15-10-2007          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In order to experience the stage of liberation-in-life at the confluence age, give all your burdens and bondages to the Father and become double-light.

Today, BapDada the Creator of the World, is celebrating a mela, a meeting, with His first creation of His extremely lucky and lovely children. Some children are personally in front of Baba and seeing Him with their eyes, and many children in all directions are merged in His heart. BapDada is seeing on the forehead of each child three sparkling stars of three types of fortune. One fortune is of the elevated sustenance received from BapDada, the second fortune is of the study received from the Teacher and the third fortune is the sparkling star of the blessings received from the Satguru. So, all of you are experiencing the sparkling stars on your forehead, are you not? You have all relationships with BapDada, but nevertheless, these three relationships are necessary in life, and all of you long-lost and now-found beloved children have attained them easily. You have attained them, have you not? You have that intoxication, do you not? You continue to sing this song in your heart, do you not? Wah Baba! Wah! Wah Teacher! Wah! Wah Satguru! Wah! People of the world make so much effort to attain even one blessing from a worldly guru whom they call a great soul, whereas the Father has made you full of blessings from your moment of birth. Did you ever think of such a great fortune even in your dreams: that God, the Father, would surrender Himself to you to this extent. Devotees sing songs of God, and whose songs does God, the Father, sing? Of you lucky children.

Even now, by which plane have all of you flown in from all the different countries? In physical planes? Or, have all of you reached here from all directions in the plane of God's love? God's plane brings you here so easily; there are no difficulties. So, all of you have reached here in the plane of God's love and so congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Seeing each child, whether they have come for the first time or whether they have been coming for a long time, BapDada knows the speciality of each child. Each child of BapDada, whether he is young, old, a mahavir or an effort-maker, each child is specially beloved and long-lost and now-found. Why? You searched for the Father but you didn't find Him. However, BapDada searched for each of you children with a lot of love, fondness and affection in every corner. It is because you are loved so much that He looked for you, because the Father knows that none of His children is such that he or she doesn't have any speciality at all. It is your speciality of one thing or another that has brought you here. At the very least, you have recognised the Father who came here in an incognito form. You said, "Mera Baba!" All of you say, "Mera Baba!" Is there anyone who says "No, Tera Baba" (Your Baba)? All of you say, "Mera Baba!" So you are special, are you not? All of those great scientists and the VIPs were not able to recognise Him, but all of you recognised Him and made Him belong to you, did you not? So, the Father also made you belong to Him. You are flying while being sustained with this happiness, are you not? You are flying. You are not walking. You are flying, because those who are walking will not be able to return home with the Father, for the Father is going to fly. So, how would those who are simply walking be able to return home with Him? Therefore, what is the blessing that the Father gives to all the children? May you be in your angelic form! Angels fly; they don't walk, they fly. So, all of you are also of the flying stage, are you not? Those who are of the flying stage, raise your hands! Or, is it that sometimes it is the walking stage and sometimes the flying stage? No? You are those who always fly, you are double-light, are you not? Think about it! The Father has taken a guarantee from all of you: Whatever type of burden any of you have in your mind or intellect, give that to the Father because He has come to take it. Have you given the burden to the Father? Or, have you kept a little carefully hidden away? Since the One who will take it away from you is taking it away, is there anything to think about in this? Or, is it that you have the habit of looking after a burden for 63 births? Some children sometimes say: We don't want to do this, but we are compelled by our habits. You are not being compelled now, are you? Are you being compelled (majboor) or are you strong (majboot)? Never be compelled; you are strong. Are the Shaktis strong or being compelled? You are strong, are you not? What are those who are sitting at the front? You are strong, are you not? Do you like keeping a burden? Is your heart attached to it? Is your heart attached to the burden? Let go! Let go and you will become free! You don't let go and so you don't become free. The method for letting go is determined thought. Some children say: We have determined thoughts, but, but. What is the reason? You have determined thoughts, but you don't revise the determined thoughts that you have. Repeatedly revise them in your mind and realise what a burden is and what the experience of being double-light is. Underline the realisation course a little more now. You do the speaking and thinking, but now realise with your heart what a burden is and what it means to be double-light. Keep the contrast in front of you because now, according to the closeness of time, what does BapDada wish to see in each child? That you demonstrate it practically by doing what you say. You have to put into the practical form what you think because the Father's inheritance and your birthright is liberation and liberation-in-life. This is the invitation you give everyone, is it not? "Come and attain your inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life." So, ask yourself: Do I want to experience liberation in the land of liberation? Do I want to experience liberation-in-life in the golden age? Or, do I want to create the sanskars of liberation and liberation-in-life now, at the confluence age? This is because you say at this time that you are those who are creating the divine world with your Godly sanskars. "We are creating the new world with our sanskars." So, the sanskars of liberation and liberation-in-life have to be made to emerge now, at the confluence age, do they not? So, check if your mind and intellect have become free from all bondages. In Brahmin life, you have become free from many things which were bondages in your past life. However, are you free from all bondages? Or, are there even now some bondages which tie you in bondage to them? To experience liberation and liberation-in-life is the greatness of Brahmin life because in the golden age, you won't have knowledge of either liberation-in-life or of a life of bondage. At present you can experience what a life of bondage is and what liberation-in-life is because all of you have promised. All of you have made promises and you have made promises many times. Do you remember what promises you have made? Ask anyone: What is the aim of this Brahmin life of yours? What response do they give? To become equal to the Father. This is firm, is it not? You want to become equal to the Father, do you not? Or, is that you want to become that only a little? You want to become equal, exactly, do you not? Or, is it that if you become a little like Him, that will do? Will it do? That would not be called becoming equal, would it? So, is the Father liberated or does He have bondages? If you have any type of bondage - whether of the body, of bodily relations, may be not of the mother, father, brother or friend, but if there is any bondage of any relationships to the physical organs, if there is a bondage of habits, a bondage of nature, a bondage of old sanskars, then, how can that be called being equal to the Father? And you make a promise every day that you definitely want to become equal to the Father. When Baba makes you raise your hands, what do all of you say? That you want to become Lakshmi and Narayan. BapDada is pleased that you make very good promises, but you don't take benefit of the promises. You don't know the balance of a promise and its benefit. BapDada has a very, very, very big file of your promises. He has everyone's file. Similarly, there should also be a file of the benefits. If there were this balance, it would be so good!

These are the teachers from the centres sitting here, are they not? These are also residents of the centres who are sitting here, are they not? So, you are those who are going to become equal, are you not? Residents of the centre who have become the instrument children should be equal, should they not? Are you that? You are, but you sometimes become a little mischievous. BapDada continues to see the behaviour and activity of all the children throughout the day. When your Dadi was in the subtle region, she was also seeing everything. What did she say? Do you know, she used to say: Baba, can it be like that too? Is it like that? Do they do this? And you continue to see that? Did you hear what your Dadi saw? Now, BapDada wants to see that each child claims a right to the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life, because you receive the inheritance at this time. In the golden age, it will be your natural life; it will be a natural life on the basis of the practice of this time, but you receive the right to the inheritance now, at the confluence age. This is why BapDada wants every child to check the self, and if there is any bondage pulling, then also think of its reason. Think of its reason and, together with that, also think of a solution. BapDada has given you solutions many times in different forms. He has given you the blessing of all powers and the treasure of all virtues. By using those treasures, they will increase. All of you have the treasures; BapDada has seen that. BapDada sees the stock of each one. The intellect is the stock room. BapDada has seen everyone's stock room. You do have them in stock, but you do not use those treasures at the right time. You simply think of it in the form of a point - yes, I mustn't do this, I must do this. You use knowledge in the form of a point. You think about it, but you don't use that point of knowledge by stabilising in the form of the point. This is why it just remains a point. Use the point of knowledge while in the point form and you will find a solution. You say that you mustn't do this, and then you forget it. Together with speaking about it, you then forget it. Baba has told you an easy method. At the confluence age, it is just a wonder of the point. Simply use the point; there is no need for any other punctuation. Simply use the three points. The soul is a point, the Father is a point and the drama is a point. Continue to use the three points and it will not be difficult to become equal to the Father. You try to put a point, but your hand shakes at the time of putting a point and so it becomes either a question mark or an exclamation mark. There, your hand shakes and here, your intellect shakes. Otherwise, is it difficult to keep the three points in your awareness? Is it difficult? BapDada has shown you another easy method; what is that? Give blessings and receive blessings. Achcha, if you are not able to have powerful yoga, if you lack a little bit in your dharna, if you don't have the courage to give lectures, you can still give blessings and receive blessings. Do just this one thing and put aside everything else. Simply do one thing: receive blessings and give blessings. No matter what happens, no matter what others give you, I have to give blessings and receive blessings. Make this one thing firm and everything else will be included in it. If you give blessings and receive blessings, would not all powers and virtues be included in that? They would automatically be included, would they not? Just keep the one aim. Try it and see. Practise this for one day and see, and then try it for seven days. OK, if you are not able to keep other things in your intellect, you will at least be able to keep one thing in it. No matter what happens, I have to give blessings and receive blessings. Can you do this or not? Are you able to do it? OK, whenever you go back try this. By doing this, you will all automatically become yogyukt. Because if there are no wasteful actions, you are yogyukt, are you not? However, keep the aim to give blessings and to receive blessings. No matter what others give you, even if you receive bad wishes - even situations of anger will come in front of you, because when you make a promise, Maya is also listening to the promise you make, so she will also do her own work, will she not? When you become a conqueror of Maya, she will not do anything. At present, you are still becoming a conqueror of Maya, and so she will also do her own work, so you have to give blessings and receive blessings. Is this possible? Is it possible? Those who say that it is possible, raise your hands! Achcha, Shaktis, raise your hands! Yes, it is possible! So, teachers have come from everywhere, have they not? Teachers have come from all directions, have they not? So, when you return to your countries, then first of all, all of you have to do this homework for one week and then send your result. How many class members are there, how many are OK and how many are still a little weak? How many are strong? If they are weak, put a line through OK. Send your news in this way, that is all! This many people are OK, and this many people have a line through their being OK. Look, double foreigners have come in this group, and so you will do double the work, will you not? Send your result of one week, and then BapDada will see. It is easy, is it not? It is not difficult. Maya will come, you will say: Baba, I never used to experience this before, but it has come now. This will happen, but those who have determined faith have victory guaranteed. The fruit of determination is success. The lack of success is through the lack of determination. So, you have to attain the success of determination.

Double foreigners, claim number one! You are double, you are double foreigners, are you not? So, show wonders! How many have come from abroad? (People from 300 centres and from 90 countries have come.) So, 90 will perform wonders, will they not? There are double foreigners from 90 countries. And add 10 from India and it will become a 100. So, will you do this? All those who have come, no matter what happens, you definitely have to demonstrate this. Are you this determined? Or, are you thinking that you will see about it, that you will try. Do any of you here think that you will try? Those who think that they will try, raise your hands! Not a single one. Congratulations! You may applaud. Where are the Dadis? You are firm. It is good. It is anyway the nature of double foreigners, and their sanskars are also remembered, that they definitely do what they think of doing. They would definitely accomplish something before leaving it. This nature of the double foreigners has been remembered. So, now use that nature for this task. Is that OK? Definitely demonstrate this by putting it into a practical form, no matter what happens. Specially take the blessing of tolerance with you when you go back. However, from time to time, BapDada saw one scene of the children. The Father continues to watch the scenes of the children, and so what did He see? That children tolerated a lot, BapDada would say "Wah! Wah!" to them saying, "Very good, very good" because He could see them. However, what did you do after that? You tolerated, you passed and then later, because of lacking the power to accommodate, you were unable to accommodate everything and so you began to speak about it here and there. You didn't have the power to accommodate, you had the power to tolerate, you played your part very well, but, because of lacking the power to accommodate, you then began to speak about it: This happened, then this happened, and you thereby lost everything. So, do not do this. BapDada sees many scenes of the children. He first applauds them and then He becomes quiet. So, do not do this. The power to tolerate and then the power to accommodate. All the powers have a connection with one another. This is why the Father is called the Almighty Authority, the One with all powers. He is not called the One with some power. Your title is also: master almighty authorities, ones with all powers. Is it just one with powers? You are "master almighty authorities, are you not? All powers have a connection with one another. Therefore, pay attention to this too. Achcha.

BapDada is pleased that the double foreigners have created expansion at their own places. You are playing the part of being compassionate and merciful in very good way practically. BapDada continues to receive news. Even now, BapDada heard that the message is being given in a very good way in the places that still remain in Africa and Russia. And, in Bharat too, those from all the different wings are being merciful and with courage and enthusiasm are carrying out the task of giving the message, giving an introduction with very good zeal and enthusiasm and enabling souls of their own wings to forge a relationship. BapDada is giving congratulations for that too. Yes, you may clap! Just as you applauded for this, so, BapDada is giving you six months because the season is only just beginning now and so Baba is giving you six months more. Just as you are doing service with zeal and enthusiasm, in the same way, for the self too, serve the self and also serve the world. To serve the self means to check and to make yourself equal to the Father. Give any defect, any weakness to the Father. Why have you kept it? The Father doesn't like that. Why do you keep the weaknesses? Give them away. At the time of giving, become little children. When little children are not able to look after something, when they don't like something, what do they do? "Mummy, Papa, you take this!" In the same way, if you don't like any type of burden or bondage - because BapDada sees that, on the one hand, you think that you don't like it, that it is not right, but you say, "What can I do? How can I do this?" That is also not good. On the one hand you are saying that it is not good, and on the other hand, you have kept it with yourself carefully. So what would you say about this? Is it good? It is not good, is it? So, what do you want to become? The best of all, do you not? Not just good, but the best of all. So, whenever there is something like that, Baba is ever-present, give it to Him. If it comes back to you, then hand it over, considering it to be something entrusted to you. You cannot be dishonest with something that is entrusted to you. You have given it to the Father, so it now belongs to the Father. If something that belongs to the Father or someone else comes to you by mistake, would you keep it locked away in your cupboard? Would you keep it? You would take it away, would you not? No matter how, you should give it away, you would not keep it. You would not look after it carefully, would you? So give it away! The Father has come to take it away. You don't have anything else that you can give Him anyway. However, you can give this, can you not? It is an uck flower, so give it to Him. Do you like looking after it? So, just as you are doing service since six months with zeal and enthusiasm - Baba heard the news of Russia and Africa, and He also continues to hear the news of other places, you are doing that. Baba is now especially giving time for service of the self. You have now seen it many times. For so long, Baba has been revising two words again and again, what are those two words? Suddenly and ever-ready. You do remember them, do you not? Do you remember them? Your very good Dadi Chandermani also went suddenly, remember? From that time, how long ago was that? (10 years) and after that, there have been so many cases of "suddenly". How did your Dadi go? She went suddenly, did she not? OK, you have love for Dadi and so remember this lesson of "suddenly" when you remember Dadi. In the same way, Dadi went having fulfilled her aim, she didn't go just like that. She received a certificate - karmateet, the physical organs did not bind her with their attraction. As detached observers, the physical organs continued to become cool and calm, they just became calm. The attraction did not pull her; neither did any physical organs pull her nor did the attachment of any soul pull her. Free from attachment, destroyer of attachment. Otherwise, many souls, when going, remember someone and say: So-and-so, so-and-so, so-and-so.. but Dadi went as a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance; she went having become a conqueror of the physical organs. Not one of the physical organs pulled towards itself in a wave of sorrow. So, you say Dadi. You remember her, and you should remember her because she was number one. So, the number one has won, has she not? So, whenever you remember Dadi, then don't just remember her picture, but also remember: Am I ever-ready? Do I also remember the lesson of "suddenly"? If I were to go suddenly, am I a destroyer of attachment and a conqueror of matter? All of you keep this gift from Dadi with you. Do you understand? Achcha.

All the letters, messages and e-mails that came from everywhere reached BapDada. Everyone sent their sign of love, and if they weren't able to come themselves, they sent it through letters and e-mails. BapDada accepted the letters, messages and gifts from the heart of each one and BapDada made each one emerge in His eyes and is giving love and remembrance as a response to your love. It is good that this love from God gives you a lot of help in your efforts. Each child is loving, will remain loving, swinging in the swing of love, and will return home with BapDada. That time will also come, when all of you will return home together. You are going to return home together, are you not? You are not going to follow later; you would not enjoy that. It is better to be hand in hand, and in one another's company. The hand is shrimat. Shrimat will be in your intellect and there will be the company of the soul with the Supreme Soul and you will return home. You are all going to return home, are you not? Do not remain behind. Even now, you are together. No matter which corner you are in, the Father is with you, He will remain with you and will go back with you and then you will rule the kingdom with Father Brahma. This is a firm promise, is it not? Do not remain in-between. If there is something that requires clearance from the Customs, you will get stuck. The things of Ravan will stop you in the Customs. Any sanskar or nature of Ravan will trap you in the Customs of the land of Dharamraj, whereas with the Father's company, you will be able to go straight through. If there is anyone else, you will have to wait in the Customs. Would you like that? You wouldn't, would you? The Father would not like that either. Since you have promised to remain together, then always remain together. Those sitting at the back, your promise is firm, is it not? Those sitting at the back, raise your hands! Is it a firm promise? Achcha. Fine. Whoever has come and wherever you have come from, firstly, never let go of the company. At every moment, let it be the Father and you; there will then be so much pleasure. There is pleasure in just the Father and you, is there not? Teachers, there is pleasure in this, is there not? Or is it fine that you sometimes become separated? Will you let go of Baba's company? You will not let go, will you? Are you sure? Is this firm? Not for even one second. This is called true love. Is this OK? Is it firm? Is it? Sure? This photo of yours is being taken; it is being taken in the subtle region. It cannot be taken with a physical camera, it is being taken in the subtle region. Very good. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere whom BapDada likes; He is the Comforter of Hearts, is He not? So, to the children who are loved by Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts, the children who always move along in the waves of love, the extremely loving children who belong to the one Father and none other, no other person even in their dreams, to such loving children of BapDada who are completely beyond the consciousness of the body, to the long-lost and now-found, multimillion-fold fortunate children, love and remembrance from the heart, and multi, multimillion-fold blessings. Along with that, namaste from BapDada to those who are the children and so the masters.

Those who have come for the first time from the 28 countries of Africa stood up: Very good. Welcome. Where are those who are instruments for Africa? Look, you are so fortunate. The Father Himself remembered you children and He had a message sent to you through someone or another. So, you are pleased on seeing your own fortune, are you not? Everyone is pleased to see all of you because there is expansion in the Brahmin family. When there is an extra member in the family, there is happiness experienced, is there not? So, see how everyone is so happy to see all of you.

Those from other countries who have come for the first time, stand up! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Speaking to the Dadis: The Dadis are long-lost and now-found, beloved ones, are you not? Whether you are Dadis or companions, you are long-lost and now-found. (Speaking to Dadi Janki): Sit here. You are now set on your seat, are you not? BapDada has made you an instrument. He also made this child (Gulzar Dadi) an instrument. All three of you together will become instruments to enable souls to attain success with the right method in their own efforts and in world service. Those people have occult powers for a temporary period, whereas you attain success with the right method. Instead of attaining success with the right method, they have made it into occult power. (BapDada placed His hand on Dadi Janki's head.) You are all right, are you not? All of you together will do this. All of you working together will bring zeal and enthusiasm into the gathering. It is just for names' sake that it is said: First number, second number, third number, but in fact all of you are service companions. You will move forward encouraging one another, and Dadiji's thought has been to reveal the Father; Dadi has taken the button in her hand, but all of you will press the button, will you not? You will press it, will you not? So, all of you together, all those who have become instruments, all of you discuss together because the power of the gathering very quickly and easily carries out the task. While saying, "Ha ji, ha ji", you have to make the world say "Ha ji" at your feet. So, the gathering is good. It is each one's speciality. And you all speak of the specialities among yourselves. You give classes on specialities. Simply: You are special; you have to see specialities and share specialities with one another. In order to carry out a special task, see the specialities. Co-operate with one another with your specialities. It is good. (To Dadi Janki) You are not heavy, are you? You don't become heavy, do you? (I don't have the sense of becoming heavy.) It is good that you don't have that sense. This child (Gulzar Dadi) also helps you; all of these are your companions. (Par Dadi also continues to dance in happiness.) Achcha, you remain happy, and you continue to dance. (she sings very good songs.) Dadi also used to sing songs, did she not? You are childhood companions, are you not? (To Manohar Dadi) Are you all right? Her speciality is that at the time of sakar Baba, she was number one in touring around everywhere. BapDada used to say: "Go on a tour, go on a tour" and, you would be the first one to get ready. Even now, you are number one - number one in giving classes; in reaching the gathering and carrying out every task you are number one. (She now remains quiet a lot). Even now, remember your childhood. Do not remember your illness, but remember your childhood. (She has kidney-stones.) Nowadays, these illnesses are common. It happens while you are just sitting. It happens while sleeping or sitting. Do not sleep and do not sit around, but go on tours.

To the senior sisters from abroad: Achcha, the foreign group has come. BapDada is pleased that even in the foreign lands, it is the sisters from India who have become instruments. India brought splendour to the foreign lands. However, you don't live there considering yourselves to be from India, but you live there considering yourselves to be for the world, and this is why service has taken place. If you had the awareness of just being from India, then service could not have happened. However, it was good that as soon as you went abroad, you had the aim of doing world service. You went into the unlimited; you didn't remain in the limited. This is why BapDada is pleased. And you do everything with those from abroad, and so they also consider themselves to be ahead of everyone. So, the gathering is good, and you have a good exchange with one another. It is good. BapDada likes it. You have received a good certificate. The whole world remembers you all so much. And the aim that you have kept of touring around to each others' places, other regions is good. That is something very good. When one person from one country goes to another place in another country every now and then, that refreshment is very necessary. Even if it is a junior sister, who comes from far away to conduct class brings a change and everyone enjoys that. Even when a senior sister is there, when the junior sister gives class, there is splendour. Therefore, this system that you have of touring around is good. So, everything is moving along well, is it not? It is good. (This time there should be some newness.) (The book fair that took place in Germany was very good.) Day by day, you are becoming experienced too. That experience also works. So it is good. You are running everything very well.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *