24-03-2009          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Merge the treasures you have received from BapDada into yourself, use them and become an authority of experience.

Today, Baba is seeing all the children everywhere who have accumulated all treasures and have become full. As well as this, Baba is also seeing the result as to what extent each child has accumulated all treasures. You have received many imperishable treasures from BapDada. The first and foremost greatest treasure of all is the treasure of the wealth of knowledge through which you have received liberation and liberation-in-life. All the children have received liberation from the old body and the old world and the stage of liberation-in-life, and the way to go to the land of liberation. There isn't just the treasure of knowledge, but, together with that, there is also the treasure of yoga through which you attain all powers. Together with those is the treasure to imbibe, through which you attain all virtues. And with this is the treasure of service through which you receive the treasure of blessings and the treasure of happiness. And together with all these is the greatest treasure of all - the time of the confluence age because, throughout the whole cycle, the time of the confluence age is the most valuable time. Every thought and every moment of the period of the confluence age is very invaluable because it is only at the confluence age that the sweet meeting of BapDada and the children takes place. In no other age does the meeting of God, the Father, and the Godly children take place. As well as this, it is only at the time of the confluence age that you attain all treasures from BapDada. It is only at the confluence age that you are able to accumulate the treasures; in no other age is there an account in which to accumulate them or a bank in which to credit them. There is just the one confluence age in which you can accumulate as much as you want, and the importance of this confluence period is that you can accumulate for many births in just one birth. This is why this small age has so much importance and all the children attain the treasures from BapDada. The Father who gives is One and He gives equally to all, but, in accumulating these treasures, every child accumulates them according to his effort. The Father, the Bestower, is One and gives equally to all at the same time, but what did He see in the children imbibing them. That, although the Father gave equally to all, in imbibing them, each one made his own individual effort because, to imbibe the treasures, firstly, you can create your reward through your own effort, secondly, you constantly have to remain content and make everyone content. With the speciality of contentment you can accumulate the treasures and thirdly, with service, because, through service, all souls attain happiness and so you can accumulate the treasure of happiness. Your own effort, the effort to make everyone content and the third is the effort in service: you can accumulate the treasures in these three ways. In order to accumulate the treasures, specially when coming in connection and relationship with others, have the consciousness of being an instrument, have humility, with altruistic motives - there is the need to have good wishes and pure feelings for all souls. If you have all these things in service and in relationships and connections, then you can very easily accumulate in your account of charity and account of blessings.

BapDada was seeing everyone's chart: what did He see? He saw that all the children everywhere were numberwise. The Father is One, He gives to everyone at the same time, but, in them accumulating these, He saw three types of children. One are those who accumulate the treasures and use them up immediately. They do accumulate, but then use them and finish them. The second are those who use them, they accumulate and they also increase them by paying attention to their accumulation. What is the method to increase the treasures? The method to increase the treasures is to use the treasures that you have received in any adverse situation that comes up, according to the time. Those who use these treasures and change their situation through their stage are able to accumulate. Those who do not use these treasures do not accumulate them. So, each one of you should ask yourself: Am I using the treasures for myself and for others at the right time? The more you use them, the more they will increase because, by using them, you continue to become experienced. So, you continue to add to the authority of experience. So check and ask yourself: Have I accumulated all these treasures? Am I using the method to increase these treasures at the right time? Is my authority of experience increasing? Out of all the authorities, it is the authority of experience that is remembered the most. So, each one of you has to increase your account. You have to check because now is the time to check and you are still able to increase the treasures. You still have a chance and then this chance will finish. You will not then be able to increase them even if you want to.

BapDada has seen that you take the treasures, and you happily even try to absorb them into yourself, but when you receive the treasures - you only receive the treasures through the murli - there are two types of children. One are those who simply listen and the others are those who merge it into themselves. Some children become very happy on hearing it, but there is a lot of difference between just hearing and merging it into yourself. Those who merge it into themselves continue to become experienced because at the right time they use what they have merged and so continue to increase the treasures. Those who simply listen to it speak about it, and they relate it very well, and they even say that what Baba said was very good. However, without merging it in themselves, they are unable to use it at the right time. So, all of you have to check: Am I one who has merged it in the self? If there is even a little less, if it is not full, there will be fluctuation, but someone who has merged it in himself will be full and so there won't be any fluctuation. This is why BapDada checked everyone's treasures today. You were told that there are three types of children. Now check yourself to see: Who am I? To increase the treasures means to use them at the right time. The more you continue to use the treasures, the more they increase because whatever treasures there are, it is the master of the treasures who uses the treasures. The treasures themselves do not use themselves. The Father has given all of you all the treasures as an inheritance. Each one of you has to pay attention to make the Father's treasures your own because the fuller you are in an overflowing state, the more you will remain unshakeable and immovable.

BapDada wants each child to become full, not to be any less because it is only now that you have a chance to accumulate in the imperishable account through the Father. This is why it is said: If not now, then never! This is the praise of the time of the confluence age. In the future you will attain the fruit of whatever you have accumulated, but the time to attain it is just now. So, each one of you has to check your account. To whatever extent each one's treasure-store is full is visible through their eyes, their activity and their face. Their face and activity will be like a rose in bloom. BapDada continues to see from each one's activity and face how cheerful and happy they remain. Spirituality through the eyes, a smile on the face and from their actions, everyone experiences all the virtues. So each of you should check yourself.

BapDada has the pure hope in all the children that each child should make all other souls full of such treasures. Today, souls of the world want to receive some spiritual power, and it is only you Brahmin souls who are bestowers of spiritual power because you souls are the holiest, highest and richest souls. Out of all souls, you are the holiest of all. No other souls are worshipped with discipline in the same way as you souls are worshipped. Even now in the last birth, you souls are worshipped; no founder father or great souls who are instruments are worshipped like you are. Although their memorials are made, they are not worshipped with discipline in the same way as you are. And your treasures are - you are the richest in the world. The treasures of this one birth of you Brahmin souls are guaranteed to continue for 21 births because you have received Baba's inheritance from the Father. So, just as the Father is imperishable, in the same way, the treasures that you receive from the Father also become imperishable. This is why you are richest in the world, the holiest in the world.

All of you consider yourselves to be such special servers, do you not? According to today's time, do you know what souls of the world need at the present time? Today, the world needs happiness, power and love. They want spiritual love and so, according to the time, you Brahmin souls have to become bestowers. Through your mind give them powers, through your words give them knowledge and through your actions, give them the donation of virtues. At the end, Father Brahma gave all the children three words as a gift. You remember these three words, do you not? If you use these three words for service, you can make many souls content. These three words are: incorporeal, egoless and viceless. Be incorporeal through your mind, be egoless through your words and viceless through your actions. Use these three words in service. Now, the world has to receive a little bliss in their hearts and a little happiness through the power of you souls. All are disheartened whereas you are the stars of hope for the world, and BapDada sees all of you children as the stars of the Father's hopes. You are not just the stars in whom there is hope, but you are the stars of hope who will fulfil all hopes.

The children's love constantly reaches BapDada. What is the easiest effort of all? There is a variety of effort, but the easiest effort is love. In love, even labour changes into a form of love. So, to be loving to the Father means to make easy effort. In terms of love, do all of you consider yourselves to be constantly loving? Not loving only sometimes, but constantly loving? Constantly? Not those who just take a dip, but those who remain merged. Those who feel that they are always merged in the Ocean of Love? Are you always merged in the Ocean of Love? Those who think that they are constantly merged in the Ocean of Love, those who consider themselves to be like this, constantly, raise your hands! Underline the word "Constantly"! Raise your hands! Constantly? Constantly? You have raised your hands very well. BapDada is pleased to see the hands because you are maintaining courage. If there is even a little less, you will remember that you had raised your hand, because BapDada has deep love for each and every child. Why? Because BapDada knows that each and every soul has become loving many times, that you are loving now and that it is you same souls who will be loving every cycle. Do you have the intoxication and happiness that you are the souls who claim this right every cycle?

Seeing the souls who have claimed such a right, BapDada is giving them blessings from His heart: Constantly be tireless and continue to fly! If any adverse situation arises, then do not let your original stage fluctuate. The adverse situation cannot do anything in front of your original stage. Achcha. Those who have come for the first time, raise your hands! Many have come. Seeing each child, BapDada is proud of them: Wah My children! Wah! You sing the song from your heart automatically: Wah Baba! wah! My Baba, wah! In the same way, the Father sings the same song for the children: Wah each child of Mine! wah! The Father finds you children only after a cycle and each one of you is great in front of the world. So, the Father also sings the songs: Wah children! wah! You are wah, wah, are you not? You are the wah wah children, are you not? Wah, wah children, raise your hands!

So always remember that you are wah, wah children. Even if you are effort-makers, you are wah, wah children. You are Baba's wah wah children who will return home with the Father. You will not be left behind, will you? The Father says that: He will take each child with Him in the lap of love. So, are you ready? Are you ready? You will not stop on the way somewhere, will you? You will return with the Father because you have promised this, you are the ones who will fulfil your promise, are you not?

So, now, BapDada wants you to make your angelic form emerge. While moving and walking around, give the experience of your angelic dress. BapDada has told you about the drill, has He not? You have the habit of changing your clothes, do you not? Just as you change the dress of your body, in the same way, the form of the soul is angelic. Experience this again and again. You like the angelic dress, do you not? Just as Father Brahma is sitting in the subtle region in the angelic form, in the same way, all of you should also experience the angelic form while walking and moving along, the same as the Father because it is only when you have the angelic form that you will become a deity. You remember the three forms of the Father, do you not? The Father, Teacher and Satguru. In the same way, remember these three forms of yours - Brahmins to angels, angels to deities. These three forms are firm, are they not? Sometimes, wear your Brahmin dress, sometimes, the angelic dress and sometimes the deity dress. In these three forms, you can automatically be seated on the seat of being trikaldarshi and continue to carry out every task as a detached observer. So BapDada wants everyone to remain constantly with the Father and not to become alone. It is only when you stay with the Father that you will return with Him. If you are with the Father only sometimes, then how would you return with Him? One who loves someone cannot forget the person one loves. Continue to practise this throughout the day. One moment, a Brahmin, one moment an angel and one moment a deity. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who are constantly full of the treasures, those who are constant servers through their activity and their face, because all of you have promised that you will become world transformers and transform the world, and so servers remain engaged in service while walking and moving around, such world servers and world transformers who make everyone full with the Father's treasures, to all of BapDada's children from everywhere, BapDada's love, remembrance, blessings from the heart and namaste. Achcha.

It is Maharashtra Zone's turn to serve: (Everyone from the Maharashtra Zone was wearing a crown with "No Problem" written on it. It is good that all of you have crowned yourselves. Just as you are crowned with "No Problem", so, on behalf of everyone, BapDada is giving the blessing: May you always be one with no problem. In the same way, all of you should always remain those who have "No Problem" in your thoughts, words, actions and gathering. Problems should be transformed in a second. They may come as problems, but let them change into your complete form. It is good. Look how beautiful the scene is! Let there be "No Problem" in your thoughts and breath. So, on behalf of everyone, everyone should applaud for those who are crowned. So congratulations to you all. You may all applaud. Look on the big screen, see how beautiful they look! To each of the children who have had the thought that they will remain those who have "No Problem", that is, that they will always remain like the Father; BapDada is therefore giving multimillion-fold blessings. Achcha. The name itself is Maharashtra. So, Maharashtra means those who are going to serve through their great form and do great service. Now, for a long time Maharashtra has not done any big programme. It has been a long time since you created a special invention and played a great part in service. BapDada remembers that Maharashtra played a very good part in inventing the exhibitions and, even today, service is taking place through the exhibitions. This special brother child Ramesh was an instrument, and, having become an instrument, that memorial exists even today. So, now, Maharashtra has to create some invention. You have to do this, do you not? Now do something new! Just as those from Delhi have maintained courage to give everyone the message, at least let us give the message to everyone on a big field; you have to give the message through the newspapers, TV, Media etc. so that no complaint remains. Continue to do something or other like that because the poor souls believe that spirituality is essential. They want peace but they haven't found the method for it. They haven't found anyone to give them zeal and enthusiasm and this is why each zone has to continue to do something or other. Just as one or another thing continues to take place in Madhuban, in the same way, continue to have one or another programme. It can be a programme of Brahmins, of giving a message, or a new programme for your own progress because when a new programme has been made, BapDada has seen that this land and the foreign lands do that with great interest.

It is good. You continue to do it and so continue further. Achcha. You will now make a new plan, will you not? In how much time? How many months do you need for preparation? Have a meeting among yourselves and fix a date because in both places, Delhi and Bombay, there are good maharathi serviceable children. Baba has seen that in every zone, serviceable children are continually increasing. There are many authorities that continue to carry out service plans. Whether it is a small zone or a big one, you have become serviceable and this is why you must now create this wave. Now create such a programme that it takes place in all the zones at the same time, and it is announced through the Media that the same programme is taking place at such and such places in all the zones. It should be printed in the newspapers that this programme is taking place at such and such places. The address of all the places and it should be the same topic everywhere. At the same time, there should be the same topic so that wherever they go, they see the same topic. This is possible, is it not? Is it possible? Abroad too, there should be this same programme on the same date. It should be the same programme everywhere. (This year's theme is; Receiving God's blessings.) This topic is good, you may finalise any topic among yourselves. Discuss among yourselves and fix a date, topic and method of advertisement. Whatever topic you decide on, BapDada already likes it in advance. It is good because they now have an interest. Earlier, whenever they heard anything, they used to run away whereas now they want to hear something. Even the VIPs are taking an interest. Now, the same sound should spread everywhere. Wherever they go, they should hear the same sound everywhere. Achcha. It is good. Everywhere, it has been seen that there is good growth and that Brahmins have increased. It is numberwise at present, but BapDada wants everyone to be number one. Not numberwise, but number one. It is good. Maharashtra will create a new invention and spread the sound of newness. It is good. BapDada can see many very good maharathi serviceable children. A good number of teachers too are looking after their centres and BapDada is giving congratulations and multimillion fold blessings. Achcha.

Religious and Sports Wing: Achcha, they are waving their flags. It is good. Now, those of the Sports Wing should invent such a game that, just in playing this game they receive the message. Nowadays, India is claiming number one in games, in the same way, invent a spiritual game, just as it was in the news that very good service took place in America with the excuse of flying kites so that even now, the Government wants people to receive a message through this method. In the same way, invent a game through which people everywhere can receive a message. Do you understand? Prepare such a game.

Nowadays, the situation with transport in India is very bad. Accidents continue to take place every day and so how can accidents be prevented by those who have the accidents. For this, make such a plan that those who drive remain careful. Create such a method that, by your teaching the drivers this and giving them this knowledge, their minds become cool and concentrated. You can do this with a little expansion and you will have to serve them because there is a need for it nowadays; it continues to increase. Show the Government the practical form of transformation of something that is getting worse; how there has been a difference by doing this particular thing. Nowadays, they want to see things practically. Only then will everyone's attention be drawn. You give courses and have programmes, but now, prepare such a group of drivers who do something that they become an example in front of the Government in that those who create accidents have changed. Just as you show alcoholics being transformed, in the same way, bring in front of the Government a group of those who have accidents and been transformed. BapDada has seen that the vegetables that are grown in some places are grown without chemicals etc. They treat the vegetables with the power of yoga and show samples of those vegetables to the Government. BapDada has heard that this is practised in Abu itself, and so you should show such evidence to the Government. The Government should receive some co-operation in their problem. They should see some benefit. In this way, each Wing should prepare the practical proof. We hear that such things are happening, but bring in front of the Government a group of those who have given the practical proof. Each Wing has done good service, there has been growth in service and everyone has become busy, but BapDada now wants to show each department of the Government the proof. In each Ministry, there should be one or another form of proof. You have the proof of the heart (CAD). Without an operation and without any medicine, some people's hearts have become all right. In this way, each Wing should show its proof. Achcha. Prepare such a game and BapDada will also see it.

BapDada will see which Wing will prepare such a group and give the Father a report. It should be there in each of the ministries. If each of the ministries receives this proof, then this news will automatically reach one another. The Government does have money for each of the departments, but it is not being used in a practical way. You can give them your co-operation. However, proof is needed. Just as the Government helped the villagers and gave them salvation, so each Wing should show such results. Two to four villages have been prepared in this way. Achcha.

Double foreigners: Youth Group too, raise your hands! Achcha. Double foreigners have created a good programme in Madhuban for progress of the self and for the companions and BapDada has also heard the result. Everyone goes back from the atmosphere of Madhuban very well refreshed and the teachers are also making a lot of effort with a lot of love. Double foreigners themselves are taking benefit and also giving this benefit to others. BapDada has heard this news and also the result. It is good. BapDada heard of the service taking place through the double foreigners, whether it is the Youth, the teachers or the children. However, there should now be such a programme by the double foreigners in Bharat to serve the VIPs of all the cities in Bharat, specially those who are in connection and relationship. There should be this programme in Bharat to serve the VIPs. In each country/state, there is one or another VIP, and so in the main states, invite the IPs and VIPs, not the Brahmins, because you have had a programme of the Brahmins. That is also good. On one side a programme for the Brahmins and on the other side a programme for the VIPs., and it should be covered by the Media showing that the contact souls of this land and abroad are taking benefit. You are making service grow very well. To have Brahmins gathered together from many countries in every turn is also the beauty of the Brahmin family. This proves that the souls of the world have an interest. For example, the sound is spreading very well in the Middle East. Even though they are from a different religion, they are interested. In the same way, bring a group of VIPs for that would be very good. Is that all right? It is good. This one has taken the responsibility. Come. (BapDada called Dr. Nirmala Didi onto the stage and put His hand on her head.) Very good. You have paid attention to this land and abroad, in India and also abroad and looked after your responsibilities and this is why BapDada is proud of the Brahmins from abroad. You have looked after the responsibilities of this land and abroad. BapDada is pleased. Achcha. Now, those from abroad should have a programme with the same topic on the same day in all the main cities and the news should spread, that a programme by the Brahma Kumaris is taking place at the same time in every country. Get together and create such a programme in this land and abroad too. Do you like it? Achcha. BapDada likes those from abroad for one thing: in which one thing do the majority - it is mixed, but still, in the majority, if they do something that is against the disciplines, then they tell the seniors about it very clearly. They do not hold it in their heart for a long time; they remove it from their heart. Therefore, whatever it is, do not keep it in your heart for a long time. If you hold onto any weakness in your heart for a long time, then that becomes a sanskar; it becomes your nature. This is why this sanskar is good: whatever weakness emerges, then quickly tell the seniors about it and transform it. In doing this, some are very good that they tell about their condition very clearly. So, this is something very good. Of course the children are mixed, but the majority do this. Progress is taking place and it will continue to take place. Achcha. BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadis: Everything is going well and it will continue to be fine. Continue to meet among yourselves and, knowing one another's sanskars, take help from them and continue to fly ahead because each of you has your own speciality. Continue to use that speciality. There isn't a single person who has become an instrument and does not have any speciality, but, according to their specialities, give co-operation to one another and continue to move forward yourself and also make the gathering move forward. Is that all right? It is good. You know each one's specialities and everyone should use their own speciality for service. There isn't anyone who doesn't have a speciality, but take help from others keeping their speciality in front of you. You have to move along, and success is guaranteed for all time. Each one's own individual part is fixed, and success is fixed. You have become instruments, but all these too (speaking to the gathering), each one has received a blessing for success. Use your speciality collectively in the gathering. Give your co-operation to one another and continue to spread success into the atmosphere. It is good. BapDada is pleased. Baba is pleased, but now strengthen the gathering. All of you are fine, but make the gathering a little more strong, and so make a plan for that. Now, make time for this because it is necessary. Jus as it is necessary to refresh everyone, in the same way, this gathering is also necessary. Fix a date such that all those instruments who are coming or going are aware of that, and no other programme should be fixed for that day, and only then will this work. At least do it twice in a month. If you keep the aim, whether the sisters do it amongst themselves or whether you hold a big meeting, but definitely fix this. Create a programme with this method. When you fix your own programmes for going or coming from somewhere, this is then missed out. Now create your programmes for going to other places with this method. Then everything will be fine.

To the Senior Brothers: All of you who are instruments, whether brothers or sisters, those who are instruments, fix a time for the family to remain free from obstacles. You give your time at amrit vela to the Father, and you also give time for service, and now, for the progress of the family and for the activities of the yagya to move forward, so that everything is free from obstacles in terms of the Government and among yourselves, each one has to give ten minutes for that at amrit vela. No matter what the circumstances are, with everyone's yoga and everyone giving their time, everything will work out fine. This will only happen when everyone has the same thought. It is good. Have a big heart. Things will come. If you think whether you should do this or not do it, then time will be wasted in that. Do not waste your time in that. Nowadays, it is the time and if you all have one thought of good wishes, that this has to happen, it can happen. This is a blessing. Do everything lawfully and also with a big heart. Do not just look at the law, but also have a big heart and then look at the law. Everyone should have the one thought: It has to happen. Do not ask, "Why?" or "What?" No. It has to happen. With this method everything will become easy. Simply ten minutes. All of you instrument souls have especially to give ten minutes so that the family remains free from obstacles. If you have ten minutes of yoga, everything will become easy. There is still time and it can become easy. Simply have the thought, "It will happen, it will happen."

Ashaben related to BapDada news about the programme that is going to take place in Delhi: You have maintained good courage well. BapDada is pleased. At the time of the programme, those from Delhi should understand that they have to give their co-operation through their thoughts and spread the vibrations. Even if they are at the centre, they should think that they are on service, so that no matter where they are during that hour, they should think that it is their service and everything will work out well. (Everyone is saying that it is Your vision of mercy.) All of you should have a vision of mercy.

To Sister Gayatri: The love and remembrance of BapDada and everyone continued to reach you. Her heart was here and her body was there.

Creating a retreat place in Germany: It is good. Show it to someone. If it happens, it is good.

Meeting the Guests: Are you guests (mehmaan) or have you become great (mahaan)? You don't consider yourselves to be guests, do you? You are those who have become great. You have to become great. To come here and to come into relationship means you will continue to move forward. You already have blessings.

Look, you have all reached here and so who sent you here? It is drama that made you reach here. Now, you saw everything here and so what emerges in your heart? "We have to do service". You are companions of the whole family, are you not? Or, are you detached observers? Not detached observers, but companions. So what do companions do? They give their co-operation. So, who are all of you? Loving, co-operative and lucky. BapDada is happy to see all of you. What happiness does Baba have? That He has found the children who were separated. Now, do not forget. This is your home. Do you feel that you have come to your home? Can you ever forget your home? You will not forget, you will continue to come. You cannot stay without distributing what you have received. Are you all right? It is good that you continue to do service.

You are like that, are you not? You can prepare such a group in your own town. It has to happen, you just have to be an instrument. Each of you is luckier than the other. To come here means to receive blessings. Continue to do whatever service you can.

You continue to do service every now and then, and that is good. Eventually, the message will reach everyone. Someone will become an instrument. You have done very well. You have come here and that is very good.

Speaking to the Sisters and Brother from the Middle East: (This one gives courses in the Arabic language). Very good. You continue to receive blessings from BapDada's heart. This one has also given very good proof of service. You have used your specialities, continue to use them. This is a blessing. Let such souls become ready and the sound will continue to spread. Very good. (Speaking to a little kumar). This one also remembers Baba. Do you remember Baba? This one is a companion. She is a very good hand. You are a soul who is capable of giving BapDada's message. You can do a lot. You can do a lot more. This companion is also very good. Continue to give company to one another.

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