31-12-2002          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In this New Year, use all your treasures in a worthwhile way and show the speciality of becoming an image of success.

Today, BapDada, the Creator of the New Age, the Bestower of New Life, has come to celebrate the New Year. Have all of you also come to celebrate the New Year or have you come to celebrate the New Age? Everyone celebrates the New Year, but all of you are celebrating all three - the New Life, the New Age and the New Year. BapDada is giving trimurti congratulations. People give one another greetings for the New Year, and they also given one or gift or another. They do give gifts, do they not? However, what gift has BapDada given all of you? He has given you the gift of the golden world. All of you have received the gift of the golden world, have you not? It is the golden world, the new age, in which there are all attainments. Do you remember your kingdom? There is no name or trace of lack of any attainment. No one apart from BapDada can give such a gift. In the whole world, even if someone gives you the greatest gift of all, what could they give you? They could give you the biggest crown or throne. When establishment was taking place (all those from the beginning of establishment are sitting at the front), even then, Father Brahma used to ask the children: If the Queen of today were to give you the crown and throne, would you go there? Do you remember that? Children used to reply: What would we do with that crown and throne when we have found the Father? What is that compared to this? No gift can be greater than this gift of the golden world. Many children ask: What attainments will there be there? BapDada says: The list of attainments is long, but what would you say in essence? There is nothing lacking there. You will have attained whatever you need in life. Therefore, you are souls who have a right to such a golden gift. You are those who have a right, are you not? Are the double foreigners those who have a right? (they are waving their hands.) Will all of you become kings? You will become kings? Achcha. In that case, so many thrones will have to be prepared. BapDada says: That throne is a throne, and you have all attainments, but the self-sovereignty of the confluence age is no less than that. You are kings even now, are you not? Are you subjects or part of the royal family? What are you? It is only the one Father who says with pride that each and every child of His is a child who is to become a king. You are kings, are you not? Are you Raja Yogis or praja yogis (yogis who become subjects)? At this time, all are seated on the heart-throne, all of you are those who have a right to self-sovereignty, the children who are to become kings. You have such spiritual intoxication, do you not? It is only through the self-sovereignty of this time that you receive the future kingdom. This confluence age is very, very, very invaluable and elevated. BapDada and all the children know the confluence age. With happiness what name is given to the confluence age. The age of pleasure. Why? You don't have the pleasure of the confluence age in any other age. What is the reason for that? Out of the whole cycle, it is only now that you receive the pleasure of meeting God. What is each day of the confluence age? There is pleasure and only pleasure. There is only pleasure, is there not? There is pleasure. You don't become confused, do you? Every day is a festival because you have enthusiasm. You have zeal and enthusiasm to make all your brothers and sisters belong to God, the Father. You have zeal and enthusiasm for service, do you not? We will do this, we will do this, we will do this.... You make such plans, do you not? This is because when you have elevated attainment, you cannot stay without telling others about it. You will have the attainments of this confluence age even in the golden world. The reward of the efforts you make at this time is the future golden world. So, do you prefer the confluence age or do you prefer the golden age? Which do you prefer? The confluence age is good, is it not? It is just that Maya comes in between. You sometimes become a little confused. Some children make easy yoga into difficult yoga. It isn't difficult, but you make it difficult. In fact, it is very easy. Do you find it difficult? Those who find it difficult, raise your hands. Not always, but is it sometimes difficult? Or is it easy? Those who are difficult yogis (yogis who find it difficult), raise your hands! Those who find it difficult, raise your hands! Mothers, are you difficult yogis or easy yogis? Is anyone a difficult yogi? None of you would raise your hand; how could you do this in the whole gathering?

All children say with pride and intoxication: "My Baba". Do you say, "My Baba"? Is it "My Baba" or the Baba of the Dadis? It is my Baba, is it not? Each of you would first say: My Baba. Is it like this? All the Sindhis are sitting here. Is it "My Baba", or Dadi Janki's Baba? Or, is it Dadi Prakashmani's Baba? Whose is He? Is He mine? Is He mine? What word do you remember throughout the day? The word "My". The Father says that a very easy yukti is: How many times do you say "Mine", and how many times do you use this word throughout the day? If you were to count it, you use the word "Mine" many times. When you say the word "Mine", then who is "Mine"? It is my Baba. Is this difficult? Do you sometimes forget it? BapDada is not giving you a new word. You always use these words "I" and "Mine". So, who am I? And, who is "Mine"? Why do some children make effort difficult? They just think that the point (bindu) should come in front of them. Bindu, bindu, bindu... And the bindu slips away. You are a bindu, but which type of bindu? Keep in your awareness the self-respect of who you are, and then effort will become very entertaining. When you speak of just the jyoti bindu (point of light), it becomes difficult. Make easy effort, pleasurable effort.

In this New Year, let your efforts be elevated. However, as well as being elevated, let them first be easy. Let them be elevated and let them also be easy. Is this possible? Are both types of effort possible at the same time? Double foreigners, speak! Is this possible? Then BapDada will see it. BapDada continues to check all the time to see who become difficult yogis. To be an easy yogi doesn't mean that your efforts should be those of carelessness. Let them be elevated and let them also be easy. So, are the Pandavas easy yogis? Those who are easy yogis, raise your hands! Just be careful. It is all being recorded on the TV. Congratulations! So, this year, no one will have any difficulties because you are easy yogis. Don't become careless.

According to the time, in this New Year, everyone has to keep the special aim that whatever treasures you have - time, thoughts, virtues, knowledge and powers - the biggest treasure is that of thoughts - elevated thoughts and pure thoughts. You have to use all of these treasures in a worthwhile way every day, that is, you have to attain success. Distribute them a lot. Become master bestowers, children of the Bestower. Distribute them a lot. Why? To use them in a worthwhile way means to attain success. Therefore, constantly keep this speciality of the New Year with you at all times. You have to use everything in a worthwhile way and success is guaranteed. All of you say that success is your birthright. Do you have this right? So use it in a worthwhile way and continue to attain success. Whatever task you carry out, continue to use one treasure or another in a worthwhile way and continue to experience success. Think about it - can anyone have a right to success apart from you Brahmin souls? Why? Because the Father has given you all the blessing of being successful. BapDada always says that each Brahmin child is a star of success, an embodiment of success. Are you stars of success or are you stars of effort? BapDada sees all the children as the stars of success. Do you remember how much time Brahma Baba spent at the beginning using everything in a worthwhile way? He used his time in a worthwhile way till the end. Even though he had become karmateet, he still wrote so many letters. He used his time in a worthwhile way. Even on his last day, he spoke elevated versions. He used everything in a worthwhile way till the last day and this is why he attained success. Therefore, follow the father. In fact, to use every thought and every second in a worthwhile way is to become an embodiment of success. All of you say with faith that you have a lot of love for Father Brahma. So, the sign of love is that whatever the father loved, the children should also love. Let all your time, thoughts and treasures be used in a worthwhile way. They should not be wasted. The sign of love is: follow the father. What speciality did Father Brahma show? Whatever he thought, he did in a practical way in a second. He didn't just think, he didn't just make plans, but he demonstrated it by putting it into practice. So, is it like this? Are you those who follow him? It is good.

Today, so many people have come to celebrate the New Year. It is good. Even if the hall becomes small, you have a big heart. Look, because you have a big heart, everyone is able to be accommodated. (About 18 to 19 thousand brothers and sisters were sitting in the hall.) All those sitting outside are also listening, are they not? Those sitting outside are listening. They cannot be seen. BapDada has heard that, abroad, it is those from Australia who sit at the most odd hour of 12 o' clock midnight for the transmission. They sit at midnight and get up after 4am amrit vela. So, BapDada also remembered those from Australia today. They are listening. Those who are here (in Shantivan) from Australia, raise your hands! Trimurti congratulations, first of all to those from Australia and then to the others.

Baba has told you the aim for this year. Use everything in a worthwhile way and success is guaranteed. Has everyone made this firm? You have to use everything in a worthwhile way, and not waste anything. The confluence age is the powerful age. It is the age of success. It is not the age to waste anything. 63 births of wasting have now come to an end. This small age is now for using everything in a worthwhile way. If you use time in a worthwhile way, you will claim a right to the kingdom in the future for the complete half-cycle. If you use it in a worthwhile way only sometimes, then you would also claim a right to the kingdom only sometimes. This is the reward of using your time in a worthwhile way. If you are using your breath in a worthwhile way, then you will remain healthy for 21 births. You won't have heart-failure while moving along. Some people's heart stops beating. Some people have blocked arteries. None of that will happen there.

Use the treasures of knowledge in a worthwhile way; knowledge means understanding. There, you will become so sensible that there'll be no need for a minister. Nowadays, when they take an oath, first of all they create a cabinet of ministers. There, you will have companions but not ministers. All the members of the royal family who sit at court will be crowned. The royal family won't be anything less. Although they may not be seated on the throne, they will have equal status. Therefore, don't think that very few will be seated on the throne, for all of you will be in the royal court as those who have a right to the kingdom. You will also have a crown on your head and you will have full rights. So what will you become? Number one or numberwise? What will you become? Will you become numberwise or number one? What will you become? Number one or numberwise? Then, do you know what you have to do? It is very good that you have shown courage. However, in order to become number one, you first of all have to win. You are doing that, are you not? Don't say that you will do that, but that you are doing that. Others are also listening. Baba heard that, today, many of Brahma Baba's friends from the old Sindh have come. Raise your hands! Not Hindi; Sindhi children, stand up! (children of the Sindhi families). Whole families have come. Achcha. You will show wonders, will you not? What wonders will you show? (We will give Baba's message.) You are doing that anyway. Achcha, 38 people have come. So, what wonders will you perform? Baba is not telling you to do a lot. Baba is only telling you to do something very small. Are you ready to do that? Will the children also perform this wonder? (We will create 3.8 million.) Multimillionfold congratulations! You have said something very big, but Baba is telling you to do something very small, and that is, that each one of you has to bring another one. Are you going to bring one? One should bring one other. Children should bring children. Mothers should bring their husbands or their sisters, but each one has to bring another one. Look at this group. You guide them. Next year, you have to bring them. Come with a group double the size. BapDada wants revelation to take place where the beginning took place. You do feel mercy, do you not? You are residents of Father Brahma's land and so there is love for the residents of the same country as your own.

You have many treasures. The treasure of virtues is so big. The treasure of all powers is so big. Therefore, become master bestowers who donate virtues and powers. You must definitely give a gift of one or other virtue or power to all those who come into connection with you or into relationship with you. No one should go away empty-handed. If not anything else, give them the gift of the sweet words of the Father's message. Whenever people of the world hold a festival, they definitely sweeten the mouth of others. BapDada says: You have to sweeten their mouth, but you must also show your sweet face. Let it not just be your sweet mouth, but let your face be sweet. You have accumulated this much sweetness, have you not? That, no matter how much you distribute, you still remain full? In fact, the more you distribute this treasure the more it increases. It will never run out. So, this year, note down whether you gave anything to whichever souls come in front of you. If they are not going to listen, then just give them sweet, powerful drishti. However, you must definitely give them something. No one should go away empty-handed. This is easy, is it not? Or is it difficult? Youth Group, is this easy? You are waving your hands very well. A very good youth group has come.

Double Foreigners Youth Retreat Group: The most elevated power for Youth is the power of transformation. As soon as you think about something, you do it. Youth have made a lot of promises. BapDada has heard the news. What have all the Youth become? (All the Youth were waving their hands.) All of you have come wearing a tilak. Those who have had special refreshment, and are also wearing a tilak, stand up! (All the Youth had a golden tilak applied.) You have applied a good symbol. The soul is sparkling, is it not? Those who feel that through this training their heart has become golden, raise your hands! Your heart has become golden. You have gone ahead of everyone. Not a golden star, but a golden heart. In that case you have become an embodiment of success. Now, you golden hearts will not come down when you are on the plane, will you? Achcha, when you go back to your country, will the golden become silver? Will it not become this? It is good. Become so ready that you awaken the souls of Bharat. Do you have this courage? Will you awaken Bharat? The people of Bharat will ask you all sorts of tricky questions. Will you reply to them? The photo of all of you is being taken by the TV. So, all of you will receive invitations to awaken Bharat. Therefore, remain ever-ready. If you don't have a ticket, you will receive one. BapDada knows that the speciality of double foreigners is that they come one year and then they make preparations throughout the year to come the next year. It is good. From how many countries have the Youth come? (21 countries). BapDada knows that these golden hearts will perform wonders. You have maintained attention well. You have deeply underlined paying attention to your own effort. BapDada is pleased. It is good. When groups are created, attention is drawn. It is better in a group than in a gathering as a whole, but it should be positive. Achcha. (BapDada then asked the different groups to stand up.) (Antarmukhi group - Kumaris) You have made good effort. BapDada sees that every group wants to go ahead the most. You don't compete but you have a race. It is good. Those who are introverted are constantly happy. (Shakti group - Mothers) BapDada is asking the Shakti group: When will you hoist the flag of revelation? Speak! You Shaktis are those who hoist the flag, are you not? So, you Shaktis will hoist the flag of revelation, will you not? It is good. Now, discuss this amongst yourselves and fix a date for this. Just as you fix other dates, similarly, fix a date for when the flag of revelation will be hoisted. You will hoist it, will you not? (Mahavir group - Brothers) What will the Mahavir group do? Together with bidding farewell to this year, also bid farewell to Maya. Is this possible? Will you bid farewell to Maya? Or, should it come to you and it doesn't matter? The meaning of Mahavir is to be just like Brahma Baba - he did in a practical way whatever he said. He did immediately what he thought and this accumulated the charity of instant donation. In the same way, you Mahavir group also have this aim, do you not? Will you do this? It is good. You do have courage. The group of little children from abroad. All of you have your own signs. (International group of children were holding a flag and had made a banner saying - Angels to Deities). You have become angels to deities; it is so good. So, deities means those with divine virtues. So, never let go of the divine virtues. It is good. Children's zeal and enthusiasm increases. Children of India too stand up. (About 1000 children have come from India.) Children from Bharat and abroad should all come together and completely surround Delhi. You are going to make Delhi your kingdom, are you not? Therefore, you will first prepare the kingdom and then you will rule there, will you not? Surround Delhi on all sides in such a way that all the VIPs of Bharat awaken. You children of Bharat will also do this, will you not? It is good. Bharat is no less. Very good children have come. Achcha.

Now, what newness will you bring this year? You have not yet done the work BapDada gave you. You haven't yet brought the group of "mikes" and heirs. BapDada always says: Wait and see. "Mikes" are clever in hoisting the flag of revelation. There are some "mikes" in different countries, but they have not come in front of Baba in a group. Now, bring them together. What happens when they come together? Seeing one another, they also feel enthusiastic, they have that zeal then. "Mikes" are needed in Bharat and also abroad. They are being prepared, are they not? However, they are still hidden away behind the curtains. Now bring them out. You have to bring them out, do you not? Very good.

The group of mothers is very big. If Baba were to ask them to stand up, the whole hall would be hidden. BapDada is pleased to see the mothers. Why is He pleased? Because it is only at the confluence age that the mothers are given a chance through BapDada. You didn't have a chance in the copper and iron ages. Now the mothers are receiving a chance. Even amongst great souls (Mahatmas) now day by day there is a greater chance. Even in government the mothers have a chance to do service. BapDada always says: Whichever centres mothers go to, that centre will always be fruitful. Even if they are not earning, they have a big heart. They have deep loving feelings. The Father also likes their deep love and their honest heart. Baba has seen that in every group the greatest number is of the mothers. Therefore, mothers, you now have to awaken your equals. Just bring them and the hall will become big enough by itself. Don't think that the hall has become full now, so where would they sit? Just bring them and everything will happen. It will happen, will it not? Dadi doesn't think about what would happen then. At least 900,000 should be able to sit. That many subjects have to be prepared, do they not? When will you do this? Will you fix a date for this? Will you first bring 900,000? Will the Pandavas bring them? BapDada will prepare the hall, but you just bring 900,000. (We will bring 100,000 every year. ) Not like that. They can come, they are not told not to come, but will you eventually bring 900,000 onto the stage, or not? If not, then over whom will you rule? If in your first birth there aren't 900,000 subjects and part of the royal family in your kingdom, then, over on whom will you rule?

What do those from Madhuban think? Do you want 900,000 or not? Do you want 900,000? What do the main Pandavas think? Do you want them or not? It will happen. When 900,000 come, all the facilities will also be arranged. Don't be afraid that you will have to make a big hall. Look, the future is very, very bright. You will receive all the facilities. You will receive ready-made halls. You won't have to build them. You have been given the slogan for this year: Use everything in a worthwhile way and success is guaranteed. Achcha. Pandavas, wave your hands.

Teachers: Now, teachers themselves have to use everything in a worthwhile way and also enable others to do this. For service to grow means you used the treasures in a worthwhile way and also enabled others to do this. Therefore, this year, put this slogan into a practical form and there will automatically continue to be growth. Give them courage. BapDada has seen that some places don't have the power to give that much courage. Give them courage. Give courage in every task - through your thoughts, through your words, through your connections and relationships and through your actions. The seat of teachers is to maintain courage and to give courage. Why? Because you teachers have received a chance to read the Father's murli and you have also received the gaddi. This is extra help. Therefore, give courage and enthusiasm. The whole class should be visible as spiritual roses in bloom. Did the teachers hear this? Bring enthusiasm into the class (students).

This time it was Indore's turn to serve: Achcha. Indore group, stand up! It is good that you have received a diamond chance to serve. One is the diamond chance to serve through actions and the other is the diamond chance for self-progress. All of you have maintained good courage.

Enthusiasm for service has also been good. You have looked after the biggest group of all. In return for your courage, BapDada is giving you multi-multi-fold congratulations. Always be a diamond and continue to take the diamond chance for service. It is good. Very good.

Meetings of brothers and sisters from the Jurists wing have been taking place: This is an international group. If there are so many of you lawyers and judges, then the God of the Gita should be proved. It is good. Very good. Make a plan for something that no one else has done. There are many wings created. So, your wing should claim the number one out of all. It is good. This group is good. However, now create such a plan that the snake is killed without the stick breaking. Let revelation take place. Not upheaval but wonders. It is good. Now get together even more gatherings. (We have made a plan.) Congratulations. Achcha.

Cultural group: Everyone knows how to sing and dance. They know how to sing the Father's songs of praise and also to dance in happiness. It is good. Now reveal the character of Bharat through the culture. Let it be the culture and, through that, let the elevated character be revealed. It is good that since the different wings have been created you are all doing different forms of service. Now show wonders. All of you are those who perform wonders, are you not? You are going to perform wonders, are you not? Now every wing should create new plans. How many years has it been since these wings were created? (20 years.) BapDada had told those of all the different wings to do special service to create "mikes" or heirs in their own wing. Do you remember this? Now prepare such a gathering. So, who has been prepared in your cultural wing? Have you brought anyone? Everyone is pointing their finger at you to give the Father's introduction. (A well-known actor from Bombay - Parikshit Sahni and his family are standing in front of BapDada.) It is good that you will make plans. When you have courage, you definitely receive the Father's help.

Achcha. Do you remember the one second's drill for the mind? How many times do each of you perform this drill throughout the day? Note this down. The more times you perform this drill, the more you will become an easy yogi and a natural yogi. On one side, do service through the mind and on the other side, exercise the mind. One moment become incorporeal and the next moment become angelic. Father Brahma is invoking you angels. After becoming angels, you have to go to your home with Father Brahma in the incorporeal form. Then you have to become deities. Achcha.

BapDada has received lots and lots of love and remembrance from all directions through cards and letters. BapDada knows every child feels that his or her love and remembrance should be given to Baba, but Baba has already received that. Very special beloved children are in front of BapDada to give their love and remembrance. This is why BapDada says: Each child should accept personally by name congratulations and blessings from the heart of BapDada. Lots and lots of multi, multi, multi, multi-millionfold congratulations and blessings from the heart to all of you. Love, remembrance and namaste.

Speaking to Dadiji and Dadi Jankiji: Both of you have become instruments to move the whole family along with one direction. All of these are your companions. You were told that if you continue to use everything in a worthwhile way, you will become a conqueror of Maya. Dadis are saying that this year everyone should become united with one direction this year. Whomsoever you see, see them as one. Just as it is said for the Dadis that they are one, in the same way, all of you Didis and Dadas should also become united in one direction. The slogan for this is: One moment become a child and the next become a master. Don't become a master at the time of becoming a child. Don't become a child at the time of becoming a master. So, Dadis have had this thought. Who will fulfil it? Will all of you do this? If there is a difference of opinion, what will you do? Achcha. BapDada is pleased to see everyone. The day will very soon come when everyone says: All of us Shiv Shakti Pandava Army will bring about self- transformation. Self-transformation. Together with bidding farewell to the old year, also bid farewell to Maya. She too is tired. Farewell and congratulations, both at the same time.

On the auspicious beginning of the New Year, on 31st December 2002 at midnight, BapDada gave all the children greetings for the New Year.

Multi-multimillionfold greetings and congratulations for the New Year to all the very sweet and very lovely children everywhere. The moment that has just passed is the moment of farewell and congratulations and greetings. On the one hand, you have to bid farewell: Bid farewell to whatever you feel is missing in your becoming complete and bid farewell to that for all time. And, congratulations for flying ahead! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *