18-01-2010          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In order to become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance, the same as Father Brahma, make a timetable for your mind and practise being a karma yogi and bodiless while performing action.

Today, love in particular is merged in all the children everywhere. Today is called the Day of Remembrance. From amrit vela, BapDada was looking around everywhere, in this land and abroad, and the portrait of the Father's love was visible in each of the children's hearts, and the portrait of the love of each child was merged in the Father's heart. Today, in particular, is called the Day of Love, the Day of Remembrance. BapDada saw the necklaces of the pearls of love of the children even before amrit vela. In the heart of each child, there is the song playing automatically: My Baba, Brahma Baba, sweet Baba, and in BapDada's heart, the song is playing: Sweet children, lovely children. Today, in each one, instead of all other powers, the power of love is merged in each one to a greater extent. This Godly love, this spiritual love is experienced just at the confluence age. Only those who are experienced know this love from God: it makes each of the children into easy yogis. BapDada saw in all the children that many, many experiences of love are merged in them. The basis of your birth is love. There isn't a single child visible... Other powers may be lacking, but the experience of the Father's love and the love of the special souls who have become instruments is visible in the hearts and on the faces of the majority of you children. What made all of you specially come here today? In which plane did you come? Did you come by train or by plane? Everyone's face shows that you all arrived here in the plane of love. No matter what you had to do, all of you arrived here in the plane of love.

Today is called the Day of Remembrance, but, together with the Day of Remembrance, it is also called the Day of Power. Today is called the Coronation Day because it was on this day that BapDada, and especially Father Brahma, crowned the instrument mahavir children with the crown of world service. The Father, Father Brahma himself, became unknown and gave the children the tilak of remembrance for world service. He made the children karanhar (ones who do) and himself Karavanhar (one who inspires and gets it done). He gave the blessing of the angelic form, the same as himself and gave them a crown of light; and seeing children carrying out the duty according to the blessing that BapDada gave of the crown and the tilak, BapDada is pleased. Children put the blessing for service into practical form and, seeing this, BapDada is pleased. Father Brahma is especially giving multimillionfold congratulations for the part that you have played until now and the further part you have to play. Wah children! Wah! Baba toured around abroad too and what did He see? Each child is merged in love. You have received powers from the Father because this day is especially for receiving blessings of the powers, with love. BapDada saw that some children are deeply lost in remembrance and are engaged in service. They experience amrit vela very well. They even have the experience of being bodiless, but when it is time to become karma yogis, there then is a difference in being able to do both together - of being a yogi and of performing action. They make effort to have a balance of karma and yoga, but although they experience a powerful stage at amrit vela, there is a difference in their action; they have to labour. BapDada has told all the children that the destruction of the world is to take place suddenly. If, instead of paying attention throughout the day, because of lacking imbibing something, there is a difference in the stage of being a karma yogi, then what will you do when destruction comes? However, BapDada is not going to announce the date of the destruction of the world. Do you know when the period of your life is going to end? Do any of you know on what date your death is going to take place? Do any of you know? Those who know raise your hands! Anything can happen suddenly. When something happens through the elements, so many die at the same time. So, do not become careless by thinking of the date of the destruction of the world. The slogan of your Jagadamba (world mother) was: Never say "sometime" (kab), but now (ab). Anything can happen tomorrow, but I definitely have to remain ever- ready. So, do all of you pay this much attention to your preparation? Have you settled the accounts of your karma? In all the four subjects of knowledge, yoga, dharna and service, have you made such preparations in every way? Have you checked that you have the experience of complete and unlimited disinterest? Have you checked in your heart whether you are ever-ready? Are you a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance? Because Father Brahma made himself like this through his effort and the experienced children saw it. In no way was there an atmosphere of his karmic accounts, because the frequent practice of becoming bodiless helped to make him bodiless suddenly; one day he flew away. Did anyone imagine that Father Brahma was going to go? However, he was a conqueror of attachment. While having his hand in the hands of the children, was there any attraction? He became an angel. He departed having given the children the tilak to become angels. The reason for this was the practice of being bodiless over a long period of time. Many experienced children who lived with Baba had the experience that, while performing actions, he would become bodiless. The reason for the difference in the karma yogi stage is that while you are performing action it doesn't remain in your awareness in an emerged form that "I am a soul". Everyone knows this, "but what type of soul am I?" I, the soul, am Karavanhar and these physical organs are karanhar. While performing actions, be an embodiment of the awareness of the self-respect of Karavanhar. Even if you have to get something done through your physical organs, remember "I am Karavanhar, I am a master". If you are set on that seat, then all of your physical organs will remain in order. Without each one being set on the seat, no one will listen to you. The soul is Karavanhar and the physical organs are karanhar, not Karavanhar. You heard the experience of Father Brahma how, in the beginning, Father Brahma would practise this daily: At the end of the day, he would hold court of all the physical organs. The older children would have seen Baba's diary in which Baba used to hold court daily and, being Karavanhar, the master, he would have a daily exchange with all his physical organs. In the beginning, Father Brahma paid this much attention, and so you too have to consider yourselves to be karavanhar, the masters, because the soul is the king and these physical organs are the companions. So, you should check, what the condition today was of the mind, intellect, sanskars, nature or sanskars whatever you want to call them. By your checking them instantly, the physical organs pay attention because their king is going to ask them about their welfare. So, the soul, the king who is karavanhar, should check karanhar, the physical organs. Otherwise, it is seen that some children say: We do order our physical organs, but they change. We make effort but some sanskars and nature do not remain in order. The reason for this is that you do not remain set on your seat of self-respect. Unless you are seated on your seat, no matter how many orders you give even those who obey your orders are not going to listen to you. So, while performing action, remain seated on your seat of being karavanhar, the master. Some children even have a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada and say: Baba, You have made us into almighty authorities, those with all powers, not even those with some powers, but as soon as each child took this Brahmin birth, you gave them the blessing of being an almighty authority. Do you remember the blessing given at the time of your birth? The Father gave each child the blessing of being a master almighty authority. Who gave the blessing? The Almighty Authority. However, you complain that the power you need at that time doesn't come, that it doesn't obey your orders. Why is that? Since you have the blessing from the Almighty Authority, there is no one greater than Him. If you issue the order while being stable in the stage of the blessing, then it is not possible that you issue an order and that power does not obey. One is that the soul is the master, you have received the blessing of the Almighty Authority, and, while stable in that form, you are the master and you have that blessing. Therefore, issue the order while stable in the stage of the awareness of both forms. It is impossible that the power does not listen to you because you have the blessing, and you have a right at the confluence age to the Father's property. All of you have received the title of the almighty authority. It is just that you don't remain stable in that stage. You don't remain in that stage all the time. There is "sometimes" in this. Remove this word "sometimes" from your Brahmin dictionary. Be present right now. You say: Baba, we remember You and You become present. Do you have this experience? Raise your hands! Do you have this experience? Now, look! You are raising your hands! The Father becomes present. The Lord becomes present, and so what is this power? You have received these powers as the Father's property. So, issue an order while being the master. You don't issue an order while being a master, and so you lose your power. Therefore, when you issue an order in that stage, then, if you are not the master, why should the powers obey you?

So, what does BapDada want now? You know that, do you not? The Father wants each of His children while performing actions to become a king-child, master of the self and not to let go of the seat of self-sovereignty. A king is a king throughout the whole day, is he not? Or, is he a king sometimes and not at other times? To be seated on the throne or not is a different matter, but, even while at home, he doesn't forget that he is the king. So, there shouldn't be a difference between being a karma yogi and having a powerful stage of accurate yoga at amrit vela. It is double work, but who are you? You are the world transformers and the world benefactors. This is why the Father wants you, while you are walking and moving around, to not forget being the king; do not let go of your seat. Without your seat no one would obey your orders. Nowadays, just see how much they do for a seat! They try so hard to claim their right! None of them wants to let go of their right. So, you should claim your Godly right, "Who am I?" Every moment that you are working, even while doing your work, make a timetable for your mind: While doing this particular work, what would the self-respect of my mind be?

What aim will I keep today? At the time of carrying out your work, from your list of self-respect, create different timetables. Just as you fix a timetable for physical work, in the same way, fix a timetable for your mind. You know that you have to do this work at this time, and so what self-respect will you keep with that work? With which form of self-respect will you claim the right of a master? Create a timetable for your mind for this. You know how to make a timetable, do you not? Do the mothers know how to make it? Mothers, make a programme for yourselves. At the time of preparing food, what self-respect will you keep emerged in your intellect? There is a long garland of self-respect. The garland of self-respect is so long that you can continue to count it and become merged in it. Some children say about a long period of time: As yet, we cannot see any signs of destruction. The date is not yet fixed for that, so we will do it at some point, it will happen. This is carelessness. You are world benefactors in giving a message, and so some children think that there is still time left, and that they will give the message as they progress further. But no.

Those to whom you give the message later will complain to you. What will they complain about? "Why did you not tell us earlier so that we could have done something? You are telling us now at the last moment! Now, we can only recognise Him and say: "O God, Your divine activities are wonderful! We can only say this, but we will not be able to claim a status!" Why? There has to be the co- operation of a long period of time. All of you sitting here are heirs, are you not? Those of you who consider yourselves to be heirs, raise your hands! Are you heirs? Achcha, if you are heirs, then are you going to receive the full inheritance or a little? All of you would say that you want a full inheritance. The full inheritance is 21 complete births from the beginning to the end. Not the royal subjects but come in the royal family. You have to come in the royal family. Only one will sit on the throne. A couple will sit on it, but when the court is held there, the special instrument souls of the royal family that sit there will be crowned. They do not sit without a crown; and there will be those who are consulted about every task. It is not that just the one will rule; they do everything there with consultation and this is why, if you want to receive the full inheritance, then, from the first birth to the end - 21 full births, not even half: you are not going to go away mid-way. There is not going to be untimely death. So, are you going to claim the full inheritance or become happy with just a little? Your Mateshwari Jagadamba always had the aim that whatever Shrimat BapDada gave, whatever Shrimat she had been given for thoughts, words and deeds, she definitely had to do it. Those who are going to claim the full inheritance should keep this aim in the intellect: suddenly, ever-ready and a long period of time. Remember these three things together. This is why BapDada's blessing for all the children who are the lamps of hope is: Always remember these three things and show the practical proof of becoming the lamps of hope.

BapDada has seen that children have created various types of courses. It is good. BapDada is giving congratulations, but now, according to the time, instead of a course, give them a course of force. Give such a course of force that those souls do not just become loving and co-operative with the Father, but such a force that they become souls who follow every Shrimat, so that they become souls who are filled with total force, that they become close jewels. Is this possible? Now, give a course of force. BapDada is seeing that the elements have come into upheaval and therefore, due to one reason or another, the elements are showing their impact and will continue to do so. You will continue to see in a practical way what you never thought or dreamt about. So, you have to make the elements satopradhan. At the moment they are creating their own impact, and this is why new things continue to happen from time to time. However, all of you are heirs, are you not? You are not just loving and co-operative; you are heirs, ones who have a full right. Are you this? You are heirs, are you not? You are heirs. Double foreigners are also heirs, are you not? Are you heirs? You are those who are going to receive the full inheritance, not incomplete. Are the Pandavas those who are going to receive the full inheritance?

"I am a lamp of BapDada's hopes." Simply remember this! On the Day of Remembrance, every child, whether he has come here or not, or is sitting far away merged in the heart, BapDada's instruction for each one is: You have to become this and accept that you are never going to use the word "some time". It has to be right now! Who has seen tomorrow? Today! You have to do whatever you have to do; don't think about it. "I will think about it, I will do it, it will happen." You reassure the Father in this way. "Baba, You don't worry about it; we will be all right at that time." However, BapDada's desire is that if you were given a test paper right now, each of you children would pass fully. Is this possible? Is it possible? Do you want to pass fully? Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time today, stand up. BapDada is giving many, many congratulations to those who have come for the first time and is also giving them the blessing: Be an intense effort-maker and, if you want, you can go ahead of all. You have BapDada's blessing if you want to put this blessing into a practical form. For you to do this, BapDada is giving good news to those who want to come first: last so fast and fast so first. Eat this dilkhush sweet (happy heart toli).

BapDada is happy that you have still come before the board of "too late" has been put up: this is a matter of great happiness. If you come in the front, all of us will be happy and will not say, "Why you and not us?" No, you first! Achcha. You may sit down. You ate the dilkhush sweet.

It is Indore zone's turn to serve: Indore means those who remain inside (andar) the line. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of each zone for service, BapDada is pleased. All of you continue to take the chance very well because you know that you receive the nourishing fruit of service. Which nourishing fruit do you receive? You receive everyone's blessings. People think that they accumulated a lot of charity by feeding one Brahmin, but how many Brahmins do you feed? So much charity, and all the children are true Brahmins! So, did all of you eat the nourishing fruit of service? Did you eat it? So, you are healthy, are you not? By eating nourishing fruit, you become healthy. So, it is good. It has been seen that the numbers are increasing in every zone. BapDada has told you earlier, too, that it is very good that the numbers are increasing. They received the message. They received the Father's message and became the Father's and so, many many congratulations for that! However now, according to the time - the Father told you earlier too - create heirs. Indore has created real heirs. Because BapDada will give a test paper to the heirs. First send their names and then BapDada will see to what extent the heir-quality souls are fulfilling the qualities of being heirs. Secondly, BapDada said: You also have to prepare mike-quality souls who are experienced and well known so that, on hearing them, people have the enthusiasm: "I too should become this." So, have you done that? Have you done that work? Has Indore done that? As yet, BapDada has not received a list. Achcha. (The whole Government of the State of Chatisghad has come, and they have become mikes and are doing good service.) It is good. All of these are from Indore. There are many. It is good. Achcha. BapDada has one special hope in those from Indore because, in the final period of Father Brahma, BapDada Himself had a centre opened in Indore and this is why you are celebrating the Day of Remembrance. So, Indore has to do something that is more unique and lovely than up to now. All zones are making good effort - BapDada continues to receive news from everyone. BapDada has a desire for all of you to move forward fast, to remain a zone that is free from obstacles. However many centres and subcentres there are in each zone, each area should be a centre that is free from obstacles. There should be a wave of intense effort in each one. So, Indore should claim that number. No zone has given the number one report that the whole zone is free from obstacles. You are making effort, but everywhere, and even the Gita pathshalas, should be free from obstacles. BapDada wants this report. Achcha.

Medical Wing: How many practicising doctors are there in this Wing? Doctors, raise your hands! Achcha, there are this many doctors. BapDada has seen that, according to the time now, the service of the doctors will move forward even more because, nowadays, worry and fear have spread everywhere. So, these doctors will be double doctors. Doctors, those who are double doctors, raise your hands! Doctors of the mind and the body. Nowadays, illness of the mind will increase even more and this is why the service of the double doctors will increase more. Because of the upheaval of matter, new types of illness emerge, and so, at such a time, there is a need for double doctors. So, are all of you ever-ready? If a call comes from anywhere, can you give your service there? Those who can give your service, raise your hands! Very good. Note down their names and give this because you continue to receive invitations! Therefore, can you give your time? Will you? Those who are ready to give their time, raise your hands! Achcha. Fewer sisters are raising their hands. You have to run the centres. Note their names and give these. BapDada is praising the doctors. Why is He praising them? Because, like BapDada, the doctors also take sorrow away and give happiness in return, but they do this for a temporary period. The Father gives for all time and this is why He said that if they are double doctors who give their time, then, as you progress further, all of you will have value for double doctors. BapDada has heard that doctors do not have time, but even while being busy doctors can do very great service. BapDada has told you earlier too that all the doctors have their introduction cards printed. You have these cards printed, do you not? On one side you have your own introduction and the other side is empty and so you can print "For a cure of the mind, this is the address." If all your patients were given this card, you would be able to serve while sitting at home because everyone listens to doctors. No matter how much someone may tell people not to eat something, they will continue to eat that, but when a doctor says that this will happen or that will happen, then they are able to do what the doctor says. Whether you do it under compulsion or with love, you do it and this is why BapDada says that doctors can do a lot of service and it is good. It has been seen that you continue to have programmes, but it has to happen a little faster now. All the doctors from the different zones should have a programme in their zone so that programmes will continue there, and in this way you can do a lot of service. BapDada feels that the service of the doctors is necessary because these illnesses are only going to increase. Illness of the mind has already spread everywhere, and so because of the fear of people in your occupation, everyone can accept this. It is good. BapDada likes it. Increase the service of this Wing even more powerfully. Achcha.

Double foreigners: (They have come from 40 countries.) Today, you have come to celebrate a special ceremony. BapDada is pleased that everyone has a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate a ceremony in especially Madhuban. Those who have come to celebrate a ceremony raise your hands! Achcha. Those whose ceremony it is, raise your hands! Raise both hands! You have done very well. You have taken a very good chance of giving this invitation and making them have this pilgrimage to Abu because BapDada first incarnated in Sindh. The foundation is Sindh. So, those from Sindh claim their right that they are Sindhis. It is good and this is also a method to make them come on this pilgrimage. BapDada is giving special congratulations. You liked your home, did you not? Did you like it? Here, you must have seen that none of the rooms have anyone's name on it. This is because this is the Father's home. So, where have you children of the Father come? You have come to your home.

(The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh is sitting in the front.) This one has come now. So, where have you come? You have come to your home. You have come to your family. BapDada always says that if politics and spirituality come together and try to fulfill Bapu Gandhiji's thoughts, they can. You can do this easily and you are doing it. BapDada is pleased that, because of the company of someone or other, your name among the leaders is spreading. All three powers: science, spirituality and politics - if all three authorities come together and have the one thought and become co-operative in fulfilling the desires of both Bapu Gandhiji and of God, the Bapu of Bapu (Father of the father), then it will be very easy. Achcha.

Double foreigners: Various types of service are taking place abroad and they will continue to take place. BapDada has seen that you continue to make new plans and that you are doing this in a practical way too. Those from abroad are doing service by sharing their experiences with those from India and those from India are spreading the sound in this land and abroad by sharing their experiences with those from abroad. Even now, you are going to have this programme, are you not? It is good. It will be the second programme.

(Now, the "Future of Power" programme will take place in Chennai.) BapDada receives everyone's letter of zeal and enthusiasm and their letter of love and remembrance in advance. Whatever you do, it is small to begin with, and it then continues to grow because nowadays everyone feels the need for it. While having the three authorities, there is also the authority of religion. Spirituality is different from religion, but there are these authorities, and even then, what they want is not happening. So, everyone is beginning to wonder what is missing. All three are working and yet what they want is not happening. They want it now but are giving the excuse of time. "There isn't time! What can we do? What shall we not do?" If one or two groups were to make themselves co-operative, then it is BapDada's blessing that Bharat will definitely become heaven. The hopes of both Bapus definitely have to be fulfilled. So, those of you from abroad are co-operative in serving with your minds, are you not? BapDada has seen that expansion is taking place in all religions. It is not just one religion; it is not just the Hindu religion, but that of the Muslims, the Buddhists, and the Christians - all are gradually taking an interest in spirituality. Earlier, people used to be afraid on hearing the name of the Brahma Kumaris. What are they saying, "destruction, destruction"? And, what do they say now? Now, they say, "Tell us when destruction will take place! How will it happen? What should we do?" It is a guarantee that it will happen. All of you have this guarantee, do you not? Whether from abroad or from Bharat, you have this guarantee, do you not? Your co-operation is definitely always there. It has to happen. You may applaud. Everyone has good enthusiasm. The Pandavas and the Shaktis who have become instruments have good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada has given a signal to make effort intense. Not just effort, because the time for making effort has gone and now it is time for intense effort; and, do not let it be "at some time", but "now!". You have to do this now and become this now. So, it has to happen. Achcha.

People from Kolkatta have done the flower decorations everywhere: BapDada has seen that you do it with your heart. It is not a big thing to do decorations; there are others who can do this even better than you, but you have love for the Father, and you recognise Him a little and this is why whatever decorations you do, it is not just work, but it also has love in it. So, where there is love, everyone loves the fragrance of love. And you come every year. You don't do this considering it to be your duty, but you do it considering it to be your task. Congratulations to you. Those who are instruments give you zeal and enthusiasm. You do very well. As the Day of Remembrance comes, you remember Kolkatta. It is their speciality. Congratulations. Achcha.

To all the intense effort-makers everywhere who take a step forward with constant zeal and enthusiasm and who do everything with a true heart, BapDada is seeing the tilak of victory on their foreheads. All of you have faith and intoxication that you are victorious, you were victorious and you will remain victorious. This is why BapDada is seeing the tilak of victory on each one's forehead. You are loving to everyone. Today, garlands of love came to BapDada from amrit vela and, in return, BapDada is giving all of you children the garland of being constantly victorious. All the children everywhere are seeing this because science has created all these facilities for you so that, wherever you are sitting, you can see and hear. So, BapDada is seeing how you are seeing and hearing Baba at all the different places. BapDada is giving love and remembrance for the day of remembrance to all the children everywhere. Each child is merged in BapDada's heart and the Father is merged in each child's heart. Children are merged in the Father's heart. Congratulations, congratulations and namaste with congratulations.

Speaking to the Dadis: You are playing the part of a specially beloved child. BapDada is pleased to see this one (Mohiniben). You are courageous and courage is your special medicine.

Dadi Ratanmohini: This one is also good. You are saying "Ha ji!, ha ji!, ha ji!" in every task and moving along and will continue to move along.

A special programme of "Future of Power" will be taking place in Chennai and everyone has especially sent remembrance. The main thing is that you have been given Governor House and they too are interested and this is the proof of service. This is why together with Bina, BapDada is giving all the instrument children one hundred thousandfold, multimillionfold congratulations and Nizar child also has enthusiasm. He wants to do more: What more shall I do, he says? He continues to make plans; give him special remembrance. The Governor is co-operative but as you have to step forward, you first place one foot ahead and, in order to move forward, you then place the next foot, and so they are loving and co-operative. However, now from the result of this programme, they should take a few more steps and become your companions. At present they are loving, co-operative and understand the importance of service. So far they have understood the importance, but they now have to take the second step forward.

Respected Chief Minister Brother Professor Prem Kumar Dhoomal, Himachal Pradesh: You did very well that you fulfilled your thought. You consider this your home, do you not? It is the Father's home and the Father's home is your home. Whenever you want, whenever you feel you want a rest, come to your home. Security guards: You are happy, are you not? Continue to come here. You have now come with him, but now, continue to come otherwise too.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *