15-12-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Knowing the importance of time pay attention to the deep philosophy of karma, become a conqueror of attachment and ever-ready.

Today, BapDada, the Bestower of all Treasures - the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of powers, the treasure of virtues and the treasure of elevated thoughts - is seeing all His children everywhere who are the children and the masters who have a right. The Father who is the Master of the unending treasures is making all His children full of all treasures. He gives each one of you all the treasures. He doesn't give less to some and more to others because the treasures are unending. All the children everywhere are merged in BapDada's eyes. All who are full of all treasures are pleased.

According to the present time, the most invaluable elevated treasure is the time of the most auspicious confluence age because it is only at this time that you can create the reward for the whole cycle. In terms of the value of the attainments and the reward of this short age, the value of one second is equal to one year. This time is so invaluable. It is of this time that it is sung: "If not now, then never", because it is at this time that the Godly part is fixed. That is why this time is said to be as valuable as a diamond. Satyug is called the golden age. However, at the present time, time is as valuable as a diamond and you children are the experienced souls whose life is like a diamond. It is only at this time that souls who have been separated for a long time have a right to the attainment of a meeting with God, God's love, Godly knowledge and God's treasures. Throughout the whole cycle you are deity souls, great souls, but at this time you are God's divine family. Therefore, to the extent that there is importance of this present time, know this importance and you can make yourself as elevated as you want. All of you are the multimillion times fortunate souls who have attained the Godly fortune of this great age, are you not? Knowing your elevated fortune, you are experiencing the spiritual intoxication of your fortune, are you not? You are happy, are you not? What song do you sing in your heart? Wah my fortune! wah! Because, compared to the elevated fortune of this time, in no other age can you attain such fortune.

So speak: Always keeping your fortune in your awareness, you remain happy, do you not? Do you? Those who feel that they are always happy, not those who are happy sometimes, those who always remain happy, raise your hands! Always! (Sada) Always! Underline, 'Always!' Your photo is now being shown on the TV. The photo of those who are always happy is being shown on the TV. Congratulations. Mothers, raise your hands! Shaktis, raise your hands! Double foreigners... what word will you remember? Always. Those who are this only sometimes will come later.

BapDada has also told you earlier that the speed of time is now moving ahead very fast. Those who know the speed of time should check themselves: As a master almighty authority, is my speed fast? Everyone is making effort, but what does BapDada want to see? Is every child a fast effort-maker and passing with honours in every subject or has just passed? Those who are fast effort-makers have two special qualifications. 1. Conqueror of attachment. 2. Ever-ready. First of all, you have to be a conqueror of attachment. If you are free from attachment to your body and the consciousness of your body, then it is not difficult to become a conqueror of attachment to other things. The sign of body consciousness is waste: wasteful thoughts and wasting time. You can check yourself in this very well. Even spending your time in an ordinary way does not allow you to become a conqueror of attachment. So, check whether your every second, every thought and every action was successful. At the confluence age, the special blessing from the Father is: Success is your birthright. So, a right gives you the experience of it being easy. So, now then, ever-ready! Ever-ready means that if time suddenly gives you an order, then, in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections you are ever-ready. And it will happen suddenly. For instance, you saw your Dadi. She was ever-ready for 'suddenly'. She was easy in her nature in every way and in every task. She was easy in connection, easy in her nature, easy in service, easy in making everyone content and easy in remaining content. This is why BapDada is repeatedly giving you the signal of the closeness of time. The time for making effort for the self is very short. Therefore, check your account of accumulation. Baba has already told you earlier three methods for accumulating in your account of accumulation. Baba is telling you once again. Check these three methods yourself. 1. To accumulate the treasure of your reward through your own efforts, to accumulate the treasure of attainments. 2. To remain content - add the word 'always' to this too. To make everyone content, because by doing this you accumulate in your account of charity. And this account of charity is the basis of the reward for many births. 3. To remain constantly tireless and altruistic and to serve with a big heart. Whomever you serve in this way, you automatically receive blessings from that one. These are the three methods - effort of the self, charity and blessings. Have you accumulated in all these three accounts? So check this for when you suddenly have a test paper, because, nowadays, according to the time, little things of matter can come any time due to the upheaval of nature. Therefore, pay special attention to the knowledge of the philosophy of karma. The philosophy of karma is very deep. Just as you pay attention to the drama, you pay attention to remaining soul conscious, you pay attention to your inculcation, in the same way, it is necessary to pay attention to the deep philosophy of karma. Ordinary actions, ordinary time and ordinary thoughts create a difference in your reward. At this time, all of you effort-makers are elevated, special souls; you are not ordinary. You are souls who are instruments for world transformation and world benevolence. You are not those who simply transform yourselves; you are responsible for world transformation. Therefore, you definitely have to become embodiments of the awareness of your elevated self-respect.

BapDada has seen that all of you have very good love for BapDada and service. There is the atmosphere of service everywhere according to one plan or another. Together with that, according to the present time, give sakaash (the current of power) with your powers to the souls of the world who are becoming peaceless and unhappy in order to liberate them from their peacelessness and sorrow. The physical sun is able to dispel darkness and bring light with its sakaash, and is able to transform many things with the power of its rays. In the same way, you master suns of knowledge, with the rays of peace and happiness that you have received, must liberate others from their sorrow and peacelessness with your sakaash. By serving through your mind and with a powerful attitude, transform the atmosphere. So, now serve with your mind. Just as you have expanded service through words, in the same way, by serving through the mind, spread the topic that you have chosen of 'Hope and Happiness'. (Hope, Happiness and Divinity). Give courage, give zeal and enthusiasm. Give them the Father's inheritance; give them liberation from these things. There is now a greater need to give sakaash. Keep your mind busy in this service and you will automatically become a conqueror of Maya and a victorious soul. All the trivial things are side-scenes. In side-scenes some things are good and some things are bad. So, you have to cross the side-scenes and reach your destination. In order to see the side-scenes simply remain seated on the seat of detached observer; that is all. The side- scenes will then become entertainment. So, you are ever-ready, are you not? If something happens tomorrow, are you ever-ready? Is the first row ever-ready? Are the teachers ready? Achcha. Are those of the wings ready? However many wings have come, remain ever-ready. Think about it. Look Dadis! Dadis, are you seeing this? Everyone is waving their hand. It is good. Congratulations. Even if you are not ever-ready, become ever-ready by tonight because time is waiting for you. BapDada is waiting to open the gates to liberation. The advance party is invoking you. What can you not do? You are master almighty authorities. Have the determined thought: "I have to do this. I must not do that." That is all. If you must not do something, then, with your determination, demonstrate it by not doing that which you must not do. You are masters, are you not? You are masters, are you not? Achcha.

Who has come for the first time? Those who have come for the first time, raise your hands! Raise your hands high! Wave them. So many have come. It is good. Multimillionfold congratulations to those who have come for the first time. Congratulations. BapDada is pleased that the children of the previous cycle have once again reached their family. Therefore, those who have come last must now show wonders. Do not remain behind. You have come last, but do not remain behind. Remain ahead of all. For this you will have to make intense effort. You have this courage, do you not? Do you have courage? It is good. The children who have courage receive help from BapDada and the family. It is good because you children are the decoration of the family. So, all of those who have come are the decoration of Madhuban. Achcha.

It is turn of the Bhopal to serve: Many have come. (They are waving their flags.) It is good that you have received a golden chance. All the instruments who have come for service, did you experience supersensuous joy as the power and fruit of service? Did you? You may wave your flags in response to say "yes". OK, you are experiencing supersensuous joy now, but will that remain all the time? Or will it remain for a short time? Those who make a promise with their heart - do not raise your hand on seeing one another - those who feel in their heart that they will constantly keep this attainment, that they will become destroyers of obstacles, may wave their flags. OK. Look, you are being shown on the TV. The photo on the TV will be sent to you. Achcha. This chance that you have been given is very good. You take this chance with happiness, and everyone receives permission with an open heart to come here turn by turn. OK, what wonders will you now perform? (We will reveal You in the year 2008). It is good. Co-operate with one another and fulfil this promise. You will definitely do it. It is not a big thing for a master almighty authority to fulfil any promise. Simply keep determination with you as your companion. Never let go of determination because determination is the key to success. Where there is determination there is definitely success. It is like that, is it not? Will you demonstrate this practically? BapDada is also pleased. It is good. Look how many of you receive a chance. Half the class is are those who come here to serve. It is good. Look, you played a very good part in the existence of sakar Baba. This one (Mahendrabhai) prepared the first museum. So, the whole zone has the blessings of sakar Baba. Now you will show some newness. It has been a long time since a new invention was created. The wings have also become an old form of service. Exhibitions, melas, conferences and sneh-milans (small loving gatherings) have all taken place. Now, find something new. Short and sweet. Less expense and greater service. You are advisers, are you not? So the advisers have to give new advice. Just as, initially, there were exhibitions, then melas and then the service through the wings, so find some new invention like that. We shall see who becomes an instrument for this. It is good. You have courage and that is why BapDada is giving congratulations in advance in the form of help to those who maintain courage. Achcha.

Those from five wings have come in this group - Education, Administration, Business, Youth and Sports Wings: It is good that each wing is serving their own wing and that you are doing it with enthusiasm. Each one is racing very well and each wing is also racing very well with one another. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of all the children, BapDada is pleased and is showering them with flowers of love. You make a little effort, but you do that with love. This is why each wing is going ahead of the other. Education is such good work. For instance, Rural Wing has adopted a village and done all-round service in that village. Doctors too have done that practically. Those of the heart (CAD) wing have done well. In the same way, those from the Education field should adopt a school. The whole school or college should accept this spiritual knowledge. They are not going to stop studying, but they should add spiritual knowledge to all the classes. Adopt a school or a college in this way. It can be done. (We have made special plans for serving Universities, colleges and schools this year.) Tell Baba the result. It is good. When you have the practical results, others will also follow. In the same way, all the wings such as the Business Wing should find a business group. Those from the Youth Group should find such a group and give that result. Any of the wings should show the practical result of such a group of that wing. First of all give it to Baba in writing: This is the list of VIPs that we have brought. (From Bhopal) Make such a group. Make such groups in the different cities and create a gathering of all those groups in one place at some point. Bring together the groups from all the different places to one place and give them enthusiasm and make them move forward. Each wing should form a group. You have found some, and now more will emerge. Sit and discuss among yourselves how to create a group in each wing and that group should feel it to be their responsibility. Whenever there is a programme somewhere, that group specially should give their co- operation. Form groups of five or six people. These groups should reach everywhere. Take service from them and they will feel happy and move forward. OK, those from the Youth Wing have come. They have done good service in schools. BapDada saw it and also heard the news. It is good. Form one special group. Their name should be: Sevadhari group, co-operative group, serviceable group. However many good ones you can find, form a group of them. BapDada is congratulating those of all the wings. You are all doing good service. Now, next year, bring the names of the people you have served. Each group should have a gathering and give Baba the names of the people they have served. They should be firm. Some can be heirs and some can be mikes. Both types of souls can be part of the group. (The Sports Wing has created very good plans to serve the sports people). Do it practically. (An exhibition has been created by the Business Wing). It is good. Congratulations. If you continue to make plans for the expansion of service these vibrations will also spread. These reach souls too. From one, it reaches 10 others. BapDada has told you that you have good interest in doing service and are also moving forward, but.... There is a 'but' in self- progress and self-transformation and service of paying attention to the self. There has to be a balance of both. You are gradually keeping that balance. Definitely pay attention to keeping that balance. When you have a balance, the sound will spread throughout the world. Now, some revolution has to take place. Achcha. (The Youth Wing has made a plan for self-progress.) It is good. Continue to bring about one form of newness or another.

Double Foreigners (from 30 countries): Your name 'double foreigners' has become very famous. Now, should we give you the name 'double effort-makers'? Should you be called 'double effort-makers'? Are you sure? Will you make double effort? You are those who will do it. OK. Give an example where there are no obstacles anywhere in the foreign lands. No obstacles in your thoughts, in your speech and words, in your relationships and connections. BapDada is also saying this to everyone in all the zones of Bharat. Baba is saying it to the double foreigners and He is also telling all the zones of Bharat to create such a sample that all the zones and all the double foreigners remain free from obstacles, free from negative thoughts and free from wasteful thoughts. Now race in this. Each zone should race. Foreign lands are also one zone. BapDada will give that zone a big prize. There should be no name or trace of any obstacles in the whole zone. If you co-operate with one another it will happen. Wherever something happens you should be co-operative with one another and make that free from obstacles. Give courage, zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada wishes to see such a picture, just as you demonstrated by doing service. Whichever area still remains to be served, you are accomplishing that. You have shown that, and so that is like doing it practically in service. BapDada is pleased. Each zone has made one service programme or another. Those from the lands abroad have also created a programme. You have done it practically. Now, also make such plans for effort on the self. Become co-operative with one another. Just as you are paying attention to making yourself co-operative and free from obstacles, in the same way, all the centres in the whole zone should pay that attention. We shall see who claims number one in that. Is that possible or is it difficult? Heads of the zones, stand up! Stand up! Ramesh, Brij Mohan, stand up! Madhuban is also included in that. Madhuban is number one, is it not? Is it possible? Is it possible?

(To Nirwairbhai): Speak, is it possible or do you find it a little difficult? (Since it is Your thought, nothing is difficult.) OK, begin to make that effort. All the zones have to form their own groups. Make a group of all those who are co-operative with you. Make a plan, then begin it and then we will see what the result is. You will definitely have to form groups. In earlier days, your Didi, who was elderly, used to go and visit all the different places. At that time she used to go by bus; there were no three-wheelers (auto rickshaws) at that time. She would have to wait at the bus stop for half an hour and visit all the small centres. That is lacking nowadays. Form a group that continues to tour around and bring zeal and enthusiasm. Make one plan or another because the Call of Time is "Hurry up! Hurry up!" because everything will happen suddenly. Therefore, make one plan or another in the meeting. Make a detailed list of what to do and how to do it. Double foreigners, you should also do this. We shall see who claims number one.

When the double foreigners come into a Madhuban gathering there is splendour in the gathering, because it becomes international. Otherwise, it is just a gathering of Bharat. So, BapDada is pleased to see that double foreigners are always in every turn of the season. You have made good progress in this. And BapDada loves you specially anyway. Why? The people of Bharat have renunciation, but you have double renunciation. Your culture is also different. The people of Bharat have the same culture. That is why BapDada is pleased. You now experience belonging to Bharat and are residents of Bharat. In the future there will just be Bharat anyway. There won't be that America or London. All of those will become picnic places, and all that remains will be just the one Bharat. So, you now feel that you have gone abroad for service. Just think - even now, there are students from 30 countries. From how many countries were the students that came during the foreign season? (90 countries.) Just think that if the sisters from India had to learn the languages of 90 countries, would they have yoga or would they be learning the languages to do service? Therefore, you have been sent to the different countries for service. What is your permanent address? Do you know? What is your permanent address? Is it Madhuban or London or America? Is it Madhuban? Say that your permanent address is Madhuban. Are you sure? You have gone there for service. Your home is Madhuban and your service places are in the different places. In India too, they are in different places: some are from Maharashtra and others are from Rajasthan. They are there for service.

So, double foreigners, you should now keep your title of 'double effort-makers'. Not double foreigners, but double effort-makers. Achcha.

Kumaris who have come for training: They have come with their flags. That is a good sign for recognition. OK, have you finished your training? Have you become strong? Or are you a little weak? Are you strong? Now, when you go back you will show the practical proof of the training you have had, will you not? Will you show it? Or, will you say, "What can I do? Maya came." You will not say this, will you? You are victorious. You are going back having had the tilak of victory applied for all time. If anyone ever asks you how you are, what are you going to say? You will say: I am as fine as ever. You may now wave your flags. Achcha. Now, every month, write your "OK" to the Dadi who is in charge. Do not write a long letter: "This happened, and this one said this." No. Either write "OK" or if something has happened, then just put a line through OK because there isn't that much time to read it. Either write a short cut or OK. If something has gone wrong, then just draw a line through the OK. That is all. Is that fine? We shall now see the result. Has the result come of the group that has just gone? Where is Dadi Ratanmohini? (Results continue to come.) Results should definitely come. What happens otherwise is that they become slack. The results should come every month. Just send a small card. Do not take a big piece of paper; do not incur extra expense, but your results should definitely be sent. Only then will we know what benefit there is from the training. Such a big palace has been built for you. In the whole of Shantivan, the most beautiful place is the building for the training. BapDada and all the Madhuban residents have given the proof of having love for you. Now you have to give the proof. Is that OK? Continue to write your report once every month. Do not write a lot. OK. BapDada is pleased because it is the teachers who are in front of the world. If the teachers become victorious, the centres become victorious. If the centres become victorious, the zones become victorious, and if the zones are victorious, the world become victorious. Therefore, make firm effort. Is that OK? Achcha.

Now, in one second, all of you, become lost in the experience of a very sweet silence stage. (BapDada conducted drill.) Achcha.

To all the intense effort-makers who always attain success with their determined thoughts, to those who always have the tilak of victory, to those who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, to the world- benefactors with a double crown, to those who always make the qualifications for their aim equal to their aim, to those who are sustained by God's love, to all the most elevated children, BapDada's love, remembrance and blessings from the heart and namaste.

To the Dadis: When the children are present, the Father is present anyway. Neither can the Father be far from the children nor can the children be far from the Father. You have promised that you are together and that you will return together. For half the cycle you will remain with Father Brahma (Dadi Jankiji said: He is also with us, merged in us.) This experience of yours is correct. You have the guarantee now, but when you rule the kingdom Baba will not be there. You also need someone simply to watch. (How will You be able to be settled up there?) It is a part of the drama. Father Brahma is with you, is he not? See what happens in the drama. It is good that all of you are moving along having self-respect and giving respect to one another; continue to move along in that way. Yes, these are also your companions (Shantamani Dadi and Manohar Dadi). Your health is a little up and down, but it doesn't matter. You have been instruments for the establishment from the beginning, and establishment has not yet been completed. So, you are companions, are you not?

Uncle Steve and Auntie have sent their love and remembrance: Tell them: BapDada is remembering you multimillionfold more than you remember Him. They are good. OK, they are giving their return very well. Dadi Nirmalshanta has also sent her remembrance.

(At the time of embracing BapDada, Dadi Janki said that she was remembering Dadiji.) Dadi is with you.

To Dr Ashok Mehta (just celebrated his 70th birthday): Look you just celebrated your physical birthday. You did very well. However, your alokik birth is also lovely and unique. It is even better. The birthday you just celebrated was your receiving the return of having served with an honest heart. Others specially got together and celebrated it. So, that was receiving a return of service. However, in your alokik birth, too, you have become an instrument to do service, social service, service that makes you famous in the world. From the time that the Global Hospital was built, the atmosphere in Abu has changed, and everyone is interested that you (the BKs) are not just doing spiritual service, but that you are also doing social service and also looking after health. So, this impression has continued to change and service has continued to increase. So you became instruments, did you not? So, you have received so many blessings! You have received a lot of blessings. Your treasure-store of blessings is overflowing. Now, make a little more addition to your account of effort for the self. Your account of blessings and charity is fine, but now, make fast effort to accumulate in your account of effort for the self. You want to claim a number, do you not? You can claim it. It is good. You are an all-rounder, in health, wealth and giving co-operation. You are playing a good part. This one is also your companion (his wife, Sister Sheeren): She became the instrument; with your enthusiasm, he also came here. The whole family is good. You are a detached observer and a companion. You have played a good part. BapDada is pleased. This one is also playing a very good part. BapDada continues to serve. You are playing a very yuktiyukt part.

Dr Jain (Dadiji's doctor came to meet BapDada): Are you studying every day? Take a murli every day and study it. You can read it, can you not? The duty that you are performing with this connection is fine. Continue to progress in this. (She asked: Is our Dadiji all right?) She is very well. She has become an instrument. She has the speciality of playing a special part. She will be born as an incarnation. (Give us a blessing for success.) Before you begin any task, have special remembrance and then begin that task and success will definitely be with you.

MP, Minister from Bhopal, Judge and other guests meeting BapDada: Whatever service you are doing, that is very good, but you are now co-operative in the task of world transformation. You have had the thought that you will constantly remain co-operative in the task of world transformation. Did you have this thought? All of you can very easily serve souls. How can you do that? How many people come into your connection with you every day? They do come into contact, do they not? You may not do anything, but on the business cards you have printed, write one or another slogan of knowledge on one side. Write, "If you want to remain free from tension, this is the address." Write down the address of one or another centre and you will be able to do service. Those who have that interest will come by themselves. So, you can do service while sitting at home. You can do that, can you not? It is not difficult, is it? By giving your finger to God's task, you receive a lot of charity. The sign of that is that even the great VIPs go to serve in the Gurudwaras. Why? They even help to look after the shoes because they receive charity. So, to co-operate directly in God's task is so charitable. The treasure of charity will go with you - nothing else will go with you. So, continue to accumulate in your account of charity. Continue to become loving and co-operative.

To the guests: Now be a Shiv Shakti. God Shiva is with you; you are a Shiv Shakti. You are always happy, are you not? Never lose your happiness.

To Mahendraji: It is a good group. Simply continue to keep connection with them and enable them to move forward.

VIPs from Andhra Pradesh: You have the experience, do you not, that you are the co-operative companions of God's family? Are you co-operative? Look, it is such great charity to be co-operative in God's task. To the extent that you are co-operative so you accumulate charity for yourself accordingly. Do you understand this? The treasure of charity will go with you whereas everything else will be left behind. So, accumulate, as much as possible in your treasure of charity. This charity will be useful for you for birth after birth because this is God's task. Just as God is imperishable, so to be co-operative in His task is also imperishable. So, continue to give your co-operation. Self-transformation and world transformation. No matter what happens, never lose your happiness. Always remain happy. Achcha.

Always make yourself powerful with God's remembrance. You are a Shiv Shakti. You are not a mother enclosed within four walls, but a Shiv Shakti. Have this faith.

Justice Ishwaraiya: Are you happy? You will not lose your happiness, will you? It should never go. Always remain happy. You are fortunate that you have this companionship. Always remain happy. If you become engaged in God's task, what is that task? It is certain that you will become victorious.

All of those who become co-operative in God's task internally also experience that happiness. So, you experience happiness, do you not? You have automatic attainment from the imperishable Father and so you constantly have the fortune of happiness. You have the fortune of happiness and you are those who give happiness. Is that right? It is good.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *