15-11-2008          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Be loving to God with a true and clean heart and become an authority of the experience of every attainment.

Today, BapDada is seeing all His loving children from everywhere who have made BapDada, the Innocent Lord, belong to them with the love of their true heart and clean heart. Seeing the children who have such love in their hearts, BapDada sings a song: Wah My loving children! Wah! This Godly love can only be experienced at this confluence age. The loving children who constantly remember the Father with their heart are always seated on the Father's heart-throne while in His remembrance. Especially at amrit vela, BapDada gives such loving children one special blessing or another because the children who are loving with their hearts and who give that love attract BapDada to them because of the true love in their hearts. If there isn't love in life, there isn't any pleasure in that life. All of you children are experienced in how much you love the altruistic imperishable love of the Father. God's love is the foundation of this Brahmin life. This is why all of you children are those who are worthy of this love and who have experienced this love. You have knowledge, but, together with knowledge, God's love is also essential because where there is love it becomes easy to experience everything there. The power of love brings you very close to the Father. The power of love always gives you the experience similar to the experience of always having the Father's hand of blessings on your head. Love becomes the Father's canopy of constant protection. Those who are loving always consider themselves to be the Father's companions. Loving souls are always jovial. They are not dry; they remain very entertaining, jovial. Loving souls always remain firm and carefree. Loving souls always experience themselves to be easy yogis in remembering the Father. Knowledge is the seed and, together with the seed, love is water. If the seed doesn't receive water the attainment of fruit cannot be experienced. Together with knowledge, this Godly love gives you the constant experience of the fruit of all attainments. With love, you can very easily experience attainments. If there is knowledge but no love, then the questions "Why?" and "What?" can arise, but if there is love, you remain constantly merged in the love of the Ocean of Love. For loving souls, the one Father is their world. They always experience the hand of shrimat on their forehead. Imperishable love makes you loving throughout the whole cycle. So, each one of you should check yourself: Am I always experiencing love from the heart? Or, there isn't any leakage of love in between, is there? If you are impressed by any souls, either by their specialities or any particular virtue, then, instead of experiencing God's love to be imperishable, there is a leakage. Therefore, each one of you should check yourself. Those who have a leakage cannot have the experience of being constantly loving, being the Father's constant companion or having the Father's hand of blessings constantly on their head. This is why, although knowledgeable souls are loved, together with knowledge, it is essential to have a true heart and imperishable love for the Father. If, together with knowledge, there is even a little less love for the Father, if the love of a true heart and a clean heart is even a little bit less, you sometimes have to labour. You then have to battle with your effort. This is why a soul who has constant remembrance and is always merged in love is one who makes a mountain into a mustard seed. Because of love, the attainments are experienced very clearly and, where there is love there is less effort. If there is less love, then everything feels like hard work.

Today, BapDada was checking to see to what extent all the children from everywhere were loving to the Father with a true heart, free from effort and always merged in the Ocean of Love. Knowledge is the seed, but it is essential to give the seed the water of love. Otherwise, the easy fruit - the fruit of attainment and the fruit of experiences - are not experienced so much. So, nowadays, BapDada wants to see every child as an image of the experience of all attainments. Check yourself: Do I have the experience of every power, every attainment and every virtue? If you are an authority of experience, then no situation can influence in any way one who is an authority of experience. With the understanding of knowledge, all of you children know "I am a soul". You know this and you speak about it, but, while walking and moving along, do you have the experience of the form of a soul at every moment? Are you experiencing every point of knowledge? Those who are images of experience remain constantly unshakeable and immovable in all situations. They do not come into upheaval because they have many authorities, but the greatest authority of all is the authority of experience. If you have the authority of experience, then every power, every point of knowledge and every virtue would be under your orders. Whichever power you invoke, that power will co-operate with you in one second. If you lack the authority of experience, you will have to work hard. Someone who is experienced is a master almighty authority. If a master gives an order and that power doesn't arrive on time, if you have to labour and it takes time, then how can you be a master almighty authority? So, am I experienced in every subject, in every point of knowledge and in the power of remembrance. Do I have the experience of becoming lost in the experience of "My Baba, sweet Baba" in one second as soon as I remember Baba? Am I able to use the dharna that is necessary at a particular time? If you think of something after the task is completed, that cannot be called being an image who is an authority of experience. If the master has all powers, then, is every power and every virtue under your orders? So, each one of you has to check yourself: Do I always remain on the throne or the seat of the authority of experience? To remain set on the seat of experience means that as soon as you have a thought it happens and you don't need to make effort. You don't need to take any time over it. By following every shrimat, your life will easily and naturally become complete because you were told earlier too that when you have a true heart and a clean heart BapDada also becomes present in front of such loving souls, souls who are merged in love. When you are 'present' to follow every shrimat, the Father then says: "I, the Lord, am also always present." When you say, "Yes, my Lord", then the Lord is always present. Easy remembrance is the natural quality of Brahmin life.

All of those who have either come here for the first time, and those who have belonged to the Father for a long time: has every power and every virtue become your natural nature? Each one has one or another form of nature in a natural way. Sometimes, whenever some of you children do something that is not worthy of Brahmin life, what do you say? That wasn't my intention, but that is my nature. Just as that weak nature has become natural, in the same way, every power is the natural nature of a Brahmin soul. The weak nature that is created is a sign of body consciousness. So, do you understand? Together with being a knowledgeable soul, love for the Father in your heart makes everything easy. Love helps in Brahmin life. Love doesn't make remembrance difficult, but love makes it difficult to forget. It is difficult to forget someone you love; it becomes your nature to remember that one.

At present, in what form does BapDada wish to see each of you children? The speed of time is showing the games of 'suddenly' and this is why BapDada wants to see every child as being equal to the Father. The Father's image should be visible on the face of every child. In the eyes of every child, there should be the intoxication of spirituality. On every face, there should be the smile of all attainments. In your every activity, there should be the intoxication of faith. All of you who have come here have faith in the intellect, do you not? Do you have faith in the intellect? Then, raise your hands! Achcha. Congratulations. What is the sign that is remembered of one who has faith in the intellect? What do you say that is connected with faith in the intellect? What else with faith in the intellect? Victorious! The sign of one with faith in the intellect is that that one is victorious. So, what is the sign of those who constantly have faith in the intellect? Constantly victorious or victorious only sometimes? They would be constantly victorious, would they not? So, now according to the time, the practical proof of having faith in the intellect is to be a constantly victorious soul. There shouldn't now be the word 'try'. "I want that..., I am trying..., It should happen....", but instead, the practical proof of constant victory should be visible on your face.

BapDada has seen that all the children are effort-makers, but every now and again carelessness makes your effort slack instead of you making it intense. Then you tell BapDada many very sweet things. What do you say? Ask yourselves: What do you say to Baba? "It will happen. It has to happen. I will reach there on time." This is carelessness. In that case, how can you fulfil in time the promise, "Baba, I am with You and will return with You; I will return home hand in hand with You", and return home with Him without becoming equal? BapDada is especially pleased about one thing. What is that? All the children who are moving along or flying have received good marks in having love for both the Fathers. Becoming complete and perfect is a different matter, but you all have love for the Father. You have claimed good marks for love. You now have to claim marks in becoming equal. The Father's words should be the words of you children. The Father's actions should be the actions of you children. In becoming equal, simply put one expression into practical form easily. It is easy to say it. That one expression is: "BapDada is Karavanhar (One who inspires others to do)." This one word 'Karavan' makes it easy to become soul conscious. I, the soul, am karavanhar for these physical organs and at every step and in every action, the Father is Karavanhar and I am an instrument. An obstacle arises out of just the two words, 'I' and 'mine'. With this word 'karavanhar', I and mine finish. I am an instrument. The One who has made me an instrument is making me do it, and so the consciousness of 'I' finishes. So, did you hear what BapDada wants? One is the love of a true heart and a clean heart. The Father, the Innocent Lord, is very easily pleased with someone with a true heart. When the Innocent Lord is pleased, then Dharamraj, the adviser in between, cannot even raise His eyes. You will then say "bye bye" to Dharamraj and just pass through. He will say namaste and bow down to you children who are equal to the Father. You are loved by such a Father, but just simply check that there isn't any leakage in your love. Now, the leakage of your body consciousness or of the speciality of someone else should finish. Become an image that is experienced. Achcha.

Those who have come here for the first time, stand up! Half the class is those who have come for the first time. Very good. Sit down! Nevertheless, BapDada is pleased that although the board of 'late' has been put up, the board of 'too late' has not yet been put up. Therefore, although you have come late, become intense effort-makers and go ahead. If you use every second of the confluence age in a worthwhile way then success is your birthright, but attention please! Not even a second should be wasted. You will have to move along by underlining 'attention'. Do you have such enthusiasm? Do those of you who have come for the first time have the courage that you will go ahead? Then raise your hands! Show it on the TV, then Baba will ask for their account. BapDada has this pure thought for all of you that although you have come late, you will show everyone by coming in the front. You will show that, will you not? All of those who stood up, all of you can applaud. Good. You have enthusiasm and will continue to move along with that enthusiasm.

BapDada hears very good heart-to-heart conversations of all of the children at amrit vela. Should Baba tell you what the majority of you tell Baba every day? The majority of you promise: From today, this weakness that I have will not come again. You keep the aim, but you take time in bringing about the qualification of that aim. You don't do it instantly in one go, that is, think and do it instantly. Now, bring about such a fast speed. Your thinking and doing should both be the same. You think about it today and you take a day or even a month to put it into practice. Then what would be your state if in that month something were to happen suddenly? BapDada has special love for each and every child. So BapDada wants all of you to become equal to the Father and stay with the Father now, then return home with Him and then come together with the father in the first birth to rule the kingdom. If you like this, then wave your hands! Should Baba book your seat? Should Baba do it or will you think about it? Are you going to think about it or should Baba book it? Those who feel that you have to have it booked, raise your hands. It has to be booked. Wonderful! Even the VIPs are raising their hands. It is a wonder! Congratulations. Achcha.

The teachers who have come, raise your hands! What does BapDada want from the teachers? Do you know? What BapDada wants from the teachers is that either BapDada or the future is visible through your features. You should not appear to be ordinary; either the future or BapDada should be visible. Is this possible? Is this possible? Achcha. All those who have come here, write your result of this speciality of yours to BapDada in Madhuban after one month, because you are instruments. Those who are instruments have a responsibility. Did your face ever become one with worry and one with waste thoughts or did your features remain as BapDada wants for one month? "No problem", is that right? Is it no problem or will there be some problems? Do not allow them to come. Shut the door to problems. Put on a double lock. The double lock is remembrance and service. There is always service of the mind. Never say, "I never even received a chance. My senior sister never gave me a chance." No one can stop you from serving through your mind. You can even stay awake at night and do that. Give sakaash by serving through your mind. Invoke souls; they are unhappy souls, so give them support. So write your result of one month - all the old and new teachers, and also those who have not come here, all of you write your result of one month: either write "no problem" or, write for how many days and the reason you had problems. Do not write in detail, "This happened and that happened." Do not write that. Is that all right? Are you going to do it? Those who are going to do it, raise your hands! Good. Very good. They are sitting here too. Achcha, those from Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan and the Hospital, all of you raise your hands! Achcha. So, will all of you write your result? All of you should write it. The application made by the Madhuban residents has reached Baba. Achcha. This time, there are two zones who are instruments for service.

It is the turn of Rajasthan and Indore Zone to serve everyone: Both zones are doing service very well, but one thing that BapDada had said is still left to do. You do know that, do you not? How many good heirs have emerged from Rajasthan? Rajasthan is the place of the kings. This is why it is called Rajasthan. So how many have you made emerge who have a right to the kingdom in the future? All the centres, have all of you noted down how many you have made emerge to become those who have a right to the kingdom? So, each centre should write how many you have of those who are going to claim a right to the kingdom. You are doing service and thinking of service plans, but now, according to the time, at least finish the complaint of souls in your own areas. Within the area of the centre and the areas around it, do not make effort and just give them the message, but at least enable them to claim their inheritance from BapDada. They should not complain that the Father came and yet they were deprived of their inheritance. So, now, this service should be completed everywhere as soon as possible. One zone is the instrument, but BapDada is telling all the zones. No area, no village, no colony should be left deprived. At the end, everyone should sing your praise: Wah! You gave us the Father's introduction. You should now accumulate in the account of this charity at a fast speed. So what will Rajasthan do? In how much time will you finish this complaint? How much time do you need? Will you think about it? Make a plan. Distribute this among yourselves and make this plan as soon as possible. Some zones are already doing this and are also successful in that. It is good. BapDada gives special drishti to the instrument teachers at amrit vela because the teachers are those who have a right to the Father's gaddi. However, each one of you knows to what extent you use that drishti because BapDada has special love for the instrument teachers. So, take drishti and give drishti. Achcha, many companions have also come. BapDada has seen your enthusiasm for service. You have good enthusiasm, but now, let such souls emerge who can become your 'hands' for service. Otherwise, it is good and it is growing. All of those who are standing are from this zone. Raise your hands! You have come as companions. Good.

Those from Indore, stand up and wave your hands! Indore is doing service, but now make such souls emerge who can become your helpers and always also continue to play a part in service with you. Every now and again they become co-operative, they become your companions in service, but now prepare those who can be your companions for all time and quickly give everyone the message. BapDada is pleased that there is growth, but now increase the speed of this method. New souls are now increasing in number, and BapDada is pleased to see this, but now increase the speed. Increase the speed of effort of the self and effort for service. BapDada loves each child from both zones - each one more than the other. Just as you have experienced Baba's love, now enable those souls to experience a little of the Father's love. They should not be left deprived, because you souls are world benefactors. So, such a big world is still left. Each one should at least remain a benefactor for your own zone. No one should be left deprived in your zone. Now each zone should make a plan together for fast service. Create a season for service. Enable those deprived souls to receive even just a drop of the Father's love. You are merciful souls, are you not? Do you feel mercy for those souls? Do you feel mercy for them? So give them an experience. All those brothers and sisters who have come here should feel that it is your duty to make those souls satisfied as much as possible, just as you have become satisfied. Now, set up the machinery to accumulate charity. Do you understand? Of all those who are standing now, if each one were to prepare two or four and give them a message, they would then write that "so-and-so has shown them the path to experience the Father's love." Give news of this service happening at your own centre. BapDada wants there to be no complaints left. However, otherwise, each one of you is better than the next and will remain the best of all. BapDada is especially congratulating this zone. Congratulations, but now increase the speed a little more. BapDada hears the sound of people's suffering, does He not? Just see how much mercy the Father would be feeling when He hears the sound of the children's suffering, the suffering of all souls? You merciful souls, benevolent souls should also hear the sound of the unhappy souls. O world benefactor souls, now benefit souls! Achcha. Very good.

Double foreigners: Achcha, those from abroad, stand up! Those from abroad are very clever. In every group, those from abroad are not absent. You play your part in every group. Seeing your courage, BapDada and the Brahmin family are pleased. Now, BapDada has changed your name and given you what name? Double effort-makers. So, all of you are making double effort, that is, intense effort, are you not? Those who think that you are making intense effort, raise your hands! Wave your hands! Achcha, it is the majority. Congratulations. Congratulations for your intense effort. You are intense effort-makers, but now also play the part of being intense servers because, together with effort for the self, you also need to make effort for service intense because the chance to serve is now. In the future, even if you want to, you won't get a chance to serve, apart from serving with your mind. This is why you have a chance to serve your relations and contacts through service and words at this time. Do double or triple service as much as possible. As well as telling those from abroad, BapDada is also telling those from Bharat. Each one of you has to give your record for the self and also for service. Check yourself and see whether you are paying as much attention as you should to yourself and to service. It is good that those from abroad have now come into their original and eternal sanskars quite a lot. You have now become habituated to Brahmin culture - in your sanskars and also in your physical culture. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

Now, in one second, can you be the master of your mind and intellect and make your mind and intellect concentrate on Paramdham? Now, for one minute, BapDada wants to see you all concentrate and become residents of Paramdham. (drill).

Such practice will be very useful at the right time. Delicate times are now coming closer and, therefore, the practice of concentration is very, very, very essential. Do not become loose in this. Anything can happen in one second and this is why BapDada is giving you a signal in advance. Achcha.

To all the intense effort-making souls from everywhere, to the children of the Comforter of Hearts who are loving to the Father with a true heart, to the children who are flying in the flying stage constantly ahead of all, by themselves and in service, to the children who are equal to the Father and who always follow every shrimat from amrit vela till night-time in their life, please accept BapDada's love, remembrance and blessings from the heart. Together with that, while merging all the children from this land and abroad in His heart, BapDada's namaste.

Speaking to the Dadis: It is good. All three together, making yourselves companions, continue to move along. A companion is always needed. Such companions are needed. (Dadi gave remembrance from Uncle and Auntie to Baba.) Their remembrance is that of a true heart. Multimillion fold love and remembrance from BapDada with a true heart. They are good instruments. They have been instruments from the start and will remain that.

To Dadi Shantimani: BapDada considers you to be a child who maintains courage and therefore one who has a right to receive help from the Father. You have good courage; you read the murli. BapDada hears that.

To Par Dadi: Wah! This one always remains seated on BapDada's heart-throne. You are hearing. You can hear well. Seeing you, seeing your face, the father is visible. The Father's powers and virtues are visible in your life. Do you understand? Very good. You are an original jewel. Both are original jewels. Your face does service. Both of you. Very good.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *