15-12-2002          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

According to the time, make the qualifications equal to the aim by becoming equal to the Father.

Today, BapDada is pleased to see the children, from all four directions, who are all in their stage of self-respect. No greater self-respect can be received by any soul throughout the whole cycle than the self-respect that you children receive at this confluence age. This self-respect is so great. Are you aware of this? The intoxication of self-respect is so great! Does this remain in your awareness? The rosary of self-respect is very long. Continue to count each bead and remain lost in love of the intoxication of self-respect. You have received this self-respect, or titles from BapDada Himself. You have attained self-respect from God. Therefore, there is no authority that can shake your spiritual intoxication of self-respect because you have attained it from the Almighty Authority.

So today, at amrit vela, BapDada toured the whole world to see all the children and saw how many rosaries of self-respect each of you children has in your awareness. To wear the rosary means to remain stable in that stage through your awareness. Therefore, check yourself to see to what extent you have the stage of this awareness. BapDada was seeing to what extent you have the balance of faith in self-respect and its spiritual intoxication. Faith is to be knowledge-full and spiritual intoxication is to be powerful. So, Baba saw two types of knowledge-full. One is knowledge-full and the other is knowledgeable (embodiment of knowledge). So, ask yourself: Who am I? BapDada knows that the aim of the children is very elevated. Your aim is elevated, is it not? What is elevated? All of you say that you will become equal to the Father. So, just as the Father is the Highest on High, so the aim of becoming equal to the Father is so elevated. Therefore, BapDada is very happy to see your aim but, but... Should Baba tell you "but what"? "But what", the teachers, should say. Double foreigners, will you listen to the "but what"? You must have understood. BapDada wants to see you equal in your aim and its qualifications. Now, ask yourself: Is your aim equal to its qualifications, that is, to the practical stage? Because, for your aim and its qualifications to be equal is to become equal to the Father. According to the time, bring this equality close.

At present, BapDada cannot bear to see one thing in the children. Many children make many different types of effort to become equal to the Father - there is no need to make effort in front of the love of the Father. Where there is love, there is no effort. The wrong intoxication of body consciousness has become your nature, so it has become natural. Do you need to make effort to come into body consciousness? Or, did you make effort for that for 63 births? It became your nature, it became natural. So, even now, you sometimes say, that instead of being soul conscious, you become body conscious. So, just as body consciousness has become your nature and natural, in the same way, now let the stage of soul consciousness become natural and your nature. It is difficult to change nature. Even now, you say - you sometimes say that that was not your intention, but it is your nature. So you have made that nature natural, and you cannot make the nature of becoming equal to the Father natural! You are controlled by the wrong nature. Why is it hard work to have the right nature of being equal to the Father? Therefore, BapDada now wants to see all the children who have the natural nature of being soul conscious. You saw Father Brahma: while walking, moving or performing any task, the stage of soul consciousness was his natural nature.

BapDada heard the news that, nowadays, the Dadis especially have this heart-to-heart conversation: how to make the angelic stage, the karmateet stage and the stage of being equal to the Father your natural nature. It should become your nature. You have this heart-to-heart conversation, do you not? Do you talk about this? This is what Dadiji thinks about again and again, is it not? That you should become an angel, you should become karmateet, so that the Father is revealed. So, the special method to become an angel or to create the incorporeal karmateet stage is to become egoless. Only one who is egoless can become incorporeal. This is why the last mantra that the Father gave through Brahma was: Together with being incorporeal, be egoless. The arrogance of the body and body consciousness is not just being trapped in your body or that of others. This alone is not called arrogance of the body or body consciousness. There is arrogance of the body and also body consciousness. To be aware of your own body and those of others, to have attachment to it, the majority of you have passed in this. Those who have deep love for effort, those who are true effort-makers, are beyond this gross form. However, there are many subtle forms of body consciousness. Make a list of these amongst yourselves. BapDada is not going to tell you this today. This much signal is enough for today because all of you are sensible. You all know it, do you not? If all of you were asked, then all of you would relate all of it with great cleverness. However, BapDada is simply telling you a very simple and easy effort. Always remember and keep in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections the last mantra of the three words (incorporeal, egoless and viceless). When you create any thought, check whether it is full of the great mantra. In the same way, keep the three words in your words and actions and let there be equality. This is easy, is it not? You are not being told to remember the whole murli, but just three words. This great mantra will make your thoughts elevated. It will put humility into your words and the feeling of serving in your actions. It will constantly create an attitude of good wishes and elevated feelings in your relationships and connections.

BapDada hears the service news. Nowadays, you give many different courses in service. However, now one course still remains. That is to give the course of force, that is, to fill souls with the power they need. It is the course to fill them with power, not the course of telling them with words. Together with the course of words, let there also be the course of filling them with power with which they don't just say that this is good, but they become good themselves. They should say that, today, they received a drop of power. To experience even one drop of this is a great deal for those souls. Give courses, but first give yourself this course and then tell others. So, did you hear what BapDada wants? Make your aim and its qualifications equal. Seeing everyone's aim, BapDada is very, very happy. Now simply make them equal and you will very easily become equal to the Father.

BapDada regards the children as even higher than being equal. He regards you as higher than Himself. BapDada always calls the children the crown of His head. Crowns are higher than the head, are they not? Teachers, are you the crowns on the head?

Teachers, stand up! Look, there are so many teachers. If there are so many teachers in just this one group, how many teachers would there be in each group? Teachers have had a thought of fulfilling one of BapDada's hopes, but you haven't brought that in front of Baba. Do you know what that is? Do you know what that is? Firstly, BapDada has told you to create a rosary of heirs. A rosary of heirs, not a general rosary. Secondly, make those who are in connection and relationship with you into "mikes". Don't you give the lectures, but let them become the media on your behalf. Create your own media. What does the media do? It spreads the sound - either right or wrong. Therefore, prepare such "mikes" who spread the sound of revelation in the same way as the media does. You would say: God has come, God has come! They consider this to be common. However, others should say it on your behalf. Those with some authority should say this. They should first of all reveal you as the Shaktis. When the Shaktis are revealed, the Father will be revealed. So, make them the media; prepare the media. We shall then see. Have you done this? Have you prepared this? OK, leave aside a garland, have you prepared a bracelet? Have you prepared it? Those who have prepared such ones, raise your hands! BapDada will see whom you have prepared. OK, you have maintained courage. Did you teachers hear what you have to do? On Shiv Ratri, prepare heir quality. Prepare "mikes". Then, on Shiv Ratri next year, the sound will spread that Father Shiva has come. Celebrate Shiv Ratri in this way. You have planned very good programmes. They have all been sent a programme, have they not? You have made good programmes. However, in every programme, some "mike" should be created, some heir should be ready. Make this effort. You gave lectures and they went away. Let it not be like that. It is now 66 years, and you have also celebrated 50 years of service. Now, celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Shiv Ratri. Prepare these two types of souls, and then see whether the drums are beaten or not. You will not beat the drums. You are goddesses, you will grant visions. Prepare those who will beat the drums and who sing the song in a practical way that the Shiv Shaktis have come. Did you hear what you have to do on Shiv Ratri? Don't end everything by just giving lectures. Then, you would write: Baba, 500,000 people came. They came and you gave them the message, but now give Baba the news of how many heirs and how many mikes emerged. Whatever you have done so far, you prepared the land, you gave the message, and Baba says that was good. That service has not gone to waste, it has been powerful. Subjects have been created, the royal family has been created, but kings and queens are also needed - not kings and queens who are on the throne. In the court there, together with the king and queen, there will also be those who are equal to the kings. Create such ones so that the royal court becomes beautiful. Did you hear what you have to do on Shiv Ratri? Pandavas, are you listening? Raise your hands! Did you pay attention? OK, senior maharathis are sitting here. Achcha. BapDada is happy. This is also love of the heart because all of you have thoughts, do you not, of when revelation will take place, when will revelation take place? So, BapDada continues to listen. What did those from Madhuban hear? Did those from Madhuban hear? Those from Madhuban, raise your hands! Those from Madhuban, stand up! Madhuban, Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar - all are residents of Madhuban. Achcha.

The drums will beat from Madhuban. Where will they beat from? Where will they beat from? (From Delhi). Not from Madhuban? Say from all four directions. They will not be beaten in just one direction. They will be beaten from Madhuban as well and they will be beaten in all four directions, for only then will the Kumbhakarnas awaken. Did those from Madhuban hear this? Very good. Just as in service, you tirelessly play your part of service, in the same way, continue to serve through the mind. Don't just do physical service. You are serving through your thoughts, words and deeds, but now do even more. Achcha. Those from Madhuban have not been forgotten. Those from Madhuban think that BapDada comes in Madhuban, but He doesn't mention Madhuban. However Madhuban is constantly remembered. If Madhuban didn't exist, where would everybody come to? If you servers didn't do service, how would all of them eat and stay here? Therefore, BapDada also remembers those from Madhuban with His heart and gives you blessings from His heart. You may now sit down. You will become tired. Teachers became tired.

BapDada didn't see that you must have become tired while standing. You performed the drill, at least. Your legs get tired while just sitting, so at least you got up. Baba has love for the teachers. Baba also has love for Madhuban and love for the teachers. Baba also has love for the sweet mothers. As well as this, Baba also has love for the Mahavir Pandavas. There cannot be salvation without the Pandavas. Therefore, there is greater praise of the four-armed image. The combined form of both the Pandavas and Shaktis is Vishnu, the four-armed image.

If Baba were to ask the group of mothers to stand up... Half the gathering is of mothers. Mothers, stand up! There are many mothers. Now, mothers, don't hoist a flag of cloth. You wave a cloth-flag and say that God has come, now awaken, awaken. However, now, let the true sound be heard. Enable the sound to emerge from each one's heart. Celebrate the true Shiv Ratri. Did you mothers hear? Hoist the flag of the Father's revelation in your heart. You know how to hoist a flag, do you not? You are clever. The mothers are no less. Now, awaken them. Your children, the Kumbhkarnas, are still sleeping. The time has now come. Now, awaken them. Let it emerge from their mouth that the Father has come. Mothers, celebrate such a Shiv Ratri. Mothers, show this wonder! You are waving your hands very well. BapDada is pleased. On this Shiv Ratri, Baba will see what news He receives. Not that you held functions. You may hold functions but definitely let such souls emerge. Achcha. There are many mothers. The beauty of the Brahmin family is the mothers. The speciality of mothers is that no matter which village the mothers come from, wherever there is a large number of mothers, there, the bhandari (Baba's box) and the bhandara (kitchen) is always full. Even if there is just one Pandava and 25 mothers, they have a big heart. Achcha.

Now Double foreigners, stand up! Will the Double foreigners prepare the Media group from abroad. Will you do this? Will you do this? Raise your hands, those who will do this. Will you prepare the Media group. BapDada heard that children have come from 30 countries. So, you will go and create the Almighty Media in at least 30 countries, will you not? What will the sisters do? What will the Shaktis do? It is good. Look, you have so much love for the Father. You come here after crossing so many oceans. BapDada is proud of the double foreigners. He has love for everyone but, together with love, He is also proud of you that you have become instruments to spread the Father's message to every corner. Otherwise, the sisters from India would first of all have to learn the language and then give the message. However, you children have demonstrated that "Charity begins at home". Now, there are only 30 countries represented, but there are also many in other countries. So, you have become very good messengers. Seeing the speciality of each child BapDada is very pleased. The double foreigners have the speciality of one thing. The people of Bharat have their own list of specialities, but we are now speaking of the specialities of the double foreigners. The double foreigners say with experience that they are the children of Brahma. They are those from abroad, but they speak from experience, not just intellectually. They say from their heart that they are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You say this from your heart, with that experience, do you not? You don't say it just because you are told to or because you have heard it, but you say it from experience. You have the spiritual intoxication of becoming a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari. Do you have this intoxication? Yes, wave your hands! Wave your hands strongly according to the extent that you have intoxication. Even BapDada verifies that you have the intoxication of being a Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari. People abroad don't celebrate Shiv Ratri as much. (Dadi Janki told Baba that we give greater importance to the 18th January). They celebrate Shiv Ratri here, and make great preparations for service with pomp on the 18th January and in the month of January. This too is good. However, in service, BapDada will see who makes the first number heirs and mikes emerge. They will be given a silver Brahma Baba. They will be given a prize, whether they are from Bharat or abroad. Whoever makes these souls emerge will be given a prize. However many centres make them emerge, BapDada's treasure-store is overflowing. Is this all right?

What will the Pandavas do? What are the Pandavas doing? The victory of the Pandavas is remembered. BapDada is not going to make you stand up, as you will get tired, but BapDada constantly sees victory on the forehead of the Pandavas and the soul in the centre is sparkling with victory. There is praise of the Pandavas. According to the drama, the Pandavas have received the blessing of victory. The memorial is of the victorious Pandavas. So, the Pandavas must never be defeated in anything. Become the garland (haar) around BapDada's neck, but do not be defeated (haar). Whenever anything comes up, then say that you are the garland around BapDada's neck, not those who are going to be defeated. Are you that strong? Or, are you sometimes slightly defeated? OK, it doesn't matter, whatever is the past is the past. Now, don't be defeated. Victory is the garland around your neck. We are the garland around the Father's neck, not those who are defeated. There are millions of souls who will be defeated. You are not those. You are a handful out of multimillions and a few out of the selected handful. The Pandavas of Madhuban, have this intoxication, do you not? You have the intoxication - the intoxication of victory, not of anything else. You are good. If it weren't for the Pandavas of Pandava Bhavan - the majority is Pandavas - then none of you would enjoy yourselves in Madhuban. This is why there is greatness of the Madhuban niwasis who enable you to live in pleasure, who feed you and make you fly. Today, BapDada has been remembering the Madhuban niwasis from amrit vela. Whether you are here or sitting up above, or even if the Madhuban niwasis are on duty here, BapDada has given remembrances to the Madhuban niwasis everywhere from amrit vela. Achcha.

Now, servers of UP, stand up! They (Madhuban niwasis) are always servers and you are the servers just for this one turn. Servers of UP, stand up! In this one turn, each one of you has created your account of imperishable charity. You serve for a short time and create your line of fortune of charity for many births. So, you are very clever, are you not? You created for many births in just one birth. Seeing the servers BapDada is especially happy. Why? Why is BapDada happy? Because as all of you older ones would remember, when Father Brahma used to sign anything, what did he write? World servant. A server. And, why has the incorporeal Father come? He has come as the Server, has He not? This is why BapDada remembers the servers a great deal and also loves them. It is also good that the majority of all souls receive the charity of serving in the yagya according to the programme. This too is good. Achcha.

Teachers, are you all right? Are the teachers who are servers from UP all right? Very good. BapDada told you didn't He, that BapDada always sees the teachers in the form of "gurubhai". Achcha.

First, little children stand up! Little children are great souls (mahatmas). Look, even the children have so much love. Children are those who challenge. Nowadays, even the President listens to children. The President of Bharat also believes in the children. So, BapDada also loves the children. Are all of you children all right? If you are all right, wave your hands! Very good. Constantly continue to say, "Baba, Baba, Baba!" Stay in remembrance.

Kumaris, stand up! There are many kumaris, but which kumaris are you? Are you those who take others across for 21 births or are you those who are in bondage? A kumari is one who makes souls elevated for 21 births. This is the praise of kumaris. If you have any bondage of either your job or relationship, then a kumari is also a Shakti. With the power of your yoga, you can free yourself from bondage. BapDada is not telling you not to go to work, but while working, do a double job. Do service as well. This is the speciality abroad. BapDada has seen the speciality abroad of how they have a job and also look after a centre and this is why BapDada gives double congratulations to such children. If your circumstances are such, BapDada doesn't forbid you, but keep a balance. Are you such kumaris? Will you open a centre and look after a centre? Will you have so many kumaris. Should we open centres? Those who say yes, raise your hands! Should we order centres to be opened? Will you go to the centres? Only a few of you are raising your hands for this. Just be careful, your photo is being taken by the TV. Achcha. You have courage. With courage you receive the Father's help. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations for going to the centre. Kumars are included with the Pandavas, whereas kumaris have to look after the centres. Kumars can create heirs. Kumars can also create "mikes". Kumars can even awaken the Government. Kumars will demonstrate wonders. That day will also come. Therefore, awaken kumars and bring them close. Awaken them. Tell them: You are kumars and we are also kumars. Come and we will tell you stories. Achcha.

How many times do you perform the spiritual exercise that BapDada has given you and how long do you take to do it? Incorporeal and angelic. Bap and Dada. One moment be incorporeal and the next moment, become the angelic form. Neither has the consciousness of the body. Therefore, if you want to go beyond the consciousness of the body, perform this spiritual exercise in a second whilst performing action and doing your duty. Let this become a natural practice. One moment incorporeal and the next moment angelic. Achcha. (BapDada conducted drill.) May you constantly be like this.

To the children everywhere who remain lost in remembrance of the Father; to those who make the qualifications equal to the aim of becoming like the Father; to those children who are sitting in all four corners of the world and listening through the facilities of science, whether day or night, sitting awake, BapDada is also giving love, remembrance, congratulations and blessings from the heart. BapDada knows that, at this time, everyone's heart is filled with remembrance of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. BapDada is personally giving by name love and remembrance to every child sitting in every corner. If Baba were to chant the rosary of their names, the whole night would go by. BapDada is giving remembrance to all the children. No matter what number you may be in your efforts, however, BapDada constantly gives each one of you children love and remembrance and says namaste according to your elevated self-respect. At the time of giving love and remembrance, BapDada keeps in front of Him every child everywhere. BapDada reminds every child, in every corner, village, city, this country or abroad, of his self-respect and gives love and remembrance. Everyone has a right to love and remembrance because as soon as you say "Baba" you have a right to love and remembrance. BapDada is seeing all of you seated in front of Him in the form of those who are wearing the rosary of self-respect. To all of you who are in your self-respect of being equal to the Father, love, remembrance and namaste.

To Dadiji: You are now all right. Now, you don't have any illness. They have all gone away. They just came to show themselves to you, so that everyone sees that it also comes to you. So that is not a big thing.

All the Dadis are playing a very good part. BapDada is pleased to see everyone's part. (Speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta): You are an original jewel, are you not? You are an original jewel. In the eternal form, you are close to the incorporeal Father. You constantly remain with Him and in the original form too, you are a companion in the royal court. You are a royal member of the royal family and you have also received the fortune of being an original jewel at the confluence age. So it is a very big fortune. You have this fortune, do you not? Your presence is a blessing for everyone. Whether you say anything or not, whether you do anything or not, your presence itself is a blessing for everyone. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *