30-11-2010          Om Shanti            Avyakt Bapdada            Madhuban

Exercise your mind every hour and make it powerful. Since Baba is your world (sansaar), also make your sanskars the same as those of the Father.

Today, BapDada has come to meet all the children of the one land, the original land. You all know how lovely that one land is, do you not? BapDada has also come from that one land to meet all the children.

Children have the happiness of meeting the Father and the Father has the happiness of meeting the children.

Today, BapDada is seeing all the children in their five forms and this is why there is the memorial of the five faces of Brahma. You know your five forms, do you not? The first form of everyone is of a point of light; has it come in front of you! It is such a lovely and sparkling form. The second form is the deity form. That is also such a lovely and unique form. The third form is that of the middle, the worthy-of-worship form.

The fourth form is the confluence-aged Brahmin form; this form is also so great, and the fifth form is the angelic form. All these five forms are so lovely. Today, BapDada is teaching you children the exercise for the mind because the mind sometimes pulls you children towards itself. So today, BapDada is teaching you the exercise to make your mind constant and stable. Throughout the day, exercise with these five forms, and whatever form you think about, experience that in your mind. For example, when you said "point of light", the sparkling form came in front of you. In the same way, bring these five forms in front of you and experience those forms. Every hour, perform this drill for five seconds. If not five seconds, then five minutes. Bring each form in front of you and experience it. Keep your mind busy in this spiritual exercise, because with this exercise, your mind will always be good. Just as physical exercise keeps your body healthy, in the same way, this exercise will keep your mind strong. Concentrate on that form in your mind for even one second. Do you feel that this is easy or do you find it difficult? You will not find it difficult because you have performed this exercise many times. You have done it every cycle. It is not difficult to bring your own form in front of you. As you bring each form in front of you, you will experience the speciality of each form. Sometimes, some children say that they want to experience these same five forms but the mind goes away in another direction. Instead of concentrating your mind on one thing for as long as you want, wasteful or incorrect thoughts also enter. Sometimes, there is carelessness of the mind. BapDada wants you to experience this exercise for five seconds or five minutes every hour. Do this for five minutes and then make your mind work in that direction. It is good to move along in that way, is it not? Then, engage yourself in your work because you do have to do your work. You cannot move along without doing your work. All of you are doing service of the yagya and the world, and you have to do it. After performing this five minute drill, engage yourself in whatever other work you were doing. Is there anyone who doesn't have five seconds or five minutes? Is there anyone? Then raise your hand! Is there anyone who doesn't have five minutes? Is there? All of you can find the time. So, repeatedly perform this exercise and you will become intoxicated while doing your work because the Father's mantra is Manmanabhav. With this mantra and the experience of the mind, your mind will become a weapon for you to become a conqueror of Maya because BapDada has told you that as time progresses, you will have to put a stop in a second. By doing this exercise, you will receive help in becoming Manmanabhav because BapDada has seen that whenever you give a lecture or message then what do you say? You say that you are the ones who will transform the world. Since you are going to transform the world, first of all make your mind powerful so that it is able to have those thoughts that you want it to have at any time. Order it in a second just as you order the body and your physical organs for example: Raise it! Lower it! You do this, do you not? In this way, your mind will be saved from anything wasteful or incorrect. You are the master of your mind. You say, "My mind!" So, "my mind" should remain in order to this extent, and that is why you have been shown this exercise of the mind.

BapDada has seen that every child wants to become a conqueror of the mind and a conqueror of the world and this is why, before the time comes, you have to practice easily stabilising your mind wherever you want.

So, today, BapDada wants every child to become so powerful that his mind, intellect and sanskars follow his orders in whatever thought he has. Those who have this practice will definitely become the conquerors of the world. You all have love for BapDada and the family. The children have love for the Father, and the Father has even greater love for the children. So, children have been very clever. By saying "Mera Baba, mera Baba" (My Baba!), you have made Him belong to you. Each child says with this faith, "Mera Baba!" And the Father says, "My children!" This word "mine" has performed wonders! Each one of you has so much enthusiasm in your heart, "My Baba, lovely Baba!", and the Father also repeatedly says, "My children!" Maya can wage war at any time because you had made Maya belong to you for half the cycle, had you not? So, Maya would also have that love for you, would she not? This is why she repeatedly tries to come to you. However, when you say "My Baba" from your heart, you receive the Father's co-operation.

When you say "My Baba" just once from your heart, the Father is bound to give you a thousandfold powerful co-operation. You have this experience, do you not? Simply put this experience into a practical form at the right time.

Seeing one thing of the children, BapDada is amused in His heart. Do you know which aspect? All of you say that Baba is your world. You say, do you not, that the Father is your world? You say this, do you not?

Those who say that the Father is their world, raise your hands! Achcha, the Father is your world. You do not have another world, do you? You do not have another world, but what else do you have? Sanskars.

Since the Father is your world, you do not have any other world. There isn't another world, so how are the sanskars born? Nowadays, according to the time, BapDada wants to erase the word "sanskars". Can it be erased? Can it? Those who think that their sanskars cannot become an obstacle and are able to have this determined thought, those with determined thought who can even today make this determined effort that you definitely have to finish them ??? Not that "I will do it, I will think about it, I will see ...." I definitely have to do it. It is the duty of sanskars to come and the duty of you children is to definitely finish them. Do you have this much courage? Do you have this courage? You raised your hands earlier too, but now check whether you are doing everything practically according to the thought that you had. Those who feel that the Father said something, that it is the Father's duty to give an aim and the children's duty is definitely to do what the Father asked must fix a date for this. Just as the devotees have fixed a date to celebrate Shiv Ratri, so fix a date for this. OK, if you are not able to fix a date for this collectively, then each one of you can at least fix a date for yourself. Can you do this? If you can do this, raise your hands! So, have you fixed it? If you can do it, have you done it? Double foreigners, have you fixed a date? Those sitting in the front, have you fixed it? Whatever date you have fixed, give that to BapDada in writing. BapDada will give congratulations to the children on passing their paper with courage. Then He will sing songs of the children, "Wah children! wah!" He will celebrate with a ceremony. BapDada will have a ceremony for those who had a thought and put it into practical form accordingly, because there would of course be a difference, would there not? Whatever date you have fixed, as you progress towards that date, you will come closer, will you not? There will begin to be a difference. BapDada will have a ceremony for those who become complete according to their date. When you do this internally, those who observe you will verify it because they would come into connection with you, would they not? Sanskars will emerge with someone or other, will they not? BapDada has seen that every child has the pure intoxication that he is a master almighty authority. You are masters, are you not? Since you are master almighty authorities, ones with all powers, then to fulfil a thought is also a power, is it not? Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time today, stand up! Look, so many have come. BapDada is giving congratulations. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for coming to Madhuban! BapDada still feels that you have come before the board of "Too Late" has been put up and, therefore, the whole family has this pure hope - BapDada has this hope anyway, and the whole family also has this hope - that you will constantly make double effort and go fast even though you have come last. Do you have this courage?

Those who have come today for the first time, do you have this courage, that even though you have come last, you will go fast and come first? In the first number. There isn't just one who is first. Come first in the first class. Is this possible? Those of you who think that you can go fast and come first, raise your hands!

Do you have faith in yourself? Achcha. Those at the back, raise your hands! Is this possible? Achcha.

There are a few. The whole family and BapDada want to co-operate with you and want to make you move forward and this is why whatever centre you have come from, remember this promise of yours again and again at that centre. It is possible. It is not impossible. It is possible, but it requires double attention. If you go fast having come last and show everyone, then your day of intense effort will be celebrated at the centre.

We will hold a function. Everyone has this enthusiasm in their hearts to become equal to the Father quickly and show everyone. When children speak to BapDada at amrit vela, He is pleased: Wah children! wah!

The Father gives every child, whether new or old, lots and lots of blessings from His heart. When you take one step, the Father gives one thousand steps of help because the transformation of time is now moving at a fast speed. Achcha.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: BapDada has seen that, from the beginning, Delhi has been doing new things in service. You have been doing this, have you not? Delhi has been doing this. So, now create a new invention for service. The lectures and programmes that you have been having are good because expansion takes place through that and people come into relationship with you. Whatever is happening now is good but these programmes have now been going on for a long time. Now, create something new so that those who are doing service now have some new zeal and enthusiasm. You will do this, will you not? It is good. Create enthusiasm in everyone and make them busy in that. Those who give lectures remain busy in the big programmes that you have and others simply accompany them. That is also necessary, but now invent something in which those who are quality souls remain busy themselves because Delhi has to be the capital. So, those from Delhi should create some such invention. Is this OK? Is it OK? Will you all do this? Raise your hands! It is good. Anyone can create it. New ones can also invent this. If anyone else has a thought about this, you can write to Madhuban, the head office. Everyone has a chance. Achcha. Those from Delhi should also claim number one in effort. BapDada said a long time ago that any centre, whether in this land or abroad, and the centres in connection with that centre, should remain free from obstacles for six months. No obstacles should come. Free from obstacles! If you claim number one, we will celebrate a day for being free from obstacles. BapDada is now telling you to do this for six months and when you have had six months of practice, that habit will then be formed. However, in order for you to claim a prize, Baba is giving you six months. What number will Delhi claim? First number. BapDada is pleased. The whole family is also pleased. Those who are content should be revealed. Whether in service or in the disciplines that have been created, BapDada has asked for names, but, as yet, no names have come. If not the zones, even if the centres in connection with the main centres do this, BapDada will accept it. You now have to take steps quickly. Why? Anything can happen suddenly. Baba will not give a date. Achcha, those from Delhi can sit down.

Agra sub zone: Agra has to perform such a task and such service because Agra is very well known in the Government's list. Those from Agra should find such service through which the Almighty Government becomes well known. Just as there is the Taj Mahal in Agra, so do something in the same way. There is hope. Congratulations for the hope. What will you do? In how much time will you do it? (We will have a mela and a mega programme.) Everyone is doing mega programmes, but create such a new invention which no other zone has done before. Agra is worth seeing by everyone. The Government has the Taj Mahal.

There is some propaganda; Agra is known for that. Now perform such a task. Think about it. Sit at amrit vela and think about it and you will have one touching or another. Is that all right? Teachers, raise your hands! There are many. So, perform a wonder. BapDada is telling all the children: Do something new now. There is newness in whatever is happening according to the time, but now create a new invention.

Any zone can do it, but do something new. BapDada loves each child and He also knows each child's speciality. Each one definitely has a speciality, but some use it for a task, whereas in some, it remains hidden and this is why the Father is saying that every child is lovely and long-lost and now-found. The Father wants you to keep flying and make others fly.

Brothers and sisters who have come for the meeting: Those who have come for the meetings means those who are responsible instrument souls. Everyone has love for the instrument souls and you are the support for everyone. Whatever is the wave of effort of the instrument, everyone follows that. BapDada now has one desire of those who are instruments, and all are the lamps of hope. BapDada has this one hope: Every one of you should now appear to be the sample in front of everyone with your face and activity. For example, everyone now accepts and says that if you want to place your footsteps in Baba's footsteps..., then they signal towards Father Brahma. So, now, people should signal towards those who are instruments. If you want to see someone like that, see this soul. Become an example like the Father. Is this possible? Is this possible or do you need some time? BapDada has that hope for this group but you first have to keep the aim of becoming equal to the Father. BapDada wants such an example. Is it possible? You definitely have to do this. So, this group has to keep the aim that whatever you do, everyone else will do that. You have to claim these blessings. Become instruments.

Double foreign brothers and sisters: Double foreigners always experience themselves to be specially long-lost and now-found by the Brahmin family and BapDada. Why? You are close to BapDada's heart to the extent that you are physically far away, according to your country. This is a speciality. When you say "Baba", your face becomes absorbed in love and the Father is pleased on seeing this. You have another speciality and that is that you maintain courage in observing the disciplines of Bharat. In the beginning you used to feel that this is the culture of Bharat, but BapDada has seen that you now say: We also belonged to Bharat. You have the intoxication of belonging to Bharat. Bharat is the capital. That is imprinted on your hearts. You continue to ask: We were not this (foreigners), were we? Those who have gone to other places (countries) ask: Were we like them? You have love for the Father of Bharat and the family of Bharat. You have done very good service until now. Nowadays, Baba has seen that you have kept the aim of serving the places near you, those who have not yet been served, and, as a result, many places have been successful. It is like that, is it not? You are doing service, are you not? Those who are serving the places around you, raise your hands! It is good. BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

All the children from everywhere are the children who are specially loved by the Father's heart. Each of you children repeatedly brings and has to bring this aim into your awareness: I have to make intense effort and reveal the Father so that everyone's heart says, My Baba has come. Such thoughts of zeal and enthusiasm are reaching BapDada nowadays. The majority of you have this zeal and enthusiasm in your heart. BapDada's desire is that this message now has to reach everyone as quickly as possible. No one should be deprived. They should claim something or other as their inheritance. Even if not liberation-in-life, at least they should claim the inheritance of liberation with love because the Father has to give an inheritance to everyone. However many you enable to receive their inheritance, to that extent you will claim the inheritance of a right to a kingdom in your kingdom. Lots and lots of love and blessings from BapDada to all the children from everywhere. Achcha.

Dadi Janki: (Baba, will we have to create those sanskars?) They are already created. You have to consider both sides. It is necessary for you to look after your health and also necessary to look after service. You think of service a lot more. (Baba is making it happen.) He is making it happen, but, as you go ahead you will have to do a lot more in the future. (Baba, shall I just stay in Madhuban?) That time will also come. See both sides.

Rameshbhai: Look after your health. A lot more work still has to be done. As the Government advances, your work also has to advance as much and this is why you have to look after your health. The Father and the Dadis are also your helpers. Take their help in any situation. (There aren't so many meetings.) You may have meetings, but meetings can only take place when everyone is free. Therefore, all of you have to get together and fix a date. Before the groups come to Madhuban and after the groups have left Madhuban, think about when you can have a meeting. With suggestions among yourselves, fix a date. You can change it if anything happens.

Par Dadi: You are able to face the illness. Everyone is pleased. It is very good. You are making your body move while being a detached observer. It is good. BapDada is pleased. (To Rukmani, the sister who looks after Par Dadi.) You are playing your part well. You are never fed-up. You have this speciality. Always teach others too.

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