07-04-2009          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Remain free from the word "reason" and become a the bestower of liberation who gives liberation through your activity and face. Together with zeal and enthusiasm for service, also maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

Today, BapDada, was seeing all the children everywhere who are double masters. Firstly, you are the masters of all the Father's treasures, and secondly, you are the masters of self-sovereignty. All the children have received the authority from the Father to be both masters. You are the children and the masters. You said "My Baba" and Baba said "My children". So you have both the experiences of being the children and the masters.

Today, many, many children have come. This is the last turn of this year (season). So, today, BapDada checked the effort of all the children. So, tell Baba what He would have seen? Each one of you can ask yourself: What is my effort? Seeing all the children, BapDada was pleased, but the Father has one hope. Should Baba tell you what that is? You will fulfil the Father's hope, will you not? Baba has only one hope, should He tell you? Those who will fulfil that hope, raise your hands! Very good. It is a small hope, and it is that from today, you change one word. What word is that? The word that repeatedly brings you down is "reason". Transform this word "reason" and always adopt the word "solution" because what is the service that you are doing now? Finding a solution to the reason for the problems of all the souls of the world and, as soon as you find a solution, you have to take them to the land of liberation because all of you are the bestowers of liberation. So, since you are the ones who will give liberation to others, you will find a solution to all your reasons because only then will you be able to give liberation. Only then will you be able to send them to nirvana. So, is it easy or difficult to change this one word? Think about it!

Today, BapDada wants all the children who have come here and all those who are watching and listening at their own places to change one word because "reason" brings you down. You have been living with "reason" for half the cycle, and it is now time to find the solution; nirvaran (solution) and nirvana (Land beyond sound), liberation. So, today, do you have the courage to give this? It is the last turn, is it not? All of you have come with zeal and enthusiasm and BapDada is congratulating each and every one. There is difficulty sleeping and feeding everyone, but everything is done with love. The plane of love made all of you reach Madhuban. Seeing each one's love, BapDada is giving each one multimillionfold love from the heart. However, what do you do out of love? Whomever you love, out of that love, you would give a gift to that one. So, today, BapDada wants to take this word "reason" as a gift from you. You are going to fulfil this hope of BapDada, are you not? Raise your hands again! Are you going to leave it here? As soon as you go out of these gates, the word "reason" should finish. Even if it comes by mistake, it is something valuable you have entrusted to the Father. So what would you do with something you have entrusted to someone? Would you claim it back? So, have all of you had this determined thought? Have you? Have you? Raise your hands once again! Those sitting at the back, wave your hands! Achcha. Very good. Because, now, according to the time, there will be a queue in front of you. Why will there be a queue? "O bestowers of liberation, give us liberation!" So, bestowers of liberation who are to give this, only when you first become free from this one word "reason", will you be able to give liberation.

BapDada wants this year's homework to be that you become liberated and grant liberation because, day by day, problems are going to increase a lot. So, the problems should change into the form of solutions. Now, your time and effort should not be used for finishing problems. Can you not hear the call of your devotees and the call of time? So, now, according to the time, what transformation is essential? Now, each one of you has to become an experienced image and definitely give one or another experience. So, Baba now wants the faces and activity of all of you to be so clear as to show that you are children of the Bestower of Liberation who will give liberation. From your forehead they should have the experience of sparkling stars; not just by relating knowledge to them, but they should experience this from your face because experience brings them close. So, show them this experience through your face and activity; just as instruments of science enable them to have experiences - now that it is the season of hot weather, science enables you to experience heat and cold. Since the instruments of science make you experienced, then can the power of silence not give you the experience of power? So, BapDada now wants the children to remain stable in the stage of that experience and give the experience of one or another power through your eyes and your forehead. Whatever they hear, they like it at the time of hearing it, but then, when any obstacle comes, they forget it. However, an experience is not forgotten for life.

BapDada saw one reason. Baba saw the result too. Seeing one result, Baba gave many, many congratulations. Which result? Until now you have had good zeal and enthusiasm for service. So, BapDada is giving congratulations - you are increasing service and also making good plans. You receive the result according to your capacity, but, in order to give an experience, you will have to pay attention to yourself. Your service is now getting well known. People become happy and nowadays, their interest is growing. So, what is the method to give an experience? It is that together with zeal and enthusiasm, to the extent that you have enthusiasm, to that extent you now have to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest according to the time. If someone is becoming a problem in your effort, the reason for that is the lack of an attitude of unlimited disinterest. Now, unlimited disinterest is needed. Unlimited disinterest lasts all the time. If it happens according to the time, then time becomes number one and you become number two, which means that time enabled you to have disinterest. Unlimited disinterest continues all the time. On one side are zeal, enthusiasm and happiness and on the other side is unlimited disinterest. What is the reason for not having unlimited disinterest all the time? BapDada has seen that the reason for that is body consciousness. The word "body" is used with many things. For instance: relations of the body, possessions of the body, sanskars of the body. The word "body" is included with everything, but what does body consciousness specially come in? Until now, BapDada has checked that the main reason that brings you from soul consciousness into body consciousness is that the old sanskars bring you down. You have finished the sanskars, but, even now, one sanskar or another still continues to work in the form of nature. The nature of body consciousness has become natural, but the nature of soul consciousness has not become natural in the same way. You say that you have finished it but you have not completely burnt the seed. This is why when the time comes the sanskars of the consciousness of the body emerge. So there is now a need to destroy the nature of consciousness of the body and its progeny with the power of a powerful soul-conscious stage, because children say that although they don't want it to, it sometimes emerges. Why does it emerge? Because there is still a trace of it, its progeny emerges. So there is now a need to become the form of power and the basis for this is to check the self to see whether the old sanskars of consciousness of the body still remain in the form of a trace; and that will finish with the attitude of unlimited disinterest. Seeing and hearing about the service, BapDada is pleased, but the Father's desire now is that people should now be able to see the sparkle and spiritual intoxication of service. They have an experience through service. In the same way there should be the impact of an attitude of unlimited disinterest because, nowadays, your praise will increase with the service. Matter will become your servant. They will have an experience from you. The facilities will increase, but from having an attitude of unlimited disinterest, there will be a balance between the facilities and spiritual endeavour. Just as you give householders the example that while doing everything you have to be karma yogis and remain like lotus flowers, in the same way, as you serve everyone and receive all facilities, there will be a balance between the facilities and the spiritual endeavour. So, nowadays, there has to be this addition: with service, there is a need for an attitude for unlimited disinterest. As you walk and move around, they should experience you to be special souls. Not just at the time of sitting in yoga or at the time of giving lectures, but as you walk and move around, they should experience peace, power and happiness from your forehead because the times are now changing.

BapDada has already given signals from time to time, but today, BapDada is specially signalling you towards the attitude of unlimited disinterest. For that, check yourself and the obstacle of body consciousness to your becoming soul conscious. You experience many types of body consciousness - you have to transform that. And, secondly, also think about your long period of time. There has to be the practice over a long period of time. Effort over a long period of time brings the reward over a long period of time. If you pay less attention over the long period of time now, you will not be able to accumulate over a long period of time in the final moment; the board of "too late" will be put up. That is why BapDada is giving homework for next season. This body consciousness becomes the reason for all problems and the children are then also entertaining, and so they reassure the Father by saying that they will be fine on time. BapDada asks: Is time your teacher? If you become ready on time, then who is your teacher? Would you like it if time, your creation, becomes your teacher? This is why you have to bring time close. You are the ones who are going to bring time close. You are not going to be dependent on time. Do not make time your teacher.

So, today, BapDada is giving this signal again and again: Check yourself! Repeatedly check yourself and then change yourself! The transformation over a long period of time enables you to claim a right to the reward over a long period of time. So, even if you have been a slack effort-maker until now, the Father has love for even the last numbered child. It is because He has love that you belong to the Father. You have recognized the Father. You say, "My Baba" and this is why you must not leave it to time. That time will not come. You have to bring about the time for completion. All of you are companions in BapDada's task for world transformation. The Father alone will not carry out the task. He needs the company of the children. The Father says: First, the children. The children are at the front. So, if you definitely want to come here next season, then you will get your homework done, will you not? Will you do it? Yes, raise your hands! Achcha. Those who are sitting at the back are also waving their hands.

Look, today, the numbers have increased and so BapDada gave the child (Gulzar Dadi) a signal to go and see how they are all sleeping and eating, standing in long queues. However, there is happiness on everyone's face. "At least we are in Madhuban". However, do not leave this happiness behind in Madhuban. Take it with you. While sitting in the subtle region, BapDada saw the scene of all of you sleeping and standing in the queues. BapDada had the thought that there should be a shower of quilts and mattresses for all of you just now. However, this too is a mela of pleasure! BapDada saw it very clearly. Wherever and however you were given a space, the majority of you passed very well. You may applaud. However, do not forget this homework. You are not clapping for this. BapDada and specially Father Brahma always said that children are the decoration of Madhuban. So, all of you have come to Madhuban. BapDada too, in the corporeal form, is pleased to see such a big family. You have had to tolerate this but tolerating this will increase your power of tolerance for all the time. All of you are happy, are you not? You have not had difficulties, have you? And, even with such a big family, at least you have continued to get water. All of you used water, did you not? There is a shortage and so you have to pay attention, but nowadays, people elsewhere don't even have water to drink whereas here, you also had water to wash your clothes with. And, seeing such a big family, there is also happiness. BapDada has the spiritual intoxication that no one else throughout the whole cycle has such a big family. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, those who have come to meet BapDada for the first time, stand up! Look, half the class are those who have come for the first time. Those who are standing at the back, raise your hands! Stand up and see! All those who have come for the first time, BapDada is giving you congratulations for the birthday and the new birth. People say hundreds of thousand- fold greetings whereas the Father says: Multimillion times greetings. And, to those who have come recently, BapDada gives a chance and that chance is: If those who have come recently make intense effort, then BapDada and the drama can give them the chance of "Last so fast and fast so first" and give them a number. You have a chance. Become a chancellor. You will just have to pay attention.

It is good. All of you also like the growth of the family, do you not? In fact, for every meeting, there are different zones that come for each meeting. They are helpers, but all the residents of Madhuban, all the arms of Madhuban. Dadiji used to say that all of these are the arms of Madhuban. Whether it was upstairs or downstairs, the parks, the hospital, the Abu residents down below or the Abu residents upstairs, all are the arms of Madhuban. BapDada saw that today, those from Madhuban had renunciation. Instead of coming here, they are at their own places, but BapDada is not seeing them at distance. BapDada is seeing them merged in His heart. At least you become tireless servers and are co-operative in service. So, today, Madhuban and all its arms, BapDada is giving all of you congratulations, and specially to the Madhuban residents. Congratulations! Congratulations! You are saying to one another that this is the last dip. It is the last dip. Look, even the 40 years are going to end. Those who have taken the chance for service over the 40 years are so fortunate. Service means nourishing fruit. It is not doing service, but eating the fruit. In BapDada's vision and in His heart, each child is seated on the heart-throne. No one should think: I don't know whether Baba saw me or not. BapDada sees each child, even if he is in another country far away, Baba is seeing each one as a resident of the heart-throne. Those who are at the back are not at the back, you are in BapDada's heart, and although there are many, the silence is so beautiful. Why? All of you are lost in love. The power of love of BapDada and the family is attracting all of you. To have such a big family and to celebrate in happiness with the power of silence - this is the speciality of the power of silence. No matter what type of seat you have received, which seat are you seated on? Whether you are at the back or on the side, and not in front of Baba, each one of you is seated on the seat of love. BapDada is giving the residents of Madhuban, including the arms, multimillionfold love. Today, BapDada is giving the Dadis and the instrument companions congratulations for being constantly tireless and for serving constantly. Together with that, BapDada also gave congratulations to the child, the chariot. Your embrace reached Baba (to Dadi Janki). Look, this is a blessing from childhood: the child has had the blessing of trance from childhood, and this is why the child has easiness and tolerance It is because of this, that she has received this part. Each one of you has your own good part. To those who are looking after the Dadis - Munniben and Mohiniben - BapDada is giving special congratulations to them for giving their companionship to Dadiji. And congratulations to those who are instruments now. There are teachers at the service places, and wherever the teachers have come from - the zone whose turn it is, of course those teachers will come, but wherever the teachers have come from, BapDada is reminding them of one special service, of which homework they have to do. The homework for the teachers is that the teachers should always consider themselves to be true companions, close companions, the ones who are going to reveal the Father through themselves. Anyone who sees you should wonder: Who made them like that? Who is their Father, Teacher and Satguru? They should not see you, but the Father. You have five to six months and then, BapDada will ask you about your homework. To what percentage has each one completed it? Baba will not ask you a lot of news, but what percentage of the homework you have done. You should not be visible, the Father should be visible. All dharna is included in this. BapDada is giving love and remembrance to the residents of Madhuban anyway, but all those surrounding Madhuban and the residents of Madhuban should understand that each and every jewel of Madhuban is an instrument to reveal the Father. So, all the time, those from Madhuban should become an example of those who are serving through the mind, serving through actions and the ones who are examples of being like the Father. Those from Madhuban have to give this result: Did I show through myself the Father's image? It should emerge from everyone's lips: Wah children of Baba! wah! And what will all of you do? All of you have to show yourselves as examples who are not numberwise, but those who are number one. There is no pleasure in being numberwise. If you are going to become something, become number one. What is the big deal in becoming numberwise? So, all of you have the give the result of win and one. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who are seated on the Father's heart-throne and the throne at the centre of the forehead and also the ones who are seated on the future royal throne, to such long-lost and now-found children of BapDada, multimillionfold fortunate children, to those who always give the experience of spirituality through their eyes, to those who always have the fortune of happiness on their faces, to those whose minds are always dancing in happiness, anyone who comes in front of you should experience there isn't this type of happiness anywhere else, and they learn this lesson from here and then go back. In this way, every child of the Father is giving the experience of the Father through the self, and the introduction through words. However, to all the children who give a vision of the Father through their eyes and face, to all such children from everywhere who have sent letters and e-mails, all of them have reached BapDada. All of them reached BapDada the moment you sent them. Compared to those who are sitting in front of Baba now, your remembrance reached BapDada the moment you sent it. Therefore, many, many congratulations. BapDada is giving all the children from this land and abroad the response to the love from their heart. So, to all the children from everywhere, BapDada is giving multimillionfold love and affection from the heart and saying Namaste to everyone. Achcha, whose turn is it?

Eastern Zone, Nepal, Tamil Nadu (Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam): (Teachers are wearing a crown.) Achcha. Other zones have been added to this zone. Those from Nepal only, raise your hands! Those from Chennai, those from Tamil Nadu. It is good. All together they are called the Eastern Zone. It is the place where the Sun of Knowledge rose. This land is powerful because of the impact of the Sun of Knowledge. Those abroad ask: Why did the Father come in Bharat? It was because there is the influence in Bharat. Similarly, in Bharat, the Sun of Knowledge has risen in the Eastern Zone. So, this land has that impact and this is why there are other zones with this zone. You are doing various good forms of service. Now, BapDada wants to see some wonders. BapDada has said earlier, too, that each zone should prepare their special VIPs. However, they shouldn't be those who are just loving and co-operative, but those who become companions in every task of service, not those who are just co-operative. They should become companions, co-operative mikes. Some zones have given such a list, but they are mixed VIPs. Now bring those who are special VIPs who are close to being heir quality souls. They may not be heirs practically or surrendered, but they should be heir quality. Such groups have not come to BapDada. Two to four names have been sent to Baba separately, but the names that are sent should be specially passed by the committee and then BapDada will specifically engage that group in a task. Nevertheless, the growth and expansion is good. Baba is naming this group Bengal and Bihar. This is a title that Baba is giving. So, BapDada has received the photo of the spring that has come in Bihar. Baba has received this photo and received the good news, that from the time that there has been upheaval in Bihar, centres have been opening in those areas where there has been upheaval. Congratulations for that. Those from nearby Bengal are also increasing in number. However, you will now become number one in the homework that has been given to you, will you not? BapDada is seeing the effort and plans in the field of service and is pleased. You had the programme in Delhi just recently. Continue to bring about some newness in this way. Though there were obstacles, you made up for it with the power of yoga. So, continue to have such small and big programmes and, for this year, BapDada has given a plan that each zone in Bharat and all the countries abroad should have a programme on the same topic at the same time. The result that BapDada has received for this is that some have very good zeal and enthusiasm for service and you will all make plans for this in the meeting. That too is good. You started the Media programmes in Delhi and so you now have the result of that. The result of that is that there are students increasing in many places. In this way, each of you can do this in your city or your zone: at the time of the programme, to show that programme in many places through the Media. Make arrangements for this. If while sitting at home, all of them have a chance to see it, then the complaint about you finishes. Therefore, whenever you have a programme, just as you have other expenses, in the same way, people everywhere should see that programme through the Media. It is good to make arrangements for this and it is possible that when the Media people see your programmes everywhere and they see your good wishes, they become your companions. If they don't become companions, at least they should become co-operative. So, definitely do service, but, with service, you must definitely check your unlimited disinterest; there should be a balance. Achcha. Congratulations to the zone. Just look at everyone. So many of you received a chance to serve the yagya. You enjoyed it, did you not? Did you enjoy it? By serving the yagya, you accumulate more than a thousandfold charity. So, all of you who were instruments to serve with a true and big heart, have accumulated more than a thousandfold charity. It is good. The number that has come is good, but now definitely do something new. Achcha. BapDada is giving multimillionfold congratulations to everyone, to all those who have come in this zone, to each and every fortunate soul. Achcha.

Double foreigners: (There are 300 brothers and sisters from 40 countries). Are you foreigners? But, who is the greatest Foreigner of all? BapDada is an even greater Foreigner than all of you. He comes from so far away. The distance that you come from can be measured, but can you calculate the distance that the Father comes from? How long does it take you to come to this land from abroad? And how much time does it take BapDada to come? There is a wave of service and self-transformation abroad. BapDada has heard that even those who have not made it to Madhuban for one reason or another, are also receiving training and doing bhattis at their own places. This too is something good, because they feel that they have come to Madhuban through their mind. You have all arrived here with your body and mind and they reach Madhuban through their mind. Achcha. Gayatri has also come here. It is good. You are having a good experience. Love and remembrance from Uncle and Aunty also reached Baba. BapDada always says that the first VIP souls who became instruments abroad were Uncle and Aunty, and they have very good love and also remember Baba very well. BapDada also gives such serviceable children special rays. In sakar days too, Father Brahma would stay awake at night and give a current to such long-lost and now-found children. So, even now BapDada gives a current and sakaash from the subtle region to the serviceable children, and that sakaash reaches them.

So, the double foreigners are double intense effort-makers. It is like that, is it not? Are you double intense effort-makers? Is it like that? Raise your hands! Achcha. BapDada wants to see all the children as intense effort-makers. Not effort-makers, but intense effort- makers. (Murli Dada (Jayantiben's father) also remembers Baba a lot.) The remembrance reaches BapDada. He too became an instrument. Daughter Rajni also was an instrument to open a centre in London in an incognito way. Indirectly, the fortune of child Murli was created. He has now become a child of Baba. He also remembers Baba. In fact, all those from this land and abroad who remember Baba - and you do remember Baba; BapDada has a long list of such children - "Mera Baba" (My Baba) emerges from their hearts and BapDada becomes present. So, it is good. (Speaking to Wajeeha from Kuwait): You have come Where is your group? Look, she has already made companions. You have brought long-lost and now-found children. Achcha. Each and every child is more loved than the next. If Baba were to mention names, how many names would He mention? All of you should think that your name is in Baba's heart. You are doing good service. Nowadays, abroad, it is seen that it is the turn of the Middle East to be served. The message has to be given to those of all religions.

Now, every zone should make effort for one thing. What should they do? Make someone who is a very firm atheist into a theist and bring him here, and then that person should share his experience in front of everyone of how he became a theist from an atheist. He should share his experience in a big gathering. Not those who are not so well known, but someone who is able to make an impact on people. Just as you serve all the wings, prepare someone like this too. Prepare someone from another religion and who has authority and who shares his experience of how the introduction that the Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars give of God is right. Such words of authority should emerge from that one's lips. Just one point now remains: Who is the God of the Gita? This too will be proved, will it not? When this is proved, they will say that God has come. Very good. You come here as the decoration of Madhuban and, seeing this, BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadis: You may be sitting far away, but BapDada is embracing all of you. Baba is embracing those at the back first. What can love not make you experience? Achcha.

(To Dr. Nirmala): You are playing a good part. BapDada is pleased.

To Dadi Nirmala Shanta: (In charge of the Eastern Zone): You have become an instrument. You have become an instrument and, because of you, everyone says, "Baba, Baba". When new ones who have come see you, they don't see you, they see the Father. This is a special blessing. Achcha.

To Dadi Shantamani: You are playing your own part at the right time very well. With which vision does everyone look at the old ones? That you are those from the beginning. There is importance of the beginning period. There are only a few remaining, but you are the original jewels. Achcha.

To Brother BrijMohan: The programme in Delhi was good. Once a system is created, it will continue to be created for the future too. It will now come to everyone's attention what work you are doing.

The Teachers from Delhi, stand up! Stand up! Achcha. You did service and you liked it, did you not? This was because all of you had the same thought. Now, it will continue to increase. The experience that you have had will increase, but when you want success in any task, the first foundation for that is for everyone to be united with one direction. There should be zeal and enthusiasm in everyone's heart. So, the test papers make you experienced. The power of the gathering makes everything easy. Seeing your courage, BapDada is pleased. Where there is courage, you definitely receive help from nature and companions. Congratulations. (Now, we shall have another programme with a bigger gathering than this and BapDada will have to come for that.) Even now, BapDada saw everything You didn't see Baba. (There was a very good programme in Ajmer too.) They had good courage. Because they maintain courage, there was success.

Baba had also heard news of Chennai. The programme that you had was small, but the result was good. (Teachers from Chennai, stand up). It is good. BapDada heard the result. You spent less and you had a good result because over there, they worship Shiva from their heart. So, it was a small mela (of Jyotirlingam), but the result was good. Each zone is doing something or other. Sometimes one zone is doing it, sometimes it is another zone. BapDada is congratulating all zones, and those who haven't yet done anything, BapDada is congratulating them in advance of them doing it. Achcha.

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