31-12-2008          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In this New Year, with the blessing of the power of transformation, transform the negative into positive; use your thoughts, breath and time in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success.

Today, the Father who gives new life is pleased to see His children everywhere who adopt a new life. This new life is to create the new age. People celebrate the New Year whereas all of you children with a new life give greetings to all souls and, together with that, you also give the good news that the new age is about to come. The Father has already given all of you children the gift of the golden world as an inheritance. In this golden world, there are already many golden gifts. All of you have the intoxication that the gift of the golden world is your birthright, do you not? In today's world, even if someone gives another person the biggest gift of all, what would he give that is the biggest of all? A crown or a throne. However, what is that compared to the gift of the golden world that you have? Is it anything great? In your heart you have the happiness that your Father has given you the highest gift of all - the new age. You have faith and it is fixed. No one can prevent this destiny. You have this unshakeable faith in your awareness constantly. Do you have it all the time or does it become a little less sometimes? It is your birthright and so your birthright can never be taken away.

Today, all of you have come here from different places to celebrate the New Year. You are celebrating the New Year and so what is the aim you have kept for this New Year? What special thing are you going to do in this New Year? The speciality of this New Year is that you definitely have to become complete and perfect, equal to the Father. No matter what effort you have to make, it is fixed that you definitely have to become equal to the Father. Speak! All of you have this firm thought in your mind, do you not? You may nod in agreement. The Father also wants each child to become equal to the Father. The Father is the Father, but the children are higher than the Father. So, in order to fulfil the aim of becoming equal to the Father, you have to follow the Father. Just think about it: How did Father Brahma become perfect? What was his speciality? What was the special basis for his perfection? Father Brahma used his every moment in a worthwhile way. He used every breath and every second in a worthwhile way. So, in order to become equal to the Father, what aim will you keep for this year?

You have to use everything in a worthwhile way and definitely become an embodiment of success. Success is the garland around your neck. Success is your Father's inheritance. So, with this aim, check. Every day you have to check yourself: Did I become an embodiment of success and use my time, breath, treasures, powers and virtues in a worthwhile way? With the success of the present time, I also accumulate for the future. Whatever I use in a worthwhile way now, I will accumulate for the future 21 births. You know, and you were also told earlier, that if you use your time in a worthwhile way, then, in the future too, you will have the attainment of the fortune of the kingdom for the full duration. When you use your breath in a worthwhile way, you will remain healthy for 21 births. There won't be anything lacking in your health. Together with that, the treasures that you accumulate - and the greatest treasure is that of knowledge and knowledge means understanding - by using the treasure of knowledge in a worthwhile way, you become so sensible in the future that you don't need to seek advice from any adviser. You yourself rule the kingdom that is unshakeable and unbreakable and there are no obstacles in your kingdom; it is free from obstacles, unshakeable and unbreakable. That is the fruit of accumulating the treasure of knowledge. You use it in a worthwhile way for one birth and you eat the fruit of success for many births. In the same way, by using for yourself and for others the powers you have received you will have all powers in your future kingdom; no power will be any less; there won't be any power lacking. Similarly, if you are donating virtues, then, what is the praise that they sing to the images of your final, 84th birth till the final moment? That you are full of all virtues. So, by using each and every attainment in a worthwhile way you claim a right to them for many births. So, what are you going to do this year? You have to keep the aim that not a single breath or a single second goes to waste. You have to accumulate. The time for accumulation is a very short birth whereas the period for receiving the fruit is 21 births. So, this year, do you have the aim of becoming equal to the Father? Do all of you have the aim that you definitely have to become equal to the Father? Not that you will become, but that you definitely do have to become. Underline: I do have to become that. Achcha, will the children also become that? The little children will also become that. The crowns of the children are good. (All the children are wearing crowns.) They look very good. So, you kept the aim for this year, and, together with that, the mantra to follow the Father is to use everything in a worthwhile way and to become an embodiment of success. BapDada is not giving you children the difficulty of working hard for this. He is showing you a very easy method. What is that easy method? Whatever thought you have, first of all check: Was this the Father's thought? When you say anything, check it. You want to become equal to the Father, do you not? So, first of all think about your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections: check them to see if they are the same as the Father's and become the embodiment of that. Follow Father Brahma! It is remembered: Follow the Father. Some children show very good games. Do you know what games they show? They don't follow the Father, but what do they say? I didn't want it to happen, but it happened. Do not just think about something first, but become the form. If you become the form, you will not then say: I didn't think about it, but it just happened. The ones who are doing, the ones who are thinking are you elevated souls, the masters. To say, "It happened" means that you don't have control over your physical organs.

So, this year, remember the slogan: I have to do everything that is the same as the Father, I definitely have to become equal to the Father. That is not difficult, is it? All you have to do is what the Father did. It is easy to copy, is it not? There is no need to think at all. And it is guaranteed for all of you that just as Father Brahma became an angel and so it is guaranteed that he will definitely become a deity from an angel, so, you too will definitely become deities from angels. Some children say that, while moving along, they face a lot of opposition, and because of the opposition, they come down from their position. However, just remember that you have to become equal to the Father. At the beginning of establishment, how much opposition did Father Brahma transform into his position? Everything was new, a challenge. Now, the world has changed so much but how much did Father Brahma sit alone on the seat of self-respect and with his position face all opposition? Where there is position, opposition cannot do anything. What did people say before? That you used to create chaos. And what do they say now? That you are performing wonders. There is so much difference. What is the reason? Father Brahma himself finished all opposition with his seat of self-respect and the weapons of determined faith. So what will you do this year? You have to become equal, do you not? So, if you have to face constant opposition, then sit on the seat of self-respect and opposition will change into position. Do you have this courage? You raised your hand for definitely becoming equal to Father Brahma, but do you have that much courage? First there is self-transformation, then there are the many souls who come into relationship and connection, and then there are souls of the world. You have to transform all of them with the good wishes and pure feelings in your mind and with your determined thoughts.

So, this year, BapDada is giving the blessing of one particular power. When you say "My Baba" from your heart, then one power will become present. You mustn't say "My Baba" just like that, but if you say it from your heart and if you have a right that it is "My Baba" then the power will become present in front of you. What power is that? The power of transformation. With the power of transformation, especially change the negative into positive. While seeing negative thoughts and negative behaviour, change them into positive. Just see, speak and do everything positive. Simply with your good wishes and pure feelings, it will become easy because this opposition will come, but your power of transformation will easily bring you success. So, did you understand the special blessing for this year? Use the power of transformation with determined thoughts. You can bring about transformation, can you not? This is your challenge. You do remember it, do you not? You are world transformers, are you not? Since your title is a world transformer, then, is it difficult to transform yourself? When anything difficult arises in your heart - in fact, nothing is difficult but you make it difficult; what can be difficult in front of a master almighty authority? However, you make one mistake and make it difficult. For instance, if it suddenly becomes dark here, and then, by mistake, someone tries to chase away the darkness, will the darkness go away? The correct method is for you to switch the light on and the darkness will go away in a second. So, you also make the mistake that when something has happened, you go into the queue of questions such as, "Why?", "What?", "When?", "How?" etc. You make a small thing big and something big is difficult. If you make it into a small thing, it will become easy. The Father has shown you an easy method to use any particular power. Sit on the seat of the awareness of being a master almighty authority. If you sit on this seat, you won't become upset. Without a seat you become upset, but if you have your seat you won't become upset. Your sanskars of 63 births will emerge. What were your sanskars for 63 births? One minute you would be set and the next minute you would become upset. So, always remain set on the seat of your self-respect. And what will you do this year? You will give everyone a gift in the New Year, will you not? So, what gift will you give them? You will give greetings and what gift will you give with that? You have many gifts. You can give as many as you want. The physical gifts will only last for a temporary period, but you who are becoming equal to the eternal Father should give an imperishable gift. Through your mind give the gift of powers, through your words give the gift of knowledge and through your actions give the gift of virtues. All of you have these, do you not? If you do, nod! You have many treasures, do you not? They are not any less, are they? Whenever you interact with anyone, and you will have to interact, then, this year, give them lots of gifts. However, give them imperishable gifts. You were told that you mustn't let anyone go away empty-handed, whether you give them the gifts of your mind, of words or of actions. For this, you will always have to pay attention to one thing. At every moment, you will have to keep a stock of powers in an emerged form. How many powers do you have? You have a list, do you not? Because of having to speak, you always have churning power in your mind. You will have to keep the power to churn knowledge in your awareness. In your behaviour, through your face and in your actions, you will have to become an embodiment of virtues. You will always have to keep yourself as an embodiment of virtues, an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of powers in an emerged form. Do not think that you have the powers anyway, that you have knowledge anyway, but you will have to become the embodiment. You will have to look at everyone with the vision and attitude of them being part of Godly family. Since you have to become equal this year and you have raised your hands for that, everyone's hand will be visible in BapDada's subtle region. It isn't this small TV there; it is a very big one there. Baba can see the results of all the centres in one second. BapDada is pleased to see your enthusiasm of definitely having to become equal to the Father. You have the fortune of happiness. You have a happy face, so never let your face become bossy. Always happy. No matter how busy you may be doing something, even if you are rectifying a mistake, or if you are explaining to someone, your face and your words should not be bossy. This year, demonstrate this by bringing about this transformation. A prize will be given to those who are always smiling throughout the whole year no matter what situations come. Some brothers and sisters say - all of you have heart-to-heart conversations - that if you don't explain with bossiness, they won't understand or they won't change. You have already kept the feeling that the other person is not going to change, so that person has already received your vibrations. Therefore, this year, bid farewell to anger and its progeny. Is this possible? Not even to have bossiness. The Father is asking those who become angry from time to time in order for something to be done or in order to rectify something, but does the other person reform through that? Has anyone reformed by you getting angry with them? Show Baba that list! In fact, they become even more irritated; they don't reform themselves. They create opposition in their mind. If they are older, they create opposition in their mind because they can't say anything and if they are young, they begin to cry. So, Baba is telling you all the things that you have to do this year. Do you like it? Are you going to do it? You may now raise your hands! Are you going to do it? Those with the TV camera, take their photograph! Raise your hands! Keep them high! The cameramen are taking a picture.

BapDada's desire is that everything Baba has told you to do this year, on the last day of every month, each one of you should write your chart on a small blessing-card sized paper and simply write "OK". In all the things that Baba told you about, if you were able to do a couple of things and not able to do a couple of things, if you weren't able to do something, then just put a line through "OK". Simply write this much as your result. Do not write a long letter. If you write a long letter, those who have to read it will take a long time. Therefore, if you simply write "OK" on a small piece of paper it will be easy to read. Simply write "OK" or put a line through it; it is easy, is it not? This year you especially have to chase away the evil spirit of anger. Do not have any bossiness either. Some become angry with their eyes. Have you seen this? They even get angry with their face. So, what will you do? You have to renounce something, do you not? Will you renounce this? Will those from Madhuban renounce this? Those from Madhuban, raise your hands. There are so many of you. Some of you are sitting here too. So, BapDada is first of all telling those from Madhuban: you have to be first in this. Those from Madhuban have to bid farewell to it first. That impact from Madhuban will automatically fall on other centres too. Madhuban is the seed; it is the trunk, but what is the permanent address of all of you? It is Madhuban, is it not? So, you may be thinking that only the Madhuban residents have to do this. All of you are Madhuban residents, are you not? Because your permanent address is Madhuban; it is for service that you have gone to different places. Do those who have gone abroad forget the villages and towns where they took birth? BapDada has seen that those who are living abroad but who took birth in the villages, towns or cities of India, have established a centre there. BapDada gives those children the title of: Very charitable souls. You have performed wonders. And then they even ask those people whether they have any difficulties or if everything is fine. This is the duty of a charitable soul. They are your family. You are one family. You are not two families; it is one family. If you were to go to London today for any reason, what would you say? Would you say that it is your centre or would you say that it is the centre of those from London? It is yours, is it not? To say "mine" does not mean that you go and live there. Baba has given each one of you your place of service. So, did you hear what you have to do? Those from Madhuban and everyone else - you have to claim your certificate. OK. Baba has given you a lot of work, but BapDada is your Companion. Whenever you feel something is difficult, say with your heart, "Baba, My Baba, My Companion, come and help me", and Baba is then bound to help. You have to say it with your heart though, because you have to see the time and the self. Time is challenging and you have to challenge Maya. What can she do then?

So, BapDada was seeing that according to the time, the speed of time is fast at present. So, who is going to oppose the time? You are going to do that. BapDada has seen that that you are not hearing the call of unhappy souls, the call of devotees and the call of time that much. The poor things do not have any courage, so give them wings so that at least they can fly. Give them wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha.

BapDada has accepted and also seen here all the cards, e-mails and letters of greetings that have come from everywhere. BapDada has accepted the greetings from your heart as being multimillion times more valuable than diamonds. The children sitting far away are in front of the Father's heart. When BapDada is giving drishti, He is seeing not only the children sitting in this hall, but the children at all the places are in front of BapDada. They are present in front of His heart. And so multimillionfold greetings and BapDada has already given all the children a right to the golden gift; many other gifts are merged in this golden gift. Whatever you think of, it becomes present. According to the time here, the New Year will begin at 12.00 midnight, but for you, what do you always remember with your eyes and in your heart? The golden world. It is about to come. It feels like that, does it not? Today, you are here and in just a short time you will go to your world. Achcha. You may now speak.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: It is very good. This scene is very beautiful. By accumulating the charity of service, your mind continues to dance in happiness. There are many teachers too. Teachers, wave your hands! It is good. The gathering is good. What will Delhi do now? You were told earlier too, that to have melas and programmes has now become common. It has become a system. As soon as the season ends, the programme of the Wings begins. However, BapDada has now signalled to you about two things. You have served the VIPs well. They become co-operative at the time of need. They give good co-operation. Now, from being such co-operative souls, make them into heirs. In any case, many heir-quality souls emerged from Delhi long ago, but that was earlier. Now, they should be mikes and heir-quality. Not just co-operative. You will make them co-operative anyway. They are becoming co-operative, but now make heir-quality souls emerge. Now, souls that emerge from everywhere should be mikes and helpers, but they should be heir-quality. They may remain incognito, but heirs are visible even while remaining incognito. Such a group can emerge from anywhere, from any wing; it can even be from this land or abroad. They can be from anywhere, and so if not a necklace at least create a bracelet of such quality souls. In any case, heirs emerged so quickly in the early days. However, now, they have all other qualifications, but heir-quality are those who follow every shrimat and every direction with their mind in an incognito way. BapDada's hope is that someone should become an instrument to create such groups at different places. Any centre or wing can demonstrate this by bringing about this newness. There are co-operative souls - BapDada knows this. They give their co-operation when there is a need, but they should become heirs; even if they are incognito. What will Delhi do? Will you prepare such a bracelet? BapDada is not asking for a necklace; you can just make a bracelet and bring that here. This year, show this by performing some wonders! It is possible, is it not, whether they emerge from abroad or from Bharat? Is it possible? Teachers, speak! Is it possible? Raise your hands! Those from Delhi. Wah! BapDada is congratulating you. You have maintained courage well. You are now being given congratulations for your courage. What congratulations will you receive when you do it in a practical form? Wah My specially beloved children! wah! Anyone can do this! Bombay, Maharashtra, Andhra - anyone can do it. Madhuban can do it. Is that all right? It is good. Delhi is Father Brahma's. Together with Father Brahma, Shiv Baba is also there. Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta are all special places of Father Brahma and BapDada has had hopes in them from the beginning. Achcha. Now, when you come here next year, having performed wonders, come having made preparations. Is that all right? All Pandavas, raise your hands! Look how many Pandavas there are! So, the Pandavas of Delhi will come having performed wonders, will you not? Will you do it? BapDada repeatedly mentions the name of Delhi. And you will make a court in Delhi for all these Brahmins, will you not? You will rule there, will you not? The Parliament will be in Delhi, will it not? So, those from Delhi will have to prepare Delhi a great deal. You will give a palace to everyone, will you not? You will receive a palace in Delhi. OK, we shall see the wonders! At least show some newness! Everyone has now seen all the functions and melas that take place again and again. Achcha.

Jurist, Cultural and Media Wings have come. First, the Jurist wing should stand up. The duty of jurists is to make law and order strong. While sitting in this old world, all of you are creating law and order for the new world. You have made good plans. However, now let there be such peace everywhere, because you have companions from many different places in this department. If people from everywhere work together, you can create such an atmosphere through your words and lectures that many other people can become your companions and give you their co-operation in that, at times of peacelessness, they will maintain peace. They should become founders of peace and become your companions. Make them sign this. Through your service at different places make them write that they will remain peaceful, that they will move along with law and order and make others move along with it too. Prepare such a list and show it to the Government, showing them what you are doing. Then, every now and then, check whether that group is following law and order in a practical way. Prepare such a group of co-operative souls, of the youth, of the elders or even children, but get a group of sensible children together. It is not a question of having a rally of those children, but continue to have their gatherings wherever you have a big place and prepare such a gathering in which people from all wings are present. Then the Government will see what work you are doing. The Government wants to do that, but is unable to do so, yet you can show it by doing it. It is good. The gathering is good and you continue to do it, but now let the sound be loud. Nevertheless, BapDada is congratulating from His heart those who are instruments. Continue to do it, continue to move forward and continue to make others move forward. A little of the sound has now gone into the ears of the Government. Now let them hear a bit more. However many wings there are, show them the practical proof through each one's own service. They remain busy with their own problems, and so awaken them a bit. However, whatever you are doing is good, but now do the best of all. This group has special love and remembrance and congratulations from BapDada.

Media Wing: The Media has opened the ears of people a little. Now, they enjoy listening. Some have even begun to become one of you, but what would happen if all those who listen to you also became one of you? In sakar days too, BapDada used to say that the Media can perform wonders, but now, in the avyakt form, He is seeing and yes, although you have started late, it is better late than never! It is only through the Media that you can spread the sound while sitting at home because now, although having time, people make an excuse that it is good but that they don't have time. So, the Media wing can finish this excuse of theirs. They should not just say that they liked it, but now show this by making them become good. It has begun, the impact is good, and you have worked well, but now make the sound a little louder. Make new plans. Make such souls emerge who can help you in spreading your sound. Prepare such souls and, together with that, spread the sound from different (Radio and TV) stations. Prepare such companions. You can do that. You are spreading the sound, you have worked hard, and so congratulations for the efforts, but now, increase it. Make them your companions in every way. Some can be those who inspire others and some can be those who become instruments to do it. It is good. There are many types of service through the Media and so the sound can continue to spread in many different ways. Continue to bring them into connection and relationship. BapDada is giving congratulations to the Media department for whatever you have done so far because what you have done is good.

Hearing and seeing this, BapDada is pleased because He feels mercy for the unhappy souls. After all, they are His children, whether they are real children or stepchildren, they are His children. Therefore, continue to make progress with this plan. Achcha.

Cultural Wing: Cultural and culture - both sound similar. So, your culture should be created from the cultural. This is the service you are doing. BapDada is seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of each wing. Everyone is making their service grow in their own way, but this cultural wing is now an instrument, so what do you really have to create? Culture. At present, you have cultural programmes, but when the culture of human beings changes, then, while doing their own work, they will begin to dance in happiness. You demonstrate this by performing a dance. So, no matter where they may be staying or what they may be doing, they should be dancing in their mind with happiness. Let there be dancing in every home. The aim is good and you continue to increase service with this aim, but Baba wants to see who is going to prepare a bracelet and bring it here. Which wing will it be that will become number one or number one co-operative? Baba now wants some newness because the seeds have been sown. All wings have sown good seeds, but the fruit should now be visible. Now, the number should at least increase to more than 900,000. It is good. Because of all the different wings, all the children have become responsible. Their attention has been drawn, and now let the growth take place quickly because time is calling a lot. Sorrow and peacelessness are increasing a great deal. Fear is increasing. You have to dance in happiness and save people from their fear. It is good. It is good that each one remains busy in the field of service. That is good. Therefore, continue to move forward. Find your companions of the previous cycle. Achcha. Very good. It is very good and it will remain good and will continue to increase.

International Youth and Children's Retreat: Let the children come to the front. BapDada heard the news of the children. It is good if the children are preparing to bring about world transformation through self-transformation. BapDada is pleased that the children are equal to Allah (God). However, you have made a promise and BapDada has seen what you have written. Show the lotus that you have created. The Government also wants the Youth to show them how to bring about transformation, because the Youth have the speciality that whatever thought they have in their mind, they are able to do it, whether they engage themselves in something wrong or something right. The Youth group can show wonders: not create chaos (dhamaal), but perform wonders (kamaal). The Government also likes the Youth group. And you have written very good promises to the Father in this lotus flower. Now, every day at amrit vela, when having a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada, continue to give Him the result of the promises of transformation and whichever service place you are at, continue to give your teacher the result of your promise and how much you have benefitted from it. The teachers themselves will continue to give these results to BapDada. BapDada has heard that the form of training you have created is very good and everyone did that with a lot of interest. BapDada is giving multimillionfold congratulations to the Youth group for this. Remain firm; do not be weak! If you remain weak (raw), the birds will eat you; if you are strong (ripe), they will not eat you. So, always continue to fly like angels. Do not let your feet be on the ground of that body; always continue to fly. It is good. The kumaris have courage. You are not those who just do a bhatti, but you show it by doing practically what you heard in the bhatti. You are like that, are you not? Those who will definitely do it, raise your hands! You are those who will do it practically. Good! It is very good. You are those who do it instantly. BapDada is pleased. He is pleased with the children. Children have given their time with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and also made a promise. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

Double foreigners: Double intense effort-makers. You are not double foreigners now, but double intense effort-makers. The speciality of the double foreigners is that they generally like to walk hand in hand. So, have all of you put your hand very firmly in BapDada's hand, that is, have you made Him your Companion, your Friend, your lovely Friend? So have you made Him your Friend? You remember the relationship with a friend very quickly. When any difficulty arises, you would not share it with your father, but you would share it with your friend. So, you have made God your Friend. God is your Friend, is He not? It is good. BapDada is pleased to see the foreigners. What is the reason for that? Those from abroad have proved one name of the Father. That of the World Father and World Benefactor. Previously, He was just the Benefactor of Bharat, but those from abroad have revealed the Father's name as being the World Benefactor. Previously, you used to do world service just with your mind, but you have now become instruments to serve the world in all directions. And, just see how wonderful the children that have emerged from all corners of the world are! So, you would have the intoxication that you are the companions of every cycle. You were, you are and you will be. You are that, are you not? Do you have that intoxication? Look, the Father's vision recognised you even though you were in different corners. The Father recognised you and you also recognised Him. The poor people keep on saying that He will come, He will come, whereas what do you say? That He has come. You sing, do you not, "My Baba has come?" So, it is very good. The Father is especially giving everyone love and affection, remembrance and blessings from His heart. Achcha. The Sindhi group has also come. BapDada is especially giving you two congratulations that you have had the very good thought of becoming an instrument and moving fast. So, special congratulations. Congratulations. Now, remain fast. Do not become slack. Fly by helping one another. Yes, you may applaud. How many times have you come this year? You have come before, have you not? You liked it. Now make others instruments because BapDada has come in Sindh and so those from Sindh have to be in the front.

Achcha. Now, we have to continue till midnight, do we not? All of you are also waiting for midnight. It is good. It is so good for the children to meet and celebrate with the Father. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, stand up! So, to those who have come for the first time, congratulations for celebrating your birthday. Just as you have come for the first time, so too, claim the first number. BapDada's promise is that, though you have come last and the board of 'late' has been put up, the board of 'too late' has not yet been put up. So, last is fast and fast is first and so anyone can claim the number. Do not think that you have come too late, but if you make doule intense effort to make your aim and qualifications equal - if your aim is high but its qualifications are less, you cannot come first - if you continue to make your aim and its qualifications equal, you can become an example of those who have come last and come first. Therefore, keep the aim of making effort. If the board of 'too late' is then put up, you won't be able to claim the first number. BapDada is pleased that you have maintained courage and have personally come with zeal and enthusiasm,. Even now, wherever you stay, continue to move along according to the codes of conduct and remain close to the Father's heart, and you can have those experiences in a short time. You have a golden chance and anyone from Bharat or abroad can do it. So, do you understand? You will have to make double or triple effort. You will have to remain combined with the Father all the time. If you have any difficulty or burden, do you know how to give it to the Father? You will become a carefree emperor and continue to fly. Do not keep any burden in your heart. Some children say: It has now been one month or it has been 15 days, and everything is continuing fine. However, if death comes to you in those 15 days, what then? Give the Father your burden at that time. Do you know how to give it? Definitely learn how to give it to Him. You know how to take it, but also learn how to give it. So, what will you do? Have you learnt how to give it? Why has BapDada come? He has come to take away the children's burden. Who has that much courage? They should raise their hands! Are you raising your physical hands or the hands of your mind! Raise the hand of your mind. Achcha. BapDada is giving multimillionfold congratulations to such children. Achcha.

BapDada has already given you homework for this year. Celebrate this year in that way. BapDada saw and heard about the homework that He had given for this date. Simply remain very determined with the thought you had. Do not let there be carelessness. BapDada had told you what the words of carelessness were. The language of procrastination and the language of making excuses. I have to do.... Both of those are words of carelessness. You have signed your name for the thought that you just had, but also apply the stamp of determination from the Government so that no one can erase it. Consider determination to be the greatest gift for your birthday. Achcha.

Always keep determination, the key to success, very carefully because even Maya loves this key a lot. Therefore, keep this key carefully in the container of your heart. Determination is the key to success and success is a very easy way to become equal to the Father. You always have faith and the destiny is guaranteed. It is fixed for you to be a self-sovereign and a ruler of the kingdom of the world. Always continue to fly with such intoxication and pure pride. Just as you will celebrate the departure of the old year and give greetings for the New Year, in the same way, bid farewell to your weaknesses and defects every day and claim special congratulations from BapDada. This confluence age is that of bidding farewell and giving greetings. So, continue to be worthy of congratulations on every day of the confluence age. BapDada loves every child with a lot of love in His heart. Even though you are numberwise, you are not number one, you are numberwise, but each child is BapDada's long-lost and now-found child of every cycle. Therefore, always remember your fortune of being a long-lost and now-found child. It is a small thing - whenever you face any difficulty, then, order from your heart, "My Baba". The Father is definitely bound to help but do not keep other things in your heart. If you say "My Baba" and you have weaknesses in your heart, the Father will not give His help. If your heart is clean, your desires will be fulfilled. The Father does not enter a heart that is filled with rubbish: and remember Him with love! Do not just remember Him on the basis of knowledge; you were told that knowledge is the seed and love is water. If you simply know Him with knowledge, but do not experience Him with love in your heart, if you don't remember the Father with love, you won't receive the practical fruit, that is, you won't have that experience. The form of experience is the fruit, but if you don't water it, then it becomes like dry sugar cane. You may give courses, give lectures and even receive prizes, you may even give up to four lectures in a day, but there isn't love in the heart. The sign of having love for the Father in your heart is to have love for the whole Brahmin family. If there isn't love, you face more obstacles from Maya because if you haven't watered it, how can you receive any fruit? Some children say that they have understood knowledge, that they even have all relationships with Baba, but that they don't have any experiences. Experience is the fruit. Do not become dry knowledgeable souls. Be loving. Be loving to the Father and you will easily become loving to the family because you are equal to the Father. The Father has love in His heart for even the last child. He sees each one with an attitude of love. So, do not just be knowledgeable, not just those who give lectures, but be an embodiment of giving that feeling of belonging. Ask yourself: Do I have love for the Father in my heart? Or, do I only have love for Him when there is a need? That is being a knowledgeable devotee. So, what will you do this year? Create an atmosphere of love. When you see each one, even if they are weak, at least they are effort-makers. They are part of your family, are they not? Do not make those who have already fallen fall further. Increase their zeal and enthusiasm and create an atmosphere of love. Achcha.

BapDada has already given all the children everywhere love and remembrance. All the children everywhere will now do practically the homework that BapDada has given and give the proof of it and show its impact by becoming worthy children. So, lots and lots of love and affection from the heart to all the children everywhere, and also accept multimillionfold love and remembrance. BapDada's namaste to such worthy and elevated children.

BapDada meeting the Dadis: Baba has a lot of love for you and a lot of hopes for you. You can do what you want, just as the Dadi of all of you became an instrument. Whether anyone says it or not, she became an instrument to give sustenance and so she is automatically remembered. Let alone BapDada, Dadi was like all of you and she demonstrated it by doing it. Dadi took the hardest paper of all when Father Brahma became avyakt: in suddenly having such an atmosphere and then having such courage and making everyone a helper. She performed a wonder, did she not? Although everyone gave their company, she became an instrument. What was Dadi's speciality? With a clean heart, all desires are fulfilled. She never kept anything in her heart. And when she saw carelessness in someone, she gave them enthusiasm. Not, "They are careless and so leave them alone!" She gave them courage. And so, "My Dadi" emerges from everyone's heart. All of you say "My Dadi" from your heart, do you not? Therefore, all of you should also create a group who has the aim: OK, we have to become equal to the Father anyway, but at least let us give the same feeling that Dadi did. Such a group is needed, not just one. Become one another's companion and show such a practical form. Then BapDada will give that group a special gift. Baba will not tell you what He will give, but He will give. You have to claim it. Have such a heart-to-heart conversation. The meetings that you have are essential, but also have such heart-to-heart conversations filled with zeal and enthusiasm and then it will be fine. Groups definitely have to be created. For example, these six to seven sisters made time and remained introverted, did they not? They made time, did they not? They demonstrated this by doing it practically. So what can not be achieved? And it creates an impact. There is the practical proof. So, this is essential. To Dadi Janki: You are clever in having heart-to-heart conversations. You are co-operative with one another. The main thing is that you have to show some newness. Not that it is fine to move along as we are doing. Through this (newness) time will come closer. Now, people are crying out in fear. Everything is being delayed. Do not think that you will continue to move along as you are doing. No. Something or other becomes a reason to make you cool down again. Therefore, you have to do this. Make plans when this year begins.

Dadi Janki gave BapDada love and remembrance of Uncle and Aunty: Just as BapDada said today, he should be a VIP, a mike and also an heir and so he became a practical instrument and also benefitted his family and also made such jewels emerge.

To the senior brothers: Father Brahma alone showed wonders, did he not? And how many of you are there? It will happen. It is already accomplished. Baba is just making you instruments. It is those who become instruments who receive special attainment. Everyone has ordinary attainment, but those who become instruments have special attainment. So, Baba has asked them (Dadis) to have special chit- chat among themselves. You may have meetings, but you also need to have conversations. You will have to make time for this. The other things will continue anyway. You will have to set your time for this. Achcha.

Farewell to 2008 and Welcome to 2009:

Greetings to all the children for the New Year at Midnight from BapDada:
Everyone celebrated the New Year. Continue to celebrate every day as the day for self-transformation and world-transformation. Each day is new for transformation every day of this year. Every day is for new service, every day is constantly for new zeal and enthusiasm. Not a single day is for worry or other thoughts. Let every day and night be spent in zeal and enthusiasm. In this New Year, you definitely have to do something new each day for the self, for the world and for service. Have such a determined thought, bring time close, become perfect, become equal to the Father, fly and continue to make others fly. Good night. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *