Rajyoga Mediation Commentary - 001-E

Soul Conscious Stage

I am a soul; I am controller of this body. This body is my instrument through which I perform all the actions. This body is made of five elements. I am master of this body and I sit on the throne of forehead. Sitting on the throne of forehead I continuously emit light.

I am a peaceful soul. My original nature is peace. This is true fact that peace is my natural nature as I feel comfortable in peaceful environment and peaceful mental state. When I become angry or I go to place where environment is noisy and people are shouting and fighting with each other I donít feel comfortable. This fact proves that I am peaceful and my natural nature is peace.

I am pure soul and continuously from me the light of purity is coming out. I am filled with the power of purity. My original nature is purity, cleanliness. I like purity in all aspects of life be it thoughts, words or actions. I also like purity of surrounding and environment.  I donít feel comfortable in shabby and dirty surrounding. Also from others I expect purity in behavior. If someone is having something inside and behaving different from outside I feel it and I donít like it and donít feel comfortable. I am pure soul. I am full of power of purity. Vibrations of purity continuously emit from me and spread in all the directions.

I am powerful soul. Power is also my natural nature as I feel comfortable when I am in powerful state. I donít feel comfortable in fearful situations, but when I am in powerful state fear donít arise and I feel comfortable. I am having all the powers within me and with these powers I can face any situation, any circumstances. I am having that capability to pass any test with the help of these powers.

I am loving soul. When negative feelings like hatred arise in my mind I donít feel comfortable. Hatred takes away all my energy and love imparts me energy. My original nature is love, the pure love. When I have feeling of love for all including myself I feel comfortable. I donít like feeling of hatred even for those who have done great harm to me. I am energy, shinning light.

I am blissful soul, I want comfort in my life. I donít like uncomfortable situations because I am blissful soul.

I am knowledgeful soul. I like knowing about new things and concepts, I like acquiring knowledge in different fields. My original nature is knowledge. I donít feel comfortable in situations when I donít know anything and I always have the desire to know about new things.

I am happy soul. I donít feel comfortable in sorrowful situations. When any moment of happiness arise in my life I feel good because happiness is my original nature. I donít like even those circumstances when people around me are unhappy because I like happiness. In this way I am having all these seven divine qualities. These qualities are there within me.

I am the embodiment of these qualities and like a white light is composed of seven colors of light similarly I the spiritual light is also composed of these seven qualities and these qualities reflect in my thoughts words and actions.  Now from me these qualities are spreading out in surrounding environment in the form of different colors of light. I am like a shinning diamond from which beautiful colorful light is continuously emitting. Lights of different qualities are forming an aura around me and this aura is extending far beyond and engulfing the whole world. These light waves are touching souls residing in different parts of world and imbibing these qualities in them touching their hearts. This way staying in my own original soul conscious stage I am spreading light of qualities in whole world making this world a better place to live in. OmshantiÖ shantiÖ shantiÖ

Meeting with Supreme Soul in paramdham

I am a soul, a divine point of light. I the soul, I am operator of this body. I am immortal, imperishable, indestructible and invisible. This body is perishable; it has a fixed life span. After certain period of time this body will perish but I the soul will still be there. I was not created by anyone nor can I be destroyed because I am immortal. I am very small point, very tiny and shinning. I am light and from me the light is spreading out in all the directions. Now I am in my original state of peace. From me the vibrations of peace continuously emit in all the directions. I am in state of peace, very calm, very quiet and full of light. This state of peace, this state of light has reminded me of my home and within second I reach my home, paramdham.

I am a soul, I am pure soul. From me the vibrations of purity spread out in all the directions. Like a bulb spreading light in all the directions. I see myself in supreme region of purity paramdham with supreme power shivbaba. Shivbabaís light is illuminating the whole region, filling it with power of purity. This is the most pure place, pious place in whole brahmand. I can clearly feel the vibrations of purity. After coming to this place, the soul get filled with power of purity. My natural nature of purity emerges in this place. Now I am looking at shivbaba, the infinite source of purity. Shivbaba the supreme light is spreading light of purity in all directions. Now I am continuously looking at shivbaba, the eternal source of purity, I feel very good. A natural feeling of purity emerges within me. All my thoughts, feelings and emotions have automatically become pure. I have good feeling for everyone.

I the soul, I am looking at father shivbaba in paramdham. He is very charming and beautiful. He is ocean of love and he is giving his love to me. His love is impartial and unconditional without any selfish motives. I am continuously receiving love of baba and I am getting completely filled with babaís love. Baba how fortunate I am that I am receiving your divine love. Baba just looking at you gives me a feeling of love. Baba only in this sangam yug I will be able to experience your love, even in satyug I will not get this love because you will not be there in satyug. Baba I am continuously looking at you in paramdham and getting fulfilled.

 Shivbaba you are highest of high and at present, in your company I am also becoming high. In your company I am in elevated stage, high stage. Shivbaba your love is filled with powers also and I am becoming powerful by receiving your love. Baba human beings canít imagine how much love god can give. I am so fortunate that I am able to receive your love. Shivbaba you continuously shower your love on all but for receiving your love one has to become soul conscious and come to paramdham. Baba since human beings have no powers left with them to come to paramdham you ask me to spread your love to whole world and to all human beings. Baba now I will take chance to become your medium and transmit your love light to human beings. Baba now, I connect myself with you mentally and as I connect with you I start receiving your vibrations. Baba your vibrations now start flowing through me to whole world down below.

I am sitting with you in paramdham and transmit your light to globe. Your vibrations completely engulf the globe and the whole globe is becoming luminous. Whole globe is getting filled with the light. Now in the influence of this light all the souls are becoming peaceful. All their tensions are vanishing and they are feeling light and happy. shivbaba it is a such a beautiful experience to be with you in paramdham. Shivbaba by staying with you in paramdham I am receiving your powers automatically. As by staying in sunlight automatically things become hot similarly I am also becoming powerful. Shivbaba you have transferred all your powers to me and I have become master almighty.  I am looking at shivbaba in paramdham, the one who is highest of high and greatest of the great.

I am looking at the sun of knowledge whose light of knowledge removes ignorance of soul. Whose light removes darkness of soul and make soul light. I am continuously looking at shivbaba who is the ocean of love. He continuously showers love and his love is pure without any selfish motives. I am looking at shivbaba, the ultimate authority, the ultimate goal of every soul. The one to whom all the souls want to meet. The one who is loved by all and the one who loves all. I am continuously looking at shivbaba, the wisest of wise and in whose company souls become wise. Aha it is really my great fortune that I am able to meet shivbaba and enjoy his company.  Shivbaba transmits all his powers to me and now I have become powerful. Shivbaba is very lovely and as I look at shivbaba I also feel his love.

The warmth of his love makes me feel light. Shivbaba people say in devotion that god is love and love is god. They have treated love as god. Baba now I have realized why they have mixed two, it is because you love all souls so much without any distinction. It is only we have to reach you and connect with you and automatically the love starts coming to us. I am in my perfect stage in paramdham. As paramdham is perfect world, free of any bad feelings and emotions, I am also in my perfect form here. I am enjoying my stay in paramdham with shivbaba. Now after some time slowly I return back to corporeal world in my corporeal body. Omshanti.

Experiencing Relation of Friend with God

A soul can experience all relations with god in confluence age.  With relationship it is possible to build the unbreakable love bond with god. In relationships there is love and surrenderness. God as a friend is one of the very pleasing relation. Now I set myself in soul conscious stage and emerge god in front of me. I talk to God in this way, Oh Shivbaba you are my best friend.  Actually I was searching for right friend from long time and after I found you my search was over. You are my real friend with whom I can share all my feelings. With you I can have heart to heart conversation.

Baba you are my best friend to whom I can tell anything and you will never leak out my secrets. I can even share my dark secrets with you. Baba I know in this whole universe you are the only personality who can become best friend. Baba there is love, sharing and caring between friends. Friends hide nothing from each other. Shivbaba I will also reveal all my secrets to you. I know that there is nothing which I can hide from you as you can know each and everything. But shivbaba as mark of building and developing faith I have to tell all things to you.  Baba as a friend you have revealed all the secrets of universe to me. Baba it is said that a friend in need is friend indeed. Shivbaba you have come and made me friend when I was in great need.

Shivbaba it is said that friendship exist in people belonging to same category.  Baba I was not equal as you but you have honoured me by offering your friendship. Baba you have not only honoured me but now you are making me capable. Baba first of all I should thank you that you have accepted me as your friend as now in this last birth and in this last stage I had lost everything, my peace, happiness, values and virtues. Now you have taken this task to uplift me again to same height as I was before thatís why shivbaba as I told you that a friend in need is friend indeed So at time of my deepest need you have come as my rescuer. Oh my best friend without you I cannot imagine my life. Shivbaba it gives me a feeling of great pride that god who is highest of high has become my friend and offer all sorts of help to me.

In world when a big person make some ordinary person his friend then that ordinary person gets so much pride but shivbaba compared to great persons of world you are the greatest of great and you have made me your friend. Baba really it gives me so much pleasure and happiness. Shivbaba as a friend I should take care of your likes and dislikes and I should abstain from those acts which you donít like. Shivbaba I know you like purity. Purity in thoughts, words and actions. So from now onwards I will take care of these things and refrain myself from doing these things but shivbaba in doing this I will need your support. Without your support it wonít be possible for me to carry out this task.

I know as friend you always try to help me in all respect.  Shivbaba I want to make our friendship very strong so that at no point of time I may get separated from you. Shivbaba friendship is the greatest relation of all relations, it is based on faith and selfless love. Baba you have deep love in your heart for me, baba I also have deep love for you. Baba as a friend I can share everything with you, my likes, dislikes, my painful moments, my happy moments everything. Baba really I am very lucky that I have got a friend like you who cares so much for me and with whom I can share everything, otherwise baba in this world it is very difficult to get a good friend. Baba as a friend I can walk with you, talk with you.

I can go anywhere with you. Baba you are my best friend and as friends enjoy each and every task together, similarly I also enjoy all tasks with you. Baba as friends play together, gossip together and go to different places together, share their belongings with each other.  Baba I also like talking to you, sharing my things with you and going to different places with you. In return you also share your knowledge, wisdom, power, values and virtues with me. Really shivbaba it is matter of great pride for me that you have become my friend.  Omshanti

Experiencing Love of God

I am a soul. I am an actor in this world drama. This body is my costume and I put on this costume to play my role in this world drama. There is big drama going on in this world stage and all the human beings are actually actors who play their respective roles. All souls play role as per part given to them and no one has to be blamed in this world drama.

This body is only my costume. I have put on this costume at predefined time few years back. When I first put on this body it was very small and as I enter it start growing and slowly with passage of time it grows to full height and weight. Playing part in this world drama I forget my original identity and my home, where I have to return back after completion of this drama. Before finally going to home I have to practice detaching myself from this body, my costume. I am connected with this body through thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Now I have decided to cut off from this body and so I divert all my energy in one direction in centre of forehead. I focus on centre of forehead and see my original form of point of light. This way I detach myself from this body and cut all the connections with this body. As I cut my connection I become free to go anywhere. So now with help of mind and intellect I travel to my home which is beyond this physical world. With help of mind and intellect I am now travelling to that world, my sweet home.

This is another dimension, dimension of light. Within a second I reach my home. Here I feel complete silence and peace. I am now at my home with my beloved father shivbaba. I am looking at shivbaba, the supreme one, the one who is loved by all, the one who is prayed by all, God the supreme light. I am constantly looking at shivbaba. Shivbaba is continuously showering light in all the directions. This light is live, it is not like physical light, but this light has feelings embedded in it. This light contains love of shivbaba. Shivbaba who is my eternal father is having lots and lots of love in his heart for me and he is expressing his love through light. This light contains love of baba.

Baba is showering love on me and I am getting completely immersed in love of baba. Shivbaba one thing is very true and correct that you love me a lot. Shivbaba your love is most valuable thing in this universe; nothing can be compared with this love. Shivbaba how fortunate and lucky I am to receive your loving light. Baba love is the best medicine which heals all the wounds of past. Baba in your loving light I am getting relieved of all my past bad impressions which were troubling me from so many births. Shivbaba your love is the greatest achievement of my life. Baba after I received your love, I have received everything. Shivbaba your love gives us realization power, in which we realize our mistakes. Shivbaba because of ego and body consciousness souls donít accept their mistake but shivbaba your love make souls realize their mistake. Baba in the light of your love all my ego has dissolved and I have become pure.

Shivbaba I am continuously looking at you and you are continuously showering light on me. Baba your light has also made me realize that I should not expect anything and I should get free of all the desires. Baba really it is such a great experience to receive your love, to be with you and to look at you continuously. Baba just looking at you gives so much happiness to me, so much pleasure to me. I am completely immersed in the love of god and becoming an embodiment of love. Now after charging myself I return back to my body full of love.

Experiencing and Spreading Peace in World

I am a peaceful soul. I am a being of light located in the centre of forehead. From me the vibrations of peace spread out in all the directions. I feel an aura of peace around me. The vibrations of peace are continuously coming out from me.

All around me I feel complete silence and peace. I am source of peace and I spread peace. I feel peace all around me. This peaceful state has reminded me of my eternal home, which is the world of silence. Within a second I can reach my home of silence. I have two important powers and by use of them I can reach anywhere within a second, these are powers of mind and intellect. Mind gives thought and intellect creates a vision. With these powers now I have reached my home of peace, the world of light. Here wherever I can see I find light, the golden red light. This is not a physical light.

It is the sixth element, the Brahmatatva. In this world of peace I am at ease. All the burdens have released. I am free like a bird in open sky. It is such a beautiful experience to be in this world in this state. I wanted to experience this peaceful state for long time and now I have experienced it, I am feeling very happy. My desire is fulfilled. I am totally silent, still and peaceful. Now I see a current of positive vibration coming to me and when this current touches me I get totally relaxed.

This current of positive vibrations is coming from supreme source of light, supreme source of peace. My eternal beloved father shivbaba, who is ever constant, ever loving, ever pure and who is highest of high. He is the supreme source of peace. Whenever I need peace I have to just connect myself with him and I get completely filled with the power of peace. In the company of baba I have realized that peace isnít something outside of me but it is within me. Baba I was separated from you long back and I went to world stage. Playing part for a long time I got very tired and I wanted rest eagerly. After coming back to my eternal home I am getting refreshed again in the sweet company of my supreme mother and father. Now I am again getting ready to play my part again.

Actually failures, pain and sorrow has brought the feeling of tiredness in me. Now god has taught me to play my part in detached way so that I may remain unaffected by the part of others. Now whenever any difficult situation comes I go into the state of observer and observe each event in a detached manner, this approach has helped me in not getting affected by any circumstances or difficult situations. I look at all the events from different perspective. I now look at events in a positive manner. Now I got the knowledge that whatever happens, there is something good in each situation.

This godly knowledge has made me completely peaceful. All anxiety, all the worries, all the fears, doubts and confusions have gone away. I am at ease and peace. In this region of peace I am in the influence of vibrations of peace which are continuously emanating from shivbaba who is the infinite source of peace, who never become peaceless but always spread vibrations of peace. Empowered with power of peace I the soul, point of light enter in to my angelic body in angelic region. I am an angel of peace. In this angelic stage I am mentally connected with shivbaba, the supreme source of peace. Through this mental connection I am receiving continuous vibrations of peace and I myself becoming source of peace. I am filled with the power of peace. Now these vibrations of peace flow out from me and spreading in whole atmosphere, making the whole atmosphere calm, quiet and serene.

All the objects around me are receiving these vibrations and they are attaining a state of equilibrium, state of harmony. I am now standing on top of mountain. I am an angel of peace. From each and every portion of my body of light, vibrations of peace are emanating. Standing on top of mountain I see downwards and I find many souls who are very peaceless. Lack of peace have made these souls very sick, they have lost their luster of peace. They desperately need the power of peace and I am full of power of peace because I am under the fountain of light of peace coming from supreme source of peace Shivbaba. I have to give this power of peace to these souls who need it desperately.

I surrender myself to baba because I know that when I surrender completely to baba then only I will become effective medium for spreading peace. Now keeping feeling of good wishes I the angel of peace gives these vibrations of peace to these souls. I am concentrating these vibrations to these souls. These vibrations completely surround these souls as if they are in cocoon of light of peace. These vibrations affect deeply to these souls and their face expressions start changing.

All the tensions and worries are getting removed from their faces. Their faces now start glowing with light of peace. All the souls have now become peaceful and now they are very happy after receiving this power of peace. The peaceful vibrations make changes at their thought level and now they are getting stabilized in state of peace. It is such a beautiful experience to spread peace. I am under the fountain of peace and continuously receiving light of peace.  Filled with power of peace I return back to corporeal world in corporeal body.

Mansa Seva in Angelic Form

          I am an angel. An angel whose body is made of light, pure white light. In the centre of forehead of body of light, I the soul reside. Like a beautiful shinning diamond I am sparkling. I the angel, I am very light so I can move anywhere. I can go to any place in universe with help of my wings of thoughts. My thoughts and feeling are very light.

I have good feelings for everyone. My heart is filled with pure love for everyone. I am the messenger of god. I am the medium through which god gives his light and might to all souls of the world. I am angel radiating light, radiating peace. I have wings of enthusiasm and with these wings I fly to world of angels. This world is made of pure white light, Very peaceful and cool. Here there is complete white light like thousands of moons illuminating it. In this region of light, I see king of angels brahma baba in whose forehead supreme father shivbaba is sparkling. There is field of strong vibration around bapdada.

As I enter into this field I feel very light and relaxing. Baba puts his hand of blessing on my head and transfer all the powers to me. Baba is giving loveful dristi to me. His dristi is full of love and spiritual powers. I am getting intoxicated with the dristi of baba. Baba you are supreme but you love me so much. Baba you have given everything to me. Baba I am greatful to you. Now after fulfilling me baba is directing me to do mansa seva ie serve all souls of the world mentally. I am world benefactor. Now I talk to baba and tell him that in todays world it is very much necessary to do mansa seva because many souls of world are in pain and suffering, they are not able to find any way to come out of it.

These souls are also not able to bear their pain nor they are able to solve their problems, baba in such case they need some external help. Baba only your powerful vibrations can help these souls but baba your vibrations need some medium to reach these souls. Baba mansa seva has also become very important now a days because all the souls are surrounded by number of problems. Baba these problem are becoming complex day by day with passage of time. Baba because of these problems souls are getting tensed, they are not able to solve their problems. Baba you have chosen me as your medium for serving these souls.

Baba I can become your effective medium only when I surrender myself completely to you and act as per your wish. I know baba whatever you say or whatever directions you give us is for our benefit and for my own upliftment, so baba now I will follow all your instructions and will act as per your directions. Baba as I surrender myself to you, you take control of me and I become complete. Baba now I connect myself with you with power of mind and intellect. Using thought power and focusing intellect on you, I get attached with you. Baba as I get attached with you I have become powerful and virtuous like you.

Now I am full of peace, love and happiness. Now my heart is filled with pure love for everyone. Baba you have asked me to spread pure love. Now I am spreading your pure love to whole world. Baba how fortunate I am that you have chosen me your medium and taught me this mansa seva.  Baba this service is the biggest service of all services because human beings can help each other by giving some support physically but they cannot give powers to souls to bear the pain and sorrow. Baba these powers only you can give as you are the source of all powers. Baba now you have directed us to take powers from you and give it to world. Shivbaba you have us that in near future very critical time will come when almost all the souls will suffer. For that time we need to stock all the powers.

Baba when I remember you and connect with you automatically all the powers from you comes to me. Baba now through power of my mind I spread your powers to whole world. Baba you have told us that subtle things have more power, baba thoughts are subtle and they are very powerful. Baba good wishes done with pure heart have miraculous affects. Baba now after connecting with you I make good wishes for souls of the world. Baba let all souls of the world become happy, they become peaceful. Baba with good feelings in my mind my wishes become true. All the souls of world are becoming happy and contended. After doing mansa seva and satisfying all the souls I return back to corporeal world in corporeal body. Omshanti... shanti... shanti...

Om Shanti