28-03-2006          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

In order to liberate souls of the world from sorrow, increase service through the mind; become complete and perfect.

Today, BapDada, the Master of all the treasures, is seeing His children everywhere who are full with all treasures. BapDada has made every child a master of all the treasures. The Bestower is only the One and He has given everyone the same amount. He hasn't given less to some and more to others. Why? The Father is the Master of the unending treasures. The treasures are unlimited and this is why every child is a master of the unending treasures. BapDada has given everyone the same amount of everything. However, out of those who have imbibed them, some have imbibed all the treasures and some have imbibed them according to their capacity. Some are number one and others are numberwise. However much each of you has imbibed, the intoxication of the treasures is clearly visible from your face and your eyes. Souls who are full with the treasures are seen to be full from their face and also their eyes. Just as you can tell from the behaviour and face of a soul who has attained physical treasures that he has attained those treasures, similarly, the intoxication and happiness of these imperishable treasures are clearly visible. The spiritual intoxication of being complete makes you a carefree emperor. Where there is Godly intoxication, there cannot be any worries; you become carefree emperors, the emperors of the land without sorrow. So, all of you are carefree emperors who are full of Godly treasures, are you not? You are emperors of the land of without sorrow. Do you have any worries? Do you have any sorrow? You don't have any worries about what will happen or how it will happen. You are those who remain stable in the trikaldarshi stage and you know that whatever happens will be good and that whatever is still to happen will be even better. Why? You are the companions of the Almighty Authority Father; you always remain with Him. Each one of you has the intoxication and pride that BapDada always stays in your heart and that you always remain on the Father's heart-throne. So, you have such intoxication, do you not? You are seated on the heart-throne; therefore, even in your dreams, let alone in your thoughts, there cannot be the slightest wave or trace of sorrow. Why? You are full of all treasures and anything that is full does not shake.

So, BapDada was seeing the stage of completion of all the children everywhere. BapDada checked each one's account of accumulation. You have received unending treasures, but have you used the treasures by simply using them or have you also increased the treasures you have received by using them? What percentage is accumulated in each one's account? These treasures are not just for this present moment; these treasures are also going to go with you in the future. Only that which you have accumulated will go with you. So Baba was seeing the percentage. What did He see? All the children are doing service according to their yoga and capacity, but a difference is created in their accumulating the fruit of service. Baba saw a few children's accounts of accumulation. They do a lot of service, but the sign of accumulating the fruit of service is when the souls who are doing service claim 100% marks in thoughts, words and deeds - 100 marks in all three. They did service, but, at the time of doing service or even after doing service, if they are content with themselves in their mind, and also, the souls whom they served and those who were their companions in service, and those who saw or heard the ones doing that service, if they also become content, then you can understand that they have accumulated. If there isn't contentment within the self and in others, then the percentage that is accumulated is reduced.

You have already been told the accurate method of service. If three things are done accurately with the right method, you accumulate. You have been told i) Consciousness of being an instrument. ii) Feelings of humility. iii) a) Pure nature and b) Pure words. Intention (consciousness), feelings and nature, words - if even one aspect is less - if you have one thing and not the other two, or if you have two things and not the third one, then that weakness reduces the percentage you accumulate. So check yourself in all four subjects (instrument, humility, pure nature and pure words...). Have I accumulated in my account in all four subjects? Why? BapDada has seen that of the four things that Baba has spoken about, some children write a lot of service news about those four things, but according to that their account of accumulation is less.

Check every treasure. The treasure of knowledge means: Did I create every thought and perform every action while being knowledge-full? It was not ordinary, was it? Yoga means that the treasure-store of all powers is full. So check the timetable of every day: Was the power that was needed according to the time available when it was ordered? A master almighty authority means a master. It should not be that when the time has passed, you continue to think about that power. If the power is not able to emerge at the time when it is ordered, if you are not able to make one power function under your orders, how would you claim a right to the kingdom that is free from obstacles?

How many treasures of the powers have you accumulated? Whatever you are able to use at the right time is accumulated. Are you continuing to check what your accumulation is? BapDada has deep love for all the children. BapDada wants the account of accumulation of every child to be full. In dharna too - the sign of dharna is that your every action will be full of virtue; whatever virtue is needed at any time, that will be visible on your face and in your behaviour in an emerged form. If any virtue is lacking, for instance, if you need the virtue of easiness and simplicity or sweetness at the time of performing actions, then if there is even the slightest force instead of easiness, simplicity and sweetness in your words and actions or if because of tiredness, there isn't that sweetness, if the words are not sweet, if your face is not sweet and you are serious, then that would not be called being full of virtue. No matter what the circumstances are, whatever your virtues are, only those virtues should emerge. Baba is now telling you in short.

Similarly, in service - the best sign of a server doing service is that he himself will always remain light - he will be seen as light and happy. The fruit of service is happiness. If while doing service your happiness disappears, that is not accumulated in your account of service. You did service and gave your time, you made effort and so a little percentage would be accumulated; it would not go to waste. However, you will not accumulate as much a percentage as you should. In the same way, the sign of this in terms of relationships and connections is the attainment of blessings. Whoever you come into contact or relationship with, blessings should emerge for you from their mind: "Very good!" Not externally, but from their heart. Blessings should emerge from their heart and if you have attained their blessings, then to receive blessings is a very easy method to make effort. Don't give lectures, and OK, your service through the mind is also not that powerful and you don't know how to create new plans. It doesn't matter! The easiest method of all for making effort is to give blessings and receive blessings. BapDada reads the thoughts in the minds of many children. According to the time and their circumstances, some children say: How can I give blessings to someone who does something bad? One feels anger towards that person, so how can one give blessings? And yes, anger has many children too. OK, that person did something bad and so he is bad, and you correctly understood that that one did something bad. It is good that you made a good judgment and you understood him well, but it is one thing to understand and another to take into your heart whatever bad things the other one does and the bad situations. There is a difference between the understanding and the taking it into yourself. If you are sensible, then would a sensible person keep bad things within himself? That person is bad, and you merged it in your heart, that is, you kept that bad thing with yourself and looked after it. It is one thing to understand and something else to take it into yourself. It is good to be sensible, be that, but do not take it into yourself: "This one is like that anyway." That is taking it into yourself. To interact with others with that understanding is not an act of common sense. So, BapDada checked this.

Now, time is not going to come close, you have to bring it close. Some ask: Give us a little signal: How much longer will it take? 10 years? 20 years? How long will it take?

So, BapDada is asking the children a question. You ask the Father many questions. So, today, the Father is asking you a question. Who are the ones who will bring time close? It is the drama, but who are the instruments? You have a song: If anyone has tried to prevent it, has anyone been able to stop the morning from coming? You have this song, do you not? So, who will bring the morning? Those who are working on destruction are desperate to bring about destruction, but are those who are carrying out renewal just as ready? What would happen if the old were to be destroyed and the new were not yet ready? This is why BapDada has now adopted the form of the Teacher in place of the form of the Father. You have been given homework, have you not? Who would give homework? A teacher. At the end there is the part of the Satguru. So, ask yourself: To what extent have you created your complete and perfect stage? Are you equal in both the stages of going beyond sound and coming into sound? Just as it is easy to come into sound whenever you want, in the same way, are you able to go beyond sound whenever and however you want? You can come into sound in a second. So, do you have the practice of going beyond sound in a second? Physically, with your body, you are able to come and go wherever you want, whenever you want, are you not? Similarly, are you able to come and go wherever you want, whenever you want with your mind and intellect? At the end, those who are successful in doing whatever they want, as they want according to their orders in a second will receive the pass marks. Scientists are also trying to do this: anything should be easy and it should take very little time. So, is your stage like this? Have you reached the stage of minutes or seconds? Where have you reached? Just as a light-house and might-house is able to spread its light in a second as soon as you put on a switch, in the same way, are you able to become a lighthouse and spread your light in a second? These physical eyes are able to see far while sitting in one place, are they not? You are able to cast your vision far, are you not? In the same way, are you able to sit somewhere and with your third eye take others beyond with a glance by being a bestower of blessings and a bestower of fortune? Are you checking yourself in all these things? Is your third eye so clean and clear? If there is the slightest weakness - and in all things, you have been told the reason in advance - the limited attachment to "I" and "mine", as you were told clearly for the consciousness of "I" and you were also given that homework. You have to finish two "I's" and keep one "I". Did everyone do this homework? Those who were successful in this homework, raise your hands. Were you successful? BapDada saw everyone. Have courage. Do not be afraid. It is good. Then you will receive congratulations. There are very few. If you have done it, then raise your hands. Show their hands on the TV. Show those at the back. Very few of you have raised your hands. What should we do now? All of you are amused with yourselves.

Achcha. The other homework was to renounce anger. That is easy, is it not? Who renounced anger? Who didn't get angry in all these days? (Many raised their hands in this.) There are a few more in this. Those who didn't become angry - those who live close to you will be asked about you. There are many. You didn't become angry? In your thoughts, in your mind, you didn't get angry? OK. Nevertheless, congratulations! If you had anger in your mind, but did not get angry in words, then congratulations! Very good.

So, you can see for yourself, according to the result, whether the work of establishment, of making the self complete and giving all souls the inheritance of liberation is completed. To make yourself an embodiment of liberation-in-life and to enable all souls to claim their inheritance of liberation: this is the most elevated action of the souls who are carrying out the work of establishment. This is why BapDada is asking: Are you going to reach the stage of being free from all bondages and being liberated-in-life at the confluence age or are you going to reach that stage in the golden age? Are you going to become complete at the confluence age or are you going to learn Raja Yoga there too? It is here that you have to become complete. It is here that you have to become perfect. The time of the confluence age is the biggest treasure of all. So, has the morning been stopped from coming by anyone trying to stop it? Speak!

So, what does BapDada want? The children are the lamps of the Father's hopes. So, check your account very well. Baba saw some children: they are very comfortable - masters of comfort (carefree - maujiram), moving along in their own comfort. "Whatever happens is good. OK, let us enjoy ourselves now. Who is going to see the golden age? Who will know?" In the account of accumulation, Baba saw some children who are such masters of comfort. "Let us enjoy ourselves." They even tell others: What do you have to do now? Just enjoy yourself. Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy yourself. Therefore, the Father also says: Enjoy yourself! If you are those who are going to settle for just a little, then be happy with just that much! The enjoyment of the perishable facilities is temporary. If you let go of the permanent enjoyment and wish to have the enjoyment of temporary facilities, then what can BapDada say? He will give you a signal; what else could He do? What would you say to someone who goes to a mine of diamonds and becomes happy with only two diamonds? So, don't be like that. Swing in the swing of the enjoyment of supersensuous joy. Swing in the swing of the pleasure of the imperishable attainments. Within the drama, look. Even Maya's part is unique. At this time, such facilities that didn't exist previously have emerged. However, you also have in front of you the examples of those who made spiritual endeavour and did service without any of those facilities. Did any of those facilities exist then? But how much service took place? At least quality emerged. The original jewels became ready, at least. Those facilities are attractive. It is not said to be wrong to use the facilities, but to forget your spiritual endeavour and to be occupied with the facilities, BapDada says is wrong. The facilities are not the basis of the flying stage in your life. Spiritual endeavour is the basis of that. What would the result be if you made facilities your support instead of the spiritual endeavour? The spiritual endeavour is imperishable, and so what would be the result?

So, BapDada is asking you children a question. By when will each of you make yourself complete and perfect? Do not look at others; this is where carelessness creeps in. "Others are also doing this, and so what does it matter if I also do it?" This is carelessness. "I have to make myself complete." Now, how much time do you need for that? Should we keep an account of that or not? This is a gathering and the Father knows that in a gathering, you have to hear a lot, and you have to consider a lot. Many things come in front of you when you are moving along, but these things will come. It would never be that you become complete when the situations end. As you move forward, the form will definitely change, but the situations will definitely come. Just look how many things there will be in the last paper. The situations should not be seen; only Baba should be seen. What did Baba say? Not, what are the situations doing? What do those situations say? What did Baba say? You have to follow Baba. Do you have to follow the situations or follow the Father? BapDada now wishes to see this: Whenever He switches on His TV in the subtle region, all the children, whether in this land or abroad, whether in villages or big cities, they should all be seen as in their complete form as king children. This is the elevated desire that the Father has for each child. So, will all of you become the lamp of the Father's hopes? Will you? Raise your hands! Do not raise your hands just like that, thinking, "Let me file a letter in the file, that says yes." No, let it be final. Will all of you fulfil this desire? Achcha, congratulations! Those who didn't raise your hands, raise your hands! Is there anyone? (A few). They need more time? Do you want one year? Make intense effort. You have to do it. It has to happen. The majority raised their hands. BapDada is happy and is giving you blessings from His heart. Now demonstrate this by doing it practically. Then BapDada will come. He will now become the Teacher. He will not come just like that. There is now still some time in-between. When BapDada comes for the first meeting, it will be the turn of the double foreigners. So the double foreigners will have to be ready first. Ready! Will those from abroad be ready? If those from abroad do not become ready, then those from India will be given that turn. First, those from Madhuban will have to get ready because BapDada has to come in Madhuban. He doesn't go anywhere else. BapDada has faith in those from abroad. It doesn't mean that He doesn't have faith in those from India. However, the first turn is of those from abroad and so they will definitely demonstrate this by becoming it. Is this all right? You speak! In the corporeal form you will have to become an instrument (to Dadi Janki). Now, there is still time. There are 5 to 6 months. Otherwise, we can do this - you advise Baba of those who write with an honest heart.

BapDada sees anyway. It is visible to BapDada that it is a little mixed. So, BapDada will meet those who write saying that they are ever-ready, not the others, whether they are from Madhuban or anywhere else. Is that OK? Those from Madhuban, is that OK? Double foreigners will be ever-ready, will you not? BapDada will see everyone's complete form. Will you be ever-ready? Is that OK? The majority of you raised your hands. Congratulations! All of you are being given congratulations in advance. Then, you will all give congratulations to one another. Wah perfect one! wah! Wah, complete one, wah! Sorrow is increasing a lot. You are not hearing the sound, but BapDada is. People have become completely disheartened and have no courage at all. Just as scientists are able to send their instruments wherever they want, in the same way, you have to increase service through the mind. You have to serve through words anyway, but in order to enable all souls of the world to receive their inheritance and to liberate them from sorrow you will have to become complete. Spread service through the mind in all directions, for only then will there be world benefit. Are you able to serve with the mind? Those who have the practice of serving with their mind, whether a little or a lot - those who have even some practice and are able to do it, raise your hands! All of you have passed in this. If all of you souls are able to spread vibrations into the atmosphere by serving with your mind, then nothing is a big deal. The busier you remain in serving with the mind, the more free from problems you will become because your mind and intellect will remain busy. If you are not free, where would Maya come? She will go back. Then, the problem cannot have courage. So, increase service through the mind. Do you understand? Achcha.

Now, for one minute, spread your light and might into the world with your stage of being a light- and-might-house. Achcha. Continue to have such practice whilst doing your work.

BapDada has heard that you have selected a very good topic for the programme in London. Tell everyone (Just a Minute.... To give the experience of silence for one minute, the experience of your own transformation and something for the world.) You have selected a good topic and the Brahmins in India as well as abroad will all practise this at that time. (We expect to have this programme globally, everywhere). It is good. This practice is essential. If this atmosphere is able to spread everywhere at that time for even one minute, then that atmosphere would be created and everyone will come to know what the Brahma Kumaris want and what they do. This will spread everywhere very well. If this happens everywhere at that same time, it is a good method of service. Achcha. Whose turn is it today?

Maharashtra, Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh: Whoever's turn it is, half the class is of that zone. Achcha, Maharashtra - those who always stay in an elevated stage, and the ones who reveal the greatness of life to the world. It is good. It is a huge number. However, even so, 900,000 are not ready yet, are they? Are there 900,000? No? Since there are so many of you, when BapDada comes in the next season, then however many have come now (5500 have come from Maharashtra), and you are sitting in front of Baba, so you will have to do something too - so, however many have come, when you come next season, each one of you has to prepare another one and bring that person here. Prepare them well because you still have 6 months. Your discipline is of one year, so prepare them to such an extent that in 6 months, they will be ready as though it has been one year. You should complete the 900,000, should you not? How many are there? How many are there in total? (812,000). Therefore, only a few more are needed, and so do this. You are going to have your meetings now, are you not? Allocate the numbers allowed to come here according to each zone. Then, when BapDada comes, whether those souls come here in person or not, at least prepare them and bring their list. Is this homework all right? Those of the different zones, will you do this? OK, at least complete the 900,000. It is not a big thing. Whether from abroad or India, this has to be completed this time. It should happen now, should it not? Or, should it happen later? Even those from Madhuban will do this. You do serve those near to you, do you not? Those from all zones, prepare others and then come here. Even if they are not here, they will at least hear this. And finalise this in your meetings. It is good. Seeing this many, BapDada is pleased. (There have to be 900,000 Brahmins and millions who have to be given the message.) You have those programmes. You have to do that anyway. However, first of all, together with making yourself complete, you also have to do this service. You have raised your hands for that, have you not? You will get them ready, will you not? Now, the time for moving along slowly has gone. Now fly. Whenever you want, wherever you want, just be ready for service. Achcha. All of you will prepare others and then come here, will you not? Not more, just bring one each. If you prepare more, congratulations! It is good that Maharashtra has taken the golden chance of making yourself complete, because the atmosphere here easily helps you to become bodiless. So, whichever zone takes this chance has a golden attainment. You receive the fruit of service and also the fruit of your stage in this atmosphere. You have the attainment of double fruit. It is good. BapDada loves each child more than the next. No matter what the child is like, he or she definitely becomes worthy of receiving God's love. And it is only at this time that you receive God's love. Everyone has 100% love for BapDada. Or does anyone have less? Those of you who feel that you have 100% love for BapDada, raise your hands! Do you have 100% love? So, to sacrifice out of love whatever little still remains is very easy. Congratulations. The proof of love is to sacrifice yourself. So, you are the worthy children, are you not? A worthy child is one who gives the practical proof. The children's love reaches BapDada, but their powerful stage reaches Baba less. BapDada sees that the percentage of love for Baba is good, but you now have to claim the maximum marks in becoming an embodiment of power and being complete. So, will Maharashtra claim number one? Will you? It is good. Those who take the initiative are Arjuna. Arjuna, number one. Achcha.

BapDada has received service-news letters and letters of children's efforts and their love from everywhere. BapDada is pleased to hear the children's news filled with zeal and enthusiasm: "We will do this and we will do that." Now, repeatedly pay attention to the courage and zeal and enthusiasm that you have, and put that into practical form. These are the blessings from BapDada's heart for everyone.

To the elevated souls everywhere who are to become complete in their thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections, to the swadarshan chakradhari children who always look at the self, to those who become conquerors of Maya with their determination and who reveal themselves to the Father, to the serviceable, knowledge-full and successful children who reveal the Father to the world, BapDada's love and remembrance. And multi-multimillion times blessings from the heart and namaste. Namaste.

To the Dadis: Your aim is also for revelation to take place as soon as possible, is it not? This is why BapDada is giving homework. When the part of the Satguru is being enacted, completion will take place. Everyone is being prepared for that. (We have all three in front of us.) BapDada has to adopt an official form. He is always in the three forms anyway. BapDada now wants everyone to say that they have become victorious. Not that they have to become that or that they are becoming that; no. You have become. The sparkling star on everyone's forehead should be experienced very clearly. This eye of experience will now give others an experience. Now, they want to have an experience. You yourself also have to become experienced in every power and every virtue for only then will you be able to give them an experience. So, increase your own experience and others will definitely have an experience. It is good. The desires of the hearts of all of you are now to be fulfilled. Is it all right? All right? It is so good. It is good. You are the beauty of the Brahmin clan. All of you are happy to see the Dadi's, are you not? Look, their wonder is that they have attained success without any facilities. (We walked so much, there were no motors, no cars....) It is that tapasya that has created such expansion. Now, some facilities have been attained and so there is a little attraction. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *