15-11-2009          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Check your result of self-sovereignty and change yourself and claim a right to the constant and unbroken (akhand) kingdom.

Today, the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, has come to meet His raj-dulare (very loving, royal) children. Why are you the loved ones? Do you know that each one of you is a master of three thrones? One is the throne of self-sovereignty, the second is BapDada's heart- throne and the third is the future throne. You have a right to all three thrones. You are also practising here for your future throne. You are making preparations and effort for the future now. The effort of the present time will enable you to claim your fortune of the kingdom for many births. You are imbibing your sanskars for the fortune of the kingdom at this time because the effort of the present time enables you to claim a right to the future kingdom. So, check whether your effort at the present time is accurate. In the future, there will be one kingdom; so, check now whether you have one kingdom in your mind. Do you have one kingdom in your effort? Or, does Maya create obstacles in the kingdom? Instead of having one kingdom, there isn't the influence of Maya, is there? There aren't two kingdoms, are there? The speciality of the future is of one kingdom. So, the practice of the present time continues in the future. So check whether you have self-sovereignty at the present time. Maya doesn't interfere in your self-sovereignty, does she? There aren't two kingdoms, are there? If there are two kingdoms, then, when will you fill yourself with the sanskars of one kingdom? The speciality of the future is of one kingdom and one religion. What religion is it? What is your special dharna? Complete purity. So, check whether there is one religion. The other religion of impurity does not interfere in between, does it? As well as this, also check that the law and order is of one. Or, does Maya interfere in between? Is the kingdom of one continuing without any obstacles? Another thing, in that kingdom, you have happiness and peace constantly and naturally; so. check whether you have constant happiness and peace in your kingdom. There isn't any interference, is there? Maya is not interfering in your self-sovereignty and spreading peacelessness, is she? Maya is not creating any influence for any salvation or praise in your self-sovereignty, is she? Do you constantly have happiness, peace, bliss, love and supersensuous joy? You know that you have all attainments and perfection in your future kingdom and that, because of this, there is also contentment. So even now, are you complete with self-sovereignty or is there something lacking? If there is something lacking in the effort made at the present time, then how would you claim a right to the future constant and unbroken kingdom? Everything depends on the effort of the present time. If there is anything lacking at the present time, you cannot become one who has a right to the perfect kingdom of the future. The practice of self-sovereignty over a long period of time will enable you to claim a right to the future kingdom. So, let this checking take place constantly because if you don't make effort over a long period of time now, you will receive very little reward. This is why from time to time BapDada is drawing your attention for you to make yourself full and perfect for this from now. If, every now and then, you say that your effort is continuing, but that you keep using the word "toh" (in any case) in between in your effort - "In any case, this will happen; in any case, I will do this" - this sanskar will not enable you to claim a right to the constant and unbroken kingdom for 21 births.

BapDada is drawing your attention for all time. Check that if any obstacle comes, if any storm comes, then that storm (toofan) becomes a gift (tohfa). The storm should not remain a storm but it should become a gift. When Maya wages war, she is giving you an experience. So, see that experience as a ladder of experience that is enabling you to move forward. For this, BapDada says: Constantly check your own chart. To the extent that you check your chart, accordingly you will then change yourself after checking. So, does each one of you check your own chart? Do you? Those of you who check your chart every day, raise your hands! Those who check it every day, not those who check it only sometimes? Check your chart every day and change it, because BapDada has been signalling you about the time for a long time. You can see the time - worry (chinta) is increasing in the minds of people whereas you do not have any worry in your minds, but you have instead Prabhu chintan (thoughts of God). Because of having thoughts of God in your minds, you know that you are instruments and are humble because the Father is Karavanhar (One who inspires). Because of this you do not have any worry in your minds. Karavanhar is making you do it - this awareness constantly enables you to move forward.

Now, each one of you has to check especially whether each and every second, moment and thought of the confluence age is pure and auspicious (subh). Know the importance of this time: one second is not a second, but one second has a lot of value and importance. Sometimes, children say that they had a thought, but in fact they took two to four seconds. However, the time of the confluence age has great value. One second now is equal to one hour. This present time has so much value because BapDada has said that your final paper can take place suddenly at any moment. BapDada will not tell you this and this is why you have to have full and perfect attention to this present time. BapDada has given you all of the treasures and each of those treasures has to be used on time. You are the masters of the treasures. The speciality of a master is that whatever treasure is required at a particular time that treasure is used at that time. When you order the power to accommodate, is it this power to accommodate that is used at that time? Because a master is one who is able to use his treasures at the right time. So, now, all of you have to pay so much attention to yourselves! The treasure of happiness should always be visible on everyone's face and in their activity. Happiness is a gift from the eternal Father. So, keep the gift from the eternal Father eternally with you. About happiness, it is said that there is no nourishment like happiness; there is no treasure like happiness. Happiness is automatically visible in the eyes, on the face and in the activity of those who have constant happiness. BapDada's blessing is: Constantly remain happy and constantly distribute happiness because happiness will increase when you distribute it! When you distribute any other treasure, it will decrease, but the more you distribute the treasure of happiness, the more it will increase. So, check whether you constantly have the treasure of happiness.

Now, whether it is children from this land or children from abroad, BapDada is giving special congratulations to all the children for one thing. What is that? Whether it was in this land or the lands abroad, all of you have given souls the Father's message with your zeal and enthusiasm. Whatever programmes each of you did with your happiness - and you may have had one programme; you had one programme in each place - but you attained a thousandfold fruit of that. BapDada has the thought that, according to the present time, the circumstances are going to become more and more delicate, and this is why, whether it is the villages or any corner, there shouldn't be any such complaints from anywhere "Our Father came but you didn't give us the message." This is why BapDada is pleased with the task that all of you carried out with zeal and enthusiasm. Continue to get together and have similar programmes among yourselves. BapDada saw that all of you used your zeal, enthusiasm and courage in your own way and that now all of you have done very well. In the future too, according to the time, have the aim that no corner should be left without having received the message. In doing this, you are able to make good effort for your own self and other souls are also benefitted. All of you liked these programmes, did you not? Did you like them? So, BapDada is repeatedly telling all of you children: Be merciful towards souls. Nowadays, because of sorrow and peacelessness, all of them are saying from their hearts: Have mercy! Have compassion! So you children are the Father's companions. So, now, through you children, the Father wants to see each child playing the part of being merciful. You have enthusiasm for the world of sorrow to change and for the world of happiness definitely to come. So, the conditions are changing for the world of happiness to come and for sorrow and peacelessness to be destroyed. So, remember today's message from the Father: Now, continue to increase the speed of serving through your mind, your words, your face and your activity. Continue to bring your kingdom closer. Achcha.

Those who have come here for the first time to meet BapDada, raise your hands! There are many. You may stand up. Congratulations. You have at least arrived here before the end. You have taken a new birth. To all the children who have come from all directions, congratulations to you from BapDada and from all the children everywhere! Congratulations! You are happy on seeing the Brahmin family, are you not? To those who have come now, BapDada says: A lot of time has gone by. Very little time remains and you therefore have to make intense effort. Those who are intense effort-makers will move forward. You mustn't walk now; you have to fly. If you make effort of the flying stage, then, even though you have come late, you will be able to claim a full right to the Father's inheritance. Remain happy at every second and give everyone this message. Achcha.

This time, it is the turn of UP, Banaras and West Nepal to serve: Those who have come to serve, stand up! You have taken a good chance. There are many memorials of your service in UP. There are many temples on the path of devotion and there are also many rivers. Those from UP are increasing service everywhere and will continue to do so. Now, BapDada is telling those from all the zones: Now, prepare such a group in which there are members from all wings that have been created for service. Each zone is serving people of every wing in your own area and you will continue to do so. However, in every zone, there should be such a service group in which there is one member from every wing. Wherever you have programmes, this group should send special invitations to people from their own wings. No wing should then complain that they didn't receive this message. Everyone in the variety group that is created should increase service of their own wing, and together with that, each one should relate his or her own experience: What did I receive through this knowledge and what am I experiencing now? So prepare such a service group in each zone. Even if there isn't that much time for giving lectures, at the end of the functions, make them sit in a line and let the stage secretary give their introductions. One or two of them can share their experiences and, if there is time, they can take a chance to share their experience on how they transformed their lives while living with their family and carrying on with their business.

