18-01-2004          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Maintain the awareness of being the direct children of the World Authority and keep all your powers under your in order.

Today, all the children everywhere are merged in waves of love. The special memories of Father Brahma are emerged in everyone's heart. From amrit vela, the rosary of memories in the hearts of both types of jewels, those who have received sakar sustenance and those who have received avyakt sustenance, were reaching BapDada. The picture of memories of BapDada are visible in everyone's heart. And, in the Father's heart is merged the love of all the children. In everyone's heart, the one loving song playing is: "My Baba!" And the song playing in the Father's heart is: "My sweetest children!" This automatic song, this unlimited song is so lovely. In return for the loving memories, BapDada is giving multimillion-fold love-filled blessings from the heart.

BapDada is seeing that even now, in this land and abroad, children are merged in the Ocean of Love. This day of remembrance is the special day for making all the children powerful. Today was the day when children were crowned by Father Brahma. Father Brahma put the crown of responsibility for world service on the instrument children. He himself became unknown and gave children the tilak of awareness to make them the instruments in the corporeal form. Like himself, he gave the children the crown of light of the avyakt angelic form. He himself became karavanhar (one who makes others do) and made the children karanhar (the ones who do the work). This is why this day is called the day of remembrance, that is, the day of power. It is not just the awareness, for, together with the awareness, children have all received all memories as a blessing. BapDada is seeing all the children as those who are embodiments of all awareness. He is seeing you in the form of those who are master almighty authorities. Not with just some powers, but with all powers. Each child has received all of these powers from the Father as a blessing. As soon as you took your divine birth, BapDada gave the blessing: May you be full of all powers. This is the blessing for every birthday. Use the powers you have received as a blessing. Each of you children has received them, but you become numberwise in using them. You can order the blessing of every power according to the time. If you become the embodiment of the blessings you have received from the Bestower of Blessings, and order a power according to the time, then each power will definitely become present. When you, the master who has attained the blessing, as an embodiment of awareness, order the powers, it is not possible that they are not used at that time. However, the master should be seated on the seat of awareness of being a master almighty authority. No orders are obeyed if they are given without being seated on the seat. When children say, "Baba, I remember You, You become present". The Lord becomes present. When the Lord can become present, why would the powers not become present? Simply order them in the right way with the authority of a master. All of these powers are the special Godly properties of the confluence age. Who is the property for? The property is always for the children. So, order them by right whilst seated on the seat of an embodiment of awareness. Why should you labour? Order them! You are the direct children of the World Authority. Let the intoxication of this awareness always remain emerged.

Check yourself: Do I always have the natural awareness of being a soul who has a right to the World Almighty Authority? Do you have this awareness all the time or only sometimes? Nowadays, all of their fighting is because of wanting all rights, whereas all of you have received from birth the Godly rights and the Godly authority. So, maintain the power of your rights. Remain powerful yourself and also enable all souls to receive power. At this time, all souls are begging for power (samarth), that is, powers (shaktiya). They constantly continue to beg for things in front of your non-living images. So, the Father says: O powerful souls, give all souls power. Give them power (samarthi). For this, it is essential for every child to pay attention to just one thing. BapDada also gave you a signal for this and He has also seen in the result that the majority of children's thoughts and time are being wasted. For instance, if an electrical connection is even slightly loose or if there is a leakage, you cannot get proper light (electrical power). Similarly, this leakage of waste doesn't allow you to create a powerful stage and constant awareness. Therefore, change the waste into best. Make a savings scheme. Check what percentage was used in the best way and how much was wasted throughout the whole day. If there was 40% waste or 20% waste, then save that. Don't think that only a little was wasted and that the rest of the day was fine. Because this habit of waste, though being a habit over a long period of time, will deceive you in the last moments. It will make you numberwise, it will not allow you to become number one. In the beginning, in order to check himself every night, Father Brahma used to hold court every night. Court of what? Not of the children, but he would hold court of his own physical organs. He would order them: O mind, chief minister, this activity of yours is not good. Now you have to work under orders. O sanskars, you have to work under orders. Why was there that fluctuation? What was the reason for that? Find a solution! Every day he held an official court. Hold your court in the same way; the court of self-sovereignty. Some children have sweet heart-to-heart conversations with BapDada. They have personal chit- chats. Should Baba tell you? Many have personal chit-chats. They say: Show me a picture of my future as to what I will become. You original jewels would probably remember how you used to ask Mother Jagadamba about your own picture: "Mama, show us a picture of what we will be like." So, whilst having a chit-chat with BapDada, children still ask for their own picture. All of you must also have this desire - that it would be good if you were to receive your own picture. However, BapDada says: BapDada has given every child a unique mirror. What is that mirror? At present, you are masters of the self, are you not? Are you? Are you self-sovereigns? If you are, then raise your hands! Are you self-sovereigns? Achcha. Some of you are not raising your hands. Are you a master only to a small extent? Achcha. You are self-sovereigns, so congratulations! So, the chart of a master of the self is the mirror that shows the face of your future status. Do you have this mirror? All of you have received it, have you not? It is clear, is it not? There aren't any dark marks on it, are there? There may not be any dark marks, but sometimes, when there is hot water, the mirror steams up and becomes misty. For example, when it is foggy, the mirror becomes such that you cannot see clearly in the mirror. Everyone must have experienced this at the time of bathing. So, until now, if even one of your physical organs is not totally under your control - they are under your control, but sometimes they aren't - for instance, any physical organ, your eyes, mouth, ears or even your feet that sometimes go towards wrong company, in which case, even your feet are not under your control. You would go and sit in a gathering. You would sit down and listen to the Ramayana or Bhagawad, not wrong stories. So, if any of your physical senses are not under your control, that also includes thoughts and time, you can check from this that since you don't have controlling power over your own sovereignty, how would you control the kingdom of the world? So, how would you become a king? There, everything is accurate. You automatically have controlling power and ruling power as the reward for the efforts you made at the confluence age. So, the confluence age means that if you lack controlling power and ruling power at this time, if that effort is lacking, what would be the reward? You are clever in calculating this, are you not? Therefore, look at your face in this mirror. Look at your own face. Which face comes in front of you? That of a king, that of someone who is part of a royal family, a royal subject, or an ordinary subject? So, did you see your picture? Check with this image. Check every day, because attainment for a long time is based on your efforts for a long time. If you think that you will automatically have unlimited disinterest at the end, then, in the final moments, would that be final moments, or have been for a long period of time? You would not say that that was a long period, would you? So, did you become a complete master of the self for 21births? You may not sit on the throne, but you should have a right to the kingdom. This long period of time has a connection with the reward for a long period of time. Therefore, do not become careless: As yet, the date for destruction is not fixed. You don't know whether it will be another 8 years or 10 years. You don't know that. So, don't think that it will happen in the time that is still to come. No! Before thinking of the end of the world, first of all, think about the final period of your own life. Do you have a date fixed? Do any of you know that you are going to die on that day? Does anyone know this? You don't, do you? The world is to end, and that will happen at its own time, but first of all think about your own final period and remember the slogan of Jagadamba. What was her slogan? "Consider every moment to be your final moment." It has to happen suddenly. You won't be given a date - neither for the world nor for your final moments. All of this is a play of everything happening suddenly. Therefore, hold court. O king! O self-sovereign king! Hold your own court. Keep it in order, because the praise of the future is that there will be law and order. This will be natural there. There will be the balance of both love and law. It will be natural. It is the law that if someone is not a king, he cannot pass a law. Nowadays, people continue to make laws. Nowadays, even policemen take the law into their own hands. However, there, there will be the natural balance of love and law.

So, now remain set on the seat of an almighty authority. Then, all those physical organs, powers and virtues will all say, "Yes, my lord! Yes, my lord!" to you. They will not deceive you. "Yes, I am present." So, what will you do now? What celebration will you celebrate next year on the Day of Remembrance? All the zones have celebrations, do they not? You have also had many honouring ceremonies. Now celebrate the ceremony of the success of every thought and every moment. Celebrate this ceremony. All waste should now end because when you become images of success, souls will attain the success of being fully satisfied. From being hopeless, the lamps of pure hopes will ignite everywhere. When there is any type of success they ignite lamps, do they not? Now, ignite the lamps of hope in the world. Every soul has one or another type of hopelessness. Because of hopelessness, they are distressed and in tension. Therefore, o imperishable lamps, now celebrate the Diwali of the lamps of hope! First the self, and then everyone. Did you hear this?

Seeing the love of the children, BapDada is pleased. The percentage in the subject of love is good. Why have you arrived here having made so much effort? What brought you here: Was it the train or the plane? It was love that brought you here. You arrived here on the plane of love. So, you have passed in the subject of love. You are now masters in being almighty authorities, and so you have passed in that subject. So, these elements, Maya and the sanskars will all become your servants. They will wait for the master's orders at every moment. Father Brahma too, as a master, made such internal subtle effort in such a way, that you weren't even aware of how he became complete. The cage opened and the bird flew away. The cage of karmic accounts of the corporeal world and the physical body opened and the bird flew away. Father Brahma is now also invoking all of you children with a lot of love from the depths of his heart, saying: Come quickly! Come quickly! Come, now! Come now! So you have received wings, have you not? Now, all of you have to conduct this drill in your heart in a second. Do it right now. Finish all thoughts. Conduct the drill: Oh Baba! Sweet Baba! Lovely Baba! We are now about to become those with the avyakt form, just like you, right now. (Baba conducted drill.) Achcha.

To all the loving and powerful children everywhere, to all the self-sovereign children and so the children who have a right to the world, to all the intense effort-making children everywhere who remain seated on the seat of a master almighty authority, to the world-sovereign children who constantly, as their master, order the elements, sanskars, powers and virtues, to those who bring completion and perfection close, like the father, to all the children in every corner of this land and abroad, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste for the day of power.

Who is BapDada especially remembering right now? Child Janak. She sent a special message that she would definitely be present in the gathering. So, whether you are from London, America, Australia, Africa, Asia or the whole of Bharat, to all the children, love and remembrance personally by name and speciality. You are all receiving personal love and remembrance, are you not? Achcha.

This time Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh was responsible for service: (5000 have come for service). Achcha. Maharashtra means those who are the greatest of all. Just as the country is great, so the souls are also great. BapDada always sees all the children in their great form. You received the fruit of service, you accumulated charity and you also received power. You also received the company of so many Brahmin souls. You became happy seeing one another. The power of one another is no less. So, you received the fruit, you received power. You played a good part. BapDada constantly says, "Achcha, achcha, achcha" (very good) and makes you fly forward. So, you liked having this chance of service, did you not? You enjoyed it very much. It is a chance for coming close. You receive the instant nourishing fruit of service. It is good. Now, you will definitely perform some elevated task, will you not? You are Maharashtra and so you will also become an instrument to carry out a great task. Do very good service, but let both service and the self be combined. There should be nothing lacking in the percentage. It should not be that sometimes there is a greater percentage of service and sometimes there is a greater percentage of the self. Let there always be a balance. So, through your balance, all the souls of the world will continue to receive blessings. Now souls of the world want blessings. They don't want to make effort, they want blessings. So, your balance will automatically enable souls to receive blessings. Achcha.

Today Baba also remembered those from Madhuban. They sit at the front. Those from Madhuban, raise your hands! And, all the arms of Madhuban! Those from Madhuban especially receive the fortune of their renunciation in a subtle way, because you live in Pandava Bhavan, Madhuban, Shantivan. However, those who are to meet Baba receive a chance, whereas those from Madhuban just watch as observers. However, Baba always remembers those from Madhuban as those in His heart. He remembers you. Today, your group should come to take toli. (Golakbhai's group). You work hard, do you not? All of those from Madhuban, including all the arms, work very hard. You have very good marks for working hard. Now, you will claim marks for becoming number one. All of those who live in Madhuban, each one of you is number one and great. Let this be heard loudly. The name and trace of waste in Madhuban should end. Be great in service and in your stage. Be great in everything. Is this all right? Baba doesn't forget those from Madhuban, but those from Madhuban are given the chance to have renunciation. Generally, each one of the zones is moving forward in service a great deal. All of you had programmes; they were very good. Bhopal too had a good programme. Each place has its own speciality. Look how much the elements of nature co-operated with those from Bhopal. For that day, there were no strong winds, heavy rain and cold at all. However, as soon as your work was accomplished, they all came rushing. So, nature also co-operated. Similarly, you have to become conquerors of nature, you have to become conquerors of Maya. If you don't become this, who else would? So you have to become this. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadiji: You work very hard. You become tired. Achcha. Very good. The decoration is of the original jewels. BapDada is pleased to see the original jewels. Achcha.

Speaking to Narayan Dada: Is everything all right? Continue to have remembrance and service through the mind. Remain busy in this task. Baba cannot forget you. Remain happy. Never lose your happiness.

Speaking to the accounts group: Whatever service all of you are doing, you are doing that very well considering it to be your service. Simply, remain double-light whilst doing service. Never carry any burden yourself. Just as Father Brahma had so many responsibilities and yet remained double-light, similarly, follow the Father. Whatever burden you may have, give that to the Father and become light. The Father has come to carry your burden, and so you know how to give your burden to Him, do you not? So, give away your burden, become double-light and continue to fly. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *