05-03-2008          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Accumulate the power of silence and elevated actions in the bank at the confluence age. With the Shiv Mantra transform the consciousness of "I".

Today, BapDada is seeing the love of all the children everywhere. All of you have also arrived here in the viman (aeroplane) of love. This viman of love very easily enables you to reach the One you love. BapDada is seeing that especially today, all souls who are absorbed in love are swinging in the swings of God's love. BapDada is also merged in the love of the children everywhere. This love of God easily makes you bodiless, the same as the Father. It takes you beyond gross feelings and enables you to become stable in the avyakt stage and the avyakt form. BapDada is pleased to see every child in a stage equal to His own stage.

Today, all the children have come here to celebrate Shiv Ratri, Shiv Jayanti, the birthday of the Father and their own birthday. BapDada has also arrived here from His own region to celebrate the birthday of all of you. Throughout the whole cycle, this birthday of the Father and you is unique and extremely lovely. Throughout the whole cycle, God doesn't celebrate the birthday of anyone - souls celebrate the birthdays of souls, but God is celebrating this alokik birthday of you souls. Together with that, the speciality of this birth is even more alokik - it cannot exist throughout the whole cycle. You would never have heard that the birthday of the Father and the children is on the same day. So, the significance and importance of this birthday is that all of you are celebrating with the Father the birthday of the Father and the children. This birthday is also called Shiv Jayanti and Shiv Ratri. So, together with the birthday, there is also the memorial of His task. It is the memorial of dispelling darkness and spreading light. So, you are the fortunate souls who are celebrating such an alokik birthday with BapDada. The Father is giving multi-multi-million-fold greetings for this divine birthday; He is also giving blessings and love and remembrance from His heart. Congratulations. Multimillion-fold congratulations. Congratulations.

Devotees celebrate this festival with a lot of love and devotional feeling. Whatever elevated actions you have performed in this divine birth and are still performing are being celebrated in the form of a memorial for a limited time, for a temporary period. However, it is a wonder of the devotees too. Just see how much wonder it is between those whose memorials are created and those who are celebrating the memorials! At least they are clever in copying you, because they are your devotees, are they not? So, those who have created the memorials have received as a blessing the fruit of your greatness. You make a vow of complete purity for one birth just once. They have copied you. They make a vow for purity for one day. You have made a vow of having pure food for the whole birth whereas they hold a fast for one day. So, today, at amrit vela, BapDada was seeing that the devotees of all of you are no less. Their speciality has also been very good. So, have all of you made a firm vow for food and drink, for the purity of the thoughts in your mind, for your words and actions, and of actions while coming into connection and relationship for the whole birth? Have you made a vow or only a little bit? Purity is the basis of Brahmin life. It is the basis of becoming worthy of worship. It is the basis of elevated attainment. So, all the fortunate souls who have reached here, check: Have I made a firm vow for the festival of this birth of becoming pure in all four ways - purity not just in terms of celibacy, but purity in my thoughts, words, actions and relationships and connections? Have you made this firm vow? Have you? Those who have made this firm vow, not a little weak, raise your hands! Firm? Is it firm? How firm is it? Will you shake if anyone makes you shake? Will you shake? Will you not shake? Sometimes, Maya comes, does she not? Or does she not come? Have you bid farewell to Maya? Is it that you sometimes allow Maya permission to come and so she comes? Check: Have I made a firm vow? Have I made a vow for all time? Or, is it only for some time? Sometimes, a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes a firm vow, sometimes a little weak? It is not like that, is it? In terms of love for BapDada all of you believe that you have more than 100% love for BapDada. If BapDada asks you how much love you have for BapDada, all of you raise your hand with zeal and enthusiasm. It is only a few people who have a percentage in terms of their love; the majority have love. You have passed in the subject of love, and BapDada also accepts that the majority of you have passed in love. However, in terms of the vow of purity, in terms of fulfilling the vow of complete purity in all four, that is, in your thoughts, words, actions and relationships and connections, there is a percentage. What does BapDada now want? BapDada wishes you to fulfil the promise that you have made of becoming equal.

That the Father's image is visible in the face of every child, that your every word is equal to that of the Father's. BapDada's words become a blessing. So, all of you should check: Is the Father's image visible in my face? What is the Father's image? Complete. Full in every aspect. In this way, is every child's eyes and face like the Father's? Is my face constantly smiling? Or, does it sometimes show signs of thoughts, sometimes a shadow of waste thoughts, sometimes unhappy, sometimes showing signs of a lot of labour - it is not a face like that, is it? It is always like a rose. It should not sometimes be like a rose in bloom and sometimes become something else. As soon as you took birth, BapDada has told you that Maya will come to oppose you in this elevated life of yours. However, it is Maya's duty to come and the duty of you souls who have taken a vow for constant purity to chase Maya away from a distance.

BapDada has seen that some children do not chase Maya away from a distance. Maya comes. You allow her to come, that is, you become influenced by Maya. If you do not chase her away from a distance, Maya also develops that habit, because she knows that you will allow her to stay there. The sign of allowing Maya to stay is that when Maya comes, you think that that is Maya, but what do you then think? "We haven't become complete yet! No one has become complete yet! We are now still becoming that. We will become that. You begin to say "ge, ge," (that it will happen in the future), and so Maya develops the habit of staying there. So, today, you are celebrating the birthday. The Father is giving you blessings and congratulations, but in which form does the Father wish to see every child, even the child who is the last number child? Even the last number child is loved by the Father. So, the Father wants to see even the last number child always as a rose, a rose in bloom, not wilted. The reason for wilting is a little bit of carelessness: "It will happen. I will see about it. I will do it. I will get there." So, this language of "ge, ge" makes you fall down. So, check: How much time has gone by? Now, BapDada has already given the signal for the closeness of time and for something happening suddenly. It is not that He is giving the signal now, He has already given it. It is necessary to remain ever-ready and alert for such a time. In order to remain alert, check: Are my mind and intellect always clean and clear? They have to be clean; they have to be clear. For this, in order to be victorious at that time, it is essential to have both catching power and touching power in your mind and intellect. Such circumstances are to come that even though you may be sitting far away, you will be able to catch the Father's signals, directions and shrimat that you are to receive, if your mind and intellect are clean and clear. You will be touched: I have to do this, I must not do that. Therefore, BapDada has already told you earlier: Accumulate as much power of silence as you want. You should be able to control your mind and intellect whenever you want, however you want. Waste thoughts should not touch your dreams at all - there has to be such control over your mind. This is why there is the saying: When you have conquered your mind, you have conquered the world. For example, the physical organs - of your hands - you are able to make them function as and when you want as per your orders. In the same way, the controlling power of the mind and intellect should emerge in the soul at every moment. It should not be that you have that experience at the time of having yoga, but when you are performing actions, at the time of coming into interaction or in relationship with others, there is less experience of that. Test papers are to come suddenly because you have to take test papers every now and again before the final paper.

So, what speciality will you have on this birthday? Accumulate as much power of silence as you can. In one second, become lost in the experience of sweet silence because, with science and silence, science is going into its extreme. The victory of the power of silence over science will bring about transformation. With the power of silence, you will be able to give co-operation to any soul even sitting far away. You can quieten a wandering mind. You saw Brahma Baba: Whenever any specially beloved child was in any type of upheaval or settling any physical karmic account, Baba would wake up early in the morning and give sakaash with the power of silence and that soul would experience that. So, at the end, you will have to give the co-operation of this silence. According to the circumstances, pay a great deal of attention to this. It is only at this time that the bank is open for you to accumulate the power of silence and the power of elevated actions. The bank to accumulate does not exist in any other birth. If you do not accumulate now, then the bank will not exist, and so where will you accumulate? Therefore, you can accumulate as much credit as you want at this time. Generally, people also say: Do whatever you want to do now, think about whatever you need to think, now. Whatever you think now, that will remain in the form of thoughts, whereas after some time, when your limit of time comes close, the thought will be transformed into repentance: "If only I had done this, I had to do this".... That thought will not then remain in the form of thought; it will change into repentance. This is why BapDada is giving you a signal in advance. No matter what happens, become lost in the power of silence in one second. Do not say, "I am making that effort". You can make effort to accumulate at this time.

So BapDada has love for you children. BapDada wishes to take each and every child back with Him. The promise is that Baba will stay with you and that Baba will go back with you. In order for that promise to be fulfilled, it is those who become equal who will return with Him. Double foreigners love to walk hand in hand. So, your hand should be in the hand of shrimat. The Father's shrimat and your own dictates (manmat) are said to be hand in hand. So, is that all right? Today you have come to celebrate the birthday, have you not? BapDada is pleased and He also has great spiritual intoxication that His children are always enthusiastic and constantly celebrating a festival. Do you celebrate a festival every day or just on special days? The confluence age is a festival in itself. The age is of festivity. No other age is like the confluence age. So, all of you have the zeal and enthusiasm that you definitely have to become equal to the Father, do you not? Do you? You have to become that. Or, is it that you will see about it, that you will become that in the future, that you will do that in the future? You will not say, "ge, ge" (that it will happen in the future), will you? Those who think that you have to become this, raise your hands! You have to become that. You may have to renounce something. You may have to do tapasya. Are you ready to renounce anything that you may have to? What is the greatest renunciation? In renouncing, the greatest obstacle is created by one word. In your renunciation, tapasya, disinterest, unlimited disinterest, it is just one word that causes obstacles. You already know that. What is that one word? "I". The "I" of body consciousness. This is why BapDada has said: Whenever you say "mine" what do you remember first? My Baba (Mera Baba). It is "My Baba", is it not? You may say "my" something else, but in saying mine, you have developed the habit of saying "My Baba" first. In the same way, whenever you say "I", just as you never forget "My Baba", whenever you say "my", then the word Baba is also used, in the same way, whenever you say the word "I", you should always remember the soul: Who am I? A soul. I, the soul, am doing this. I and mine: the limited has changed into unlimited. Is this possible? Is it? At least nod in agreement! Instil this habit. As soon as you say, "I", remember the soul. Then, when there is the consciousness of "I", you will instantly remember one word: Who is Karavanhar (the One who is inspiring)? "The Father, Karavanhar, is inspiring me to do it". At the time of doing anything, always remember the word Karavanhar. Then there will not be the consciousness of "mine" - my ideas, my duties. Sometimes, there is a lot of intoxication of your duty. "My duty",.... but who is the Bestower who gave that duty? These duties are a gift from God. To think "I" for a gift from God: is that good?

So, there are now two more last turns (meetings); just think that there is one more month of the season for this year's season to come to an end. So, for the completion, what does BapDada want you to complete? Are you ever-ready for this or will you have to think about it? Whether you all come here or not, BapDada wants the result from every place. In this one month, make your natural nature such because a natural nature cannot be changed quickly. So, make your natural nature what Baba told you: The Father's virtues should always be visible on your face; the Father's shrimat should be visible in your activity. Your face should always be smiling. Your way of moving should be of remaining content and making everyone content. In every action, there should be the balance of karma and yoga. Some children tell Baba very good things. Should Baba tell you what they say? They say: Baba, just understand that this is my nature. It isn't anything else, but my nature is like that. What should BapDada say to that? Is it my nature? Some say "My way of speaking is like that. I didn't get angry, but my way of speaking is a little like that. I spoke a little loudly, but I didn't get angry. I just spoke a little loudly. Just look how sweet the things they say are! BapDada says: To say "mine" for what you are referring to as "my nature" is wrong. Is "my nature" Ravan's nature or your nature? Your nature is that of the eternal period, of the original period, of the period when you are worthy of worship - that is your original nature. It is because you say "mine, mine" for something that belongs to Ravan that you are not able to get rid of it. You have kept something that doesn't belong to you as yours. Is it considered good when someone secretly keeps something that doesn't belong to him or her carefully hidden away? So, why do you consider Ravan's nature, someone else's nature to belong to you? Some say with great intoxication: It is not my fault; it is just my nature. They even try to reassure BapDada. So, will you now have the completion ceremony for this? Will you? Look, say it from your heart. Do it with your mind. Whenever your mind is willing, anything is possible. Accept this in your mind: "This is not my nature. It belongs to someone else and so I mustn't keep it. You have died alive, have you not? Is your nature Brahmin nature or your old nature? So, do you understand what BapDada wants? You may entertain yourself, you may dance and play games... but.... there is a "but". While doing everything you have to become equal. How can you return home with the Father without becoming equal? You would have to wait in the customs, in the land of Dharamraj; you will not be able to return together with the Father. So, should we see the result after one month? Dadis, speak! Should we see it then? Speak, should we see it then? Will you pay attention for one month? If you pay attention for one month, it will become natural. Do not miss out even one day of the month. Achcha, are the Dadis going to take responsibility for this? All of you together extend the hand of having good wishes and pure feelings for one another. When someone falls, you give your hand with a lot of love to get him up again. So, with the hand of good wishes and pure feelings, giving co-operation to one another, continue to make them move forward. Is that OK? You don't check as much as you should. You do something and you check then, but it has happened by then, has it not? So, first think and then do. Not that you do something first and then think about it. You have to do this.

What do the double foreigners think? Will you do this? Will you do it? Will the double foreigners do this? Very good. If the double foreigners become an example, BapDada will shower many, many blessings. What have the double foreigners thought about? Will you become an example? If you will become that, then raise two hands. It is a wonder. BapDada is giving double foreigners blessings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm from now. Those from Bharat are no less. They are thinking about it within themselves. They are also thinking: We will definitely become this and show Baba. Is that right, those from Bharat? Look. What has Bharat not done? Those from Bharat have brought the Father down from up above. So, those from Bharat performed a wonder, did they not? This is not a big deal in front of that. Achcha, those of you who feel that you have a lot of love for the Father and for the Dadis, raise your hands. You have love, which is good. How much love do you have? What song is your heart now singing? Who else will love me as much? As much as the children love the Father and the Father loves the children? Will anyone else give you as much love? So, to renounce something out of love is not really renouncing it. That is attaining it, not renouncing it.

BapDada uses the Shiv-mantra and sees everyone in their complete form. You also have the Shiv-mantra, do you not? Do you have it? Do you? Not the magic mantra, but the Shiv-mantra. So, use the Shiv- mantra. Next time, think carefully about it and make your own plan for yourself. When you are given a plan made by others, you make excuses, saying this happened and that happened. Make a plan for your own self. Today, you are celebrating the Father's birthday, are you not? So, what do you do on a birthday? You give one or another gift. You do give them, do you not? So, what gift will you give the Father? To definitely do and demonstrate to the Father what He said: this is the gift you have to give. BapDada is also giving all of you a gift. It is also your birthday, is it not? So, what gift is BapDada giving? Those who want to claim it can do so. It is a special blessing. However, the blessing will only work when you revise the blessing at amrit vela every day. You have to revise your gift. Will you revise your gift? So BapDada is giving you this gift. Never let go of taking one step of courage, and then BapDada will take a thousand steps of giving help. Do not test Baba and think: I will see if Baba is helping me or not. Do not test Baba in that way. The Father is bound to help. You are bound and the Father is also bound. So, look at this gift again and again every day. When you receive a beautiful gift, you keep looking at it again and again because it is so beautiful. So, every day at amrit vela, look at it and then while in your karma-yogi life, continue to revise it every so often. Achcha. You took the gift and you gave the gift. It is good.

BapDada is looking at everyone. Everyone is watching from their little cottages and their screens. BapDada is seeing them in front of Him. Even those who haven't come, BapDada is giving them this gift too. BapDada is seeing them all, whether it is day or night, and even if there is a time difference, their love enables them to stay awake through the night (jagran - staying awake at night, as part of the celebration of Shiv Ratri). All the children's cards - whether they sent them or not, and all their e-mails - whether they sent them or not; everyone's e-mails of the thoughts of their heart reached BapDada. You are all dancing with enthusiasm. BapDada is seeing this too. Wherever all of you are, it is not that a single child's love and remembrance has not reached BapDada. Everyone's love and remembrance has reached Baba, and BapDada is responding: Constantly continue to celebrate the festival of zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha. What drill does BapDada now want you to perform? In one second, become an embodiment of the power of silence; a concentrated mind and a concentrated intellect.

Throughout the whole day, take a second every now and again and practise this. As soon as you have a thought of silence, become an embodiment of that. You don't need time for this. Simply practise it for a second. Silence. Achcha.

It is the turn of Indore to serve: It is good. The Shakti Army is large. The Pandavas are no less. So, look, the very name is Indoor - the ones who are constantly engaged in the tapasya of remaining introverted. It is good. Look, the establishment of Indore is special. You know, do you not, that before Father Brahma became avyakt, the foundation of Indore was laid with inspiration from Sakar Baba? You are so lucky. And you are the fulfilled hopes of Father Brahma, are you not? All of you are giving a response to BapDada according to the enthusiasm and speciality with which BapDada gave those inspirations, are you not? It is good. You have had good enthusiasm for service and you will continue to have it. Now, Indore should perform wonders. What wonders will the teachers perform? Will you claim the first number? Transformation. Indore should claim the first number in what BapDada said. Will you claim it? Will you? You have the power of the gathering. Look at the power of the gathering. There were the five Pandavas. So what wonders did the gathering of the five Pandavas show? So, there is strength in a gathering. There is such a huge gathering and so what can you not achieve? You can do whatever you want. So, demonstrate by showing wonders. Demonstrate by doing something that you have not done so far. Do you have this courage? Teachers, you have this courage, do you not? Do you have this courage? It is good. Look, you have had courage and held many big programmes, have you not? So, you have to become number one in every subject. Have this determined thought. BapDada has seen that those who maintain courage definitely experience receiving the Father's help. However, carelessness comes in-between - this happens all the time. Instead of always being intense effort-makers, you sometimes become effort-makers and sometimes intense effort-makers. Let there always be the wave of being intense effort-makers - for the self and for everyone else too. Do not think, "I am moving along fine". Give co-operation to one another and claim number one collectively. No matter how much someone has fallen, make that one your companion and teach him how to walk along. Be co-operative. So, what will Indore do? Make the gathering free from obstacles. Let there be no name or trace of any obstacle. Whomsoever you see, BapDada's activity should be visible in that one. What do the Pandavas think? Will you do this? You will do it. What do the Shaktis think? Think this: If we don't become this, who else would? We will do it. Always have such zeal and enthusiasm. And you can do it. There is a lot of power in the gathering. Achcha. Always remember the blessing of being number one victorious.

1000 double foreigners have come from 55 countries. BapDada has seen that the double foreigners fulfil their system of coming for every meeting very well. They feel they have to come and so they do come, and everyone has had the thought of increasing the beauty of the season of Madhuban, and so it has been seen that in every meeting, the decoration of Madhuban - the double foreigners - are always present. You may clap. It is good. Day by day, in all the service places abroad, you are doing very well in giving zeal and enthusiasm and having meetings with one another. BapDada has seen that you are doing very well in going to one another's places and giving your good wishes. You continue to create very good systems. BapDada is pleased that, no matter how, you just reach here. You don't seem like residents of a far-away place. You feel as though you belong here. In fact, who is the One who lives the furthest away? Is it the double foreigners or BapDada? So, the One who is resides the furthest away loves His equals who are living far- away. Achcha. Double foreigners wish to make a pledge. (Sister Mohini from New York read out the pledge and everyone repeated it after her.)

The pledge for the determined thoughts for the 72nd Trimurti Shiv Jayanti:

I promise that:

I will always continue to follow the Father's shrimat at every step. I will always remain free from obstacles.

I will always be seated on my seat of self-respect and respect everyone. I will always fulfil BapDada's hopes.

Sweet Baba, Lovely Baba

Shukriya (Thank You) Baba

(There was also an international mother's retreat. BapDada had heard that the result was very good.) Very good. It is good; Double foreigners continue to move ahead of all. Fly and continue to make others fly. Achcha.

To all the fortunate souls from everywhere who are celebrating their birthday, to those who maintain their enthusiasm and celebrate the festival of the confluence age, to all the children who continue to fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm, to the mahavir children who constantly make their mind and intellect experienced in being stable and concentrated, to the children who follow the Father and put into a practical form their enthusiasm to become equal, to those who are always loving and co-operative with one another, those who give courage and enable others to receive the blessing of help from the Father, to the children who are bestowers of blessings and great donors, BapDada's love and remembrance and multi-multi-multi- multimillion times congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

To the Dadis: In BapDada's heart, each of you jewels is great because you are instruments to increase the zeal and enthusiasm in many souls. Seeing your enthusiasm, they automatically feel that enthusiasm. They don't need to be given that, but it automatically reaches them. Your gathering is very, very strong. You don't have to make it strong. It is strong. Each jewel is a decoration of the gathering. (To Manohar Dadi): You do go to class, you have been obedient. The Father asked you and you did it and therefore, you are in the list of those who are obedient, and the whole gathering is now of those who say, "Ji Ha, Ji ha!" (Dadi Janki said: Baba, You had said that the Lord would always remain present, and that is the experience I continue to have.)

The Father is bound. Look, there is a special vision on the group of those who are instruments. BapDada's love and vision are always on those who have become instruments. (Baba, it doesn't matter if our eyes become moist, does it?) That is a sign of love. They are not tears. (What are we going to do now?) You have to become equal and make others the same also. You have the duty of making others that. You have the duty of making them fly. It is easy.

(Mohiniben gave BapDada remembrance from Uncle, Aunty and Par Dadi.) Everyone's remembrance has reached BapDada.

BapDada hoisted the flag with His hands and gave everyone greetings for the 72nd Trimurti Shiv Jayanti.

Today, we hoisted this flag in this hall, but now, that day will also come and it has to come, when there will be the ceremony of hoisting this flag in many different places in the world and this song will automatically be playing in the hearts of all the souls: "Our Baba has come. Our Father, the Bestower of Liberation, the Bestower of Blessings, has come!" This song will begin to be played automatically in everyone's heart throughout the world. This song is playing in your heart, is it not? He has come, we have met Him. You have received blessings, you have received good wishes, and so, just as this flag is being hoisted in your heart, in the same way, it has to be hoisted in the hearts of the souls of the world. They may not be able to attain their inheritance, but they have to sing the song, "Oho Prabhu! Aha Prabhu! You have come!" So, it is very good. It is the fortune of all of you that you are hoisting the flag with the Father and everywhere else, they are seeing this. Just as you are seeing it, BapDada is also seeing them. BapDada is seeing the flag in all the different places. Your brothers and sisters are nodding in this way. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *