02-02-2011          Om Shanti            Avyakt Bapdada            Madhuban

Constantly remain cheerful and content by remaining aware of your fortune and attainments. Give the experience of contentment through your vision, attitude and activity.

Today, BapDada is pleased to see all the children. Each child has reached here through God's love. Today, BapDada is seeing the lines of fortune on the forehead of each child. No one else has received such fortune, such great fortune, throughout the whole cycle because the Bestower of Fortune Himself has bestowed fortune upon you. In the first place, the star of fortune is sparkling on each one's forehead. The line of sweet speech is sparkling on the mouths. The line of a sweet smile is sparkling on the lips. The line of being absorbed in love for the Father who is the Comforter of Hearts is sparkling in the heart. The line of greatness of attaining all treasures is sparkling on your hands. The line of achieving multimillions at every step is sparkling on your feet. Now, think: has anyone ever received such fortune? This is why is your fortune is described in the images of your memorials. And the Bestower of Fortune Himself has given this fortune to each child.

Seeing the fortune of each child, BapDada is congratulating each one: Wah child! wah! You receive this fortune only at the confluence age and it operates only at this time. The happiness of the confluence age is more elevated than that of all other ages. The fortune of the golden age is the reward of the effort made at the confluence age and this is why the attainment of the confluence age is greater than the reward of the golden age. Lose yourself in your own fortune! It doesn't matter what is happening, but what emerges from you when you bring your fortune into your awareness? Wah! my fortune! The Bestower of Fortune Himself is your Father. Each one of you has received your fortune from the Bestower of Fortune. Do you realise how fortunate you are? Or, do you only realise it sometimes? Do you constantly have this intoxication? When the people of the world see you they ask what you have received. What do you reply? We have attained everything we wanted. Have you attained it? If so, raise your hands! Have you attained it? Achcha. Have you attained it? With spiritual intoxication you say that you lack nothing. You have this intoxication, do you not? So, how did you get it? You simply came to know the Father, you accepted Him and you made Him belong to you and you received your fortune. The more you make yourself aware of this fortune, the more cheerful you will be. The face of a fortunate soul will be constantly cheerful. It is not that it will be, but it is always so. The vision, attitude and activity of such souls will always be content and they will inspire others to be content. Are you all intoxicated with your contentment? The basis of contentment is to have all attainments. Discontentment comes from a lack of attainment. What do you experience? Is anything lacking or have you attained everything? Are you intoxicated with your attainments? Are you? Are you all the time or only sometimes? In fact, you claim you have attained what you wanted. Where you have all attainments, there is no mention of discontentment.

BapDada is seeing the children from this land and abroad. From how many countries have all the children gathered? Who has come from the furthest place? Have those from America travelled the furthest? Those of you from America have come from the furthest land, have you not? However, where has the Father come from? America is in this world, but where has BapDada come from? He has come from Paramdham and Father Brahma has come from the subtle region. So, who has come from the furthest place? Who is the furthest away? This is a scene of the love of the Father and the children. You said, "My Baba" and the Father said, "My child." You received such a great inheritance simply by knowing the One. People of the world are searching for peace and happiness and wondering where they will find peace and happiness, whereas your life is full of happiness and peace. What does BapDada want now? BapDada wants every child to be a self-sovereign, to be a master of the self, always, not just sometimes. This is because the Father has given the full blessing of self-sovereignty at the confluence age. It was not just a little and not just for some time, but for all time. Are you a master of the self all the time? BapDada has told you that you are masters of all your physical senses and your mind, intellect and sanskars. You say "mine" regarding all of these things.

You do not say "I" for these things, but you say "mine". Since the mind, intellect and sanskars are "mine", "I" have a constant right to what is "mine". In the same way, maintain full rights over your mind, intellect and sanskars. This is what it means to be a master of the self. Whatever orders you give them, they are instruments to carry out those orders. However, in order to accomplish this, you maintain the intoxication of being a master while walking and moving around. Faith and intoxication.

Now, it is time to serve souls through the mind. They are crying out: O ancestors, give us a few rays of happiness and peace. O ancestors, you can hear the call of the unhappy ones, can you not? BapDada has signalled to you that any calamity can occur suddenly. For this, put a full stop within a second. You are practicing this now because at that time you will not have time to make effort. You may try to put a full stop but you put an exclamation mark instead. This is why you have been given time now to make effort. Then, it will be the time to do something practically. You are practicing this from now. BapDada is seeing your result: You are paying attention to doing it. However, you need to pay more attention and underline it. Look how easy the effort is: I am a dot and I have to put a full stop! I simply have to pay attention. BapDada is specially giving children a gift: Children, I am always with you. As soon as you say, "Baba", the Father is ever present in front of you. It has been said: The Lord is ever present. He is not omnipresent, but the Lord is ever-present in front of the children. Always be victorious. When God is with you, how can it be difficult to be victorious? Victory is your birthright. Simply by saying "My Baba" you definitely become victorious.

Therefore, be constantly victorious; this is extremely easy for those who stay in remembrance; it is not difficult. Where there is God, there is definite victory. Today, BapDada is pleased to see all the children: You have come with so much love. How did you reach here? Physically, you have reached here by train or by plane, but it is the love that brought you here through your heart. It is your courage and the Father's guaranteed help. Now, BapDada wants every child in every action to stay stable on the seat of self-sovereignty. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time today, raise your hands! Stand up! There are many. Achcha. Just as you have come for the first time, in the same way, you must claim number one. Do you wish to claim this number? Baba's blessing is that those who have courage will definitely receive the Father's help. With courage, you have a chance to progress as much as you want because the board saying "Too late" has not yet been put up. Stay in remembrance and serve others through your attainments. You will accumulate blessings according to how much service you do, and those blessings will keep making you move forward. Continue to give the message, and it is then up to each one's fortune. However, you just keep giving the message.

Continue accumulate your charity. Your charity will keep making make you move forward. It is good.

Achcha, this one has come from Karachi (Dada Atmaram). Look, you have come from the original place.

You have come from the original place where establishment took place. BapDada's blessing is that you consider yourself to be an original jewel and share your experience of being constantly happy, constantly double light with others. BapDada saw that you have unshakeable faith. You can move forward. You are moving forward and you can move forward even more. You can claim the blessing of moving as far forward as you want. Achcha. These people have accompanied you. You are happy, are you not? Take happiness with you from here. Take so much happiness that your happiness never decreases, and that when others see you happy, they will also become happy. So, what will you share when you return? Whenever you go somewhere, you share something, do you not? What will you share? Share happiness, imperishable happiness. Those who attain happiness will also become constantly happy. Whoever comes, BapDada is pleased anyway, but you are also going with happiness. You are going back with happiness; so, have you accumulated that much happiness? You have, have you not? Share lots of happiness. When you share your experience, tell people where you have just come from. You have come from the place of happiness and you have also brought happiness for them. It is very good. Many people come nowadays. Half the class is usually those who have come for the first time. All of you have come for the first time. Good! Very good.

BapDada and the whole family are congratulating you for coming to your home for the first time. Simply remember "My Baba". Do not forget "My Baba" because you receive an inheritance from Baba. You attain whatever was not yet attained. Achcha. Everyone is happy that our brothers and sisters have come home. You may applaud. Achcha.

It is the turn of the Eastern Zone (Assam, Orissa, Bengal, Bihar), Nepal, Tamil Nadu and Bangladesh to serve: (17,000 have come from these places). Those who live at the centres remain standing and the others can sit down. Very good. This zone is the biggest zone of all. However, the other zones are no less and this is why BapDada is specially congratulating the teachers and those who live at the centres. The servers have brought the live image of your service. BapDada is pleased because it is seen that all of you have kept a very good aim of making service grow at your own places. You have worked hard and you are receiving the fruit of your efforts; congratulations for this. What are you going to do now? BapDada told you earlier, too, to find heir-quality souls and "mike" souls who can have an impact on the world; the bigger the zone, the greater number there should be of both these types of soul. They may be from any of the wings.

Your zone is very big and, therefore, a big zone should get together and bring such souls to your home in Madhuban. Now prepare such souls so that the number of your zone comes ahead. You may already be doing this. The Father knows that instruments cannot avoid doing service, but BapDada wants to see you achieve this result. You are the best of all because you have become masters of the Father's gaddi. Baba calls the teachers "guru-bhais". O guru-bhais, these should now come from all the places. Is this all right? It is good that you are making effort and you will definitely achieve success. It is not a big deal. Hold a big programme through which the connections can increase. Regardless of the zone, the result of service BapDada hears of nowadays is that growth is taking place easily and mikes are also getting ready and this is why it is said that this zone has already achieved success. Achcha.

Double foreigners: BapDada likes it very much that you come to Madhuban and meet one another. You meet the Father and you also exchange service news. BapDada told you earlier too that He likes this method.

From how many countries have you all come? (76 countries.) When you come here to Madhuban, children of how many countries do you meet? If you were to calculate how many states of India everyone has come from, there would be many. Those from India are happy to see you and you are happy to see those from India. The meeting of the two is good. To meet one another means to fill yourselves with enthusiasm.

Nowhere else can you see such a big family together. You can only see such a big family in Madhuban.

What do you feel in your hearts? Wah Baba! and wah my Godly family! BapDada is so pleased to see His children. In fact, BapDada tours around everywhere at amrit vela. It is not a big thing for him to go everywhere. BapDada has already told you that the speciality of meeting at 4.00 am is also that at that time BapDada gives blessings to all the children easily. The part of the Bestower of Blessings is specially at amrit vela. BapDada gives you whatever blessings you want. Just try it and see! However, in order to claim a blessing, all of you have to stay alert. If you don't stay alert, BapDada will visit and leave and you will just be thinking about it. You do give importance to amrit vela, but now pay more attention! BapDada has seen that, according to the time, service is growing. Because of service you cannot stay away from the Father in order to claim your blessings. The majority of double foreigners do make effort, however you have to underline paying attention. BapDada congratulates all the children for reaching Madhuban, no matter how.

BapDada has heard that children understand that they definitely have to fulfil the signal that BapDada gave regarding sanskars. In order to accomplish that, just as you use a point for self-respect at amrit vela, together with that, pay attention to one particular sanskar in a specific way: "Today I am going to pay special attention to this sanskar." Then, at night, when you give BapDada your chart of the whole day, also tell Baba the result for that sanskar and that will specially draw your attention. You have to pay attention to one sanskar or another. Just as you pay attention to remembrance, at the same time, together with that, give BapDada this result. If you wish to finish the sanskar, but cannot succeed in finishing that sanskar on that day, then congratulate yourself from BapDada. Every day, continue to receive congratulations from the Father for that particular sanskar, and you will then see that the use of that sanskar will decrease. You check yourself in yoga, but you don't check your sanskars in the same way every day but only sometimes. Effort-makers get this paper by chance, not every day. However, the checking will take place every day, and this attention will finish all tension. BapDada saw that when children from abroad begin any task, they definitely do pay attention to it. Only those who pay attention are able to attain liberation. You also have Baba's blessing. Do you understand? When all of you engage yourselves in this fully and check yourself daily, the result will be that that sanskar itself will become slack. BapDada wants you to claim number one in the subject of sanskars, so that you only use the sanskars that you want to use. This will happen. Once your attention is drawn to it, it will happen. However, you have to pay attention. It will not happen just like that; you will have to pay attention. Why do these sanskars only emerge within the gathering? Those who worship your images sing such wonderful praise of your sanskars. It was because you became that practically that they speak about it. Make your deity images emerge. What do people sing? You have to become such deities, do you not? Achcha. All of you double foreigners keep experiencing success in your efforts, do you not? Do you? Those who experience success, raise your hands! Wah! You are all raising your hands very well. So, you will keep the aim that you definitely have to pay attention to this. You definitely have to claim a number in this. Seeing you, others will also be enthusiastic because you are the instruments, and instruments receive special help from BapDada. BapDada is pleased that the number of centres is increasing. You are paying attention to making effort, but now become those who are instruments to bring about transformation. Seeing you, others will also have enthusiasm for the power of transformation.

Although it is understood that it is numberwise in making effort, BapDada is pleased that you are paying attention to making effort; so you have to increase that now. You continue to receive BapDada's love and remembrance every day. Look, even while sitting at home, you don't miss out on receiving BapDada's love and remembrance for even one day, if you are reading a murli with discipline every day. He doesn't miss out on giving love and remembrance for even a single day. You do receive it, do you not? Do you? You receive love and remembrance every day. All of you receive it, do you not? This is a sign of BapDada's love. If you miss a murli, you miss His love and remembrance. You then don't just miss that murli, you also miss out on BapDada's love and remembrance and His blessings. You can catch up on the murli, but the time that is fixed for receiving love and remembrance from BapDada was missed, was it not? BapDada is pleased that you are enthusiastic about this. Achcha. Is there anyone who misses a murli? Among the double foreigners, is there anyone here who misses a murli? For any reason? There isn't anyone. No, they don't miss it. One person raised her hand. Now, do not miss it! Do not miss the murli! You can even listen to it over the phone.

If you can't read it, then, somehow definitely listen to it. Definitely give your present mark. Achcha. All those who have come to this gathering, new as well as old ones, note down very, very, very well that you must not miss the murli. BapDada comes from the supreme abode every day; He comes from so far away; He comes for the children. Just as the Father never misses the murli, in the same way, children also should not miss a murli. Achcha. Now, just as those who come to Madhuban are asked to fill in a form, you should also get them to fill one in as to whether they listen to the murli every day, or how many days they have missed. Do you agree? Those who agree with this, raise your hands! Even those from Madhuban, raise your hands! You must not miss a murli due to any reason. Just as you never miss out on your meals, in the same way, this too is food, is it not? That is food for the body and this is food for the soul. Did you like this? All you new ones were allowed to come. You too have to follow this discipline. Just as there are other disciplines, this too is a discipline. A Brahmin means one who listens to the murli, one who does service.

Achcha. Get each of the zones who have come to stand up individually.

Tamil Nadu: You have come for service. Very good. Service means to eat the fruit.

Nepal: Very good. BapDada liked it very much that so many have come just to serve. To come for service means you have love for the yagya. BapDada is congratulating all those who have come since all of you have love for the yagya, and you souls are co-operative with the yagya.

Bengal: It is good. BapDada saw all of you who have come. It is a good number. You have come with good zeal and enthusiasm. Always continue to love the yagya and serve the yagya, whether you serve it with your body, your mind or your wealth. Who created the yagya? The Father created it. Whom did He create it for?

He created it for the children. If it were not for you Brahmins, the yagya would not have been created. All of you have done very good service. All of you are receiving a certificate from the instruments. You have done very good service and will continue to do so in the future. You are immortal.

Bihar: Your name itself is Bihar; look how good your name is! Bihar means a place where there is constant Spring (bahaar). Achcha.

Orissa: Each one has brought a good number of people. BapDada is pleased to see the numbers that have come from all the zones which have come here because you have love for service. Constantly continue to move forward. You are moving forward and will continue to do so.

Assam: BapDada saw that all of you are ahead of one another. All those who have come, you have more zeal and enthusiasm than one another. You have earned charity through service. You are souls who have earned charity because you receive blessings through service. You are not just doing service, but you are going away having accumulated charity. Achcha.

Bangladesh: There are a few. However many of you did service, you put a stamp on yourself for having love for the yagya and for serving the yagya. Your title is "yagya snehi" (one with love for the yagya). Achcha. You did very well.

Jharkhand: Even though you are few, you have love for service. However many there are, you have created your future. Continue to create it. The more you serve the yagya, the more you will accumulate. The more service you do, the more you will accumulate. Achcha.

All of you are sitting here personally in front of BapDada, but BapDada is seeing a greater number in front of Himself. Those sitting at different places are even more numerous than you are. You are here personally, whereas they are merged in the heart while sitting far away. You are already merged in the heart and this is why you have come here physically. BapDada saw, even at a distance, they are listening with love and they are seeing everything very clearly. BapDada had said at the beginning that science would be useful to you.

Look, it is with the instruments of science that you are able to experience being close while being far away.

It will also help in destruction. That is also essential and it has given you a golden chance too, here, in this Brahmin life. Scientists are also helping you. Do not consider them to be bad, and think: What are they doing? No. They have to perform their task. Science is helping you and will continue to help you in the future as well. Achcha.

The teachers from abroad who are here for the meetings and sitting here at the front, you are instruments.

BapDada hears everything. He definitely tours around and, while touring around, He understands the essence. Whenever something essential is being finalised, BapDada goes there and hears everything and also congratulates you. However, you keep yourselves very busy. BapDada likes it because small and big centres are spreading everywhere. There are different languages all over the world and also there are many languages in the different places of India. However, in spite of your different languages, you all come together and become one. Everyone likes this and this is why BapDada is pleased. Come, let us have a meeting and unite everyone with one discipline, one system. Let us all become one. BapDada is pleased about one thing: Previously, you used to say, "Culture, culture, this is Indian culture", but now this expression is not heard any more. All of you now belong to the Brahmin culture, and therefore, congratulations! You have made effort. Those from India also have many conferences and meetings.

BapDada is pleased with all the children. However, every night, give yourself love and remembrance and congratulations from BapDada. Every day give yourself congratulations from BapDada. BapDada gives it and you have to give it to yourself. BapDada does not miss doing this. Whether it is India or abroad, just as He tours around at amrit vela, in the same way, He also says good night to everyone at night. Therefore, congratulate yourselves before going to sleep. Achcha.

Together with love and remembrance, BapDada is also congratulating all the children who have come from everywhere. You are constantly moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm and this will continue. Never allow your zeal and enthusiasm to decrease for any reason, under any circumstances. Situations may arise, but your effort and the Father's love is your own; therefore, never let your intellect be busy with anything other than the Father. The Father, the Father's murli and the service you have received from the Father: continue to do that. Achcha. What can Baba say now? We will remain together anyway. Baba cannot say that He is taking leave. We will stay together, return together and come back together. Achcha. Now, finish!

Speaking to Mohiniben: When something unexpected happens there is one form of tiredness or another, whether of the intellect or the body. So, take rest! Do not do too much running around. If you feel interested, do it, otherwise not. Sometimes, you feel alone and so go on a tour, but first make sure your health is fine.

Pay more attention! Now, it happens more quickly. Have a rest. Have a mental rest. Physical rest is not a big thing, but give your brain a rest.

Dadi Ratanmohini gave love and remembrance from the Dubai family: Give remembrance to everyone.

Par Dadi: Look, your zone is so large. (Baba is sitting there.) However, you are the instrument. You established it. It would be said to be the zone of Par Dadi. Everyone believes this.

Aunty and Uncle have sent remembrance: All three or four of you who stay on service, and specially Uncle, BapDada is giving lots, lots and lots of congratulations from the heart. (Aunty's health is also not so good.) Look, you also have to look after yourself. Do service, but also look after yourself because you are a soul who is a special instrument of the yagya's. No one has as yet come into knowledge while holding a position, but you were the first couple from abroad who brought your family into service while having a high status. It wasn't just the two of you who came, but you brought the whole family and both of you are therefore special. How much can BapDada say? BapDada remembers you a thousand times, a hundred thousand times, with lots and lots of love, and even now, is giving you lots, lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance.

Sister Pritam's health is not so good. Kuldipben (Hyderabad) gave her remembrance to Baba. Let her just continue. This signal is fine for her. BapDada is helping her.

Dadi Janki: You became well on time. This is the Father's help. (To Sister Hansa): You do good service.

BapDada is congratulating you too. Where is the other one? (Sister Pravina). BapDada is congratulating both of you because you made effort and made Dadi well on time and so everyone benefited. No one was deprived in any way; they had a class. Congratulations to those who look after Dadi.

Neeluben: To look after the chariot for so many years, to give a chance for service at the right time, congratulations for that. BapDada saw that it was a wonder of the chariot too. Service has been taken from the chariot for 42 years. Of course, it was BapDada who made it happen, but it is the greatness of the chariot that it remained present on service on time. Not a single time was missed. Because of having an easy nature, you know how to look after your chariot. (To Dadi Janki): This one also has lots and lots of enthusiasm for service and this is why she puts herself right at the time of service. (Baba makes me well, and this is also Baba's cleverness).

Brahma Baba managed himself while being so old and is even now continuing (in the subtle form). We shall continue to see in the drama for as long as He continues. Continue to watch BapDada's wonders (kamaal) and continue to hear about the upheaval (dhamaal) going on in the world. You don't have any worries; you are carefree emperors. Whatever happens, for you Brahmins it will be good. For you, this is the amrit vela of the confluence age. What comes after amrit vela? It is the day. The day has to come. What will happen? You don't have even this concern. The day has to come. Your kingdom has to come. It is predestined. Anything that is predestined cannot change.

Kunj Dadi: Yes, you are all settling your accounts. Are you OK? Are you getting well? Achcha. It will be fine. Sit comfortably. Have a rest. Give a rest to the brain and also to the body. Nowadays, you need to give a rest to both because fluctuation in the head affects the body. It will be fine. Everything will be OK.

Dr. Ashok Mehta sent remembrance: (He is to undergo heart surgery.) It is good. He is courageous.

Courage gives you help and also brings you help. He is not one who loses courage. Whatever little thing he is going through will be fine, but he must definitely rest. Whoever is going through such a situation definitely needs to take a rest for a little while. Do not think that you have to go to hospital; no. By taking a little rest now, it will be helpful in the future. Otherwise, that tiredness will show itself. He should definitely rest for a few days.

Rameshbhai told Baba: It is Ushaben's birthday today. Baba calls her to the subtle region sometimes. She is happy. There are no problems.

BapDada is seeing in His heart the children sitting at the back of the hall. Though you are sitting at the back of the hall, you are close in terms of your love and also close to the heart.

Some VIPs meeting BapDada: Wherever you are carrying out a task, never lose your happiness in life.

Always remain happy hearted because when there is happiness - it is said: There is no nourishment like happiness. So, the art of living, many are living, but to live with pleasure, to enjoy life, that is only possible when there is happiness. If there isn't happiness, then it is sometimes one thing and sometimes another. (I want Your blessings.) For that, whenever you open your eyes, even if you are in bed, as soon as you open your eyes, say "Good morning" to God. You can do this much, can you not? If you remember God first thing in the morning, your whole day will be good. And, you won't have to work hard for that. You have to wake up. Simply say: Good morning, Shiv Baba. You are an instrument, are you not? Seeing you, others will also become happy. There has to be some attainment in life. So, the greatest thing is happiness. Never lose your happiness. Even if you lose your money, your happiness should not be lost. The money will come back. With happiness, you will have double the money. Continue to come. Wherever you are living, stay in connection by phone. Whenever you have any problems, then think about whatever you have heard, even the blessings you have heard.

2) Always say good morning to Shiv Baba in the morning. It is said: Whoever's face you see first thing in the morning, your whole day will be like that. So, always remain happy. When any situation comes, overcome it with happiness.

Meeting brothers and sisters of the double foreign Regional Coordinators' meeting: (25 years of this group has been completed.) Congratulations! You have been having these meetings for 25 years. Whatever meetings you have, by putting those things into a practical form you continue to achieve success, do you not? You have success, do you not? Whatever you do, the result of that should be the best of all. Whatever you do, you give time to that. The time of the confluence age is very valuable. So, check to see what the result has been. Results bring happiness. You said it and it happened because knowledge means to do it and for it to happen at the same time. Whatever you have done in this time, you have done well. The Father also understands whatever tasks the instruments carry out, they are always good. This is why you have been made instruments. Otherwise, you would not have been made instruments and there is also the loving devotion to do this every year. Whatever you do, check the results of that. Of course there are problems, but the problems should be solved. The problems should not remain problems. To find a solution is success. It is because everything has worked so well that it has continued for this many years, otherwise it would have finished. It has continued. No matter what situations arise, do not worry about then, but simply continue to move on for you have definitely received some success or other. So, continue with this, and the time that you maharathis have given, your time is also valuable. Continue to bring about results to that extent. If it doesn't happen the first time, even if it takes some time, it doesn't matter, but, according to the time, definitely check to what extent you have become a maharathi. Everyone's time is very valuable, and so, are your results according to that? Repeatedly bring the results in front of everyone. This is still remaining. We have to accomplish this. Next year have a meeting for that and make plans definitely to accomplish that. It is essential to pay attention to this. BapDada likes it that you meet among yourselves. That is also good, because you remain distant for a long time. So, it is good that you come and meet in Madhuban. There is no loss, only benefit. BapDada is pleased. Continue with it.

It has been 40 years of service abroad: There has been good expansion. Whatever efforts you have put in, they have definitely brought you the fruit. Therefore, continue to move forward. BapDada is pleased. (A big programme is to take place in Delhi.) As much as possible, it is good if the countries abroad and India work together. (We have kept the programme: One God, one family.) In the beginning, the programme in London had created an impact where they had people from all nationalities and all religions sitting together on one stage. The impact created from it, that there is no discrimination here, and that everyone works in a united way was good. Now, service is taking place everywhere, and so the impression that you believe in everyone (all religions) is good. You say that God is One, and you make it one. The programme is in Delhi, and there should be all varieties represented on the stage there. In Bahrain, people came in their different costumes; so they should come in their national dress. Whatever is their national dress, they should all be visible on the stage.

(To Gayatriben): You also work hard, you become an instrument. The Father is anyway the Companion.

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