20-10-2008         Om Shanti          Avyakt Bapdada          Madhuban

Become a jewel of contentment and spread the light of contentment in the world. Remain content and make everyone content.

Today, BapDada is seeing His jewels of contentment who always remain content. Such a beautiful sparkle is sparkling everywhere through the sparkle of each and every jewel of contentment. Each jewel of contentment is loved so much by the Father, loved by everyone and also loved by the self. Everyone loves contentment. Contentment is always full of all attainments because where there is contentment there is nothing unattained. A contented soul has the natural nature of contentment. The power of contentment easily and naturally spreads contentment into the atmosphere everywhere. The face and eyes of such a soul spread the wave of contentment into the atmosphere. Where there is contentment other specialities automatically come. Contentment is the special gift from the Father at the confluence age. The stage of contentment is always victorious on an external stage. External situations continue to change but the power of contentment constantly keeps increasing. No matter how many external situations come in front of you, at every moment nature is seen to be like a puppet show in front of a jewel of contentment. They are puppet shows of Maya and nature. Therefore, contented souls never become distressed. The show of external situations is experienced to be like entertainment. In order to experience this entertainment, the seat of your stage should always be that of a detached observer; this will give you the experience of entertainment. No matter how much the scene changes, a contented soul who is stable on the seat of a detached observer is able to change every external situation with the stage of the self by being a detached observer. So, each one of you has to check yourself: Am I always content? Always? Are you always content or only sometimes?

For every power, for happiness and for you to become double-light and fly, BapDada always tells the children: Always remember the word 'sada' (always). The word 'sometimes' doesn't exist in the dictionary of Brahmin life because contentment means all attainment. Where there is all attainment, the word 'sometimes' doesn't exist. So, are you those who always have an experience or are you still making effort? Have each of you asked yourself? Have you checked yourself? Because all of you are the specially beloved, sweet, lovely and co-operative self-transformer children of the Father. You are like that, are you not? Is it like that? Do you experience yourself in the same way that the Father is seeing you? Raise your hands, those who remain content all the time, not just sometimes.

You remember the word 'sada', do you not? You are raising your hands slowly. Good. Very good. Only a few of you are raising your hands, and you are raising them after careful consideration. However, BapDada has repeatedly drawn your attention: Now, look at both the time and also the self. Check the speed of the time and the speed of the self. You have to pass with honours, do you not? Each one of you should think: I am Raj dular(i) (royal, specially loved child) of the Father. You do consider yourselves to be royal children, do you not? What love and remembrance does BapDada give you every day? "Beloved children". So, who are the beloved ones? The ones who follow the father. And it is very, very, very easy to follow. It is not difficult at all. If you follow in just one aspect, you will easily be following in all other aspects. It is just one line that the Father reminds you of every day. You remember that, do you not? Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. It is just one line, is it not? And it is souls who remember it. Those who have received treasures from the Father cannot stay without doing service because they have plentiful attainment and limitless treasures. You are the children of the Bestower. You cannot stay without giving to others. And what is the title that the majority of you have been given? Double foreigners. So, your title itself is 'double'. Seeing all of you, BapDada is pleased and always automatically sings the song, "Wah My children! wah!" It is good. In which plane have you come from all the different countries? Physically, you may have come in any plane, but which plane is BapDada seeing? You have all reached your lovely home in the plane of deep love. Today, BapDada is giving every child the blessing: O lovely, beloved child, always be a jewel of contentment and spread the light of contentment into the world. Remain content and make others content. Some children say that it is easy to remain content, but to make others content feels a little difficult. BapDada knows that if you want to make each and every soul content, the method for that is very easy. If someone becomes discontented with you and remains discontented with you, then that person is discontented anyway. However, you also become influenced by their discontentment to some extent. You do have waste thoughts, do you not? If you keep yourself as an embodiment of the awareness of the mantra that BapDada has given you, the mantra of good wishes and pure feelings, you would not have any waste thoughts. You know that someone is like this or like that, but you still have to experience yourself to be constantly detached, and detached from the vibrations of that one and always loving to the Father. Even if the vibrations of your elevated stage of being detached and loving to the Father do not reach that soul, they will definitely spread into the atmosphere. If someone does not transform themselves and you are being affected by that soul in the form of waste thoughts, then everyone's thoughts spread into the atmosphere. Therefore, become detached, be loving to the Father and have benevolent and pure feelings and good wishes for that soul too. Many times children say, "Because that one made a mistake, I had to tell them with force". Your nature and face also become a little forceful. So that one made a mistake, but is the force that you showed not a mistake? That one made some mistake and you said something forcefully, and this would be said to be a trace of anger; is that right? Can one wrong put another wrong right? According to the time nowadays, you have to pay special attention when you make your words forceful, because to speak loudly or to speak while being fed up, thinking that that one is not changing, is also a trace of the second number vice. It is said that words emerging from your mouth should be like a shower of flowers. Sweet words, a smiling face, a sweet attitude, sweet drishti, sweet relationships and contacts - these are also means of service. Therefore, look at the result. If they made a mistake, they are wrong and with the aim of making them understand and not with any other aim - your aim is very good that you are giving teachings and explaining to them - what has been seen to be the result of that? Does that one change? In fact, that one becomes more afraid of coming in front of you in the future. The aim that you had was not fulfilled, and therefore, your thoughts, your words, your way of speaking and your relationships and connections, let these always be sweet, that is, always great because nowadays people want to see your practical life. When you serve through words, they are influenced through that verbal service and come close and that is beneficial, but when they practically see sweetness, greatness and elevated feelings through your activity and face, they also take inspiration for themselves. As the situations will keep changing according to the time in the future, at that time, all of you will have to do more service through your face and your behaviour. Therefore, check yourself. Are the sanskars of an attitude and vision of good wishes and pure feelings towards other souls part of your nature and natural?

BapDada wishes to see each child as a bead of the rosary, a bead of the rosary of victory. So, do all of you consider yourselves to be those who are going to become the beads of the rosary? Many children think that only the children who have become instruments will become part of the rosary of 108, but BapDada has already told you before, too, that the 108 is a memorial of the rosary of devotion. However, if each one of you becomes a victorious bead, then BapDada will create many more strands in the garland. In the rosary of the Father's heart each of you victorious children has a place, and this is a guarantee from the Father. Simply make yourself victorious in your thoughts, words, actions, behaviour and on your face. Do you like this? Will you become this? BapDada guarantees that He will make you into a bead of the rosary of victory. Who will become that? OK, then BapDada will begin to make strands within strands in the rosary. Double foreigners like this, do you not? It is the Father's duty to bring you into the rosary of victory and it is your duty to become victorious. It is easy, is it not? Or, is it difficult? Do you find it difficult? Those who find it difficult, raise your hands! Do you find it difficult? There are a few who find it a little difficult. BapDada says: When you say, "BapDada", then by saying, Baba, will you not receive an inheritance? Since all of you have a right to the inheritance and the Father has given you the inheritance so easily - it is just a matter of a second - you knew and accepted "My Baba", and what did the Father say? My child. So, a child naturally has a right to an inheritance. You say, "Baba", do you not? All of you use just this one expression, "My Baba". Is it like that? Is it "My Baba"? Raise your hands for this. If it is "My Baba", is it also not "My inheritance"? Since you say, "My Baba", it is also bound to be "My inheritance". And what is the inheritance? To become equal to the Father. To be victorious. BapDada saw that the majority of double foreigners love to walk hand-in-hand. It is a fashion to walk hand-in-hand. Even now, the Father asks: What is Shiv Baba's hand? He doesn't have physical hands, and so if you are holding Shiv Baba's hand, what hand is that? Shrimat is the Father's hand. So, just as you love walking hand-in-hand, what difficulty is there in walking giving your hand to the hand of shrimat? You saw Father Brahma; you saw the practical proof of how, by taking every step according to shrimat, he reached his destination of becoming a perfect angel, did you not? He became an avyakt angel. So, follow the father. From the moment of waking up till night-time; BapDada has told you the shrimat for every step: how you should wake up, how you should move along, how you should perform actions, what thoughts you should have in your mind, and how you should spend your time in an elevated way. You have received shrimat till the time you go to sleep. There is no need even to think: Should I do this or not? Simply follow Father Brahma. BapDada has deep love in His heart. BapDada does not wish to see even one child not becoming victorious, not becoming a king. Each child is a king child, a self- sovereign, a master of the self. Therefore, do not forget your self-sovereignty. Understand?

BapDada has given the signal many times that delicate times and times of 'suddenly' are ahead. Therefore, it is necessary to be ever- ready and to have the experience of being bodiless. No matter how busy you are, practise becoming bodiless in a second from now on even while you are busy. You say that you remain very busy, but if you are thirsty when you are very busy, what would you do? You would drink some water, would you not? You understand that you are thirsty and so it is necessary to drink water. Every now and then, it is necessary to practise being in a bodiless and soul conscious stage because in the times that are to come there will be the need for an unshakeable stage in the times of upheaval everywhere. So, if you do not practise this from now, over a long period of time, how would you remain unshakeable at the time of extreme upheaval? Throughout the whole day, find even one or two minutes and check yourself as to whether you are able to become bodiless through your stage of soul consciousness according to the time. Check and change yourself. Do not just check yourself; also change yourself. By repeatedly checking this practice, and by revising it, it will become your natural stage. You have love for BapDada and all of you raise your hand in this. You have love, do you not? Do you have full love? Is it full or incomplete? It is not incomplete, is it? So, if you have love, then what is your promise? What promise have you made? Will you return home together? Will you become bodiless and return home with the Father or follow Him later? Will you go together? And you will also stay with Him in the subtle region for a short time, just a short time. And then you will come in the first birth with Father Brahma. Have you promised this? You have, have you not? Baba is not making you raise your hands for this, but just nod your head. By raising your hands you become tired. Since you are going to go with Him, and not going to stay behind, who will the Father take with Him? The Father will take with Him those who are equal to Him. The Father too does not like to go alone; He also wants to go with the children. So, are you ready to go with Him? Nod in agreement. Are you ready? Will all of you go? Are all of you ready to go? You can only go when the Father goes. You will not go now. Now, you still have to go back abroad. The Father will issue an order and ring the bell of being a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance and you will then begin to return with Him. So, the preparations are made, are they not? The sign of love is to return with Him. Achcha.

BapDada is experiencing each child who is far away to be close to Him. Since the instruments of science are able to bring close the things that are far away - you are able to see them and hear them - so BapDada is also seeing the children who are far away as being the closest of all. You are not far; you are merged in His heart. BapDada is merging in His heart and in His eyes the children who have come here specially for this turn and is seeing each one as one who will return with Him, stay with Him and then rule in the kingdom with him. So, from today, what drill will you perform again and again throughout the day? Now, in one second, can you not experience yourself to be soul conscious, detached in the bodiless stage while being in the body and also be loving to the Father? So, now, in one second, may you become bodiless. Achcha. (Drill). In this way, throughout the day, no matter how, find one minute now and then and continue to make this practice firm.

BapDada has seen and heard about all the plans and programmes that all the children both from this land and abroad have made together. Every now and then, BapDada also came to your programmes and toured around and also saw them. BapDada is pleased about the plans that all of you have made together for the future, of making intense effort and to bring about transformation. BapDada liked that. However, to those who put this plan into a practical form, BapDada will give them a special incognito gift next year. So move forward. This time, in both the gatherings, very good enthusiasm for uplifting others and also being co-operative was seen. BapDada has also told the double foreigners that, instead of calling yourselves double foreigners, you now have to call yourselves double intense effort-makers. BapDada wishes to show all of you children in front of the world as the heroes who are playing a hero part on the stage of the world. All of you have come with zeal and enthusiasm and Baba has also received many letters. Each group has sent their souvenirs. BapDada has seen those. Those who have sent love and remembrance and e-mails, BapDada sees each one of them personally by name in front of Him and is giving them multimillionfold love and remembrance. You may be far away but you are merged in the heart. And the whole Brahmin family is happy that children from a hundred countries have gathered together at the same time. This gathering is so good. You have come from so many different places to your home and family and also celebrated a meeting with BapDada. This is why there is a special turn for the double foreigners. Look, a special turn has been made for you double foreigners, and so you will specially have to fly. Not walk, but fly! And be double intense effort-makers. Your name itself is the group of the double intense effort-makers. In any case, you like a variety of everything, and so this scene of the gathering of the children from many places getting together in one place is also very good. You cannot see that now, but the Father is seeing this. Achcha, you are seeing it on the TV. Science has been invented for serving you and to help you in your efforts. However, when you become complete, science will finish. It will be refined and then come to our kingdom. The facilities of science will serve you, and it will be free from obstacles. Those instrument teachers who have been instruments to make these plans and to put them into a practical form, stand up here! The teachers from abroad who have become instruments for service, stand up. So, BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to the serviceable group of those who have become instruments. Many, many congratulations for saying, "Yes, I am present!" Achcha.

The double effort-making Pandavas from abroad, the Pandava Army, stand up! The double foreigners Pandava Army. Look, what is the speciality of the Pandavas that is remembered? The speciality of the Pandavas that is remembered is that they became victorious when they took the Father's company. By taking the company of the Father of the Pandavas, they became victorious. So Pandavas, remember that you are companions of the Father of the Pandavas! You are with Him and you are His companions. So, what is your title? You are not ordinary Pandavas. You are the victorious Pandavas. Whenever the name of the Pandavas is mentioned, it is well known that it is the victorious Pandavas. So, you are those same ones, are you not? How many times have you attained victory? You have been victorious many times and you will continue to be that many times. The gathering is good.

Now, all the Shiv Shaktis of this land and abroad, stand up! Look, the group of Shiv Shaktis is so big and what is your speciality? What is the speciality of the Shiv Shaktis? Look, you have such a relationship with the Father that you are called Shiv Shaktis as a memorial of that. For half the cycle, your relationship with the Father is remembered as Shiv Shakti, and even now you are with the Father and also His companions. Whenever BapDada sees the serviceable children, He has great spiritual intoxication: "Wah My world transformer companions! Wah!" So, Baba has now met everyone, has He not? With the changing times, there has to be some change.

BapDada has to make use of the body. He has to consider it. Nevertheless, the child has played the part of accommodating both Bap and Dada very well. It is coming up to 40 years of playing that part. It is now 39 years. It is a wonder of the avyakt part. Come, both of you. (Neelu and Hansa - sisters who look after Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki) There are other companions too, but these two now know how to feel the pulse of a body and to look after their bodies well. There are other companions too. Others, raise your hands! You have played a very good part in feeling the pulse of the body and looking after the body while being yogyukt and continue to play that part. Achcha. Those from Bharat who have come on a special invitation, stand up! Pandavas have also come. The Pandavas who have come on a special invitation, stand up. Achcha. Those from Bharat know and the Father also understands that these souls also have a special part in that they have taken sustenance and are also giving sustenance. And those who become instruments to give sustenance definitely receive extra fortune. Whether Pandavas or Shaktis, those who play a special part have a special line of fortune sparkling on their forehead. Now, in the Bharatwasi season, BapDada will ask about the homework as to which zone is number one. A zone, not a centre. Which zone? Whether it is Madhuban; Madhuban is also included in this race. Who is number one? Baba will ask the result of the homework that was given. Even if there is little time left now, it does not take a long time to bring about transformation. Simply have a determined thought. Even those from Madhuban have a chance to claim a number. It is good and BapDada is pleased. You have won a double lottery: of the gathering and also of those who have come from a hundred countries. At one time to meet such a big family and also to meet the Father and to make programmes! You are lucky. Achcha. So, Baba has now met everyone. Will you now say that Baba has not met you? Baba has met everyone now.

This chariot is also functioning with the good wishes and pure blessings of all of you. The nourishment of love of all of you is making the part continue. While walking and moving around, the child says: There is a saying "The Brahmin became trapped while walking along minding his own business." I am not trapped, but I became the instrument. However, everything has to be considered to some extent. All of you are content, are you not? Are you content? Baba cannot meet group-wise now. BapDada too smiles on seeing this part. With courage, Dadi made her an instrument. Achcha.

You remember the drill, do you not? You haven't forgotten it, have you? Because BapDada knows that the times that are to come will be of great distress. All of you will have to give sakaash and your giving that sakaash will become your intense effort. In a short time you will have to give all powers through sakaash and those who give sakaash in such delicate times, however many you give it to, whether you give to many or a few, that many will become your devotees in the copper and iron ages. So, at the confluence age, each of you is also creating your devotees because the happiness and peace that you give them become merged in their hearts and they will give you a return of that in the form of their devotion. Achcha.

To all the lights of BapDada's eyes everywhere, to the souls who uplift the world and are the support of the world, to the world- transformer children who are master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, lots and lots of love from the heart, love and remembrance from the heart and accept multimillion-fold blessings. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadis: All of you are happy, are you not? Achcha. What are we going to do now? Achcha. You are settling karmic accounts as detached observers.

ParDadi: You are a soul who is loved by everyone and you are a unique soul. Even if you are lying in bed, everyone has a lot of love for you in their heart. You are not on the bed, you are in everyone's heart. Achcha.

To the senior instrument sisters from abroad: (A book was presented to BapDada): You have worked hard on it. Achcha. The book is very royal. It has become a good gift to give to someone. You have worked hard on it and also shown your love for it. You are giving sustenance to double foreigners and this in itself is maintaining courage and moving forward and enabling others to move forward. Achcha. You have created a good gathering among yourselves. BapDada is pleased. It is a means to bring about zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone wants newness. It is good. Make sure to follow it up because by doing so, there will be the enthusiasm in everyone to take part. We can also show it. It will happen.

Sudeshben gave news of Trafalgar Square Diwali programme. Congratulations, congratulations from BapDada.

To the brothers who are instruments for the construction of the Manmohini Complex.

On behalf of BapDada and you children, Manmohini Complex is being built for the family. BapDada is pleased that with everyone's co-operation, a complex is being built so that all Brahmin souls can stay comfortably and refresh themselves. Everyone is building it with a lot of love and also giving their co-operation. Part of it is built and part of it is being built with co-operation from everyone. No matter how much you build, it continues to be small because the number of Brahmins keeps increasing and it will continue to increase. This is being completed with every drop from all of you. You are happy that your brothers and sisters will come and stay here comfortably and attain success. All of you are happy that your home is growing bigger. There is so much happiness experienced when you see your own home. Now, let there be limited disinterest and then see how many souls will come to you for blessings, peace and happiness. So, you bestowers of happiness, you will give them happiness in the form of comfort for their body, will you not? So, this will keep growing and you will continue to make it grow. At present, you have this, and then it will grow even bigger. Will it become bigger or is this enough? You are invoking them because whoever comes, they take at least a drop. So many blessings will emerge. Are you happy that your home is being built or is it the home of Madhuban? It is your home that is being built, is it not? Very good. Those who are working hard are doing so with a lot of love. Achcha.

Baba was given remembrance from Manohar Dadi. All of you remember your lovely Dadi Manohar Indra, do you not? She always played her part the best of all. Even now, she is playing her part with the love and pure thoughts of all of you and she will continue to do so. Each one has a fixed part. She is enjoying herself in the subtle region. She is not in that body but celebrating with pleasure in the subtle region. Her heart's desire is being fulfilled. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *