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1st National Conference 2015 - 1.2.2015


00. Registration BK EV. Gireesh Bhai


01. Integrating Emotional Intelligence- Dr Girish Patel


02. New journey- Recreating New Perfect World - BK Shivani


03. Welcome Address Rajyogini BK Santosh Didiji (Zonal Incharge Maharashtra & A.P.)


04. About Brahmakumaris and Medical Wing Dr. Valsalan Nair


05. Objective of Conference & Divine Sanskar Activities    - Prof. EV.  Swaminathan


06. Inspiration & Messages by Guests of Honours


07. Message by Dr. Bharti Morey


08. Balance Sheet of Life - BK Shivani


09. Felicitation of Guests, BK Doctors and BK Sisters


10. Make Mind Your Best Friend  Prof.  Swaminathan


11. Easy Meditation for busy Doctors - BK Shreya

    12. 3 Dimensional Antenatal Care project, Questions, Answers and Valedictory Session - 
      Dr Shubhada Neel