31-12-2009          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In the New Year, give all souls the message and give them the gift of the golden world. In order to become equal to the Father, make your nature of remaining soul conscious natural.

Today, BapDada is seeing every child in their form of love and the form of being merged in BapDada's love. Each child is sparkling with God's love. All the children have arrived here in the flying vehicle of love. You have come here to celebrate the New Year, but what is visible in the eyes of all of you? New Year is just in name but what enthusiasm do all of you have in your eyes? You are giving greetings for three things. 1. Greetings for your new life. 2. Greetings for the new age. 3. Greetings of meeting your family and the Father. What is spinning in your eyes? Your new age is appearing in front of you, is it not? In your heart, you have the enthusiasm that the new age is about to come. The shining dress of the new age is as clearly in front of you as though you are quickly going to wear that shining dress today in the confluence age. You are very happy to see it in front of you. You are bidding farewell and also receiving greetings. You bid farewell to the old year and you then forget that year and the New Year that is ahead comes in front of you. In the same way, you are not giving greetings to the old world ahead of you, but you are giving greetings for the new world. You are bidding farewell to the old world. Today, everyone has zeal and enthusiasm for the new age; people give greetings for the New Year and they also give a gift. BapDada is also giving you children a gift to bid farewell to the old nature and sanskars and to go into the new world where there is attainment and nothing but attainment. In short, you can say that there is nothing lacking in the new world. BapDada has given each of you children such a gift of the golden world. You too have the intoxication that you are becoming those who have a right to the golden world, do you not? No one else can give such a gift. The Father has given each child the direction: Give all souls the gift of the Father's inheritance, the message of the golden world. What gift do you have? Firstly, give them the gift of the new world, and secondly, you have many treasures: the treasure of virtues, the treasure of powers, the treasure of self-respect; you have so many treasures. So, give everyone the gift of one or another virtue or one or another power so that their lives change through this gift and they claim a right to the golden world because you can see that sorrow and peacelessness are nowadays increasing everywhere. Everywhere, everyone has fear and worry. At the very least, give those unhappy and peaceless souls the message that the Father has now come: become one who has a right to the imperishable inheritance from now. You are giving every soul this message, but, even now, some of the Father's children are still deprived of the message. Nevertheless, you are the children of the one Father, and so definitely give the gift of this message to your brothers and sisters. No one should be left out. You are doing service and BapDada is pleased to see the service of you children, but the Father's hope is that none of His children should be left out of receiving this message. They should not complain that you received the gift of the golden world and they did not even know about it. "Our Father came and we did not receive that message". This is why this is the effort you have to make in the New Year. Make a plan amongst yourselves so that no corner is left out. You should not receive any complaints, but they should become happy: at least they should know, "Our Father has come!" They should not remain deprived. So, what will you do in this New Year? Get together and make a plan: BapDada feels mercy for every child. You, too, especially have to adopt a merciful and benevolent form towards your brothers and sisters and give everyone the message. At least they should not make such a complaint.

So, today, all the children have arrived here with the zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate the New Year. What song does BapDada sing on seeing each and every child? You know that, do you not? Wah child! Wah! Even to those who have come here for the first time, BapDada says: You are lucky that you belong to the Father before the completion of time. BapDada is giving multi, multimillionfold congratulations to the new children for becoming lucky. Nowadays, BapDada wants to see one thing in all the children. Do you know what that is? Each of you has enthusiasm in your heart for the aim that you are going to become equal to the Father; not that you will become that at some point, but that you are definitely going to become that. Just as you have that aim, so together with the aim BapDada now also wants to see the qualifications of that aim. Just as you have the aim of becoming equal, so too, you must also have the qualifications for becoming equal. Now, your aim is very high but you have to pay special attention to its qualifications. Equal - to the extent that the aim is high, so too, the qualifications for that are just as high. Now, you children do want to imbibe those qualifications, but meanwhile some say, "I want this very much, but..." So this "but" should now be removed. Just as it is visible from a distance through your face and activity how high the aim is, so too, the qualifications should also be visible from your face and your activity. For instance, earlier, when you were in a state of body consciousness, your natural nature was that of body consciousness. Did you ever make effort to become body conscious? Your natural nature was that of body consciousness; you did not make effort for that for half the cycle. Similarly, now too, it should be your natural nature to be soul conscious. Since the nature of body consciousness became natural, do you ever remember having to become body conscious? Did you ever make that effort? Even now, there is body consciousness and soul consciousness, and so why is there effort to become soul conscious? BapDada receives news that you sometimes have to make effort to finish body consciousness. Since it was natural to be body conscious, then why should it take effort to be soul conscious? BapDada does not like the children having to labour. Become free from having to labour and have this natural nature. This is known as having an aim with equal qualifications. Then, just see how it will be very easy and natural to become equal to the Father. You saw Father Brahma: while having responsibility for such a large family, he had the natural nature of soul consciousness. Even the children have responsibility, but what is that responsibility in front of Father Brahma's? Whatever responsibility it may be - for instance, it may be the responsibility of a zone or of some official business of the yagya - what is that responsibility in front of Brahma Baba's? With help from Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba demonstrated practically how Karavanhar (One who inspires others) is making him do everything and that he himself is karanhar (one who is doing) whilst being loving and detached equal to the Father. If you wish to become equal to the Father, then check this. Whether it is your thoughts, your words or your duties in terms of your actions: "I am karanhar and a trustee, and Shiv Baba is the Karavanhar Master." You forget this lesson of Karavanhar as you move along. So you have to make the aim and its qualifications equal. Now, together with bidding farewell to the old year, you have to bring about the qualifications of your aim. There has to be new things for the New Year. "What can I do? Maya comes. Even though I don't want her to come, she comes." Together with bidding farewell to the old year, also bid farewell to such words and thoughts. Do not bid farewell just to the year. BapDada has told you that Maya too comes to BapDada and what does she say? "I understand that it is now time for me to go, but what can I do when some children invoke me?" So, today, together with bidding farewell, you also have to bid farewell to the various forms of Maya. Do you have that courage? Do you have courage? Raise your hands! Do you have the courage to bid her farewell? Those sitting at the back, do you have courage? Those who have courage, raise your hands! The Father is giving you multi, multimillionfold congratulations for this courage. Why? Why is BapDada emphasising this? Because all of you can see that the conditions of the world have begun to get worse with full force, for some time and BapDada has been speaking these elevated versions that it will happen suddenly. It has to happen suddenly and if you don't have the practice over a long period of time, then, tell Me, at the time of "suddenly" you will need this practice, will you not? Just recently BapDada gave homework of ten minutes for a total of 24 times. The homework was of ten minutes each time but some children find this difficult. Just think: you cannot have ten minutes of this practice, what will happen when it happens suddenly? BapDada knows that when you have to do it 24 times, some of you don't have that much time, but BapDada was just trying it. Are you able to stay in one awareness for ten minutes whenever you want and how you want? BapDada is not saying that you have to stay in that stage for ten minutes right now. OK, you are not able to do that. Those who can do it should do it and if you are not able to do it, then you can do it for five minutes, seven or six minutes: try it out for as long as you can. BapDada Himself is saying that it is not fixed. If you find that ten minutes is too much, you can do it for eight minutes or nine minutes - instil the habit for as long as possible because it is now that you have put the blessing of "over a long period of time" into a practical form. If you are not able to practise this over a long period of time now, then for the attainment of the effort of a long period of time at the present time, there will be a difference in length in terms of half the cycle. If you give less time now, BapDada has given permission for you to do it for as long as possible. If you do it for longer than five minutes - if you cannot do it for ten minutes, then do it for seven minutes or eight minutes. You are given permission to do it for even five minutes, but if you are able to do ten minutes at any point, that is good. The time will come when you will have to give rays to the self and the world. This is why BapDada is giving you permission: practise this for as long as possible because the long period of the present time is the basis of the future. Is that all right? You find it difficult; it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at the moment, and you have the told the Father about it, and that is good because if you are not able to sit for ten minutes and that time is spent just thinking about it, then those five minutes are also gone. This is why BapDada is saying: Do not let it be less than five minutes. Increase it as much as you can. Is that clear now? BapDada is seeing each one in a very elevated form, and in order to symbolise this, BapDada has given each child so much self-respect. If you were to make a list of the points of self-respect, it would be such a long one!

Today, at amrit vela BapDada went on a tour. What did He go to see? BapDada has given a very long rosary of self-respect. If you were to stabilise yourself in each of the points of self-respect, when you walk and speak about each point of self-respect and continue to turn that rosary, you will enjoy it very much. You have a list of self-respect, but how great each aspect of that list of self-respect is. And who gave it to you? The World Almighty Authority has given each and every child a list of many points of self-respect. Use that because there is no other authority that can reduce this self-respect of yours. No one else has received a rosary of so much self-respect. BapDada has seen that you will receive your fortune of the kingdom in the golden age, but this rosary of self-respect is a gift of the confluence age. Whenever BapDada sees the children, He looks at them with the stage of their self-respect: Wah child! Wah! So, stay in the authority of the self-respect of who you are. Sometimes keep one point of self-respect and at another time keep another point of self-respect and check: Today, I kept a special aspect of self-respect in my intellect at amrit vela, and that is a treasure, so did I use that? The way to increase the treasures is to use them. Today, BapDada was seeing which children have a longer rosary of the awareness of self respect and which children have a shorter rosary. Where there is self-respect, arrogance of the body finishes. So, today, BapDada went on a tour and saw the treasure of self-respect. Use each and every power; use each and every virtue. Then the problem that you have of Maya coming - Maya doesn't just come, but Baba has already told you what Maya says. "The children invoke me and it is then that I come. I wouldn't go otherwise!" To have any weak or insignificant thought is to invoke Maya. When you forget the powers, you have invoked Maya. I don't want her to come, but she comes. "So, who is more powerful?" I don't want her to come but she comes. "So, is Maya powerful or are you?" So, today, the old year is ending and in the New Year, there is new zeal and enthusiasm because the praise of the confluence age is that each day is filled with enthusiasm, that is, each day is a festival. It is because there is zeal and enthusiasm that each day is a festival. Therefore, make this firm. Look at your chart every day. Even while walking and moving around, check it. If you check you would also change, would you not? If you don't check, how would you change?

So, today, for the New Year, BapDada especially has the thought that just as you bid farewell to the old year, in the same way, every child should bid farewell to Maya. Bid farewell to waste thoughts because it has been seen in the majority that there are more waste thoughts. It is very few who have many vicious thoughts - those are very few, but to finish waste thoughts as well as their name and trace, every thought should be powerful. There should not be a wasteful thought because when you have thoughts of waste, it is not just your thoughts of waste, but your time is also wasted. This makes you distant from becoming equal to the Father. Your desire is to become equal and you also raised your hand. However, BapDada always says: Raise the hand of your mind. It is easy to raise your physical hand. So, do you have the courage to bid her farewell? Do you have the courage? Raise your hands! Achcha, you are courageous. Simply keep this courage with you at all times. If you remain courageous, then you will fulfil the aim that you have kept because BapDada is also with you. BapDada doesn't want any of His children to be left behind. They should return hand-in-hand with Baba. Father Shiva is incorporeal and He doesn't have a hand, but Shrimat is His hand. To follow Shrimat at every step means to walk hand in hand. Multi, multimillionfold congratulations to everyone for the three: the New Year, the new life and the new age.

News ones who have come for the first time, stand up. Achcha. Many have come. Half the gathering is new ones. To all the new ones who have come to Madhuban, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations from the whole Brahmin family and from BapDada. Together with congratulations, also remember one thing: the time for making common effort has now gone. It is now time to make intense effort. You have all come late, but you are loved by BapDada. Instead of too late, you have come late. BapDada is pleased that you have nevertheless arrived at the time of luck, and whoever has come, you are loved by BapDada. Therefore, now, do not just move along, but fly! If you simply move along, you will not be able to claim a number ahead, and you therefore, now have to move into the flying stage. Do not move along, but fly! It is fast to fly, is it not? With the flying stage, you will be able to go ahead. There is this margin. This is known as intense effort. So, what will you do? Fly? Will you fly? Achcha. If any such useless situations come up - they should not come but if they do - because you will get papers, will you not? Then what will you do? If any such situation arises, then hand it over to BapDada. You know how to give it, do you not? You know how to take it, but you also know how to give it, do you not? Become small. What do little children do? What do they do when they don't like something? "Mummy, you look after this." In the same way, become small and give it to the Father. If it then comes again, and it will come, because BapDada has seen that you have kept it with you for a long time, so when you leave it, if she comes again, then just think: would you use for yourself something you have given away? To give means if it comes to you again, then it has come as something entrusted to you, because you have already given it away. So it is no longer yours. So there should not be any dishonesty with something that is entrusted to you. You will then receive help if you think that that is not yours, but just something you are entrusted with. There will be benefit for you when you give it away. There is little time and you have to make intense effort. BapDada says to all the new ones who have come: You are such lucky and lovely ones that you have at least come. You have said, "My Baba". Raise your hands, those who say, "My Baba". All who have come say "My Baba". Since you have said, "My Baba", is there anyone else who is yours? "Baba alone is mine." So, consider it to be your right over the Father and give it to Him considering it to be something entrusted to you. Do not allow her to come to you. It is good. The Father is pleased that you have at least recognised Him! Now, simply pay firm attention to this. You have to fly, you are not going to just move along, but you are going to fly. There are many. The Brahmin class teachers - you have to have feelings of forgiveness for your new brothers and sisters. Continue to ask about their welfare every week. "You don't have any problems, do you?" However, if you, the news ones, do have a problem, then you can tell the teachers about it and take a solution. Do not just ignore it. It came and it went. Don't keep it in your heart. Achcha. Congratulations from the whole family too.

It is the turn of Gujarat to serve: (8000 brothers and sisters have come from Gujarat.) BapDada had said earlier too that Gujarat means that the night has passed. In Gujarat, they constantly have the zeal and enthusiasm to remain constantly ahead of all and to make others move ahead. You have to have this because, in Gujarat and in Maharashtra. There are not only a few students and centres; there are many. There is service everywhere in Gujarat and there are also many Gita pathshalas, but what is the work that still remains to be done? Every centre in Gujarat - leave aside the Gita pathshalas, but now make a list of the heirs at each of your centres; a list of heirs, not students. The list of heirs should be the longest of all in Gujarat because BapDada has been giving the warning of time, and so now, according to the time, in the New Year, you have to pay attention to this service. BapDada is telling those of all zones to make this list in your own zones. Out of all the zones, who is number one in the list of heirs? You now have to prepare the kingdom for the golden age, do you not? Of course it will be just Lakshmi and Narayan who sit on the throne. Only the one will sit on the throne, but the gathering of royalty too has to be created, does it not? Royal subjects have to be created and ordinary subjects have to be created too. So, create heirs who are close in relationship and connection now and they will become close there too. What are the signs of those who are heirs? An heir means one who follows every Shrimat. The Father said and the child did. In every task, whether in thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections, he should be one who has "family life", not just a student who comes, but someone with a "family nature". Family means to know one another and to move along understanding one another. He should be getting on well with the family and, in terms of the four types of faith you were told about, an heir would have all four types of faith in his practical life. He would be loved by the whole family. It would not be that he would be loved by some and not by others. He would be loved by the whole family. So now heir-quality souls are needed. Subjects, ordinary subjects, will of course continue to be created, but now create heir-quality souls who are close. The kingdom has to be prepared here. So, this year, we shall see which zone is number one in the heir- quality souls; and the other work was given to those from the Wings. One is to create heirs and the other was to make the souls who are in contact and relationship the mikes. It is now the time to create both the mikes and the heirs. As time continues to pass, the effort over a long period of time will continue to decrease. This is why Gujarat is going to perform wonders, are you not? It is good. There are many teachers in Gujarat. Teachers, raise your hands! Look, there are so many teachers, and so each centre should make at least one heir emerge because these are old established centres. The service in Gujarat started with a direct signal from BapDada, and so Gujarat was created with BapDada's drishti. That will also work, will it not? There are good hands. You can do it. There are those who are capable and they can do it. So, the centres have held and are still holding very good programmes. You have made many good programmes, now become number one in making heirs. Is this OK? Will you do this? Teachers, raise your hands! So, this year, the whole year, you will bring as many heirs to Madhuban as there are teachers. Will you bring them? Today, it is the turn of Gujarat, and so Baba is telling them, but, in fact, Baba is telling those of all zones. Those who become number one will be given a prize. Those who claim number one will be given a good prize. All those of the different zones sitting here, raise your hands! Who else is there? Brothers also should stand up. Is that OK? It is good. We shall now see who claims number one. We shall also see the quality. You created heirs, but of what quality? BapDada is now repeatedly warning you about the time. Don't say later, "I thought there was a lot of time left" because you have to make yourself complete and you also have to go ahead in service: you have these two things to do. One is effort, but in your effort, there is remembrance and the other is service. Claim number one in both. Thirdly, transformation of your nature and sanskars. No one should say, "This one is good, but.." They should not say, "but"; that one is definitely good. This is known as being the best of all because the conditions are going to continue to change. You will not be able to serve even if you want to. Situations will be such that it will create many waste thoughts. Therefore, make intense effort. Your feet should not be on the ground, but continue to fly. The feet of angels are never shown on the ground: not physical feet, but the feet of the stage. So Gujarat is very co- operative with BapDada and Madhuban; it is close. Whenever anything happens who is called first? You receive phones calls, do you not? "Send so many from Gujarat". It is good. There is benefit in being close. There is attainment too. This is why the regular students of Gujarat have to become samples of those who follow each and every one of BapDada's Shrimat. Any centre you go to, it should be visible that all of these are the jewels who are close to BapDada. Is that OK? The students who understand, raise your hands, in this way! (Baba demonstrated.) No Shrimat is any less. It is good. You are those who have courage. You have good courage.

Jurists, Cultural and Security Wings: It is good that all three wings are moving ahead in their own work. BapDada has seen that each one has the enthusiasm to do something, but the work that BapDada has given you now is to prepare such mikes who would be examples in the gathering. At the moment, there is the feeling that by becoming a Brahma Kumar, you cannot work. Therefore, by hearing that one's experience, they can see in a practical way that it is not just one here, but there are many from one wing. When you see someone with the practical experience, you feel enthusiastic and feel it to be easy that you can also do that. Very good service can be done to make the people of the different wings into regular students. How many regular students have been created out of all the service that you have done? See the result of the service from the time that the service of the wings started until now: how many have become regular students? And of what quality have they become? The service of the wings has been continuing for some time and all of you do it with a lot of love because you have received the chance to do different types of service. Therefore, now look at the result. How many are in connection and how many are regular? The chart of those who are regular would anyway be good. So, those from each wing should see this result. There are also those who only come sometimes. They may attend some functions or some programmes, but how many belong to the Father? This work will keep on going, and so we should see the result. It is good. BapDada has seen that all three wings have meetings among themselves with zeal and enthusiasm and that you also correspond with one another every now and then to give encouragement, and so there will of course be some results. Every year, every time, BapDada has been giving directions, and so it is good that you take this chance for serving. Are all of you content? The heads of all three wings, raise your hands! Achcha.

Are all those who are part of your wing, who have meetings, who make programmes and who meet one another, filled with zeal and enthusiasm? Do you receive the news of the plans that are made and of programmes that are finalised in meetings to see whether members of your wing have carried out practically those in their area in their own wing? The main office of the wings would be at one centre, but the same service has to be carried out throughout the whole zone, not just at one or two centres. Those who are members would be carrying out the activities at their own centres too. However, were you able to carry out the plans at the centres where there are no members, because it is a question of the world, is it not? So, pay attention to this and ask for the results. Did each centre put this into a practical form? What was difficult? If you were not able to put it into a practical form, what was difficult? Those of the wings should give salvation (help) to those centres. You just now had a programme. When you all do it together, it has a different impact. In the same way, the same programme of the wings should take place everywhere and your name will be glorified. Take a report of this: the work of every wing should be carried out in all the cities. Only then will your name be glorified. However, otherwise, BapDada is pleased. You are working hard, and each of you three wings should consider your own name mentioned. You are doing the work, but now spread it more. A well-known person should emerge from every place. You will have to give that one zeal and enthusiasm. Is that all right? Achcha.

650 double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 60 countries. First, the foreign Youth Group should stand up. It is good. The youth group abroad is doing service. BapDada has heard this news and has liked that the special foreign youth are being prepared: Not all the youth, but some from abroad and some from here who have been prepared as a group to go and meet the Prime Minister or another senior minister in Delhi. They should see practically that Youth abroad are changing and that those from India are also changing because the Government nowadays has a greater problem with the youth. At such a time, if the Government were to see this practically, if it were to see this example, they would understand. If members of a particular wing go to meet an official representative of the Government for that wing, so that they understand. In an atmosphere of such sorrow and peacelessness, where there is sorrow and peacelessness on one side and tamoguni vibrations on the other side, the Youth are moving between the two having transformed themselves. Their attention will then be drawn to this organisation. At least a small group of the members of the wings should go and give the news to the ministers of their wings: not the Prime Minister, but the ministers of their wings. Then, it would become known in the whole Ministry that you serve all wings. It is good. BapDada is also pleased to see transformation in the Youth Group. However, the Youth who are contented with themselves and who are leading a practical life should go. Whether they relate something or not, it is the Father's discipline that only those who are contented with themselves should become the examples. And the youth should seek help from the instruments to solve their problems. No matter what happens, you have to finish your weaknesses. The Youth can spread such vibrations. You can spread the sound. As the sound spreads, so this task will have an impact on the world. So those who have become instruments for the group, each of you have to look after yourself very well and become a complete example. Is that all right? Are all the Youth OK? Raise your hands! Seeing all of you, BapDada is very pleased. Such examples will do a lot of work. At present, you have to go there, but then they themselves will send you an invitation. It is good. You are moving forward and will continue to do so. BapDada has many, many pure hopes in the Youth of India and the Youth abroad. He is giving congratulations and also has many hopes. Achcha.

Little foreign children: This is the only group of children. (Children sang a song: We are the little flowers who are no less than others.) All of you children live like flowers, do you not? Do you follow the Father's shrimat? Those who are following it, raise your hands! Achcha. It is good. You are lucky children that you found the Father in your childhood, and everyone is happy on seeing you. Such a day will come when eminent people and people from huge companies will invite you children. Who else are such fortunate children who have become like you? This is why all of you children have to remain firm with your dharna. Never forget any dharna because you are the children of the three fathers: Bap, Dada and your lokik father. So, you will perform wonders, will you not? So, all of you show very good wonders. Achcha.

All double-foreign brothers and sisters. Achcha. The Sindhi group has also come. Very good. You have love for Baba. You have a lot of love for the Father, do you not? The Father also remembers you. Why? Why does He remember you? The Father came in Sindh, did He not? So, there has to be a gift from the place where he came from. This is why the Father says that the Sindhi group should perform such a task that you become instruments to serve many other Sindhi souls.

BapDada likes it that the foreigners become the decoration of Madhuban every season (meeting). There is good zeal and enthusiasm. You have come from 60 countries and so there is that much service, and whoever it is in whichever country, you cannot remain without doing service. What would you tell whomever you meet? You will not go into other matters; so service is taking place in this many countries. Now, very good groups of foreigners have been created to go and give the message to others. You also give various courses. BapDada has seen that if the foreigners continue to spread service just as the people from Bharat are doing, then the Father's message will reach the whole world. Those from foreign lands are making their own effort and, they have done it. Make one programme or another in areas near you and give them the message. BapDada likes it that you continue to hold different programmes to serve others. Those who continue to give the message, raise your hands! You continue to do service? You do that? Why? The Father says: Each child of Mine is a messenger to give the message. You give the message, do you not? So, each child is a messenger, one who gives the message. What will you speak about to anyone you meet? At the very least, you will share your experience, will you not? So, you gave the message, did you not? BapDada also likes it. Why else does BapDada specially remember the foreigners? He remembers all the children, but He specially remembers the foreigners. Why does He remember them? Because it is only on the stage of the Brahma Kumaris that people from different religions and with different dress sit on the same stage by becoming those with the same dress. In which dress are you sitting here now? You sit here in a white dress. So, whether it is the Muslim, Christian or Buddhist religions, all of them sit on the same stage, and have become those of one family. This speciality is very good. All of you do service, do you not? Now the New Year is coming and so take the benefit of the New Year. Tell this to those in connection with you. Give them a gift and tell them that the gift you have given is unique. Go and give congratulations and a gift of one or another virtue or power to each of your relatives and those in contact with you and tell them: I have come to give you the most unique gift of all. With this gift your present and your future will become very good. Tell them such good things because the New Year is also a chance to serve them. Achcha, BapDada is pleased; He is pleased with foreign service. You also have a good gathering. Now continue to move ahead even more. Continue to move ahead of everyone in every task. Achcha. Those who are sitting at the back, stand up!

BapDada is giving a blessing to those who are sitting at the back. You have come to the gathering in Madhuban, have you not? All those who have come to the gathering in Madhuban and have got a seat at the back, do not think that you are those at the back. Those who are sitting at the back are in the Father's heart. (Over 22,000 came. Total group was 25,000 and people are even sitting outside and in other places.) Welcome; you didn't consider the weather or the accommodation. You didn't think about the cold. You even slept in tents. Those who were sleeping in the tents, BapDada specially went on a tour of all the tents. BapDada merges in His heart all those who are sitting at the back. This is why wherever any one is sitting, BapDada merges them in His eyes and is giving them love, remembrance and congratulations. Now, day by day, our Brahmin family is going to get larger. So, seeing the family, BapDada is pleased. Wah the Godly spiritual family! Wah! Achcha.

Today, we are going to sit till 12 midnight. It is a chance to sit together.

Now, to all the children from this land and abroad who are loved by the Father, the beloved children of the Father, the Father's long- lost and now-found children, farewell and congratulations. BapDada has told you that, together with saying farewell to the old year, you are also going to bid farewell to the old sanskars. To mahavir children who also bid farewell to the old nature, those who earn an income of multimillions at every step, to those who remain stable in the self-respect that BapDada always gives and who experience that -BapDada sees each child in the form of the child having a right to the inheritance for 21 births. Throughout the whole cycle, it is only you children who have a right to the inheritance of 21 births. BapDada in all three forms of the Father, Teacher and Satguru is giving all such elevated children who have a right love, remembrance and namaste.

To Dadi Rukshmani: It is good you know how to manage your body. You have youth of the mind; the mind is young. It is good. However, you have been a companion in service. Achcha.

Par Dadi: It is good. This one also knows how to manage herself well. The ones who look after you are good and you know how to manage yourself well.

To the three senior brothers: In the New Year, you will demonstrate something new by doing it, will you not? (What newness do we have to bring about in the New Year?) One is to make a plan to make the family powerful with your own stage, and secondly, just as you had functions in new ways, that is also one method, but now, in another way, make a big gathering group-wise of lawyers, judges - gather together people from different professions, from one zone in one big place. Have such a big gathering, and you may put up tents in the big places, but now give the result of such groups, and make connection with them letting them know what they have to do after this. They should not go away having heard the lecture, but, after the lecture, tell them what else they can do, and make their programme so that they stay in connection. Stay in connection via the phone, via correspondence so that their connection increases. Make each of these programmes in big places. In some places, have a programme of lawyers, in another place of politicians. Bring the groups closer at such big places; it can also be mixed groups. You can have both types. If it is a group of one wing, everyone's attention goes there. When you mix it, there is less attention drawn. Try out both and see. In one place have one type of gathering and in another place, have another, see the results of both and then make further programmes.

Meeting chairman of Omax - Brother Rohtas Goyal and his family.

Just as your work of construction is successful, in the same way, make the work of this service successful. Wherever you go, give them the message. You have to go to other places and so you can also give them the message. The sisters at the centres can give the course and you can give the message. Share the experiences that you have had. You stay in connection and also forge the connection of others. It is good. All of you together can become the message carriers; you can go to the centres. Give them an address. Simply stay in connection by phone. Become a messenger and give the message. All of you are good. All of you can do service.

All are good. They have zeal and enthusiasm, and so give them the message and give them encouragement. Give a message of happiness to those who are unhappy. Look, even age-wise, he is experienced and so he can do a lot of service.

At midnight - Farewell to 2009 and Greetings for 2010.

All of you said Happy New Year, but for all of us, it is always happy. According to today's world, we celebrated the Happy New Year, but every day of the confluence age for us is a festival. It is always a festival because you have that enthusiasm. It is the happy confluence of the confluence age. Many, many, many congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all of you for your transformation. Just as it is the New Year, in the same way, it is new sanskars and so farewell to the old sanskars and welcome to the new sanskars. Therefore, you are constantly cheerful and will always remain cheerful. For us and for you, every year is benevolent. It makes us move forward and enables others to move forward and this is why it is always happy, happy, happy.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *