15-11-2005          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Be loving to the Father and the family with a true heart, make a promise to become free from labour and take benefit from the promise.

Today, BapDada, is seeing His elevated children from everywhere, those who have a right to self-sovereignty and are stable in their stage of self-respect. The respect the Father has given the children is even higher than that of Himself. He has liberated every child from falling at the feet and has made them the crown on His head. He has always called Himself the Servant of the lovely children. He gave the respect of such a great authority to the children. So, does each of you consider yourself to have such self-respect? What is the special qualification of someone who is stable in self-respect? To the extent that someone has self-respect, accordingly, he will also be one who gives respect to everyone. To the extent that that one has respect, to that extent he will be humble and also be loved by everyone and be loving to all (serva ka pyara - implies being loving to all and being loved by all). The sign of one who has self-respect is that he would love the Father and also love everyone. He would not have love for a limited number, but would have love for the unlimited. The Father is loved by everyone. Whether someone is one month old or an original jewel, each one believes: "I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me." This is the sign of being loved by everyone, of elevated self-respect, because such children are the ones who follow the Father. Look, from little children to the elderly, mature children, the Father has given respect to all ages. To the youth He has given the respect of seeing them as world benefactors from being those who were destructive; He has made them great. The householders living in a family He has made even higher than the great souls and great Jagadgurus (sages). Although they live at home, He has made them into those who made the great souls, those who have an attitude of staying beyond, bow down. He has reminded the kumaris of the respect of the form of the Shiv Shaktis and has made them that. He has given the older, mature experienced children the respect of being equals of Father Brahma. Similarly, the children who are stable in their self-respect will see every soul with such respect. They will not just look at them in that way, but will come into relationship and connection with them in that way. Self-respect (Swaman) finishes body consciousness (Deh Abhimaan). Where there is self-respect, there won't be arrogance of the body. The very easy method to finish body consciousness is to stay constantly in your self-respect. Always look at each one with respect. Whether someone is part of the infantry or even the last number in the rosary of 16,000, according to the drama, even the last number has received one speciality or another from the Father. Someone who has self- respect would give respect to others seeing their speciality. The speciality of each one would be merged in his vision, attitude and actions. Anyone who belongs to the Father is a special soul. Even if he is numberwise, compared to the souls of the world, he is one out of multimillions. Do all of you consider yourselves to be special souls in this way? You have to remain stable in your self-respect. Not in body consciousness, but self-respect.

Why does the Father have love for every child? It is because the Father knows that the child has recognised Him and belongs to Him. Even if they have come into this gathering for the first time, nevertheless, the child has said "Baba", and so he is worthy to receive the Father's love. BapDada has the most love for all the children from everywhere. Follow the Father in the same way. There isn't a single one who is not loved; each one is loved. Look, any child who says, "My Baba", - what brings this consciousness of "mine"? It is Love. All of you who are sitting here, do you feel that it is love that has made you belong to the Father? The Father's love is a magnet. With the magnet of love, you came to belong to the Father. Love from the heart, not love just in words. Love from the heart is the foundation of this Brahmin life. Why do you come to meet Baba? It is love that has brought you here, is it not? All of you who have come here and are sitting here, why have you come? It was love that pulled you, was it not? How much love do you have? Is it 100% or is it less? Those of you who think that you have 100% love, raise your hands! 100% in your love? It isn't even slightly less, is it? Achcha, so, do you have just as much love among yourselves within the Brahmin family? Should Baba ask you to raise your hands for this? There is a percentage in this. Just as the Father has love for everyone, in the same way, children should also have love for everyone, and be loved by all. Do not look at the weaknesses of others. If someone is influenced by a sanskar, who is it that you have to follow? Those who are influenced? You are those who give the mantra that disciplines the mind - the mantra that liberates them from an influence; you are those who liberate them, are you not? Or, are you those who look at others? Or, is it that you can see their weaknesses? What would you do if you saw something bad? Would you continue to look at it or would you step away? BapDada has seen that those who have love in their heart, those who have love for the Father in their heart, would definitely have love for everyone. Love in the heart is a very easy method to become complete and perfect. No matter how knowledgeable someone is, if they don't have love in the heart, they would not have an enjoyable Brahmin life. It would be a dry, tasteless, life. On the path of knowledge, if there is knowledge without love, then questions arise in knowledge: "Why? What?" However, if there is love with knowledge, then that person would always remain absorbed in love. Someone who has love does not have to make effort to remember the one he loves. If someone is just knowledgeable but doesn't have love, then he has to labour. That one eats the fruit of labour and this one eats the fruit of love. Knowledge is the seed and love is the water. If the seed doesn't receive the water of love, the fruit cannot emerge.

Today, BapDada was checking love in the hearts of all the children, for the Father and for everyone else. So, what do all of you consider yourselves to be ? Are you loving? Are you? Those of you who think that you are loving in your heart, raise your hands! Are you loving to everyone? Loving to everyone? Achcha. You have love in your heart for the Father; are you also loving to everyone else? To everyone? Does each one of you think: This one is my brother or sister? Does each one of you think: This one belongs to me? Do you believe that? Or, do only some of you believe that? Just as all of you raise your hand for having love for the Father - that yes, you are loving to the Father - in the same way, would you raise your hand for everyone else - that yes, you have love for all? Will you receive this certificate? BapDada has told you earlier too that you mustn't receive a certificate from just the Father, that you also have to receive it from the Brahmin family because, at this time, the Father is establishing both a religion and a kingdom at the same time. There won't be just the father in the kingdom, there will also be the family. Be loving to the Father and also be loving to the family.

You have become knowledgeable , but it is also essential to be loving at the same time. To stay in your self-respect and also to give regard: both are essential. As soon as each of you children took Brahmin birth, the Father gave you respect and this was how you became so elevated. You have to give respect in this one birth and you will receive respect - the reward of that - throughout the whole cycle. For half the cycle, you receive the respect of having a right to the kingdom, and for half the cycle, on the path of devotion, you receive respect from the devotees. However, the basis of this for the whole cycle is to give respect in this one birth and to receive respect.

Look, this is the first meeting of this season. All the children from everywhere have gathered together with love. Those who have come here for the first time, raise your hands! Many have come. You have come for the first time and have taken the first chance. So, congratulations to those who have taken the first chance. Seeing the expansion in their family, everyone feels very happy. Wah, our brothers and sisters have arrived! BapDada is also very pleased. The children who were separated have once again arrived to claim their rights. So, you are all happy. Or, are you very, very, very happy? Very, very happy. Achcha.

Double foreigners have also come. Double foreigners are clever. You don't miss out in any turn. It is good. Those who take the chance are called chancellors. So, you are clever in taking your chance. BapDada gives special congratulations to the double foreigners for one thing in particular. What is that? You have been scattered here and there, your country has changed, the religion of some has also changed, your culture too has changed. However, although all of these have changed, your eye of recognising the Father was very sharp so that even though everything was different, you were clever in recognising the Father. You have recognised the Father and made Him belong to you. You made the family belong to you. You made the Brahmin culture yours. So, you are clever, are you not? And, BapDada always sees the speciality that you have love for the Father, and that you also have a lot of love for service. Because of having love for service, you remain very busy, do you not? You do double service. Not even double, you do triple service. You have your lokik job, you also have the service of giving knowledge, and together with that, BapDada has seen that the majority of you children are co-operative in doing karma yoga service at the centres. So, when BapDada sees that you children remain busy in all three types of service, He is pleased and congratulates you from His heart. Even now, BapDada is seeing children everywhere abroad: some are celebrating this meeting in the night and others are celebrating this meeting in the day. In order to increase the speed of your service, you have also got such a good Dadi. It is like that, is it not? When she sees even a little weakness, she gives class upon class about that. When any children from this land or abroad find it takes labour in any subject, the main reason for that is a lack of love in the heart. Love means to remain absorbed in love. You don't have to make effort to remember someone you love; it is difficult to forget someone you love. If you have to make effort, the reason for that is: check the love in your heart. Is there a leakage anywhere? Whether there is attachment to a person, to a person's speciality, to any facility, or to any salvation, or extra salvations - enough salvation is all right, but sometimes you have love or attachment for extra salvation - you would continue to remember that salvation. The sign of that is: When there is a leakage, there won't be the experience of constant contentment in your life for whatever reason. One reason or another will make you experience discontentment, whereas where there is contentment, the sign of that is that there will be constant happiness. You will be constantly smiling like a spiritual rose. You will remain in bloom and not have an off-mood. You will always remain double light. So, do you understand? Now save yourself from labouring. BapDada does not like it when the children have to labour. You have laboured for half the cycle; now enjoy yourselves. Remain absorbed in love. Experience the pearls of love at the bottom of the Ocean of Knowledge. Do not just take a dip and come out of the ocean, but remain merged in it.

All of you have made a promise, have you not, that you will live with the Father and go back home with Him? Have you made this promise? Will you go with Him or follow Him? Those who are ready to go with Baba, raise your hands! Are you ready? Raise your hands after careful consideration. To be ready means to be equal to the Father. Who will go with Him? Those who are equal will go with Him. So, will you go with Him? Are you ever-ready? Is the first row ever- ready? Are you ever-ready? If you are given an order tomorrow to go with Him, will you go with Him? The householders, will you go with Him? Will you not remember your children? Will you mothers go with Baba? Are you mothers ready? Will you not remember anyone? Will the teachers remember their centres and their students? Will you not remember them? Achcha. Have all of you become free from attachment? That is very good. Then, you won't have to labour, will you?

Today, BapDada, wants to make everyone free from labour - whether you are sitting in front of the Father or sitting in the Father's heart while sitting at a distance. Will you become that? You have applauded, but will you become that? From tomorrow, no one will go to the Dadis. You won't make them make effort on you, will you? You will meet them for enjoyment. You will not go to the zonal heads. You will not complain. You will be complete. Is that OK? Now, raise your hands! Raise your hands after careful consideration. Do not raise them just like that. Those in the first row are not raising their hands. Did you raise your hands? There are no complaints. No one has the consciousness of "mine" and no one belongs to you. "I" doesn't exist. "Mine" doesn't exist. They have finished. Look, you made a promise and that is good. Congratulations! However, it is just that you don't take the benefit of that promise. You very quickly make a promise, but, in order to take the benefit of it, first of all, have realisation every day and, secondly, revise it. Revise your promise every day: What did I promise? After the meeting at amrit vela, make a chart of the balance of both the promise (vaada) and its benefit (faida). What did you promise? What benefit are you taking? Realise this and revise it. When there is a balance, it will be all right. BapDada knows that those who are having the meetings have made a promise. Stand up, the ones who are having meetings. Achcha, have you made a firm promise? Or, is it a promise just for the file? Did you make it for the file, or is it final? Did you make it final? You may applaud. Applaud very well. You did very well. Sit down. If so many of you make it final, then the final number will definitely be finalised because you are the instruments who are the images of support for special service. And the success of service is through self- service. The basis of world service is self-service. So, all of you are those who have made a promise and are taking benefit of that promise, and so your feeling of being an instrument will help others. Realise this again and again. Realise in your heart what you have to do and what you must not do. Put the seal of the Almighty Government on the word "No" for 21 births, and continue to say, "Ha ji, ha ji". You are master almighty authorities and you can do whatever you want. You have received this much authority from the Father. Before you have a thought, speak a word or perform an action, check whether it is equal to that of the Father or not. Check it first and then put it into the practical form. When your conscience says yes, "Ha ji", then put it into the practical form. You have to become equal and also do that which is equal. You also have to go with Baba. BapDada continues to look at every child with very high hopes in each one: "This one is going to become that, he did become that and is definitely going to become that." Simply remember two words: instrument and humility. Through this, both "I" and "mine" will finish. I am an instrument and I definitely have to become humble. Baba heard the news of you celebrating the 70th year. Foreign lands and this land are also making preparations. You had a meeting for this, did you not? So with which method does BapDada want you to celebrate the 70th Anniversary? All of you have enthusiasm for celebrating, do you not? Do you have enthusiasm? Do the mothers have it? Do the double foreigners have it? Do you want to celebrate it? You do make programmes for service and will continue to make them. You are clever in that. BapDada has seen that you make very good plans which BapDada likes. What does BapDada want? BapDada wants just one expression: Use in a worthwhile way. Be successful. All the treasures you have, the powers you have - thoughts, words and actions are also powers - time is a treasure and also a power - you have to use all of that in a worthwhile way. Whether it is physical wealth or the spiritual treasures, you have to use everything in a worthwhile way. You have to receive the certificate of being an embodiment of success. Use everything in a worthwhile way and enable others to use everything they have in a worthwhile way. If someone is not using something in a worthwhile way, then do not say anything or give corrections, but do it with your good wishes, pure feelings and constantly giving pure regard, and so enable them to use everything in a worthwhile way. Do not just give correction. If you have to give correction, then let it be with forgiveness and then correction. Give teachings through your form of forgiveness. Be merciful. Be merciful. Your merciful form will definitely show the fruit of the correction. Look, nowadays, even when surgeons perform an operation, what do they do first? They first put you to sleep (anesthetic) and then operate on you. They do not operate on you before that. They apply a tincture; first they blow and then they apply a tincture. So, you too first of all have to become merciful, and then give correction, and this will create an impact on them. Otherwise, when you begin to give correction, they are already cleverer than you. So, a teacher would not accept correction from a teacher. When you tell them a point - "Don't do this, but do this" - they will have 10 points to cut you off. Therefore, forgiveness and correction should go together. So, the theme of this 70th anniversary is to use everything in a worthwhile way, enable others to use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success. Use everything in a worthwhile way. You want to become double-light, therefore use everything in a worthwhile way. Even use your sanskars in a worthwhile way. Make your original sanskars, your deity sanskars, and the eternal sanskars of the soul, emerge. Have a cremation ceremony of the wrong sanskars. Make your original and eternal sanskars emerge. Everyone now has this one complaint in particular: I cannot change my sanskars, I cannot change my sanskars. So, in the 70th year, you will perform a wonder, will you not? So, demonstrate this speciality of transformation. Is that OK? You are going to do this in the 70th year, are you not? Do you want to do this? Will you do it? Is it that you will do it or is it already accomplished? You just have to be the instrument. Achcha. Seeing all the children, BapDada sings the song: Wah, children, wah! Achcha. What are we going to do now?

It is Indore's turn to serve: Many sevadharis have come. It is a good gathering. Whatever service you have done, you have done it with love in your heart. Did you also experience happiness, the practical fruit of that? Did you receive happiness? The practical fruit of service is happiness and the future fruit of service is the charity that you accumulated. Your account of charity increased. So, you receive fruit at the present time and you also accumulated for the future. It is good that every zone receives this chance. By getting a special chance, you receive benefit from the atmosphere. You accumulate in your account of charity by serving the yagya, and, through service, your relationship of spiritual love through relationship and connection with all Brahmins increases. So, you are doing very well. And, from tomorrow, the winding up will also begin. So, you have done very well. You will go back having filled yourselves with the power of service for all time. It is good. There are mothers and also kumaris. All of you are servers. The Pandavas are there anyway. Pandavas, raise your hands! There are more Pandavas. Mothers, raise your hands! Kumaris, raise your hands! You have taken the chance of service, and so especially continue to give the return in service of the benefit you have taken from the promise that you have made before returning. Take benefit of the promise you made. It is not just a promise, there is also benefit. Achcha.

Indore-Nadiad Hostel Kumaris: There are a few kumaris from Nadiad (in Gujarat). Are the kumaris from Nadiad all right? Are there both self-progress and progress in service? It is good that kumaris take training. More kumaris have also come for training, have they not? Those from Nadiad, come to the front. Achcha. All of you kumaris, whether you are in Nadiad or in Madhuban - at present, you are all in Madhuban, are you not? - have all of you kept a proper aim? What aim have you kept? That of becoming an embodiment of success. Do not become a problem. Become an embodiment of solutions. Do not be influenced by the atmosphere. Create an impact through your atmosphere. Have you filled yourself with that much power? What will you do if you don't receive help from the atmosphere? Will you show your own atmosphere? Do you have that much power? Then, you may applaud. Congratulations. Very good. Look, your picture is being taken in this. A photo is being taken. So, BapDada will ask your instrument teacher for your report every month. He will also give congratulations because you are embodiments of success and you have a right to success. So, you want to have a right to success, do you not? It is good that you have congratulations for one thing now, and that is that you have come here having maintained courage. So, you definitely have multimillionfold help from BapDada for your every step of courage. Do not become disheartened. Remain happy in your heart. If any problem comes, then place it in front of the Father there and then. Do not keep it in your heart. "Baba, You take this. I am an embodiment of solutions." Is this OK? You have good courage and constantly continue to maintain courage. Achcha.

A very good mega programme took place in Cuttack. There was a very good programme in Puri too. You are doing very good programmes. You have to carry out the task of giving the message and that message is reaching everyone. Everyone has come to know that you are the Brahma Kumaris and this is the task that you want to carry out. However, the one pure desire that BapDada has for all the old, bigger centres has not yet been fulfilled. This is BapDada's complaint. More heir-quality souls and also intense effort-making souls in service should come in front of BapDada. VIPs also come, but the VIPs should now become VVIPs. The VIPs should not remain VIPs and IPs should not remain IPs; they should experience the Brahmin life. There is quantity but now a bouquet of quality should emerge from every zone. Every zone has especially to sustain such souls everywhere in whom there is hope and bring them into a closer relationship. You are making plans, but now speed up this plan, because, at the very least, the powerful population of the first birth - not those who only come sometimes or those who observe the disciplines only sometimes - but those who are firm, who win and who come in the birth of 1-1-1; prepare such a bouquet. Even if they become subjects, even the subjects will be special. Even the subjects will have the right to be called masters, because the beauty and the splendour of the first birth would be different, would it not? So, each zone should make its own results emerge. You have made very good programmes. Congratulations for that. BapDada considers that to be good - you are using everything in a worthwhile way, you have zeal and enthusiasm, and you also come into relationship and contact with important people. You are doing well, but now, show some results. Out of the 100,000 or 150,000 that come there should be at least some who win. So, prepare such a programme and the older centres now have to make new heir- quality souls emerge. Those who are old receive congratulations anyway. Now prepare new heir- quality souls. The royal family and those who are in relationship and connection with the royal people are also needed.

Now, for one minute, and the one minute is very famous. All of you have made a promise to remain free from labouring, have you not? Take a photo. So, now, for one minute, underline this promise in your heart with determination. Make it firm in your heart. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who have self-respect, to those who always have love for the Father in their heart, to the elevated souls who have love for everyone, to the intense effort- making children who always remain free from labouring and who experience liberation-in-life, to the blissful children who always maintain a balance between the promise they make and the benefit they take from that promise, to those who always remain in pleasure, and who also enable others to stay in pleasure, to such confluence-aged children who have a right to the elevated fortune, love and remembrance from BapDada and blessings from the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. Love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: Are you all right? Everyone is happy to see you. The Father and the children: everyone is happy to see both of you. Both of you are equal; you are loved by everyone. Everyone has special love for the Dadis. Everyone has a lot of love. Those who become instruments also have responsibility and so they also receive just as much love because they receive a lift of love and blessings from everyone in their life. You, who become instruments, also receive a lift. However, there can be a lot of benefit if the gift of the lift is kept with you at all times. These are extra blessings you receive. For any task - whether a Godly task or service of the yagya - those who become special instruments receive the lift of both blessings and love. Love is such that it performs wonders. Today, if you ask anyone in the world what he wants, he will say: I want love. I want peace. However, that can only be received with love. So, love, soul- conscious love, is the most elevated of all. (Those from France have sent lots of love). BapDada is also giving special congratulations for the transformation in service. (Brother Mark worked very hard.) Special congratulations. You may applaud. Look, the past record with the Government of being a cult will now be wiped out everywhere. You have maintained good courage. You receive help for your courage. You did yoga with your heart and so you receive the fruit of that yoga. You also received power. BapDada is happy and the family are also happy and this is why they applauded.

BapDada speaking to Dadiji: Is your health not good? Do you have a fever? She is courageous. Is her head hot or cold? The body is playing games. There is weakness because of ill health. You are now receiving strength. Tell everyone, "I am fine." Say, "I am fine." (Dadiji said: I am completely fine.) You have everyone's love. Look, when sakar Baba became avyakt he made you the instrument in the corporeal form. To become an instrument at such a time is a matter of great courage. Those who show courage at such a time receive help throughout their life. Achcha. Everyone's body has a small complaint...

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *