31-03-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Be worthy and show the Father's face through your face; together with being constructive (nirman) in service, also maintain the balance of speaking pure (nirmal) words and a humble (nirmaan) stage.

Today, BapDada is pleased to see the lines of fortune of the children everywhere. The lines of sparkling light are shining on the forehead of all the children. The line of the fortune of spirituality is visible in their eyes. The line of the fortune of elevated words is visible through their mouth. On their lips, Baba is seeing the spiritual smile. On their hands, the lines of all Godly treasures are visible. In every step of remembrance, Baba is seeing the line of multimillions. In each one's heart, Baba is seeing the line of being absorbed in the Father's love. Each of you children is experiencing such elevated fortune, are you not? The Father Himself has drawn these lines of fortune with each one's pen of elevated action. It is such elevated fortune that it is imperishable; it is not just for this birth, but these are the imperishable lines of fortune for many births. The Father is imperishable and the lines of fortune are imperishable. At this time, all lines are attained on the basis of the elevated actions. The effort of this time creates the reward for many births.

Even at this time, BapDada wishes to see the reward that all of you children are to receive for many births, that attainment of the reward for the effort of this time, now. Not just in the future, but all these lines should be experienced constantly even now, because these divine sanskars of the present time are creating your new world. Check! Do you know how to check? You have to become your own checker. Are you experiencing the lines of all fortune even now? You do not think, do you, that this reward will be visible at the end? The attainment is at this time, and the reward also has to be experienced at this time. The sanskars for the future world (sansar) have to be experienced in your life in a practical way now. What should you check? You praise the sanskars of the future world - that in the future world there will be one kingdom. You remember that world, do you not? Do you remember how many times you have ruled in that world? Or, is it that you remember it only when Baba reminds you of it? Do you remember what it was? It is in your awareness, is it not? Are those sanskars in your practical life at this time? Check: In your mind, in your intellect, in your relationships and connections, in your life - do you have one kingdom? Or, is it that sometimes, together with the soul's rule, there is also the rule of Maya? In your future reward, there is just one kingdom, not two; so too, now also, there aren't two kingdoms, are there? Just as in the future kingdom, together with the one kingdom, there is one religion. What religion is that? It is the religion of the dharna of complete purity. So, now check: Is there complete purity? There should be no name or trace of impurity even in your dreams. Purity means to have just the one dharna of complete purity in your thoughts, words, deeds and relationships and connections. You should be Brahmachari. Do you know how to check yourself? Those of you who know how to check yourselves, raise your hands? You know how to check yourself, and do you also check yourself? Do you? Do the teachers know how to check? Do the double foreigners know? Why? Because of the purity of the present time, even today people ask for purity from your non-living images. Purity means one religion, which is established at this time and also continues in the future. Similarly, what is the praise of the future? One kingdom, one religion and, together with that, constant happiness, peace and wealth. Akhand (continuous, unbroken) happiness, akhand peace and akhand wealth. So, in your life of self-sovereignty - the other is the kingdom of the world - but, at this time, you have self-sovereignty. Check yourself! Imperishable happiness, Godly happiness: do you experience it to be imperishable? It should not be that you are experiencing happiness on the basis of any means or facilities. No wave of sorrow should be experienced at any time, for any reason. You are not experiencing happiness on the basis of name, fame or honour, are you? Why? Because name, fame, honour, means, facilities etc. are themselves perishable and temporary. You cannot receive imperishable happiness on the basis of perishable supports. Continue to check yourself. Even now, continue to listen and also check yourself and you will know how much difference there is between the sanskars of the present time and the reward of the future world. All of you promised BapDada as soon as you took birth. Do you remember your promise? Do you? Or, have you forgotten it? You promised that all of you will become the Father's companions, be world benefactors and become the makers of the new world of peace and happiness. Do you remember it? Do you remember your promise? Raise your hands! Even those sitting at the back are raising their hands. On this side too, they are raising their hands. Is it a firm promise? Or, is there sometimes something mixed in? You are the ones who are creating the new world on the basis of Godly sanskars. It is not a question of making effort only at this time, but you must also experience at this time the reward of the effort. Together with happiness, also check about peace. Peaceless circumstances, peaceless atmosphere, and, in that too, you are children of the Ocean of Peace! You are always like lotus flowers. So, can you not transform peacelessness into an atmosphere of peace? If the atmosphere is peaceful, and you experience peace, that is not a big thing. However, your promise is that you are the ones who transform peacelessness into peace. So check. You are checking yourself, are you not? Are you the transformers? You are not influenced by anything, are you? You are transformers. Those who are transformers can never be influenced by anything. In this way - wealth, limitless wealth - what is the wealth of someone who is the master of the self? Knowledge, virtues and powers - these are the types of wealth of someone who is a self-sovereign, the master of the self. So check! You now clearly know the essence of the whole expansion of knowledge, do you not? Knowledge does not mean that you gave courses and lectures, but knowledge means understanding. So, every thought, every deed, every word - knowledge means sensible. Do you do everything while being knowledge- full? Do all virtues remain emerged in your practical life? Do you have all virtues, or only according to your capacity? In this way, all the powers - your title is master with all powers, not just one with some powers. So, do you have all the powers to the fullest extent? Secondly, do all the powers work at the right time? Are they present at the right time? Or, do you remember them when the time for using them has gone by? So, check all these three things. One kingdom, one religion and imperishable happiness, peace and prosperity. All these things that you experience now at the time of self-sovereignty will not be experienced in the new world. All these things can be experienced at this time. Only when these sanskars emerge from now will they continue in the form of the reward. You do not think, do you, that you are still imbibing them, that it will happen, that it will definitely happen by the end?"

BapDada has already given you a signal in advance that the practice over a long period of time at the present time is the basis of the attainment over a long period of time. Do not think that it will happen by the end, that it will happen then. No. It has to happen now. Why? To have a right to being the master of the self, you need the practice over a long period of time now. If you are not able to have a right in one birth and you become dependent, then how can you have rights for many births? This is why BapDada is repeatedly signalling to all the children everywhere that the speed of time is now moving very fast. Therefore, all the children mustn't just become effort-makers, but must become intense effort-makers and experience the reward of effort over a long period of time now. BapDada has already told you earlier the signs of intense effort. An intense effort-maker will always be a master bestower. He will not be one who takes (levta) , but a deity (devta), one who gives. Not that you say, "If I have this, I can make effort. If this one does it, then I will also do it. If this one changes, then I will also change. This one should change; this one should do it." These are not signs of a bestower. Whether someone does that or not, I should continue to do it, the same as BapDada, like Brahma Baba. You also saw the sakar form; he never said: If the children do it, then I will do it. It was always: I will do it and then make the children do it. The second sign of intense effort is: To remain constantly humble, even while carrying out a constructive task. There has to be the balance of both - being constructive and humble. Why? When you carry out a task with humility, you receive love and blessings from everyone's heart. BapDada has seen that in being constructive, that is, on the field of service, nowadays everyone is making new plans with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. For this, BapDada is congratulating all the children everywhere.

BapDada has received many very good plans for constructive service. However, BapDada saw that the constructive tasks are very good, but, to the extent that you have zeal and enthusiasm for service, if you are just as much balanced in the stage of humility, then, in the construction, that is, in the task of service, there will be greater success in a more visible form. BapDada has also told you earlier to have a humble nature, to have humility in your words and your stage when you come into relationship and connection with others. This is the praise of the deities, but in fact, it is the praise of Brahmins. It is said of the deities that the words that emerge through their lips are like diamonds and pearls - invaluable. Pure and gentle words, pure and gentle nature. BapDada is now examining you and so He should give you the result, should He not? Because this is the last turn of this season. BapDada saw that, in having pure words and humility in your stage, more attention is needed.

BapDada has already told you to accumulate in your three accounts of treasures. What did Baba see as a result? What are the three accounts? You would have remembered them, would you not? Nevertheless, Baba is now revising them. 1. With your effort, increase your account of accumulation. 2. Always remain content yourself and make others content too. Remain content and make others content while knowing the different sanskars, for through this you are able to accumulate in your account of blessings. If, due to any reason, there is something lacking in making others content, it doesn't accumulate in the account of charity. Contentment is the key to charity, whether it is to remain content yourself or make others content. 3. In service, too, always be altruistic: not have the consciousness of "I" - "I did this", or "My name should be mentioned." Where there is the consciousness of "I" and "mine" in service you are not able to accumulate in the account of charity. You are experienced in the consciousness of "mine". There is a lot of consciousness of "mine" even in a royal way. The list of the royal consciousness of "mine" is even longer than the list of the consciousness of "mine" in an ordinary way. Whenever there is the selfish motive of "I" or "mine" and you are not altruistic, very little charity is accumulated in your account. Baba will tell you about the list of "mine" some other time. It is very long and very subtle. So, BapDada has seen that, in your efforts, you are all accumulating in your account according to your own capacity. However, there is now a need to increase the account of blessings and the account of charity. This is why there now has to be attention paid to accumulate in the three accounts. The variety of sanskars will be visible even now. No one's sanskars have become complete yet. However, now, I should not be influenced by the weak nature or weak sanskars of others. I am a master with all powers, a master almighty authority. Weak sanskars are not powerful. Weak sanskars cannot influence me, a master almighty authority, one with all powers. The means of safety is to stay under BapDada's canopy of protection. Remain combined with BapDada. Shrimat is the canopy of protection.

Now, this is the last turn of this season. Next season will continue according to the time, but when the new season to celebrate a meeting begins, what newness will you show in that? Have you made a new plan for yourself? Just as you think of new plans for service, similarly, in terms of all the old things about the self, what newness have you thought about for that? If you haven't thought about it, then BapDada is giving a signal: Each one of you definitely has to make a plan to bring about newness in your thoughts, words, connections, relationships and deeds. BapDada will first of all see the result: what newness you have brought about. What old sanskar have you transformed with your determination? BapDada will first see this result. What are you thinking? Should we do this? Should we? Raise your hands, those who are saying that they will definitely do this! Achcha, will you do it? Or, will you look at others? What will you do? Do not look at others. Look at BapDada. Look at your big Dadi. She has such a lovely and detached stage. BapDada says: If someone wants to see someone who has finished the consciousness of "I" and limited "mine", then look at our Dadiji, who is seated on BapDada's heart-throne. In her whole life, she has always been beyond the limited consciousness of "I" and "mine", and the result of that is, no matter how ill she is, she is beyond any feeling of pain. Just the one word is very firm. If anyone asks Dadi: Do you feel any pain? Dadi, is anything happening to you? What response do they receive? "It is nothing." It is because she has been altruistic and has a big heart. She has accommodated everyone and is loved by everyone. You are seeing the practical signs of that. When people speak of Father Brahma, they say that the Father was in him. However, Dadi has lived with you under God's sustenance and the study; she has been your companion in service. So, if one can become that - altruistic in her stage - then, can all of you not become that? You can become that, can you not? BapDada has the faith that you are the ones who will become that. Do you remember how many times you have become that? You have become like the Father in many cycles, and, even now, you are the ones who are going to become that. Continue to fly with this zeal and enthusiasm. The Father has faith in you. So, you too must also have the faith in your intellect that you are definitely going to become that. Have such faith in the intellect and continue to fly. Since you have love for the Father, in the subject of love, you say that you have more than 100% love. Is that right? All those sitting here, and all those who are listening and seeing at their own places, in the subject of love, do all of you consider yourselves to have 100% love? Then, raise your hands! 100%. (Everyone raised their hands.) Achcha, those sitting at the back, raise your hands high! All of you raised your hands for this. The sign of love is to become equal. The one you love, your speaking should be like that one's; your way of moving and fulfilling the responsibility of relationships should be in the same way that that one does. That is a sign of love.

So, next season, the Father's face will be visible in everyone's face. The sanskars similar to those of the Father should be visible in everyone's relationships and connections. This is the return of love: to turn yourself. Look! The attitude of one thought of all of you and the power of yoga brought about a miraculous change in terms of Dadiji's health. The method of the power of silence, one united thought and one attitude showed the practical fruit. So, congratulations to everyone for that. Yes, you may applaud. When you have seen the practical proof of one thing, of the determined thoughts, the collective power of remembrance and silence, when you have seen one proof, then in future too, for self-transformation, you have to look at yourself, and you have to change yourself. If you have to bow down, then bow down, but do not step away from bringing about transformation. Each one of you has to have this determination and give the proof of it, because all of you are worthy children. The duty of worthy children is to give the practical proof. Achcha.

The homework that BapDada gave for 15 days, in that, Baba gave homework of just one thing. Did you remember it? Those who, even in their thoughts, did not give sorrow or take sorrow, not in their dreams or in their thoughts, raise your hands! Stand up! Only those who claimed pass marks! Not those who only claimed a few marks! Why? Did those in the front row not do this? Why are those in the front row not standing up? If you have done this, then stand up! If you haven't given any sorrow, then stand up! Neither in your dreams nor in your thoughts. Then, applaud these people! Double foreigners have also raised their hands. Achcha. You will remain immortal in this, will you not? Remember the blessing of being immortal. Achcha.

It was the turn of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Nepal and Tamil Nadu to serve everyone: This is very good. Those of all the zones have created a good method to take a chance. BapDada is seeing Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Nepal and Tamil Nadu - there are so many kingdoms. There are many of you. In service, you have taken the chance of doing miraculous service. Have any of you created a new invention for service? Have you thought of a new type of service? Special teachers of all the different zones, raise your hands! The head of each of the places, not just of the zone, raise your hands! Achcha, so what plan of newness in service have you created? Have the teachers in the front made any plans? Or, are you making plans? Because your zone has a lot of expansion. There are so many souls, so many states and so many villages; so make such a plan. BapDada has seen in the countries abroad that those of Africa didn't just make a plan, but also covered the whole area practically. So, on your side too, there are many areas. So many people will be left deprived if the time comes to an end. So all of you make a plan together. BapDada has also received a similar plan from those from Russia. Today, Baba was given the news that, today, they have started their programme. (BapDada was given a message through the trance messenger for beginning a national motor-cycle rally over the whole of Bharat to give Baba's message in the villages.) Just as those of the villages also gave their news to BapDada, in order to make the message reach all the villages in all the zones, they have made a programme of a motor-cycle rally. All the zones will do this together. So, all of you must also make a plan among yourselves so that no area is left out. At least they should receive the message. Otherwise, you will receive many complaints: Our Baba came and you didn't even tell us about it! Tamil Nadu too: You should also see - have you made such a plan? Every zone should get together and make such a plan. There is happiness and you get satisfaction in your mind that you completed your service of giving the message. So, now, make this plan. You can do it, can you not? Those from Bengal, raise your hands! Those from Bihar, raise your hands! Those from Nepal and Orissa are courageous. There are others too - those from Assam. Look how much area you have! You have taken up a very big area. You want to become a big king, do you not? So, in the next season, make a plan of giving this message and start doing it practically too. You can do this, can you not? BapDada does not like any child complaining. BapDada has heard about the plans. All of you have made good plans, but BapDada always says: Together with the plans, also have a plain intellect. Both should be together - a plain intellect and plans. Then elevated success takes place very easily. So, Tamil Nadu will also do this, will you not? Will you? Look, BapDada has given all the children an equal blessing of courage, zeal and enthusiasm. It is not that BapDada has given more to some and less to others. So, where there is zeal and enthusiasm, there is courage and so what can not be achieved? Even the impossible becomes possible.

Everyone is asking: What is to happen in the future? BapDada's thought is: Now, at the most, take a chance on a ready-made stage. Make them co-operative, and you just give them sakaash. For 70 years, you have done everything with your courage. Now create the fortune of others. Give them a chance to create their fortune. In order for them to create their fortune, what sakaash must you yourself give them? Firstly, be very merciful. Be the Father's companions in being forgiving. With your powerful attitude, create such an atmosphere that they themselves make you an offer. Such offers should be received from everywhere. Every zone should receive an offer: Come here! Come here! Come here! Only then will the sound, "This is the One, this is the One", become well known. Now, give them a chance to be loving and co-operative. Give them a chance. BapDada has seen that, in every zone, there are those who are loving and co-operative according to their capacity, but make them companions in service. Give them wings of zeal and enthusiasm. Everywhere, there are such people, because BapDada does tour around. So, He sees His own children and also sees all the co-operative souls. They are in BapDada's vision, but they haven't been given a chance; they haven't taken a practical chance. So, this year, make them instruments; make the loving and co-operative souls enthusiastic. You have to make them enthusiastic. Otherwise, they too will complain that you didn't tell them that they could do that. Therefore, now become those who give them a chance. Those abroad, is this possible? The brothers from abroad, stand up! Those who are instruments for service, stand up! Look, there are so many good souls, who give sakaash. So, now, we shall see which zone has taken the ready-made stage. Just as for a year your only concern when you had a mega programme was just that, in the same way, now also have just the one concern to take a chance to take a ready-made stage. Is this possible? Those from abroad, is this possible? (Baba speaking to Brian Bacon from Australia): Is this possible? Perform this wonder and show everyone. Continue to do it with Dadi Janki's advice. BapDada is your Companion. All of you can do it. All of you are the old ones and also serviceable. (Jayantiben told Baba: This year, we have received four such international invitations in which Dadis should give blessings. The Inner Space in Covent Garden has received a Gold Award from Lifestyle for their service to the city.) It is good. Congratulations! Give the congratulations of everyone's applause to them.

500 double foreigners have come for this meeting: BapDada always says: Double foreigners are the special decoration of Madhuban. Just as this land is moving forward with its own zeal and enthusiasm, the lands abroad are no less. The foreign lands have also brought about good expansion in a short time. Now, the foreign lands have to take one prize. Should Baba tell you which prize you should take? Specially the double foreigners? Everywhere, you have to take the prize of keeping the balance of self and service. Do you like this? Those from abroad, do you like it? Do you wish to claim it? Then raise your hands! Welcome! In advance congratulations! (A senior guru in Germany has invited Brahma Kumaris to come and speak in his big programme). Very good. Such invitations are sometimes received in India too. However, now, spread this wave. You receive them sometimes, but now spread this wave everywhere, in all the zones, in this land and abroad. Achcha.

What will the Madhuban residents do? What will those from Madhuban do? Will you create a stage in Abu? Those from Madhuban, create some newness! One speciality of Madhuban is very good. Whoever comes, whichever zone does the service, they do the service there, but the stamp that is put on them is in Madhuban. So those from Madhuban create the atmosphere, spread the vibrations, and give a good stamp of cleanliness and love. Just as you are living at home in Madhuban, in the same way, you make everyone who comes here feel that they belong here. This is the speciality of Madhuban. You do this, do you not? You do good service, do you not? All of these are Madhuban residents sitting here (in the front). Those from Madhuban, stand up! There must be some Madhuban residents sitting outside too. BapDada knows that there are many sitting outside too. It is good that they bring them here, and you continue to make them fly. Make them double-light and sustain them: feed them, share your own experiences and put this stamp on them. You do such service, do you not? Do all of you do this? You do the service of creating an atmosphere, do you not? It is good. Dadis have also stood up. Congratulations! Clap for the Dadis. It is good. Madhuban is Madhuban. Where does everyone have to come to ultimately? You will all come to Madhuban, will you not? You do good service. You perform your duties well. BapDada has told you about this today - the self - intense effort, and service - keep a balance of both. Make a gathering among yourselves and show a group who has this balance. What will you do in the next season? Will those from Madhuban do this? Have a meeting among yourselves, taking co-operation from the Dadis and show the splendour of keeping a balance. Whoever people see and ask, "How are you?" "What is your way of moving?"......... everyone who comes should see everyone in a happy state and moving as the angels do. Wherever they look, they see you move like angels. The way of moving should be that of flying, not of walking. Those who are walking will be left behind. Only those who are flying will go with the Father. Those who are staying in Madhuban have to take the first chance. You live with the Dadis. You have to take the chance of flying with the Father, not behind Him. You will take this chance, will you not? Yes, tell Baba that you will have such a meeting. Achcha. Will you give Baba the result in one month? Is one month all right? You are raising your hands with determined faith, are you not? Then BapDada will give one gift or another to those of Madhuban. You are good. The title 'Madhuban resident' is very beautiful. You are all 'pakka', are you not? Now, remain firm (pakka). No matter what happens, do not look at others, look at yourself. "I have to do this. I have to change." Not "I will change when others change." Will you do this? Will you? Is this firm? Make a fist to show your firmness. Look, everyone is so happy just on hearing the name 'Madhuban residents'. Achcha.

BapDada's inspirations for the annual meeting that is to take place from 7th April: For that meeting, BapDada has given a signal for the service of taking a ready-made stage. Together with that, effort and its reward: reveal the practical form of both of these. All of those who come to the meeting should give this result. Discuss this among yourselves and fix two months, three months or one month and bring the result in a practical form. Then BapDada will see, because this is a meeting of the special instrument souls, and if the instrument souls show the speciality of keeping a balance, then this atmosphere will spread everywhere very quickly and powerfully. If you reveal yourselves, then the Father's revelation will take place very easily and quickly. Whoever's name is put forward for the meeting is responsible, not just for listening and speaking, but each one is responsible for keeping a balance and enabling others to do the same. This is the special task for the meeting. BapDada will continue to hear the result through the trance messenger and will give a programme for the future after that.

All of you have understood BapDada's aim: that BapDada now wants to see every child in the form of one who has a right. You should not be influenced in any type of service or effort, but be one who has a right. Each one of you is the master of yourself. All of you are kings, are you not? Or, are you not kings? You are Raja Yogis, not praja (subjects) yogis. So, Baba wishes to see you as those who have a right to the kingdom. You should not say, "What can I do? It just happened." You should have a right over yourself. You should not be dependent on your old sanskars and nature. You are those who have a right. Achcha.

Now, do you remember the drill that BapDada taught you? Throughout the whole day, you have to perform this drill for 5 minutes many times. Have you done it? Those who performed this drill, raise your hand! Only a few of you have raised your hand! Why? You have only done it for a short time, is that why? You have not done it for a long time? So, what shall we do now? At the very least, as a minimum, can you do it 8 times in the whole day? Can you do this? Raise your hands for this! Will you do it? It is good. Then, when the next season begins, BapDada will ask for everyone's result. Baba will tell you one more thing later, not now. He will tell you about it later. Those of you from Madhuban will do this, will you not? You will take the first number, will you not? So, this year, the homework from the end of this season until the next season: definitely perform this drill 8 times every day. You definitely have to do it. Not that you will see about it; you definitely do have to do it. If you miss it, then do it many times in one hour and complete it. Sleep later. Go to sleep afterwards. First perform the drill eight times, and then go to sleep. Is this all right, teachers? You have got fans in your hands. You must be feeling hot. Very good. The atmosphere of the teachers will automatically spread everywhere.

Today, BapDada wants to see everyone, now, in one second, if you are able to be seated on the seat of self-sovereignty with the sanskars of controlling power and ruling power in an emerged form. In one second, for 2 to 3 minutes, be seated on the seat of a self- sovereign. (Baba conducted drill.) Achcha.

Baba received love and remembrance through letters and all the facilities of science from all the children everywhere. Their love and remembrance have reached BapDada. Many children write and also tell the news of their heart to BapDada in their heart-to-heart conversations. BapDada is responding to all those children: The Lord is always pleased with a true heart. BapDada's love from His heart and blessings from His heart are especially for those souls. All those who give the news from everywhere, and all the plans that you have made with very good zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada is congratulating you for those and is also giving you a blessing: Continue to move forward and make others move forward.

To all BapDada's children who are the handful out of multimillions, and to the few most elevated fortunate children of that handful, BapDada's special love and remembrance. BapDada is giving congratulations to all the children for their courage and zeal and enthusiasm. For the future too, Baba is giving multimillionfold blessings for becoming an intense effort-maker and keeping a balance. Baba is also giving you the blessing that the star of everyone's fortune always remains sparkling and that you continue to increase the fortune of others. All the children everywhere, at their own places, are listening and seeing too, and BapDada is also seeing all the children everywhere, even those sitting far away, and is pleased with them. Continue to see and always continue to increase the beauty of Madhuban. To all the children, namaste with blessings from the heart.

BapDada speaking to Dadis: The power of silence of all of you touched the doctors. They are creating new inventions. They have made one or another new thing emerge so that things are becoming easier. (Mohiniben gave everyone's remembrance.) Everyone is doing very good service with their heart. (Uncle and Aunty also sent special love and remembrance.) Send special love and remembrance to them and also send them toli. It is good; they have been instruments in the task of the establishment. He was the first example of being a VIP abroad who became an instrument for service. Achcha. All Dadis have become healthy.

To Dadi Nirmal Shanta: You have shown wonders. (She spent four months in Ahmedabad.) You have done service while there. You didn't stay there just like that. (I have come into Baba's lap.) You always remain in Baba's lap. Achcha.

To Yoginiben: You have maintained courage well. This is love, not effort. This is a lift that those from Bombay have received. You have maintained courage well.

To Dadi Shantamani: This one performed wonders. Even the doctors have accepted that this is will-power. You showed the revelation of will-power. Congratulations! You have become an example. You have become an example of what will-power is. BapDada loved it very much. Congratulations for that.

Every instrument Dadi is special. And look, if none of the Dadis is present, everyone says: It is all empty. Even though there may be 1000 people staying there, they would say it is empty. So, where the Dadis are, there is splendour there. Teach everyone to do the same. Prepare a group like that. BapDada will give many prizes. Prepare such a group. Pandavas also have to prepare such a group, where each one just says, "Ha ji, ha ji" and the lord becomes present. We shall see whether the Dadis or the Pandavas prepare the group first. Dadis may be instruments, but you have to maintain courage among yourselves too. With your courage, there will be help from the Dadis. BapDada is always there anyway. A group is definitely needed. A group of Pandavas and a group of Shaktis are also needed through which the atmosphere will spread very quickly. It is good.

To Dr Ashok Mehta: You have shown the practical form of being ever-ready. In the same way, remain ever-ready in your effort. It is good. The hospital is an example. Create such an atmosphere in this hospital that everyone receives an address: If you want to see how to become an easy yogi and an easy embodiment of dharna, a sevadhari, one who is a yogi in doing service.... Make all the staff into such examples too. Prepare such a group that gives everyone an address: Look, they are like this while performing actions too. Show newness in doing something like that. The work of the hospital will continue anyway, but you must now show some newness. Prepare such a group and bring it to BapDada - a group of those who show what a karma yogi life is. You can do it anywhere. Just as they say that this medicine or this operation is performed well here, in this hospital, in the same way, it should become well known: If you want to see a karma-yogi group, see it here. Now demonstrate this. (I want your blessing.) You have taken birth through BapDada's blessings. You have taken birth through blessings and have also grown up now. It is good. Do not trap yourself in too much. Create some newness. Achcha.

To Brother Brijmohan: Service is taking place, but now let there be some newness in service. Bring about the newness that all those who are loving and co-operative in every wing, bring that group here. Prepare a group of those from every wing in Delhi to bring them here next season. And if you create a small group like that, everyone will copy you.

To Brother Ramesh: Create such a plan which is short and new in Bombay too.

Dr. Pratap: Give special love and remembrance to those in the Hospital. And you are also doing very well. Do not listen to anyone else. BapDada knows what you are doing and how much you are doing. Do not worry about anything; continue to fly. The certificate from BapDada is good.

To Bhopalbhai: It is the beauty of Shantivan. Everyone received happiness and you are receiving blessings for that.

To Golakbhai: This one is also good. You don't get tired, do you? With your courage, you receive the Father's help. You have now kept a good aim and it will continue to happen. (He had a meeting.) Tell Dadis the result.

BapDada meeting different VIPs: Look, you people can do the most service because you can remain neutral and with your experience make others experienced. Some people don't want to listen to knowledge, but they want to hear experiences. So, all of you can do service on the basis of your experience. Become such a mike, a mike with might. Just as this is a mike with light, you can become a mike with might. You can become this. You can become this very well. You can benefit so many women. Awaken the women. Make them into Shiv Shaktis. This one can awaken the Youth. All of you can do service and you have congratulations from BapDada.

The luck of all you is so big. It is said: A handful out of multimillions, and you are that handful. What are you going to become now? A few out of that handful; you want to become that, do you not? You have become the handful, but now become a few out of that handful. So what are you going to become? You are going to do service, are you not? Share the experience of your fortune and your attainment with everyone, because the practical experience makes an impact quicker. You don't have to share anything else. When they hear about what you have received and what transformation it has brought about in your life, you will then have done charity. You want to accumulate in your account of charity, do you not? You want to create your future, do you not? So, in the present, you will receive happiness and you will accumulate for the future. Double benefit. Whether someone listens to lectures or not, they will hear your stories because it will be a story of your life. So, everyone will listen to the stories with interest, and they will also remember the stories. So, do such service. Can you do that? You can do it.

This one's speciality is that whatever he thinks, he does. This child is also good. The whole family is lucky. The mother is also lucky, are you not? Look, wherever you have come from, you are all serviceable. You can do very good service.

The blessing is that you always remain content and make others content. Create such a life that contentment is always visible on your face. Everyone wants contentment. Your face and image should speak. Not with words, but with your face.

Those who become co-operative in God's task, receive the Father's help as a return of that co-operation. So, it is your courage and the Father's help. Always remember: My courage and the Father's help. All the tasks will continue to become easier. All those who have come should become engaged in service. Give everyone the message on the basis of your experience. Wherever you can carry out a task, then on the basis of your experience, continue to make others experienced. Share happiness with whoever you meet and your account of charity will continue to accumulate.

BapDada meeting senior sisters from abroad: You are the ones who always claim blessings through a balance. Where there is a balance, you automatically receive blessings. How many blessings do you receive? At amrit vela, make your original stage emerge. Make your self-respect emerge. Service is now continuing to increase and so congratulations for that. Now, keep a balance of both service and self. Create such a service place that there is an example in front of everyone. When you have a museum, everyone gives the address of that, and if anyone goes anywhere into the city, you give them the address: Come here, come here (to the museum). In the same way, whoever wants peace, courage, zeal and enthusiasm, they should come to your address. It should spread that if anyone wants vibrations of peace, they should come here. If they want to fill themselves with courage, they should come here. Make it special in this way. Is that OK? There are museums everywhere; there are also spiritual museums; lectures are also given there; there is everything. But now, create a speciality of that place so that it becomes well known among Brahmins and outside too, that if they want this, they should come here, because nowadays, people have the habit of listening, but they don't have the habit of experiencing, and so, if they want to experience something, they should come to you. It should become well known: if you want to have an experience, this is the address. Otherwise, you are good. You have become instruments. BapDada loves your service very much. You are doing good service. And when all of you come together here, that gathering is also good: it is a good gathering for the self and service. Continue to move forward in this.

BapDada meeting foreign senior brothers: It is good; your gathering is very good. If all of you keep the balance that the Father spoke about today, of the self and service, then the balance of both will enable you to receive blessings from the Father. All of you are moving ahead in your own service very well.

Congratulations for that. You are free from obstacles, are you not? Because you are instruments, then whoever sees the instruments doing something, they all follow. And you receive extra charity for that because others receive courage, and so they also move forward. So, others also become experienced through your experience; they move forward and so you receive the fruit of that. What is that fruit? Internal happiness. Lightness. Then any problem will not seem like a problem. It is remembered that a mountain becomes like cotton wool. It may seem like a big problem, but, on the basis of your experience, it will become light like cotton wool. Then you will become problem-proof. Your life will become like that: no problem. Do you have any problems? Simply remember Baba with your heart. Whenever there are any big or small problems, simply say, "My Baba. Baba, You take this." Then the problem will reach Baba and you will become light. You want to return with the Father, do you not? You do not want to follow, do you? If you want to return with the Father, you will have to fly. The Father will fly, but if the children are not light, how will they fly? They cannot return together by walking. Therefore, become double-light. There should not be any type of burden. If you have any burden, give it to the Father. You remain light. You know how to give it, do you not? And you are those who are playing a very good part. Do not look at the problems. Be double-light and continue to move forward. Continue to move along with this one's (Dadi Janki's) directions. The Father will give His help. You can do a lot of service. You have speciality. All of you are special. This group itself is special. Each one of you has one speciality or another and that is why this group has been created. Use that speciality. Do not stop, but use it. Is that OK? All of you are very good instrument souls. BapDada has special love for you. Each of you is better than the next. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *