31-10-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Staying in the spiritual intoxication of your elevated self-respect, making the impossible possible, become a carefree emperor.

Today, BapDada is seeing all His special children from everywhere who have elevated self-respect. The self- respect of every child is so special that no other soul in the world has that. For the souls of the world, all of you are ancestors and worthy of worship. You are the images of support in the roots of the tree of the whole world. You are the first creation, the ancestors of the whole world. BapDada is pleased to see the speciality of every child. Whether they are little children, old mothers or householders, each one has their individual speciality. Nowadays, no matter how great scientists are, and, according to the world, they may be very special, they have conquered matter; they have reached the moon, but they have not been able to recognise such a tiny soul, the form of light, whereas here, even a small child knows, "I am a soul", and he knows the point of light. He says with intoxication: I am a soul. However great the mahatmas may be but here there are the Brahmin mothers who speak with spiritual intoxication - we have attained God. You have attained Him, have you not? And what do the mahatmas say? To attain God is very difficult. Householders issue a challenge: All of us live together in a household and lead a pure life because we have the Father between us. This is why even when the two of us are living together we can easily remain pure because purity is our original religion. To adopt another religion is difficult, but to adopt one's original religion is easy. And what do people say? Fire and cotton wool cannot stay together; it is very difficult, whereas what do all of you say? It is very easy. All of you had a song in the beginning: No matter how much of a businessman or a lord etc. someone may be, he does not know the one Alpha. They don't know the tiny point of light, the soul. However, all of you children have recognised it and also attained it. You speak with so much faith and spiritual intoxication: The impossible is possible. BapDada sees each child as a victorious jewel and is pleased because when you children have courage, the Father helps. This is why things that are impossible for the world have become easy and possible for you. You have the spiritual intoxication that you are the direct children of God. Because of this intoxication and faith, because of being God's children, you are safe from Maya. To become a child (bachcha) means to be easily saved (bachna). All of you are the children and are safe from all obstacles and problems.

So, you know all this elevated self-respect of yours, do you not? Why is it easy? Because with the power of silence, you use the power of transformation. You transform the negative into positive. No matter how many types of problems Maya comes in, with the power of transformation and the power of silence, you change the problem into a form of solution. You change the reason into a solution. You have this much power, do you not? You also give courses, do you not? You teach them the method to transform the negative into positive. You have received this power of transformation as an inheritance from the Father. It is not just one power, but you have received all the powers as your Godly inheritance and this is why BapDada speaks to you every day. You listen to the murli every day, do you not? So, BapDada tells you every day: Remember the Father and remember the inheritance. Why do you remember the Father so easily? When you remember the attainment of the inheritance, you easily remember the Father because of that attainment. Each child has this spiritual intoxication. In your heart, you sing the song: I have attained that which I wanted to attain. This song is naturally playing in everyone's heart, is it not? You have this spiritual intoxication, do you not? To the extent that you maintain this spiritual intoxication (fakhur), the sign of that intoxication is that you will remain free from worry (befikar). If there is any worry in your thoughts, words, relationships or connections, there cannot be spiritual intoxication. BapDada has made you into carefree emperors. Speak, are you carefree emperors? Are you this? Those who are carefree emperors, raise your hands! Or, do you sometimes have some worry? Do you sometimes worry? It is good. Since the Father is carefree, what should the children worry about?

BapDada has already said: Hand over all your worries or any type of burdens to BapDada. The Father is the Ocean, is He not? So, all the burdens will be accommodated in that. Sometimes, BapDada hears one song of the children and is amused. Do you know which song that is? "What can I do? How can I do this?" Sometimes, you do sing this; BapDada keeps hearing it. However, BapDada says to all the children: O My sweet children, My beloved children, set yourself on the seat of the stage of a detached observer and watch the games whilst set on the seat. You will really enjoy yourselves very much. Or, stabilise yourself in the trikaldarshi (knower of three aspects of time) stage. It is because you come off your seat that you become upset. If you remain set, you won't get upset. Three things trouble the children. What are these three things? A mischievous mind. A wandering intellect. What else do you say? Old sanskars. On hearing one thing of the children, BapDada is amused. Do you know what that is? Children say: Baba, what can I do? These are my old sanskars. BapDada smiles. Since you yourself are saying, "These are my sanskars," it means you have made them "mine", and when they are "mine", there is a right over them. Since you have made the old sanskars belong to you, then that which is yours will take some space, will they not? Can Brahmin souls ever say, "my sanskars"? You have said "They are mine" and so that "mine" has made its own space. You Brahmins cannot say "they are mine". These are the sanskars of your past life. They are the sanskars of the shudra life, not of the Brahmin life. So, because you have said, "mine, mine", they have settled with that right of belonging to you. You know the elevated sanskars of Brahmin life, do you not? However, these sanskars, which you call old sanskars, are not really old. The oldest of all sanskars of you elevated souls are the original and eternal sanskars. These sanskars are the sanskars of the middle period, of the copper age. So, now finish the sanskars of the middle period; with the Father's help it is not difficult. However, what happens instead? According to the time, the Father is combined with you, and you do know Him to be combined - combined means that He becomes co-operative at a time of need. However, because of your not taking that help at the time of need, the sanskars of the middle period become prominent.

BapDada knows that all the children are worthy of the Father's love, that they have a right to it. Baba knows that it is because of this love that all of you have arrived here, whether you have come from abroad or from this land. However, all of you have reached your home because of the attraction of God's love. BapDada even knows that in the subject of love, the majority of you have passed. Those from abroad have arrived here in the plane of love. Tell Me, all of you arrived here because of being tied in the string of love, did you not? This love of God is such that it gives comfort to the heart. Achcha. Those who have come here for the first time, raise your hands! Wave your hands! Welcome!

Now, BapDada gave you some homework. Do you remember the homework? Do you remember it? BapDada has received the result from many places, but what are you going to do now? Not everyone's result has come. Some have sent their result of a certain percentage. What does BapDada want? BapDada wants... All of you are worthy-of-worship souls - So, the special qualification of worthy-of-worship souls is definitely to give blessings. So, do all of you know that you are worthy-of-worship souls? So, give these blessings. To give blessings means that it is understood that it also means to receive blessings. The one you give blessings to, repeatedly and automatically lets blessings emerge from their heart for those who give those blessings. O worthy of worship souls, it is your natural sanskar to give blessings. It is your eternal sanskar to give blessings. When your non-living images are giving blessings, then, for you worthy-of-worship souls in the living form, it should be a natural sanskar to give blessings. For this, you can say, "my sanskar". The sanskars of the middle period, of the copper age, have become natural. They have become your nature. In fact, the sanskar of giving blessings is your natural nature. When you give blessings to someone, that soul becomes so happy. That atmosphere of happiness gives so much happiness. So, whoever has done their homework - whether you have come here or not, you are in front of BapDada - congratulations! BapDada is congratulating those children. You have done it and making it your natural nature. Continue to do it and inspire others to do the same. Those who have done their homework a little or not done it at all - all of you should always have the awareness "I am a worthy-of-worship soul" "I am a special soul who is the following the Father's shrimat". Repeatedly bring this awareness into your consciousness and your form because when each one of you is asked what you are going to become, all of you say: I will become Lakshmi and Narayan. None of you raises your hand for becoming Rama and Sita. Since you have the aim of becoming sixteen celestial degrees full, then sixteen celestial degrees means supremely worthy of worship. The duty of a worthy-of-worship soul is to give blessings. While walking and moving around, make this your sanskar easily and constantly. You are worthy of worship. You are sixteen celestial degrees full; this is your aim, is it not?

BapDada is pleased that all those who have done the homework have the tilak of victory on their forehead applied by the Father. Together with that, BapDada also received the service news from everywhere - from the different wings, from the centres. They have arrived here with very good results. So, firstly, congratulations for doing your homework, and, together with that, congratulations for the service you have done. Multi-multimillion-fold congratulations! The Father saw that you did the service of giving Baba's message to all the villages in a very good way, in the majority of areas. So, by your being merciful and having zeal and enthusiasm for service, the result of that service is very good. To all those who worked hard - it wasn't hard work - but to have love for the Father means to have love for giving the message. So those who have done service out of love for the Father, all of you serviceable souls automatically receive and will receive multi-multimillion return of love. Together with that, all of you, while remembering your beloved Dadiji with a lot of love, are giving a return of your love for Dadi. The fragrance of this love has reached BapDada very well. Even now, all the work that is taking place in Madhuban, whether of the foreigners or of those from Bharat, all of that work is being carried out successfully on the basis of co-operation and regard for one another, and the work that is going to take place in the future is also already guaranteed to be successful because success is the garland around your neck. You are also the garland around Baba's neck. The Father had reminded you that you must never be defeated (haar na - to be defeated) because you are the garland (haar) around Baba's neck. Those who are the garland around the neck can never be defeated. Do you want to become the garland or do you want to be defeated? You don't want to be defeated, do you? It is good to be a garland, is it not? So, never be defeated. Those who are defeated are the many millions of souls, but you have become the garland and are garlanded around Baba's neck. It is like this, is it not? So, now have a determined thought: Out of love for the Father, no matter how many storms Maya brings in front of you, in front of you master almighty authority souls, even the storms (toofan) become a gift (tohfa). Always remember such a blessing. No matter how big the mountain may be, it will turn into cotton wool. Now, according to the closeness of time, experience the blessings at every moment. Become an authority of experience.

Whenever you want, continue to perform the exercise of becoming bodiless, of becoming an angelic form. One moment a Brahmin, one moment an angel, one moment bodiless. While walking and moving around, even while doing your work, take one or two minutes to practise this. Check: Whatever thought I had, did I experience being that form? Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who are always in their elevated self-respect; to those who always experience themselves to be supremely worthy of worship and ancestors, to those who always make themselves an embodiment of experience in every subject, to those who are always seated on the Father's heart-throne and on the throne of the forehead, to those who are always stable in the experience of the elevated stage, to all the children from everywhere, love, remembrance and namaste.

Baba has received many letters, e-mails, news from everywhere. All the serviceable souls have received the fruit and power of service and will continue to receive it. Baba receives so many letters of love and of their transformation. To those who have the power of transformation, BapDada is giving them the blessing "May you be immortal!" To the serviceable souls who have followed shrimat very well, to such children who have followed the Father, BapDada is giving them the blessing, "Wah My obedient children! wah!" And to those who have love for Baba, who have merged the Father in their heart with a lot of love, Baba is giving them the blessing: May you be extremely lovely and detached from the obstacles of Maya. Achcha.

This time, Karnataka Zone served everyone (All from Karnataka are holding flags): All of you are waving your flags very well. It is good. Those from Karnataka have had a very good programme of making Karnataka golden. BapDada has seen and heard about this programme at the different places. The majority of you have given BapDada's message to the villages with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. This is why BapDada is giving the servers from Karnataka many, many congratulations for service and for following shrimat. Congratulations! Congratulations! It is good. All those who have taken the chance for service are content and have made everyone content, and by doing so, you have accumulated very well in your account of accumulation. The numbers from Karnataka are not small. You are a good number and just as you have shown the record of doing service that is free from obstacles by all of you working together, in the same way, in the future too, Karnataka can perform many wonders. BapDada has the plan; you can perform wonders. Therefore, show the splendour in a collective way. You have done well now. The whole family is happy with Karnataka. Achcha. BapDada gave those from Karnataka something to do; do you remember what Baba asked you to do? BapDada asked you to make heir-quality souls emerge. Do you remember? You claimed a good number in service. Now, make so many heirs emerge that you claim number one. Those who are instruments are there already, but now find new ones. BapDada is pleased to see all the children. You are happy and the Father is happy. To the extent that you are happy to see the Father, the Father is even more pleased to see the children. (Dadi Janki told Baba that those from Karnataka had made many good heirs emerge in the beginning.) Now, they will find even more heirs. You will give the return to Hriday Pushpa, will you not? Even she emerges in the subtle region with the advance party and so she hears all the news. She made many good heirs emerge. However, now become number one in making number one heir souls emerge. The ones from before are still there anyway; do you have that courage? Teachers, do you have courage? Raise your hands! Do you have that courage? All of you have courage, you have a lot of courage. And so you also receive a lot of help from the Father. It is good. You have done good service; you have been given the first turn. In the first turn, be fast in everything, make intense effort. Achcha. All of you have done service with your heart. You weren't tired, were you? You are not tired, are you? You served tirelessly. . Achcha.

600 double foreigners from 60 countries have come: BapDada has seen that enthusiasm for service is now also increasing in the foreign lands. Earlier, you used to tell Baba that it was very difficult for the people abroad to become students. And what is it now? Now, is it difficult or easy? Is it easy? And BapDada liked is very much that all of you together have made a plan to make everything free from obstacles; you have made the plan to make everything free from obstacles very accurately according to the discipline without facing any obstacles. Many, many congratulations for that! Multi-million times congratulations! All the programmes that you have done were very successful. So, you always have congratulations for your success and you will always remain worthy of receiving congratulations. BapDada is pleased to see the practical and visible fruit of service. All of these have come for the Call of Time, have they not? Those who have come for the Call of Time, raise your hands! Good. You did very well. You are very clever. You came here in advance (of this meeting). You did well. You are very much loved by the Father too. And you also have love for the Father and this is why you arrived here. So, multimillion-fold congratulations, congratulations, congratulations on behalf of the whole Brahmin family and also from the Father to each one of you. It is good that you will play both the parts of being a mike in the service abroad and also a child. You will play the part of a child and by being a mike and being light you will bring about progress in service. So, congratulations, congratulations to all of you on behalf of all the Brahmins and from the Father. It is good. Being instruments abroad you are doing the propaganda (publicity) of this Godly knowledge. Now, the sound is spreading abroad too; it is spreading very well. According to the drama, because of the very much loved Dadi of all of you and of Baba, the name of the Father of the Brahmin family has been revealed very well everywhere. Dadi revealed the name; there are two things, the name and the task, and so Dadi has spread the name very well. Now, it is your duty to make those souls belong to you. BapDada has seen that just as every year you create expansion and bring souls in front of the Father, in the same way, in the future too, you will continue to bring greater expansion. You will continue to reveal the Father and yourselves. It is a good group. All of you are those who have an intellect filled with faith; ones who have Godly intoxication and who fly. Do not become those who walk, become those who fly. Those who walk will not be able to reach their destination on time. Therefore, become those who fly. Double light. BapDada is pleased. Whatever you did was successful. So, who are all of you? Stars of success. It is good. Very good.

Three wings are present: Politicians, Women and Security. Look how everyone is doing service in the wings with so much zeal and enthusiasm. The result of all three is good. The sound is being spread in the government very well too. It is because you have done service that the sound is spreading. So, your wings have made good plans; the flag of the Father's revelation is being hoisted very well. Earlier, hardly anyone would come and now they themselves say that they want to come. There is a difference now. They themselves now say that the programmes you have are very successful. So now their eyes have started to open. Gradually their eyes will open. Those of all the wings are doing very good service in their own wing. The Womens' Wing is doing it, the Security Wing is doing it, even the politicians are doing it. However, BapDada has seen that, day by day, according to the wings, their enthusiasm for serving in the wings is growing well. You have to stop people and tell them not to come. Previously, you used to have to make effort to make them come whereas now more than the allowed numbers come. Both quantity and quality are now coming. However, quality has also begun to come and therefore, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the serviceable ones in the three wings from BapDada and the Brahmin family. And your Dadi has planted the sapling of bringing about expansion in service of all the wings. Dadi is also sending all of you lots of remembrance. Her mind is pulled to the confluence age while her body is with the advance party. It is good.

Teachers who have come for training and kumaris from the Indore and Nadiad Hostels: (Kumaris were holding a banner with "Baba is my world" written on it.) It is good. The slogan you have written is very good. Now, remember this slogan every day at amrit vela. All kumaris, whether from Indore, those who have come for the training in Madhuban or from Nadiad, all of you kumaris should remember this slogan at amrit vela because Baba definitely is your world. Then, where will the whole attraction, the whole love of the heart go? To Baba. Who will always be visible in your eyes? Baba. What will always emerge through your lips? Baba. And intoxication for the Father would always be visible on your face. In terms of your relationships and connections, you will always have all relationships connected to the Father. So, what will happen then? No problem! Do you remember two expressions from Dadi? Again and again, Dadi said: Free from obstacles and free from negative and sinful thoughts. So, you have love for Dadi, do you not? All kumaris have love for Dadi. You have a lot of love. The words that are spoken by the one you love always continue to echo in your ears. So, let the sound "I definitely have to become free from obstacles and free from sinful and negative thoughts" constantly enter your ears, your intellect. You will become that, will you not? Will you become that? Will you become that? You will definitely become that. BapDada pays a lot of attention to the kumaris, and the kumaris are also lucky. The brothers, the Pandavas Army laugh because they say that the Kumaris quickly become Dadis, whereas the Pandavas are not called Dadas. They are simply called brothers. So, just see how great your luck is! As soon as you came, you received that luck. You receive BapDada's throne, the throne of the Guru. The throne for the murli is the throne of the Guru. This is why BapDada calls the teachers "Guru-bhai". So remember that you are Guru-bhais. You have received the throne of the Guru. It is good. The method that you have adopted for this training will bring a good result. However, all of you must continue to send your own chart to Madhuban. Simply write OK, not too much. If there is another reason, or if you have one weakness or another, then put a line through OK. But don't write long letters, that is all. It is good. Teachers are also making good effort. BapDada sees that in every department, it is not that they are not making effort; they are all making effort. Even those who are doing physical service are working very hard. Now, one thing is needed. Should Baba tell you? The one thing is that, just as in service and in activity, every department, every wing, every centre, every zone is increasing service, there is now a need for unity and economy. These two things: to give regard and to receive regard. So unity, you always have one another's finger of co-operation. Whether someone is a maharathi, or a little less of an effort-maker, you have each one's co-operation. If you didn't receive the co-operation of those who do physical work, then how would you do service? How would you be able to leave on time? How would you do service on time? Is that all right? Each one is special. Each one has a right to receive regard and therefore give regard to each one, young and old, and receive regard. Simply remember two words: Unity and economy. All the rest is very good. (To the teachers who conducted the training.) Very good. You brought about in them good zeal and enthusiasm. Congratulations for that. Achcha. Seeing each one and seeing each one's speciality, BapDada is very, very pleased.

Speaking to the mothers of Karnataka: Are the mothers all right? Mothers, raise your hands! There are many of you. Mothers from Karnataka, stand up! It is good. The number of mothers is good. Now, what wonders will the mothers of Karnataka show? Show some new wonders. You are doing service anyway, but now, some of you new mothers should show this by your activity. And BapDada's blessing for the mothers is that where there is a big number of mothers at the centre, where the mothers are doing service at the centres, both the bhandara (kitchen) and the bhandari (Baba's box) are always full. Even if you mothers are not earning, you have a big heart. So, even BapDada praises you mothers. From the beginning, from when the centres opened, where the mothers have been staying, neither has the bhandara remained empty there nor has the kitchen remained empty there. This is why mothers are those who give sustenance, are they not? So, new souls are sustained very, very well. Achcha.

Pandavas from Karnataka: Achcha, at every centre, Pandavas are also necessary because Pandavas are all- round helpers in service. Pandavas become very good helpers whether it is as hard workers or as spreading Baba's message to the people outside and also inside. Pandavas also become instruments to run the centres and to make them progress too. Pandavas are no less either. This is why, remember that both Pandavas and Shaktis are necessary and this has been shown as the four-armed image. In the four-armed image, there is just one of them, but both are shown together. Mothers are ahead of the Pandavas and Pandavas are ahead of the mothers. It is good. There is no shortage of Pandavas in Karnataka. There is no shortage of mothers too, and very good heirs emerged from Karnataka earlier, as child Janak mentioned. That is right. Now, they have to prepare such heirs. Is that all right? You have that enthusiasm, do you not? So, next year, you will show your result of how many heirs emerged, will you not? Show the result and then BapDada will call them. First, He will see the result. Those of the wings too, first make a list. Those from abroad too, make new heirs emerge. Next year, bring their list and then BapDada will call them. Is this all right, teachers?

All teachers, stand up: The teachers are no less. BapDada sees all the teachers as guru-bhais". The meaning of "guru-bhai" is to be equal to the Father. So, teachers specially have to perform every action the same as the Father. Not that you will do it at some point in time, but that you definitely have to do it because you do it on behalf of the Father - teachers are instruments of being equal to the Father in the corporeal form for the students. Every action of a teacher should be visible as that of being equal to the Father in front of the students. It should emerge from everyone's lips that this one is following the Father and has become equal to the Father. You have such an aim, do you not? This is your aim, is it not? Nod your head. Teachers are instruments. So those who are instruments have a responsibility. So, you are doing this, are you not? However, you have to do even more in the future. You have kept a good aim. And the good wishes that the Father has for every teacher is that you have to become equal to the Father. What else will you do? Is there any other way? There is no other way for becoming equal to the Father. And this is why these people have written the slogan, "The Father is my world!" You have made a good slogan. However, it should not remain on the cloth; it should remain in your heart. Teachers are good. This gathering is very beautiful. You will now perform wonders, just as you showed wonders just now. You have shown very good splendour of the Golden Karnataka. You will show such wonders in the future too. You have the Father's good wishes. Is it all right? Achcha.

What enthusiasm do all of you have in your heart? You have just the one enthusiasm: I have to become equal to the Father. Do you have this enthusiasm? Pandavas, raise your hands! I definitely have to become that. Not that I will become; do not say "I will, I will do it. I will see to it. I will become....." Do not say, "I will, I will", but say: I have to become. Make it firm! Is it firm? Achcha. Each one of you should continue to give your OK card in the form of your chart to your teacher. Do not write a lot. Simply take one card and on that, write OK. Or put a line through OK. That is all. You can do this much, can you not? Do not write a long letter. Achcha.

To the Dadis: (Dadi Janki embraced BapDada): All of you join hands. Very good. (Par Dadi is going to Calcutta.) You are going on a tour to Calcutta. You should go on the tour.

All of you also have become instruments and continue to do the service of giving courage, zeal and enthusiasm to everyone, do you not? Because today, there is a need for courage, zeal and enthusiasm to remain permanently. So, whoever comes in front of you, let them receive courage, zeal and enthusiasm from you with a second's drishti because all of you are master bestowers. Whoever comes should go back with something. Whether they take love, co-operation, courage or enthusiasm, they should take back something or another because you are the children of the Bestower. In fact, this is everyone's duty - whenever you meet anyone, or when someone comes to meet you, they should not go back empty-handed. OK, let them take loving drishti. If there isn't time there is no need to speak, but how did whoever come go back? Did he take something back with him? They can take a lot even through a second's drishti. One can take spirituality through drishti or the love from the heart within a second. This is the way that you Brahmins should be meeting one another. Then the atmosphere of your love, co-operation and courage will spread in the world. All Brahmins who consider themselves to be Brahma Kumars and Kumaris should remain busy in service in this way. Do not think that you didn't have time. You found a second, didn't you? You even found a minute, didn't you? It is remembered that souls are taken beyond with a second's glance. So, spread this wave in the gathering and then it won't be necessary to give special time. Achcha.

To the double-foreign senior sisters: All of you together have played a very good part. All the programmes have been the best of all. In the same way, you can continue to give regard to one another, help one another and accomplish the task successfully. You already have the blessing of success. Those who become instruments especially receive extra help from BapDada. So, each one of you has played your part very well. BapDada is pleased. You have finished your task, and so now, whether you stay or go is up to you. Whoever's duty it is will stay here. You had good courage, and, according to the drama, you have become instruments, because you have controlling power. You can run everything. It is good. BapDada is pleased.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *