30-11-11          Om Shanti            Avyakt Bapdada            Madhuban

At amrit vela, especially become an experienced embodiment of all powers and spread the Sakash of yoga into the atmosphere. Keep your mind constantly busy. The call of the time is: May you be an intense effort-maker.

Today, BapDada is seeing the sparkling stars of fortune on the foreheads of all the children everywhere.

One is the fortune of your birth, the second of your relationships and the third of the attainments. Baba is pleased seeing all three fortunes. You know the fortune of your birth: that it is the Bestower of Fortune Himself who has given all of you this divine birth, this Brahmin birth. So, just think how great your fortune is! Together with that there are the relationships. You know their specialities: that you have all three relationships of the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru in the one Father. All three relationships are in the One. You also know the attainments. Where the Father is, there are the attainments - all and unlimited. All three relationships are in the One. Generally, these three relationships are essential in life.

However, for the people of the world, all relationships are separate whereas you have all three relationships in One. Because of having all three relationships in the One, you easily experience remembrance. All of you are experienced in the three relationships, are you not? What do you receive from the Father? An inheritance. You receive such an elevated inheritance and this inheritance lasts for so long because you receive it from God the Father. The second relationship is that of the Teacher.

Teachings are said to be your source of income. So, all of you have received such a huge attainment from the Teacher. You know that, do you not? You cannot receive such a huge attainment from anyone except the Supreme Soul, the Father. Through the teachings you receive a status and you have an elevated attainment. In the world, an elevated status is said to be that of a royal status. You too have received the royal status from the Teacher. Even now, you are the kings of self-sovereignty. Why? Because of being a Raj Yogi, the soul becomes a master of the self. You rule the self. The soul is not influenced by the physical senses. The soul becomes the master and the king of the physical senses. So, you have self-sovereignty now and you also attain your fortune of the kingdom in the future. So, you have a double kingdom. It is now and the status you attain in the future too. The third relationship is that of the Satguru.

You have attained all three relationships, have you not? The Father, the Teacher and the third is the Satguru. You receive the Shrimat of the guru from the Satguru. How elevated the directions are that you receive! Check yourself: Am I constantly following Shrimat or is my intellect sometimes diverted towards the dictates of the self or to the dictates of others? Did you check yourself? If you believe that you constantly follow Shrimat, the elevated directions, that you never follow the dictates of your own self or others, even in your dreams, raise your hands! Those who constantly follow Shrimat and never follow the dictates of the self or others, raise your hands!

Look, the mothers raised their hands. You are raising them slowly. Sometimes, your intellect goes in that direction, that is, the dictates of others and of the self deceive you. So, what is the most important Shrimat? Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father! Is this easy or difficult? Is it sometimes difficult? However, the Father always wants each child to continue to fly forward ahead of all with these three relationships. So, BapDada is asking: Those who didn't raise your hands - can you renounce following the dictates of your own mind and the dictates of others from today? Can you do this?

Raise your hands! Achcha. BapDada has already given you the signal of time. Now, the time of the confluence age is extremely valuable, and BapDada has also given you the signal that, according to the present time, everything is to happen suddenly. Therefore, you have to be constantly ever-ready, do you not? All of you are going to go home together, are you not? Or, will you follow behind? You want to return to your home with BapDada, do you not? You are ready, are you not? Are you ready to return home together? Ever-ready! Not just ready, but ever-ready! BapDada is giving you the signal of time. In this one birth you have to create the reward for 21 births. So, just think how much attention you have to pay! The Father has love for every child. The Father wants every child to return with Him and claim a right to the kingdom at the same time.

So, in order to return home together, only if you become complete and perfect the same as the Father will you then be able to return home with the Father. At this time, in this small birth, the attainment of births is guaranteed. So, just think how great each minute of this small birth of the confluence age is! Just calculate this: you have to claim your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births in this birth, and so how valuable just one minute of the confluence age is! So, what will you have to do knowing this value?

BapDada told you earlier too that you have to pay special attention to two things. What are these two things? You remember these, do you not? One is time and the other is thoughts. Your thoughts should not be wasted, your time should not be wasted. Each second should be used in a worthwhile way. So, speak! You will have to pay that much attention, will you not? BapDada has love for all the children.

BapDada doesn't want any child to remain deprived of His company. You are together, you will return home together, you will claim a right to the kingdom together and constantly experience happiness and peace in your life. So speak! You will return home together, will you not? You will, will you not? You will not be left behind, will you? Look, three types of fortune are sparkling on each one's forehead. All these three types of fortune are visible on your forehead, are they not? The confluence age is the fortunate age. Any of you can create as much fortune as you want. However, you need to pay attention over a long period of time. So, now, all of you children have to put intensity into your own efforts. You are effort-makers. BapDada is seeing that you do make effort, but everyone now has to make intense effort.

BapDada now wishes to see every child as a child and a master. A master of what? A master of all the treasures. Sometimes, some children say to BapDada: Baba, You have given all the powers, and we do accept ourselves as master almighty authorities. However, many children then complain: Sometimes, the power that we need does not come to us at that time. However, what is the reason for this? The Father has given all powers to each one. Has He given them or is it that He has given less to some and more to others? You know the reason for this too, but you forget it at that time. Each child has received the treasure of all powers as an inheritance. The Father has given everyone the inheritance of all powers. It isn't that He has given less to some and more to others. He has given all the powers, but why do they not come to you at that time? Just think: If someone is not seated on his seat of self-respect, would anyone accept his order? So, when that power does not come to you, the reason for that is that you do not set yourself on the seat of a master almighty authority. Therefore, when you are not on your seat no one accepts your order. So, always remain seated on your seat. Sometimes, you have waste thoughts and sometimes, you have tension, and so you let go of the seat of self-respect at that time. BapDada has given each of you so many points of self-respect. The seat of self-respect is so huge! Just count how many points of self-respect the Father has given. When you are not seated on your seat of self-respect, do you know what then happens? You know that, do you not? There is body consciousness. There is either self-respect or body consciousness. When you issue an order while seated on the seat of body consciousness, the powers will not listen to you. Otherwise, it is not possible that the powers do not listen to those who are master almighty authorities. Constantly practice being set on your seat. Check whether you are doing karma yoga, service or churning; that you are set on your seat and that all powers are present.

Today, BapDada toured around at amrit vela and, while touring around everywhere, abroad and here - it doesn't take BapDada long to go around everywhere - what did He see? Should Baba tell you? The majority of children were sitting for amrit vela, had got up and were sitting in their own places. They were making effort to be an image of experience all the time they were sitting there; they wanted that but what did Baba see? Some were images of experience because the greatest power is that of experience. An embodiment of experience, an experienced embodiment of all powers, master knowledge-full, a master embodiment of all powers. However, there was something lacking in your becoming an image of experience. You do make effort. BapDada still congratulated you because the majority come and make effort. The majority of you sit, but BapDada wants you to sit as an image of an embodiment of the experience of light and might because the Sakash of the yoga at amrit vela spreads everywhere into the atmosphere. Increase this experience even more. You saw Father Brahma. His stage was that of such a powerful angelic form. In the same way, pay attention at amrit vela in your own way tirelessly. BapDada saw that some children sit there in the form of light and might. It isn't that they don't. They do sit in this way, but you will have to pay even more attention to the effort of this time (amrit vela). BapDada had already signaled you earlier that you have to keep your mind constantly busy. Whether in service through the mind, serving through words or with churning power - keep your mind busy. Churn knowledge!

Churning power makes your mind concentrated. Some children churn well but now also increase your churning power throughout the day because BapDada has love for even the last child. BapDada wants even the last child to return home with Him; he should not be left behind. He should not be left behind.

So what will you do? Attention!
Seeing the gathering today, BapDada knows that there is definitely going to be expansion. You have celebrated the 75th Jubilee. BapDada is congratulating the children for that. BapDada also saw the love for service that you children have. Those from each place have enthusiasm, and the fruit and power of service is also visible. BapDada especially saw that wherever the children have served, a greater number of souls who are instruments in the Government there have emerged. As the result of that, Baba knows that, according to the present time, when sorrow and peacelessness are increasing, the topic you have chosen is essential, because the more peace that they want, the more that peacelessness is increasing to the same extent. Some form of peacelessness or other definitely comes and, because of this, tension is increasing everywhere. The Government also wants Bharat to become tension-free. So, BapDada is congratulating all those children who have served. Baba is also giving congratulations in advance to those who are going to do service.

BapDada now wants each and every child to follow the Father and definitely become complete, the same as the Father. BapDada saw that all the children are making effort. They have love for making effort, and they even make many promises to themselves: "I will not do this any more! I will not do this any more!" However, what is the reason for this? The reason is the lack of determination in your effort. Carelessness comes in between. "It will happen, I will become"" This carelessness makes your effort slack. So, what will you do now? Now pay special attention to this. Make your own programme for yourself in which you keep your mind busy throughout the whole day. You have to make your own programme.

Make your own timetable for yourself to keep your mind busy. Whether you churn, serve or draw one another's attention, keep your mind busy! Remain busy in your mind. You remain busy physically anyway, but now remain busy with your mind. Become a number one businessman by keeping your mind busy. Are you able to do this? Will you do this? Will you? Will you? You know that Father Brahma is also waiting for you, and your advance party is also waiting for you. When will you bring the time close because you are responsible for bringing the time close? To make yourself complete means to bring the time close.

BapDada has already given you one special month. In this one month, each one has to become an intense effort-maker, not just an effort-maker, but definitely become an intense effort-maker. Do you agree to this? Are you ready for this? Raise your hands! Achcha. Congratulations. Now, each one of you has to have a determined thought. Then what result are you going to give BapDada daily regarding your whole day? Of intense effort. Not of your effort, but of your intense effort! Are you ready for this? Are you ready? Raise both your hands! Very good. In that case BapDada will suddenly ask for the result in between. He will not give you the date. Suddenly, at any time of the month, BapDada will ask for the result. "I have to do this." Make this promise to yourself. BapDada can make you make a promise and He does this all the time, but now have this thought by yourself and demonstrate this by doing it practically. "I definitely do have to do this." Not that "I will do it at some time"" Now, saying that you will do it at some time is not good. Time is now moving forward. It is going into its extreme. So, you ancestors who are to transform the time, do you not feel mercy for your unhappy family? Become merciful! Show the path of happiness to those who are unhappy, whether through your thoughts, your words or your connections and relationships. They are your family, are they not? So, you have to remove the sorrow of the family. Become merciful! Achcha.

It is the turn of Karnataka Zone to serve: Achcha, what special thing will those from the Karnataka zone do? You will make effort and also inspire others to make intense effort. If you will do this yourself and also inspire others, then raise your hands!

BapDada is not just looking at the children here, but wherever the children are sitting, whether in the gardens or in the different halls, Baba is giving everyone lots and lots of love. You may be sitting far away but you are close to the heart. BapDada is also giving love and remembrance from the heart to all those from everywhere who are sitting and watching. BapDada is looking at every child from this land and abroad. Whether you are far away or close, you are those who are merged in Baba's heart because every child has promised: The Father is in my heart and each one of us is in the Father's heart and this is why the Father's title is Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts.

Achcha, many have come from Karnataka and you have also played a good part in service. BapDada is also giving all the Madhuban residents who are up at the top and down here multimillion-fold love and remembrance because, no matter how the numbers have increased, you have done very good service. The result is good. This is why BapDada has seen that you have been tireless and accommodated everyone with love. Whether it is providing accommodation, feeding everyone or doing any other type of service, the result of service is good and this is why the Father is giving congratulations to each one who has come who is doing service and to those who are giving their co-operation. Achcha.

Four Wings: Art and Culture, Science and Engineering, Education and Politicians' Wing: Achcha.

Each Wing is displaying its own symbol. (Each Wing had its own banner displayed to BapDada).

BapDada is very, very pleased to see everyone's enthusiasm and is also seeing the result: Each of the Wings is now holding programmes and also making plans for these. BapDada has received the programmes to make each of the Wings move forward. The programmes you have made are very good.

You have made them with enthusiasm. Put them into the practical form and, together with the results, also bring a sample in front of BapDada from each Wing. There are many from each of the four Wings. Raise your hands! BapDada is seeing each one of you as very close. It is good. Now, each Wing should bring this result: From the time that you have begun to serve through the wings until now, how many "mikes' have you created, how many heirs have you created and how many students have you created. Each Wing is doing everything with enthusiasm, but BapDada wants to see this result. BapDada is also congratulating you because each wing is going ahead of the others and is also making new plans for service. This is why BapDada is giving special congratulations to the four wings that have come today. Achcha. You, who belong to the Education Wing have come wearing your own dress. (It is the Silver Jubilee of the Science and Engineering Wing.) It is good. For the Silver Jubilee, BapDada is especially seeing each one personally by name and also giving congratulations. It is the 75th Anniversary of this Institution and it is your Silver Jubilee. However, BapDada is pleased. Now continue to do more! Continue to fly and eventually that day will come - it is coming close - when everyone will say: Our Baba has come! Now, enable such souls to emerge in all the Wings who say from their hearts: My Baba has come! Send the names of such souls to BapDada. However much service you have done, however many have emerged, how many of them say: My Baba has come? Then, BapDada will give a prize. Now, do this service with a lot of pomp and splendour. Such effort-makers should emerge. You want to bring about revelation, do you not? You want to make the unhappy ones happy, do you not? We definitely have to make this Bharat into heaven. When will you do this? Those from the Wings, tell Baba how much time you need! How much time do you need? Speak! Tell Baba how much time you need! All the main instruments of all four Wings, come to the front! (They were all called onto the stage.) Look. (This time the Annamalai University will hold a MSc degree awards ceremony.) Now, just as BapDada said: enable the heirs to emerge. You may have worn those hats (graduation hats) but not just that, now enable the heirs to emerge! Each one has the responsibility of making heirs emerge. In some places you have made the "mikes' emerge, but now let the heirs emerge. Take a number in this. We will see which department claims number one in making the heirs emerge. It is now the season to let the heirs emerge. Continue to increase the numbers and now create heirs. Many become co-operative but now make the heirs emerge.

They should become such examples that, on hearing them, others also have that enthusiasm. That time is now coming. Now, even time will help you because sorrow is increasing. They make solutions but they are not able to decide anything. (Now, everyone is giving very good co-operation.) They are giving their co-operation but they themselves should come forward. It will happen. Achcha.

Double-foreign brothers and sisters: Double foreigners means those with a double flight. A double flight means to be able to stabilize yourself in whatever stage you want in a second. Do you have such practice? With whatever stage you want at any time, come into the experience of the flying stage. This practice will be very useful to you at a time of need. Whenever you want, you should have that practical stage at that moment. You are double foreigners, are you not? So, you will make double effort, will you not? You are doing this. BapDada receives very good news. Baba receives the service news - service is increasing and very good souls who can become instruments are now emerging and this is why BapDada is giving double congratulations to the double foreigners. It is good. There are always some double foreigners in every group. You have made a good programme of this (of being present in every meeting.) Double foreigners, now make a list of the heirs! How many new heirs have emerged at each centre? Of course you are there. Now, BapDada wants a list of the heirs. Achcha.

Now, wherever each one of you is sitting, whether you are watching on TV, whether you are sitting at the different places here, others are also watching on TV, today, BapDada is giving each and every child the title of "intense effort-maker". Now, always remember this title. If anyone asks you who you are, just say: "An intense effort-maker". Is this Ok? Does everyone agree? Agreed? Now, it will not do to continue making effort in a slack manner. Time is racing ahead and this is why you definitely do have to become intense effort-makers. It is the call of the time. May you be an intense effort-maker! Lots and lots of love and remembrance from BapDada to all the children and Baba is also giving you the gift of intense effort.

To those who have come for the first time: Achcha. BapDada is giving special congratulations to all the children who have come for the first time. Seeing you children, BapDada is very pleased. Why is He pleased? Because all of you have reached here before the final period, BapDada is congratulating you.

You have become worthy to claim your right and this is why all of you have to become what BapDada has repeatedly been saying today: You have to become an intense effort-maker. Become an intense effort-maker and you can move ahead the furthest of all. You can claim this blessing now. All those who have come now have to pay this attention: firstly, you have to continue to study the Murli regularly with discipline and, together with that, also continue to take the golden chance of serving through your mind and your words. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

To Dadi Janki: (Baba, You are so good!) You are also very good. Everyone will become the best of all.

The Yagya is continuing to move along without any obstacles. Everyone is moving along very well.

(50,000 people have got together for an environment conference in South Africa. Sr Jayanti and other brothers and sisters are doing very good service there.) Baba heard the news of all the children and BapDada is especially giving lots and lots of love to all those brothers and sisters who have become instruments. You have maintained good courage. Eventually that day will come when you bring those people who will all say: "Wah Baba, Wah!"

BapDada was given news about Mauritius: What are BapDada's hopes for Mauritius for 2012?
BapDada has the most elevated hopes for each child: That each child belongs to the Father and makes others belong to the Father too. Now, make intense effort in service and also in your dharna - make intense effort in both.

(Very good service took place in Andhra Pradesh.) BapDada already said that wherever there were programmes, they were very good. There have been good programmes everywhere.
To Dadi Rukmani: Now, continue to take your medicine well and you will become fine. You have to do something. Do not think of anything else. Do not allow others to think and do not think about anything yourself.

Honorable Mrs Urmila Singh, Governor of Himachal Pradesh: You did very well that you upheld the honour of the women. The more that women come in front, the more Bharat will benefit. So, you became an instrument. Now make everyone tension-free. Make everyone in your city tension-free. There is a lot of tension. The meditation course will make everyone tension-free. As much as possible, make a programme in which those who are in connection with you become tension-free through this meditation.

It is only then that this country will benefit. There cannot be any success when there is tension. If you are free from tension, there will then be power in whatever plans you make. So, become an instrument to become tension-free.

To Sister Jayanti, an actress from Karnataka: Look, just as you had the desire to come and see Baba, in the same way, become tension-free in your mind. A meditation course is given here for that. Do that and also make your companions do that course. What will happen then? By being tension-free you will be able to spread peace in others too. That peace is lost for others in tension. So also make your companions like that. You have come here and so study a little before you go and make your companions the same as you and then bring that group here. Make your companions the same as you.