Preparation for Diwali - Week -1

Invoking the divinity within I, the soul


As Diwali is fast approaching each of you must be preparing to celebrate the festival with the Brahmin family as well as doing public programs. With knowledge, we understand that all the festivals that people celebrate are in-fact a memorial of our life at this confluence age.  At this time, we perform elevated actions by following shrimat.  These elevated actions and our elevated stage become an inspiration for many souls in the world; our state of perfection and elevated actions become imprinted in their consciousness and in the copper age they create memorials based on this.

On the occasion of Diwali, people specially invoke Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth to seek blessings and prosperity from her.  Wealth is not only money and material possessions.  Tradition and values of life are also wealth.  Our family is also wealth.  Our belongings such as land, properties, animals, grains are also wealth.     Our innate virtues -- patience, persistence, and purity -- in the form of characteristics are considered as wealth.  Glory and victory are also wealth or fortune.    Lakshmi has been given various names based on each manifestation of wealth.  Each name and manifestation or form has significance and is connected to our elevated stage and action.

An Invocation of the soul’s original stage of divinity for 21 days:

We invite you to take one form of Lakshmi every day and invoke that state of divinity within.   Below you will find the description of 21 forms of Lakshmi and how each form is remembered on the path of devotion.  Each description creates the awareness of how it is remembered, and each practice invokes that particular form of divinity in reality.

We suggest that this spiritual awareness and practice be done at Amrit vela and during traffic control times.  Use the awareness point to remember the state of divinity within and use practice point to experience the practical application of this form in your elevated attitude and action.

Day 1 : Monday - October 2

Aadi Lakshmi /Maha-Lakshmi – Bestowing the richness of purity

Aadi Lakshmi is ever gracious, confers eternal auspiciousness, unlimited wealth, and bestows a good mind.  Her grace, which shines like the sun, destroys the impurities of mind, making one pure and in control of the senses.  Adi Lakshmi serving Sri Narayana is symbolic of her serving the whole creation. 

I sit with Baba in the subtle region, in the form of a world benefactor.   I emerge the
consciousness of my worthy of worship form and serve the world with the rays of my elevated thoughts.  Just like the sun, the rays of my elevated thoughts are destroying the impurities in the minds of all souls and bestowing the richness of purity on them. 

Day 2: Tuesday - October 3

Vidya Lakshmi – Bestowing elevated knowledge and true wisdom

Vidhya Lakshmi is the one who bestows special knowledge of the world drama, purifies the intellect and confers liberation-in life.  She bestows knowledge that nourishes the soul to its full recognition.  The soul is able to recognize the treasure of intelligence, guardian of noble thoughts, and inspiration of truthful words.  The wisdom that comes from this knowledge leads to deeper understanding of cosmic secrets, nirvana, and the three aspects of time.

I am a master sun of knowledge; one who knows the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle; and of the three worlds.   Using the gift of the divine intellect, I am able to bestow wisdom to all souls of the world.

Day 3:  Wednesday - October 4

Vijaya Lakshmi – Bestowing the path to victory and liberation

Vijaya Lakshmi is the embodiment of all powers and bestower of all subtle abilities that result in victory.  She is the goddess who shows the right path to the seekers of liberation, and grants victory in all their endeavors.

I am a victorious soul.  Baba has applied the tilak of victory on my forehead.  With the power of knowledge and yoga I gain victory over all the illusions of Maya.  With my victorious form, I am able to inspire many souls to gain victory over their illusions.

Day 4:  Thursday - October 5

Santana Lakshmi – Bestowing virtues to souls as the noble children  of humanity

Santana Lakshmi assumes the form of sons, daughters and grandchildren and upholds the virtuous nature of the progen
y of humanity.  A child is the greatest gift given by God and should be nurtured as virtuous with good health & long-life.

I am Master Brahma, master creator.  As an instrument, I impart Godly knowledge that rekindles the innate worth and divinity in all souls, emerging the divine virtues of purity and love.   This awakening nurtures the souls back to their original state of being.

Day 5:  Friday - October 6

Gaja Lakshmi – Bestowing immense strength and spiritual power

Gaja Lakshmi helped Lord Indra regain his lost treasures by churning the depth of the ocean.  She is best known as a daughter of the Ocean and bestows the incredible strength of the elephant, the maharathi, of bravery and might.  She is also the protector of rights and royalty. 

I’m a master Almighty Authority and the child of the Ocean of knowledge. I draw the powers from Baba, the Almighty Authority and claim my rightful inheritance.  With the support of One strength and One support, I connect all souls to the One which enables them to grain strength to overcome evil.

Day 6:  Saturday - October 7

Dhairya Lakshmi – Bestowing infinite courage and patience.

Dhairya Lakshmi  frees everyone from envy, anger and fear and bestows infinite courage and inner stability.  Her intellect is free from biases and prejudices, and like a mother embraces others with tremendous patience and care.   Those, who are in tune with this infinite inner power, are destined to have victory.

I am a courageous soul.  With my one step of courage I receive multi-million-fold help from the Father.  Using the virtues of courage and patience, I overcome all adverse situations and become victorious.  With my courageous form, I liberate all souls from fear and inspire them to tune into their inner power.

Day 7:  Sunday - October 8

Dhanya Lakshmi – Bestowing nutritious foods for optimum health

Dhanya Lakshmi leads over food grains, signifying the importance of a nutritious diet for a healthy body and holistic wellbeing.  She is the destroyer of impurities and adversities and is a bestower of prosperity through the five elements of nature.

I am the lord of the nature (Prakruti-Pati) and a self-sovereign.  I serve the elements of nature with my elevated attitude and pure feelings. The power of my purity makes the elements satopradhan and bountiful.  In return the elements of nature serve unconditionally with abundance.