30-11-2008          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Apply a full-stop, imbibe complete purity, and by giving sakaash with your mind, do the service of giving souls a drop of happiness and peace.

Today, BapDada is seeing the great children from everywhere. What greatness have you shown? You have easily shown to be possible what the world considers impossible, and that is the vow of purity. All of you have taken the vow of purity, have you not? From BapDada, you have taken the vow of determined thought for transformation. To take this vow (vrat) means to bring about transformation through your attitude (vruti). Have you transformed your attitude? You had the thought that you are all brothers. With the transformation of this attitude, in devotion too, they take this vow in so many things, but all of you have had the determined thought with the Father because the foundation of Brahmin life is purity and it is through purity that you have God's love and all Godly attainments. The mahatmas consider it to be difficult or impossible, whereas you consider purity to be your original religion. BapDada is seeing that there are some good children who have had the thought and with the determined thought are showing that transformation in a practical way. BapDada is giving many, many blessings from His heart to such great children from everywhere.

All of you are also experiencing purity in your thoughts, words, actions, attitude and vision, are you not? The attitude of purity means to have good wishes and pure feelings for each and every soul. Vision of purity means to see every soul in their soul-conscious form and also constantly to experience the self easily in the soul-conscious stage. The importance of Brahmin life is purity in your thoughts, words and deeds. If there is no purity, then the praise of Brahmin life, which is to give blessings to yourself with the power of purity - what blessings do you give? You experience yourself to be happy through purity and you also give happiness to others. Pure souls receive three special blessings. One is to give blessings to yourself and so you become easily loved by the Father. Secondly, you become the nearest and dearest child of the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, and this is why you easily receive blessings from the Father and constantly receive them. Thirdly, you also continue to receive blessings from those who are the special instruments of the Brahmin family. With blessings from all three, you constantly continue to fly and make others fly. So, all of you should ask yourselves and check: Do I always experience the power (bal) of purity and the fruit (fal) of purity? Do I always have that spiritual intoxication and pride in my heart? Sometimes, when some children celebrate a meeting at amrit vela, they have a heart-to-heart conversation. Do you know what they say? They don't always have the fruit of supersensuous joy which you receive through purity. They have it sometimes and not at other times, because supersensuous joy is the fruit of purity. So, ask yourself: Who am I? Do you always stay in the experience of supersensuous joy or only sometimes? What do you have yourselves called? When all of you write your names, what do you write? B.K. So-and-so. B.K. So-and-so. And you call yourselves master almighty authorities. All of you are that, are you not? Are you master almighty authorities? Those of you who consider yourselves to be master almighty authorities all the time, not just sometimes, raise your hands! All the time? Just be careful; think about it! Are you this all the time? Double foreigners are not raising their hands. A few are raising their hands. Teachers, raise your hands! Are you this constantly? Do not raise your hands just like that; only those who are this constantly should raise their hands. There are very few. Pandavas, raise your hands! Those sitting at the back; there are very few. It is not the whole gathering raising their hands. OK, if you are master almighty authorities, then, where do all the powers go at that time? A master means a master and a master is higher than the Father. So check: There is definitely something weak in the foundation of purity. What weakness is there? Is there weakness in the mind, that is, in your thoughts? Is there weakness in your words or weakness in your actions? Or is there weakness in your dreams? Because the thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections and dreams of a pure soul are automatically powerful. Since you have taken the vow of transforming your attitude, why should it be sometimes? You are seeing the time and hearing the call of time, the call of the devotees and the call of souls and you have all made the lesson of 'suddenly' firm, and so weakness in the foundation means weakness in purity. If there are no good wishes and pure feelings in your words, if they are opposing purity, you cannot experience supersensuous joy, which is the happiness of complete purity because the aim of Brahmin life is to make the impossible possible. Such souls do not know the words 'To the extent that you have this, so accordingly, you have that...' or 'they don't have as much as they should'. (They don't have this language.) So, tomorrow, at amrit vela, check yourself. Do not think about others, do not look at others, but think only of yourself. Check to what percentage you are fulfilling the vow of purity. Check four things. 1. Attitude. 2. Good wishes and pure feelings in your relationships and connections. Do not think; 'This one is always like that anyway', but have pure feelings for that soul too. Since you consider yourselves to be world transformers - are all of you that? Do you consider yourselves to be world transformers? Raise your hands! You are raising your hands for this. You have raised your hands very well for this. Congratulations for this too. However, BapDada is asking all of you a question. Should Baba ask you? Should He ask you a question? Since you are world transformers, then the five elements of nature are also included in world transformation. You can transform those, but can you not transform yourself, your companions and your family? 'World transformer' means to transform everything - souls and nature. So remember your promise. All of you have promised the Father many times. However, BapDada is seeing that time is moving very fast. The call of everyone is increasing. So, who are the souls who will hear the call, bring about transformation and uplift everyone? You are those same ones, are you not?

BapDada told you earlier too: You will have to finish three expressions in order to be one who uplifts others and uplifts the world. You know them already. You are clever in knowing those. BapDada knows that all of you are clever. The first expression is 'par chintan' (thinking about others). Second is 'par darshan' (looking at others) and the third is 'par mat' (dictates of others). Finish all these three 'pars' and you will be able to become 'par-upkari' (one who uplifts others). It is these three expressions that become an obstacle. You remember that, do you not? It is not anything new. So, tomorrow, at amrit vela, check this. BapDada also tours around and He will see what you are doing. Now, according to the time and according to the call, there is a need to give each unhappy soul a drop of happiness and peace by giving them sakaash through the mind. What is the reason for this? BapDada sometimes suddenly looks at the children to see what they are doing because He has love for the children, and He wants to return with the children, He doesn't want to return alone. You will go with Baba, will you not? Will you return together? Will you? The ones sitting in the front are not raising their hands. Will you not return together? You are going to return together, are you not? Because of the children - BapDada, your Dadis and your special Pandavas of the advance party are waiting for all of you children. They have made a firm promise in their heart that we will all return home together. Not just a few of us, but all of us will return home together. So, tomorrow at amrit vela, check yourself to see what is lacking. Is something missing in your thoughts, words or when you come into action? BapDada toured around all the centres once. Should He tell you what He saw? What was missing? What He saw was that bringing about transformation and putting a full-stop in one second was missing. You can't tell what happens in the time it takes to put a full-stop. BapDada has already told you that in the last period, in the last moment, you will definitely have to put a full-stop. However, what did He see? You have to apply a full-stop, but, instead, you put a comma. You remember the things of others, thinking "Why does this happen? What happens?" and you apply an exclamation mark in this. So you are not able to put a full-stop, but instead there is the punctuation of a comma, an exclamation mark or a queue of questions. So check this. If you don't have the habit of applying a full-stop, then your final moments that lead you to your destination will not be elevated; they will not be high. This is why BapDada is giving you homework: Tomorrow, at amrit vela, check yourself and then you will have to change yourself. For one week, repeatedly practise applying a full-stop in a second. And, on 18th January - everyone has a lot of enthusiasm to become equal to the Father- and so on 18th January, everyone has to write a little note and put it in a box, writing down what your result has been till the 18th. Were you able to apply a full stop or was any other punctuation applied? Do you like this? Do you? Nod if you like it. BapDada has a lot of love for you children. He doesn't want to go alone, and so what would He do? Now, make fast, intense effort. Now, being slack in your effort will not bring you success.

Purity is said to be personality, reality and royalty. So, remember your royalty. Even in your eternal form, you souls are special souls in your land with the Father. Just as special stars are sparkling in the sky, in the same way, you special stars are sparkling in your eternal form. So remember your royalty of the beginning period. Then, when you go to the golden age, remember the royalty of the deity form. Everyone has a crown of light of their royalty on their head. Eternally and in the beginning period there is so much royalty. Then, come to the copper age - no one else has as much royalty as there is in your images. Images are created of leaders, actors and dharamatmas (saints), but the worshipping and the speciality of your images are so royal. Everyone becomes happy on seeing your images. They take so many blessings through the images. So, all of this is the royalty of purity. Purity is the birthright of Brahmin life. The lack of purity should now end. Do not think, "It will happen, I will have disinterest at that time and so it will happen then." You tell Baba many very good things: Baba, don't worry, it will happen. However, this January, BapDada especially wants to make everyone complete in purity. Purity is not just celibacy. Even waste thoughts are impurity. Waste words, a form of wasteful words which is also called bossiness - a trace of anger - are impurity. Create such sanskars of purity that, seeing you from a distance, others are able to receive vibrations of purity. The result of the purity that you have is that of the soul being pure and the body also being pure; you attain double purity. Whenever any child comes here, what is the first blessing he receives from the Father? Do you remember? May you be pure, may you be yogi! So, imbibe both things, purity and a full-stop - a yogi. Do you like it? At amrit vela, BapDada will go on a tour. He will also tour around all the centres. BapDada can tour around everywhere in one second. So, this January, make a new plan for the avyakt month. Increase service through the mind and through your stage - with avyakt actions and words. So, on 18th January, BapDada will see everyone's result. He has love for you, does He not? On 18th January, from amrit vela, you only speak of things of love. All of you complain, asking, "Why did Baba become avyakt?" So, the Father too is complaining, "While being in the corporeal form, when will you become equal to the Father?"

So, today, BapDada is especially drawing your attention a little. Baba is also giving you love, not just drawing your attention. Baba also has love because He doesn't want even a single child of His left out. Check the shrimat for every action. Check the shrimat that you have received for every action from amrit vela till night time. You are strong, are you not? You are going to return together, are you not? You want to return, do you not? Raise your hands! Do you want to return? Teachers? Those who are sitting at the back, raise your hands! Those sitting on the chairs, raise your hands! Pandavas, raise your hands! So, you can only return hand in hand when you have become equal. You have to do that; you have to become that. Have this determined thought. This determination lasts for 15 to 20 days. Then, gradually, a little carelessness creeps in. So, finish the carelessness. It has been seen that full enthusiasm and determination lasts for a maximum of one month. Then, after one month, a little carelessness begins. So, what will you end when this year ends? Will you just end the year, or, together with the year, will you also end whatever weakness there is in your thoughts and in your dharna? You will do this, will you not? You are not raising your hands. So, this record "We now have to return home" (Ab ghar chalna hai) should automatically be playing in your heart. You don't just have to return home, but you also have to come back to the kingdom. Achcha. Those who have come here for the first time to meet BapDada, raise your hands!

BapDada is giving special congratulations to those who have come here for the first time. You have come late, but not too late. However, always remember your blessing of making intense effort. You definitely have to make intense effort. Do not say, "I will do it; it will happen." You definitely do have to do it. Those who have come last have to go fast and come first. Achcha. What do we have to do now?

This time it was the turn of Punjab to serve: (Punjab, Hariyana, Himachal, Jammu Kashmir, Utranchal): It is good. Do you like the chance that you are given? It is special. And Punjab means - just as they speak of physical rivers being purifiers, so too, you purifier children of Punjab will claim the first number in making the souls of Punjab pure, will you not? Look, Punjab has the speciality of one thing. The first lecture that was given at the beginning was by invitation from the saints. Do you remember? The daughter (Dadi Janki) remembers. Nowhere else have you ever received an invitation from the saints to lecture on their stage. This has not happened. So, since Punjab is said to be a lion, you have done the work of a lion. You issued a challenge in front of the sages and holy men and so that makes Punjab a lion, does it not? Even now, the child (Amirchandbhai from Punjab) gave Baba a list. BapDada had asked for a list of how many VIPs are in contact with each of the wings. So BapDada has received the list from the child. He has given a list. You may applaud. It is good. Baba saw the list. It is good. However, you have to follow it up. They should not just remain VIPs. You have brought them to the first stage. However, the second stage is that, from time to time, they become co-operative and loving in every task, and after that, they become companions of the Brahmin family and they consider themselves to belong to this family. In some places, the VIPs have moved forward. BapDada is congratulating them. However much service has taken place from the time that Gyan Sarovar began, however many wings have been created, according to the time and service that has taken place from the beginning, the VIPs should now have become homely. As soon as you phone them, they should come to you. They should say "Ha ji, ha ji" and at least become your companions. Now, each wing should keep the aim of making them into co-operative souls easily. It should not be that they only come when you give them regard or a special seat. Make them a little homely. For instance, if they are not able to come to Abu, then invite them to the big centres in your own zone. Continue to meet them every three to six months and continue to make them feel homely. So, when the situations change, then, at least they will prove to be helpful at that time. So, those of all the wings are hearing this. In some places, they have become this, but very few. So, those from Punjab are lions. Yes, you can raise both hands. All of you are lions. So, you can do this first. The VIPs of Punjab should become homely. Even the mahatmas should become homely. They should not come to you just by invitation, but they themselves should say that they will come. It is good. Punjab has brought about expansion. BapDada also has love for Punjab. Why does He have love? You have made Jammu Kashmir belong to you, but only to a small extent. Jammu Kashmir is well known in Pakistan and in America. Everyone's vision is on Jammu Kashmir. So, show some splendour there. Do not think that the sisters of that place should do it. You should give some co-operation, and show it by doing something wonderful. Give a little attention and the name will be glorified. The place where there is fighting should now have a flag of peace hoisted there. Is that OK? It is a large number. Firstly, become free from obstacles and secondly, hoist the flag of peace in service. Everyone should be able to see the flag: that "Yes, the flag of peace is flying in the place of peacelessness." Is that OK? Achcha.

Double foreigners: Now, you are not double foreigners, but double intense effort-makers. Is that right? Are you double? Are you double effort-makers? It is good. Everyone becomes happy when they hear your names and that you come from this many countries or that there are centres in this many countries. You may not have hoisted flags in your own countries; in London, they have hoisted the flag. There is a flag hoisted just in London. Are there flags hoisted in any other countries? If so, raise your hands! Do you have a flag hoisted openly? They don't mind it? It is good. In how many countries do you have them? Would there be 10 to 12 countries? That is also good. BapDada is happy that you have hoisted the flags in the hearts of so many souls. So, seeing you, Baba is pleased that you are world servers, not just servers of Bharat, but world servers. You have the title of world servers, so you are not just of Bharat, but you are in every corner of the world and you are now increasing service very well. Very good service is taking place in the Muslim countries too. BapDada has heard the news; it is good. You have also made plans for Karachi; that is good. Whatever happens in the drama it will be the best of all. In the new cities where the children are staying, they have very good zeal and enthusiasm for service, and there is one daughter who has the most courage of all. She has courage. Every day at amrit vela, BapDada gives her blessings and the child is accurate. What is her name? (Wajeeha). Show it by doing something; she has courage; she isn't afraid. And she has looked after her family members tactfully. She is clever. Those from Nairobi too have made very good effort. The speciality of those from Nairobi is that because there are few sisters, the students that emerge look after the centres there; this is also a speciality. So, putting everyone's specialities together, each of you should make your own place special. It is good that the double effort-makers are making good effort and are moving forward, but Baba will still look at your chart. BapDada has told you the news. He will look at the chart of complete purity. It is good. Everyone's aim is very good, but the Maya of carelessness interferes a lot in between. Now, bid her farewell. Bid farewell to carelessness and invoke a full-stop. Is that OK? You will do that, will you not? Do not show carelessness. BapDada has already seen many games of carelessness. Now, show the game of a full stop in a second. In terms of accounting, the easiest of all is a full-stop. Just put your pencil there and a full-stop is applied. Achcha. The double foreigners always claim their turn and that is very good; continue to claim your turn. Achcha.

CAD group: Achcha, have you made some new plan? (Speaking to Dr. Gupta). Achcha, everything is moving along fine. You are now trying to make it known to everyone through the Government that the heart can be looked after well without any expense. First of all everyone sees everything and they ask questions. People have even asked BapDada a question. Should Baba tell you? Why does he not put right the hearts of the Brahmin children? Why does he go there? Carry out a trial on them first. This is their mistake because they don't follow the disciplines. Whatever precautions others are asked to take, they observe them fully, whereas Brahmins think that because this is their home they don't observe the precautions as much. However, create such examples, even among non-Brahmins, so that the Brahmins think that they too can do this. The work is good. The sound has reached them, but now let the sound become a little louder and let it spread. The good wishes and pure feelings are also enabling the task to be carried out. Each wing has to go ahead of everyone. It is good. Move forward even more and continue to make others move forward too. Achcha.

Special blessings from the heart of BapDada to the greatly pure souls from everywhere; love from the heart and also congratulations for being merged in the heart. BapDada knows that whenever He is to come, all the children from everywhere send love and remembrance through e-mails, letters and many other facilities. Before anyone gives BapDada those messages, everyone's love and remembrance reaches BapDada because the connection of the long-lost and now-found children who remember Baba reaches Baba very fast. You meet Baba personally after three to four days, but the love and remembrance of the truly worthy souls reaches BapDada at that very moment. Those who remembered Baba in their heart, those who didn't find the facilities, their love and remembrance also reached Baba. And BapDada is responding to each child with multi-multi-multi millionfold love and remembrance.

Now, let there be just the one concern everywhere: Complete purity has to be spread in the whole Brahmin family. Give co-operation to those who are weak and make them pure. This is great charity. Do not leave them alone and think, "They are like that anyway; they are never going to change." Do not curse them in that way. Perform an act of charity. We will show this by changing. We definitely have to change. Increase their hopes. Do not make those who have fallen fall even further down. Give them support, give them power. To all the fortunate children who are happy and who distribute happiness, lots and lots of love, remembrance and namaste.

Speaking to Dadis: (Speaking to the sisters who look after the Dadis): All of you are knowers of the secrets, are you not? All of you who are instruments, let your form be such; create such a stage, that others feel that they have received something from you too on behalf of the Dadis. They should feel that they didn't just get the programme from you, but that they received something special from you too. You can give something through your drishti; you can give through your face. Be number one in serving through your face and your behaviour. Is this possible? BapDada has special love for all of you. (These three never raise their hands when BapDada asks anything.) When BapDada asks, you should raise your hands because you will then remember that. Today, you four are specially loved. Their Brahminis (Mohiniben and Munniben's), call them too: where are they? Look, all of you have received a very good duty. You come to know everyone. No one knows everyone, but you have received such a duty that you come to know the whole Brahmin family. If anyone mentions your names - Neelu, Hansa, Praveena, Leela, Rukmani - they say that they know you. So all of you are samples and a deal is made after seeing a sample. So, all of you who are instruments, you should all think that you are examples. You are examples of the Dadis. It would be said to be like the story of King Mohjeet (king who conquered attachment) that you would have heard. Even the guardsmen at the gate were conquerors of attachment, and so what would the people inside be? So you are instruments. This too is a blessing. To receive this duty is also a blessing; you are so close. So, you should take benefit of being close. It is good. BapDada is pleased to see all of you. All of you are fine, but now simply continue to imbibe the virtues of the Dadis a little more. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta (Par Dadi): Your face does service. Everyone remembers Father Brahma a lot when they see you because you have followed him. They will not have this feeling from the other children, but you have followed him. Nevertheless, you have now become a resident of Madhuban. You are a Madhuban resident. (speaking to the sisters looking after Par Dadi): Very good. You are looking after her well. You also have a certificate. You are doing everything with love.

Speaking to Dadi Shantamani: (Dadi had an eye operation). You will be fine; you have courage. Seeing the courage all of you have, others receive courage because the seed, the foundation, is very good. You don't come into feeling. You don't have the feeling of having an illness. You stay in your own intoxication. You pay attention to the study and to service. You are receiving blessings for that. The doctors are also very pleased because you don't cry out. You don't cry out in distress.

Nirwairbhai told BapDada about the construction work being carried out at the Hyderabad Academy: For the work that still remains, also gather the teachers of Andhra Pradesh because if their money is used for this place, then their mind will also be drawn there. Everyone should give their co-operation. If there is a shortfall, then the yagya is there anyway, but if their money is not used for this, then their mind is not pulled to it. Therefore, get their gathering together and give enthusiasm to each one. The task that still remains has to be accomplished and whoever can give a finger should definitely do that. Gather everyone together. Andhra Pradesh should come forward a little. It is good. The turn of Andhra Pradesh to serve is soon to come. In that too, have a special gathering of those from Andhra Pradesh and someone or other should go there every month or in six months and have a meeting. Since all the zones are meeting, they should also meet and everything will then work out fine. Is that OK?

Speaking to Rameshbhai: Is your health OK? (Rameshbhai gave Baba news of Mumbai): All the centres are safe. Nevertheless, Bombay belongs to the Father. It is the Father's family. However, you definitely have to increase what the Father said: Full stop and tapasya. This is nothing. You will not be able to come out of your homes; you will not be able to open any windows, so what will you do then? A lot worse than this is going to take place.

Brijmohanbhai gave Baba news of the Sindhi conference that took place in Om Shanti Retreat Centre: You have now made a connection. Now, follow it up. Now bring them into further connection. The film person can be very helpful to you. They (Sindhis) should not be left out. The Father's incarnation took place there and so they should not be left out. Your duty is to give the message. They should not say that they were not told about it. (To Ashaben): You have had to work a little hard. You have love for the Father and you therefore didn't feel it to be hard work. (Now ORC is running ahead in service). Service has to run everywhere. Whatever zones are weak and unable to get together, someone or other should go there every month and have a gathering there. (Dadi Janki requested the co-operation of Dadi Gulzar as well in this.) Co-operation from one another is definitely needed.

Eight senior sisters had a five-day silent bhatti and they came in front of BapDada: Achcha, the angels have come. You are angels, are you not? This is a gathering of angels. Achcha. You did this by having zeal and enthusiasm in yourselves, did you not? Many, many congratulations for that. You didn't think that there are only a few of you or ....... others will come or not. We just have to do this. So, you have become the eight jewels. Seeing the eight jewels everyone will have enthusiasm. In the programme that you make for the month of January, have something similar so that everyone has enthusiasm, and then follow it up. You yourselves are responsible and so you looked after your responsibilities. However, others will have to be pulled; and the atmosphere should become such that there is a practical difference in Madhuban. Each one has to create such an atmosphere at the centre, as it is remembered that every home is a temple. So, let there be a temple of living angels in every home. BapDada is pleased that you had courage and did this and you did it well. So, BapDada would say that this is the group that maintained courage. You have become an example. You liked it, did you not? You liked it very much; you also found it easy. You didn't have to work hard. You probably didn't like getting up from here. So, now turn around. (You may applaud). Look, what courage did all of them maintain? BapDada and the family co-operated with them. They had a five-day bhatti of applying a full stop. And in the five continuous days, no one missed anything at all. They all began it and are now in front of you at the end. You made good effort. Now, you can all make such groups and continue to make this effort internally. If there are two people at the centre, make another friend your companion at the centre and let your seniors know about it, that you will have a special bhatti. If you make a special discipline, you will receive help. BapDada liked it. Effort has now become easy, has it not? Now, don't forget this when you get back home. Do not get caught up in situations. Claim number one in applying a full stop. You will inspire others to make this effort and also share your own experiences. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *