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Day - 2 - (MP3 Commentary By Bk Preeti Swami  )

      Where have I Come From?

When I begin to consider myself to be a soul, the question often arises, “Where do souls come from?” In meditation I can explore dimensions of consciousness beyond the physical senses. Experiencing these dimensions increases my awareness of subtle realities of thought and feeling and ultimately takes me to a place of utter peace, purity and silence in which I feel as if I’ve returned to my original ‘home’. Together, the physical, subtle and soul ‘worlds’ comprise the three main levels of human consciousness.

The Physical World

The world in which we are now living is known as the physical or corporeal world, because all living beings here have a gross, corporeal or manifest form. The physical earth can be thought of as a vast stage where we ‘play our parts’ in the drama of life, in different bodily ‘costumes’. It can also be thought of as a field, where seeds of action are sown and fruits are reaped as experiences of happiness and sorrow. Here ‘time’, ‘space’, ‘history’ and ‘geography’ are important parameters of existence; here the laws of science apply. It is a world of expression and experience.

The Subtle World

Beyond the limits of the vast expanse of our solar system and distant galaxies there are regions of non-material light, unreachable by physical means and inaccessible to the physical senses. These realms can only be experienced through deep meditation and divine insight. The subtle world is an intermediate dimension of pure, positive luminous energy in which there is the experience of one’s subtle body of light and communication with other souls through pure spiritual thoughts and vibrations.

The Soul World

Beyond the physical realm of action and the subtle realm of pure thought lies an infinite, timeless dimension of complete stillness, silence and peace. Suffused with golden-red luminosity, this is the realm of God, the Supreme Being, Parent of all souls. It is the original home of all souls, where we once dwelt in a dormant, seminal state of total belongingness and bliss. Experiencing this ‘supreme region’ (Paramdham) of highest consciousness in meditation renews and recharges the soul, empowering it with the strength to play its part in the physical world with peace, equanimity and enlightened clarity.


In Raja Yoga meditation, not only do I journey inward to experience my essential self; I also journey upward into higher consciousness, going beyond the awareness of the physical body and the physical world. With practice I am able to perceive and experience the dimension of pure soul consciousness, beyond sound, activity and thought. In this place or state of awareness I experience complete freedom, peace, rest and comfort, as if I’ve come home to a place where I truly belong and where I can simply be.

Knowing God

In this world, many beliefs exist about God. As a result, people understand God in their own way and often in their own imagination. But what is required is the understanding God as He is, what He is and how He is. The correct understanding about God has to be given by God Himself!

There are some who don’t believe in the existence of God, often the reason being His existence cannot be proved like that of human beings. But because we cannot see God with the gross eyes, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. Just like wind, which cannot be seen but can be very much felt, it is possible to experience God’s presence through Godly knowledge and meditation.

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