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"Save Your Kidneys"
World Best  Book on Kidneys
(in 15 languages)




The information given here is only for general information and must not be used without consulting your doctor. The information here may be incomplete, buggy or old. Consult your doctor for any treatment or changes in lifestyle.


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    International Languages  
  1 Bengali
  2 Chinese - Simplified
  3 Chinese - Traditional
  4 English
  5 Hindi
  6 Portuguese
  7 Spanish
    Indian Languages  
  8 Hindi
  9 Gujarati
  10 Kannada
  11 Kutchi
  12 Marathi
  13 Malayalam
  14 Punjabi
  15 Telugu   - Please note this book is incomplete at present. Hence
Go to website
for htm pages or Download Hindi / English version as above.
  16 Tamil                                                                                       55 Mb

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