through your vibrations. In Madhuban, too, not everyone is the same. However, the atmosphere was created through the attitude of Father Brahma and the specially beloved ones and their intense efforts.

Today, Baba is remembering your Dadi. What is the speciality of Dadiji that you saw? How did she control everything? She never kept anyone’s defect in her mind, no matter with what attitude the other person came to her. She gave enthusiasm to everyone. Your mother Jagadamba created that atmosphere. While knowing everything, she always kept her attitude pure, and all of you are experiencing the atmosphere created by that. Even though it is ‘follow Father’, BapDada always says: Know each one’s speciality and make that speciality your own. And note down for every child: someone who has become BapDada’s child, each and every child, even though that child may be the third number, the speciality of the drama and the blessing from BapDada is that, out of all the children if someone has 99 defects, he definitely has one speciality and with that speciality, he has a right to say, “My Baba!” He may be influenced, but he would still have unbroken love for the Father. This is why, now, according to the closeness of time, whatever places of the Father there are, whether they are in the villages, in the big zones or the centres, it is necessary for every place and every companion to have an atmosphere of elevated attitude. Simply remember one word: even if someone is giving bad wishes, who is the one who is taking them? Is the one who is giving and the one who is receiving just one person, or are there two? If someone gives you something bad, what will you do? Will you keep it with yourself? Or, will you return it, throw it away, or keep it carefully in your cupboard? So, will you keep it hidden in your heart? Your heart is BapDada’s throne. Therefore, now remember one word firmly in your mind, not just in words, but in your mind: I have to give blessings and receive blessings. Do not keep anything negative in your mind. OK, if you heard something with one ear, it is your duty to let it out through the other ear. Or, is it the duty of someone else? Only then will you be able to do the service of creating an atmosphere in the world and among souls through your attitude at a fast speed. You want to bring about world transformation, do you not? So, what will you remember? Remember it with your mind. Just remember the word ‘blessings’; that is all. Because, what do your non­living images give? They give blessings, do they not? When people go to the temples, what do they ask for? They ask for blessings. It is because they receive blessings that they ask for them. Even in your last birth, your non­living images give blessings; with that attitude, they fulfil everyone’s desires. So, it is because you have repeatedly become those who give blessings in this way that your non­living images give blessings even today. OK, if a soul is influenced by something, if you, a child of the Ocean of Forgiveness, forgive him a little, that is good, is it not? So, are all of you master oceans of forgiveness? Are you? Or not? You are, are you not? Say, “I first”. Become “O Arjuna” in this. Create such an atmosphere that whoever comes in front of you will be able to take a little love and co­operation and experience forgiveness, courage, co­operation and zeal and enthusiasm. Is this possible? Is it? Those who are sitting in the first row; is this possible? Raise your hands! First, you will have to do it. You will have to do it. The teachers in the first row, will all of you do this? Achcha.

There are now still 15 days to the final meeting. You have help in Madhuban anyway. All of you, however many you are and wherever you are from, for the next 15 days, practise this: I have to give blessings and receive blessings. Is this OK? Is this homework OK? Will you do it? Those from Madhuban: will you do it? Those from Madhuban have got a very good seat. Those from Madhuban are clever. You have caught hold of a good seat. Now, you also have to claim the seat of number one. To become a Madhuban resident is a sign of fortune. Where are all of you from at present? London? America? Or, are all of you from Madhuban at this time? At this time, you are all from Madhuban. It is so good that all of you are at present Madhuban residents. After 15 days, BapDada will see the result. Is this OK? Those sitting at the back, is this OK? There are also some sitting in the gallery above. Those sitting the gallery: is this OK? Achcha. It is good. The world is in great need. You become the images of solutions. When you become the images of solutions, souls will be able to go to Nirvana. If you do not become the images of solutions, then the poor, helpless souls will not be able to go to Nirvana. You have to open the gates to Nirvana. You will open the gates with the Father, will you not? So, you will have this ceremony of opening the gate, will you not? Now, fix a date among yourselves. BapDada listens to all the meetings. What does BapDada have to do? He just puts the switch on and He can hear it. He can hear everything of every zone and every land at the same time, if He wants to. Now, come into the unlimited. Some children become a little too serious. To be serious is good, but sometimes it feels as if you are very serious. No one likes those who are serious. Be serious, but let it be internally, and externally, let your face be smiling. Everyone loves a smiling face, whereas people are afraid and run away from those who have a very serious face. They would not be co­operative with such souls. You remember, do you not, the smile of Father Brahma, the smile of Jagadamba and the smile of our Dadi? Double foreigners, you love Dadiji’s smiling face, do you not? You are waving your hands! Do not laugh, just smile. Do not laugh loudly, simply smile. BapDada now wants you to make intense effort. Why? BapDada has seen that the sanskars of a long period of time are necessary. If you make intense effort at the end, that will not be accumulated in the account of a long period of time. If you haven’t accumulated over a long period, then your right to the long time of the period of 21 births will also be reduced. BapDada does not want any child who has said “My Baba” to have any less of a right. For the Father, even if it is the last child, the Father knows that he is the last child, but has Baba ever said in a murli, when saying “sweet, sweet children”, does He omit those who are bitter and give love and remembrance only to those who are sweet children? Has Baba ever said this? He knows that that one is the last child, but He still says, “My sweet sweet child”. He doesn’t say, “My bitter child”. So, you have to become equal to the Father, do you not? BapDada is pleased. When you are all asked what your aim is, you say that you want to become equal to the Father. Even the last number child says this. BapDada is pleased with this because you have at least kept an elevated aim, and so the qualifications will also continue to develop. You definitely have to accumulate over a long period of time, Then, at the end, do not complain that you didn’t
remember about the long period of time. You are even now seeing the impact of the long period of time of 63 births. “I don’t want it to happen, but it happens.” What is this? That is the impact of a long period of time. Therefore, BapDada says to each of the loveliest of all children: May you be an intense effort­maker. Remember your homework. Baba will ask for the result after 15 days. Once you have created the sanskars in 15 days, you will then be able to continue in the future too. Here, you also have the help of the atmosphere. All the residents of Madhuban are on duty and the zone whose turn it is are on duty, but everyone else is free. So, what will you do? Dadi, speak, what will you all do? We will definitely do it and show everyone. We definitely have to do it. First of all reveal yourselves, and then the Father will be revealed, because everything has to happen through you. The Father asks: When will you reveal yourselves? The Father will anyway be revealed through you. Do you have that enthusiasm? How much enthusiasm do you have? Do you have a lot of enthusiasm? To the extent that you have lots and lots of enthusiasm, accordingly, BapDada is also giving you multi, multi, multimillionfold congratulations in advance. Achcha.

Baba receives children’s e­mails and letters from many different places. Those who have not written letters, but have had the thought, then the love and remembrance of all who just had the thought also reached BapDada. They write very sweet letters. They write such letters that you just remain flying in zeal and enthusiasm; nevertheless, it is good. By writing letters, they tie themselves in bondage, because they make that promise. So, from wherever all of you are seeing or listening, to all of you too, BapDada is giving you love and remembrance even before giving them to those who are personally sitting in front of Him. BapDada knows that it is different times in different countries, but nevertheless, everyone is sitting in remembrance and listening with a lot of enthusiasm.

This time it is the turn of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Indore Zone:

All of these are teachers. There are teachers from both places. It is good. BapDada is proud of the teachers, because you have maintained courage and surrendered yourselves and had the thought to remain engaged in service throughout your whole life. Teachers, you are strong, are you not? Are you strong? Or, are you a little weak? Teachers, do not become weak. ‘Teachers’ means those who reveal the future through their features. Now, the future of the confluence age is: May you be angelic! And, the features in the future are: May you be a deity! So, whoever has come in this group, do you servers have the double intoxication that you are definitely going to become angels and so deities? All of you are strong in this, are you not? Look, your photo is being taken. So, it should not be that you are not visible in the photo. Remain strong. When there is a little upheaval somewhere, then some of you become frightened. You very quickly become frightened. You do not go into the depths, but become afraid. If you go into the depths, then no matter how big a paper or situation of upheaval it may be, when you go into the depths, then, like going to the bottom of the ocean, you come up with lots of treasures. Do not be those who just remain on the surface. Those who remain on the surface would only find fish but those who go into the depths would bring up lots of things. Here, too, if any situation arises ­ and of course situations will come, BapDada will not say that situations will not come ­ when any situation comes, the more you move forward, the more subtle things will come in front of you, because you are to pass with honours. So, what have the teachers thought? Are you going to pass with honours? Or, are you going to pass with 33% marks? You have to pass with honours, so raise your hands! Take their photo very well.

Your photos will also be taken, do not be afraid. You forget BapDada at that time. You become alone and so little things seem very big. BapDada is combined with you, so keep Him with you in the combined form. Experience this and even a mountain will then become like cotton wool. It is not a big thing. Do you know how many times you have passed in how many cycles before? Do you know? Do you have that intoxication? “I have passed many times, and now I just have to repeat it. It is not a new thing. I just have to repeat it.” Have this awareness. Indore and UP. UP received a lot of sustenance from sakar mother and father; so UP has to perform wonders. And the speciality of Indore is that the centre was opened through sakar Baba’s inspiration. It was like that, was it not? Both have this speciality. So now, both of you have to perform wonders. Create such an atmosphere and show everyone. When you give someone an introduction, what do you tell them? Come to Madhuban and see it. So, now make your zone, your place, such that you can tell anyone, “Go to Indore and see it there. Go to UP and see it there.” Is this OK? Do you like this? What can you not do? Each of you master almighty authorities have so much power in your every thought that you can do whatever you want, but you just need determination. Sometimes, Maya steals the key of determination. Constantly use this key; do not just keep it carefully hidden, thinking in your mind that you have it. You have the key, but use it at the right time. After the time has passed, you then say, “I had to do this, but..” So, don’t say, “I had to, I had to…”. Do everything at the right time and then this zone will become number one. All of you have a good aim. You have to become number one. You have the aim to become number one, do you not? Or, is it OK whatever number you claim? BapDada loves each and every zone, because every zone has one speciality or another. However, you haven’t yet revealed your particular speciality. It has to happen. Not even, “it has to happen”; “it has already happened.” Simply repeat it. Are all of you happy? You do not ever lose your happiness, do you? When you lose your happiness, it is as if you have lost your life. There is no pleasure in a tasteless life. It is good. Now show some wonders. BapDada has now told those of all the zones to show some newness. You haven’t yet shown any newness. To have big programmes, to have programmes of the wings ­ they are happening and will continue to happen, but now, show some newness, and we shall see which zone goes ahead in that. Whether it is this land or the countries abroad, let there be newness so that everyone can copy. We shall see who does it. You have to do it. Achcha. You have taken a very good chance. BapDada says: Those who take a chance with every speciality become chancellors. You have accumulated charity by serving the yagya, you have accumulated great charity, because here you have the help of the atmosphere and of remaining carefree. You don’t need to worry about any responsibility except to fulfil the duty that you have been given. So, did both zones accumulate an income? Did you? Did you accumulate a lot? You didn’t accumulate just a little; you accumulated a lot. Achcha.

900 foreign brothers and sisters from 96 countries:
Those from abroad are showing a good record of increasing the numbers. On the one hand, you are increasing the numbers, and on the other hand, you also have good enthusiasm for getting the area covered. BapDada has heard that the majority everywhere have enthusiasm and are creating programmes to cover their own area and to give the message. You are doing that with different methods, but whatever you are doing, you are doing that well. You are getting your complaint rectified. This zeal and enthusiasm makes you fly and also spreads a wave of happiness among others. For instance, it is just as when someone who is drowning receives the support of even a leaf or a straw. In the same way, unhappy souls receive some support. The blessings that emerge in their mind accumulate in your account of charity. This is a deep account. However many receive some attainment, that attainment is accumulated in your account. BapDada heard the news of your meetings and that you are paying attention well. You take good chances to maintain your own stage and, in terms of programmes for service, you create good programmes. One enthusiasm that you have, which is good, is that you have brought closer the loving and co­operative souls to make them easy yogis. Those from Bharat are doing this, but those from abroad are doing it very well too. Now, wherever the majority of you are serving, whether it is VIPs or ordinary people, they feel that they receive something here, that there is something new here. Now, this atmosphere has changed a lot from before. Previously, it used to be so difficult to call them and now they themselves say: Give us a chance. And so there is a difference. BapDada is pleased with the foreign service, but what were you told in terms of service of the self? Intense effort­makers. All of you are effort­makers, but now you have to become intense effort­makers. You put into practice whatever you thought. The Father said something and the children did it practically. This was the method that your mother Jagadamba used and she became number one. Check yourself at night: While walking and moving around, did I do and think in the way that the Father said? I definitely have to do what the Father said. And, yes, there is expansion and attention. You have made good programmes. Double congratulations. Achcha.

Those from different wings have also come.

BapDada knows that you are all having your own meetings. All those who have come from the different wings, you are making very good plans. Now simply make this addition: Whenever you have a meeting, always think about keeping a balance of the self and service and give enthusiasm for service to one another. However, together with that, also let there be zeal and enthusiasm for serving the self. Keep a balance. By doing double, you will receive double blessings. You receive these blessings automatically; no one has to give them to you, you receive them automatically. BapDada has seen that news of self­progress has also been sent to Baba. (Rameshbhai gave BapDada news of the SPARC meetings in writing through the trans­messenger.) Ramesh, you are doing that; he has also written about self­progress. Draw everyone’s attention to that again and again. Just as you do everything practically in service, in the same way, keep a chart of what you do practically for self­progress. BapDada received the news, and what you have all thought about is good. Those who have had meetings, BapDada has received that news. Until now, those of the different wings have not given BapDada a response to one thing. Do you remember? What response have you not given? BapDada wants one person from every wing, who is a specially loving, co­operative, VIP, ‘mike’ soul, and has an interest in this easy yoga; a group of one such person from every wing should come in front of the Father. One from every wing, not just from one wing. Sometimes, IPs and VIPs come. They are welcome. However, BapDada wants to see a group of souls with such qualifications from every wing. Groups of IP souls come here, but there should be a special ‘mike’ of each wing. You become the sakaash, and that one becomes the speaker. You are the might and that one is the ‘mike’. So, now demonstrate this. Those abroad make programmes and such souls come to those. You also do Call of Time, and IP souls come in that. Here, you have to bring the ‘mikes’ from the different wings. Pay attention to this. (There are such souls from every wing ready in Bharat; BapDada should just give a date to meet them.) Now, bring such a group of ‘mikes’ from every wing. Baba will give time for that. Achcha.

Did all of you have the thought of making intense effort and becoming number one? Did you? Raise your hands! You did well. Now, the teachers are raising their hand. The first row is this anyway. It is good. BapDada also gave the direction that, throughout the day, every now and then, whenever you have 5 minutes, exercise your mind because nowadays, the world is also keen on exercise. So, exercise your mind for 5 minutes. Bring it from the supreme abode, to the subtle region. Remember your angelic form, then remember your worthy of worship form, then remember your Brahmin form, and then your deity form. How many are those? 5. So, in 5 minutes, exercise with these five forms. You can do this throughout the day, while walking and moving around. You don’t need any ground or field for this; you don’t need to run. You don’t need a chair, you don’t need a seat, you don’t need a machine. Just as physical exercise is necessary for the body, and you can do that, you are not forbidden to do that, but also do this drill, this exercise of the mind, which will keep your mind always happy, filled with zeal and enthusiasm and will give an experience of the flying stage. So, all of you, begin this drill right now. From the supreme region to being a deity. Achcha.

To all the intense effort­making children from everywhere who create a spiritual and powerful atmosphere with their attitude, to those who always give an experience of powerful vibrations through their place and stage, to the elevated souls who have determined thoughts, to the merciful souls who always give blessings and receive blessings, to the double­light souls who always experience themselves to be in the flying stage, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis:

The gathering of all of you gives sakaash to everyone, does it not? Nevertheless, you are experienced. So, those who are experienced create a greater impact. From the beginning, the mother and father has created in you souls the sanskar of being an embodiment of experience. He has instilled this, has He not? BapDada is also pleased. Achcha. Is that OK? No matter what your health is like, you are the decoration of the yagya, even if you are not able to run around, even the presence of all of you gives power to everyone who sees all of you. You are the original jewels, are you not? So, the sanskars of the beginning are powerful. Everyone remembers your bhatti of the beginning. Everyone remembers the sustenance received from sakar Baba. Achcha.

Mohiniben gave BapDada remembrance from Dadiji:

BapDada is also sending lots of remembrance. It is not the Father who is remembering her, everyone is remembering her. The Father is also remembering her. This is why just as Father Brahma was an example, in the same way, Dadi is also an example. The lesson of ‘suddenly’ has been made so easy! Father Brahma created the sacrificial fire, but Dadi looked after the sacrificial fire for an even longer time than Brahma Baba did and this is why everyone remembers Dadi from their heart. Her virtues, her face, her activity have been special and this is why everyone has special remembrance of Dadi in their heart. Now, all of you did yoga, and that is a sign of love. Now have even more intense yoga that Dadiji comes to Madhuban. Just as they give that oxygen through the ventilator, your power of silence is no less than the power of science. Have more yoga – powerful yoga. Look, through your yoga, the doctors had a touching and so the method of treatment was changed. They are doing it gradually. With the determined thoughts of all of you, another method will emerge. Is that OK? Have more yoga, do not reduce the yoga. Achcha. All the servers, Munniben, Yoginiben, Dr Gupta and the kumaris, everyone is serving from their heart. BapDada is pleased to see the efforts you are making from your heart and your efforts will definitely show some fruit.

Nirwairbhai gave Baba remembrance from everyone.
Everyone’s mind is here and their body is there. (Now, everyone has the one thought that Dadi should be able to walk and move around.) It has to happen. It is good.

To Brother Brij Mohan:

Create a new invention in Delhi so that everyone is able to do that; so that small and big centres can all do it.

Speaking to the main senior sisters from abroad:

It is very good. Because the countries abroad have you experienced souls, you are making those countries move forward very well. The seed of direct sustenance from the Father that all of you have is bearing fruit. Now, service and zeal and enthusiasm are increasing. The delicateness or sensitivity that used to exist before has now finished. Everything about culture has also finished, because of seeing all of you, because you are examples. Seeing the examples of all of you, everyone has understood what they have to do. The plans you have made are very good. The training that you give group­wise is very good. Teachers become refreshed and those who come are also refreshed. Whatever each department wants, they receive that, and that is good. It is very necessary to draw their attention. It is good that you have also drawn everyone’s attention to the yagya, because they all belong to the yagya, but have just gone abroad for service. So, a small signal from you is good. Do not think it is bad. It is good. BapDada is pleased that you give that much time. Now, come close to one another in your ideas so that everyone thinks that you are all one; not 6, but that you are all one. Be so close to one another in your thoughts. It is happening. BapDada is seeing that you have done it and will continue to do it in the future too. (Many thanks from our heart.) Many thanks to you as well.

* * * O M  S H A N T I * * *