BapDada said earlier too that there should be special mikes who continue to serve groups. It is good that UP has claimed a right to receiving special sustenance from Father Brahma. There is a memorial in the name of Brahma in UP. It is the fortune of UP to have received sustenance from Jagadamba and Brahma Baba. So this is the land that has been sustained. Father Brahma and Jagadamba have given UP the blessing of being the star of fortune. It is good. Day by day, the Father has seen that now, more than before, there has been good expansion of the service places, sub centres and Gita pathshalas. This is why BapDada is giving special congratulations: Continue to move forward and become number one in increasing numbers and in giving the message. It is good; BapDada is pleased; continue to move forward in this way. Congratulations to the teachers! You are progressing, so continue to progress as much as you can. Achcha.

There was a meeting of the Women's wing: It is good. Mothers have benefitted from the time that BapDada became instrumental for this task because Baba first placed the urn on the mothers. Pandavas are the companions, but still this speciality began with the mothers being the first instruments to move forward in service. From the time that BapDada gave a status to the mothers, the Government too has done likewise and women are becoming co-operative in every task and performing wonders. So, the speciality or newness of BapDada's task and the confluence age are women, the mothers. Just as the speciality of women is growing in front of BapDada, in the same way, the vision of everyone from the Government and also today's world is on the mothers. This is why you should do this programme with a lot of pomp and splendour. Make the women move forward in such a way that everyone sees that the power of women and that the sustenance from women is so elevated. Now, while living with the family, women should make their children such samples that BapDada can show anyone such samples of how a home has become an ashram and how children are maintaining such codes of conduct. They have the impression that children should change. This is the Government's problem. Mothers should do this practically and show everyone so that the Government thinks that you mothers can also benefit the children. Whatever you yourselves have become, prepare your children in a similar way so that the Government is able to see what wonders you are able to perform. It is good. By having a Women's programme, women will have zeal and enthusiasm and so they will be able to serve others in the future. It is good and success is guaranteed. Achcha.

Meeting Kumaris from the Indore Hostel: It is good that you kumaris consider yourselves to be the form of Shakti - we are not kumaris, we are Shiv Shaktis. Through this transformation show such wonders that the visible form of your transformation - your face and activity - grants visions in service. You have seen the senior sisters and the Dadis: when people see them, they receive an impact of the seniors, they receive those vibrations. In the same way, each of you kumaris should fill yourself with such power that, wherever you go and whomever you serve, they experience that you are not ordinary kumaris, but that you are Shaktis and goddesses. From your faces they should see the Father's image and the impact of the sustenance received from Father Brahma. At the end, it is this part of service that will be enacted. Each of you kumaris should fill yourself with such power. Otherwise, it is good, and you are moving along well and moving forward. However, your face and activity should now reveal that you are unique and loving. Otherwise, it is good. BapDada continues to receive your news. If each one of you becomes a worthy hand to look after a centre, then so many centres would be opened. Then BapDada will see the result: that each of you kumaris is looking after a centre. Become so worthy because teachers are nowadays needed for service. However, you have to become a teacher who is free from obstacles. Write and send to Madhuban how many have become teachers who are free from obstacles and are flying with zeal and enthusiasm. It is good that you are creating a good life for yourself. Very good. All of you should give blessings and co-operation to the kumaris so that in the future they become number one teachers who are free from obstacles. There is a need for hands. They are needed abroad too, are they not? Free from obstacles. The main thing to underline is: A teacher who is free from obstacles. Now, BapDada will receive the result; is that OK? This is your aim, is it not? Achcha.

The CAD group has also come in this group: It is good that all of you have discussions among yourselves and continue to move your service forward. You continue to increase your zeal and enthusiasm and keep yourselves busy in this task and, as a result of that, you receive power in your effort and you also receive its fruit. The more plans you make and put them into practical form, so BapDada accordingly gives each group special co-operation through Sakash. It is good. Continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. Achcha.

Meeting the Call of the Time guests: You are lucky. Your fortune has brought all of you here. Now, continue to increase this fortune. What is the method to increase it? One is definitely to stay in connection; and, together with connection, continue to increase your relationship with the Brahmin family and with BapDada. The more connection and relationship you keep, the more you will continue to accumulate limitless treasures. You will become masters of the treasures. You will then continue to experience what power or virtue you need at a given time. It is good. BapDada likes the programme that you just did and that you continue to have. You like coming to

Madhuban and to India, do you not? Do you like it? Look, seeing all of you, your brothers and sisters of India also become happy. It emerges in everyone's heart, "Our brothers and our sisters have come", and they are happy. Look, you all are happy and this whole family - have you ever seen or heard of such a huge family? Now, just look how big your family is! So, each child accept multimillionfold love and remembrance from BapDada. Achcha.

300 Double foreign brothers and sisters have arrived from 40 countries: BapDada is pleased that every year, you all like to have a gathering of brothers and sisters in Bharat too. BapDada likes it anyway. BapDada is pleased that you all get together every year and have an exchange and make plans for service and for the chart of the self, and you continue to increase one another's zeal and enthusiasm. You all also get to meet so many brothers and sisters. Therefore, seeing them, you all become happy too, do you not? It is good. BapDada has seen that in order to put BapDada's directions into a practical form, you draw one another's attention with zeal and enthusiasm. By telling one another how you face the problems which make you slack in your effort, and by clarifying them, you are able to intensify your effort. Meeting other brothers and sisters and seeing each one's effort, you also move forward. So, BapDada likes this programme. You also like it, do you not? Do you like it? Do the Pandavas like it? It is good. Now, BapDada has given all of you double effort-making children a signal to claim the number one gift. Each main centre and all the centres that are in connection with that centre should become number one in being free from obstacles and having an intense speed in effort. BapDada will give a gift to anyone who becomes number one. You yourself may become that but you also have to take everyone else along with you. You also have to make the gathering strong. So, we shall see who claims number one. Whoever claims it and however many claim it, BapDada will be pleased. Is this OK? From now on, have the aim of flying and making others fly. You are not those who are going to just walk, but you are those who will fly. You have to claim the certificate of the flying stage. Not just sometimes, but always the flying stage. You will claim this, will you not? Are you going to claim this certificate? Now, continue to progress every day in one thing or another. There are four subjects. Keep the aim of one or other of the four subjects and of putting it into a practical form and thereby continue to progress in your chart. It is good. BapDada has seen that there are such children abroad too who put into a practical form what Baba wants and who give their chart to BapDada every day. They are making good effort and this is why BapDada specially gives congratulations at amrit vela to those who are such incognito effort-makers. So continue to move forward; become an intense effort- maker and continue to fly. Achcha.

The launching of the "Serve India" took place in Hyderabad: You are carrying out this task. Seeing the plans of service, seeing the zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada is pleased and you have BapDada's blessing: Success is the birthright of every child. This is why there will be success. You are moving along and will continue to move along having made everyone your co-operative companion. Congratulations. You have made good effort. You have worked hard. You have good enthusiasm and where there is zeal and enthusiasm, success is guaranteed. Those from Hyderabad, stand up! Where are the teachers? Look, Hyderabad got the first chance and BapDada liked the fact that everyone gave their co-operation according to their capacity and played their part of service with a big heart. Whatever you did, you did very well. You had good courage. Those who maintain courage definitely receive Baba's help. Achcha.

So, today, BapDada told you to be one who has a right to self-sovereignty, a master of the self and to check the result of your self- sovereignty. Check that and then, whatever weakness there has been over a long time, change that, because there is a need for your kingdom to continue in a constant and unbroken manner over a long period of time. Those who make effort over a long period of time automatically claim a right to the reward for a long period of time. Therefore, underline effort over a long period of time. There is the checking, but is there also the change?

To all the children everywhere who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, BapDada specially distributes power to all the children every day at amrit vela. At amrit vela, Baba specially distributes the special blessing of power. Those who take the power at amrit vela as a blessing become special intense effort-makers. To give importance to amrit vela means to be seated constantly on BapDada's heart-throne. Some children pay attention to this and BapDada specially gives those children a certificate every day: Wah child! Wah!

To all the intense effort-making children everywhere, BapDada is giving a special blessing to the children who make BapDada their Companion at every moment and who have the practice of remaining combined: May you constantly continue to fly and give others co-operation to fly and make them fly. All of you are victorious and, as the fruit of victory, you continue to receive blessings from BapDada at every moment. So, become immortal and continue to give everyone nectar to drink. The children everywhere are in front of BapDada. BapDada has love in His heart for every child because each child has one or another speciality. Now, make yourself into a special soul with all specialities and continue to move forward. May each child accept personal multimillionfold love and remembrance from BapDada! Achcha. Now, we shall continue to meet. Namaste.

To the Dadis: All of you toured around a lot. Nowadays, peacelessness is increasing and so they remain distressed all day long, and the vibrations of peace give them peace, and so they become happy. For instance, when someone who is tired gets even half an hour's rest, he becomes happy. You did well. At all the places, whether you are young ones or the older ones, all of you did well. Where there is enthusiasm, expense is not a big deal. So many souls at least received the message! The (sweet) complaint against you is finished (that you didn't give them the message). It is good. Continue to make such programmes every now and again. Whatever each city is able to do according to their capacity is fine.

To Par Dadi: This one is courageous. Where the child has courage, the Father helps.

To Rameshbhai and Ushaben: Whatever happens, you avoid that and remain happy and this happiness makes you carefree and makes you move forward. This is medicine. You are trimurti: (Anilaben (Rameshbhai's sister) is also with them.) And the fourth one is the one who is looking after them. It is a wonder of you too. You are looking after all of them with a lot of love. You did well. You are receiving the fruit and power of service. Do you realise how much fortune is being accumulated in your account? Achcha. (To Rameshbhai): Your health is good? Now, do not think about it! Stop thinking! Leave it to the Father! Remain light and move forward making everything light!

To Ushaben's lokik sister: You are happy to see them, are you not? They have made their life so good. You are also making yours like that. You remain happy, do you not? Never lose your happiness. There is no other nourishment like happiness. Remain happy and distribute happiness to others.

Brijmohanbhai and Gayatriben presented a bouquet to BapDada on behalf of Uncle and Aunty: You have made a good bouquet. The foundation is strong. It doesn't matter if there is any difficulty or anything else, he is intoxicated and that is influencing the family. Even the doctors are amazed at the wonder of the patient. This is how he is doing service; his face is doing service. Give him multi, multi, multimillionfold love and remembrance. Aunty is also incognito. The whole family is lucky. (To Gayatriben): This one is here in front. She has one speciality, do you know what that is? No matter what happens, you remember Baba and take power from Baba. You have a "don't care" attitude about this. (You make others into special souls.) You don't leave them alone and at least continue to sustain them. The family is lucky.

To the three senior brothers: Now, all three have to perform wonders. One said one thing, the other one gave his idea, but you just give your idea and become detached and loving. Now, everyone's vision is on all of you. (Should we continue with the mega programmes?) Do not now call them mega programmes. Whoever wants to do something, they can do it according to their capacity. They are not forbidden. It is good.

To the senior sisters from abroad: BapDada likes it when you call people here group-wise and refresh them because there, they remain very distant. When they come closer, they are able to see one another's virtues. Being far from one another, they are not aware of these. So, seeing one another, there is enthusiasm. So, it feels good to have these programmes in Abu, and it is good that you give enthusiasm to one another and make the gathering strong. Is everything all right? Is everything moving along well? By giving co- operation to one another, you move forward. You give your time, you put aside your own service and give time with your heart. You have now completed your task, you had success, and you may go now. All of you helped very well. You did the programme for the lands abroad and also for India.

(Dadi Janki gave love and remembrance to BapDada from the London family: In the sakar murli a couple of days ago, Baba had said that children were buddhus. So, the message conveyed to BapDada was: We are not buddhus, but buddhivan (wise and sensible ones)). Tell them: You are not buddhus, but you are seated on the heart-throne.

(BapDada was given news about Tatanagar): This time, everyone did it from their heart and the result was good. The result everywhere is good.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *