07-03-2005         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

Today, Father Shiva has especially come to celebrate the birthday of his saligram children. You children have come to celebrate the Father’s birthday and BapDada has come to celebrate the children’s birthday, because the Father has a lot of love for you children. As soon as the Father incarnates, he creates the sacrificial fire and a sacrificial fire cannot be completed without Brahmins. This is why this birthday is alokik, unique, and lovely. There has never been any other birthday throughout the whole cycle where the birthday of the Father and the children is on the same day, nor can it ever be possible. The Father is incorporeal. On the one hand, he is incorporeal, and on the other hand, we celebrate his birthday. It is Father Shiva alone who does not have a body of his own, and this is why he incarnates in the body of Father Brahma, and it is this incarnation that you celebrate in the form of a birthday. So, have all of you come to celebrate the Father’s birthday, or your own birthday? Have you come to give congratulations, or to receive congratulations? This is the promise of remaining together, made by the children to the Father. Now, at the confluence age, you have the combined company, your incarnation is at the same time, you are carrying out the task of transformation together, and you are also returning home together. This is the form of the love of the Father and the children.

Devotees also celebrate Shiva Jayanti, but they simply call out and sing songs. You don’t call out. Your celebration means to become equal. To celebrate means to continue to fly with constant zeal and enthusiasm. That is why this is called a festival. A festival means to maintain enthusiasm. So, you are always celebrating: that is, you always maintain your enthusiasm, do you not? Is it all the time or only sometimes? In fact, the breath of Brahmin life is zeal and enthusiasm. Just as you cannot stay without breathing, in the same way, without zeal, Brahmin souls cannot stay in Brahmin life. You experience this, do you not? Look, you have especially come running from so far away, just to celebrate this birthday. BapDada doesn’t have as much happiness of His own birthday as he has of the birthday of you children. This is why BapDada is giving each one of you children platefuls of multi-million-fold happiness and congratulations. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

On this day, BapDada is also remembering the true devotees a great deal. They keep a fast for just one day, whereas you keep a fast of complete purity for your whole life. They keep a fast of food, and you also keep a fast of the food of the mind, which are waste thoughts, negative thoughts and impure thoughts. You have kept a firm fast, have you not? The double foreigners are sitting at the front. Kumars, speak! Have you kept a firm fast? Is it firm? It is not weak, is it? Maya is also listening. All of you are waving your flags, and Maya is watching you waving your flags. When you keep a fast - of definitely having to become pure - then to keep this fast means to make your attitude elevated. As is your attitude, so is your vision, and your actions automatically become like that. So, you have kept such a fast, have you not? Pure and clean attitude, pure and clean vision: when you look at one another, what do you look at? Do you look at the face or at the sparkling soul in the centre of the forehead? One child said that, when he has to speak to others, or when he has to do something, he has to do that whilst looking at the face, and that the vision goes towards that person’s eyes. However, sometimes, seeing the face, your attitude changes a little. BapDada says: together with the eyes, there is also the forehead. So can you not speak to the soul whilst looking at the centre of the forehead? Now, BapDada is sitting in front of you, so can you tell whether he is looking at your eyes, or at your forehead? They are both together. So, look at the face, but look at the sparkling star in the centre of the forehead on the face. Therefore, keep this fast. You are keeping this fast, but now pay more attention. You have to speak whilst looking at the soul: the soul is speaking to the soul. The soul is looking at the soul. Then your attitude will always remain pure, and, together with that, the other benefit is: that, as is your attitude, so is the atmosphere created. By creating an elevated atmosphere together with your own effort, service is also done. So, that is double benefit, is it not? Create such an elevated attitude that, no matter how vicious or impure someone may be, he is transformed by the atmosphere created through your attitude. Let there always be this fast in your awareness and in your form.

Nowadays, BapDada has been looking at the children’s chart. Instead of creating the atmosphere through your own attitude, sometimes the children become influenced by the atmosphere created by others. What is the reason for that? In their heart-to-heart conversations, children speak very sweet things. They say: I like that one’s speciality, I receive a lot of co- operation from that one. However, that speciality is a gift from God. Whatever attainments and specialities you have in Brahmin life, they are Prabhu-prasad (an offering from God), they are God’s gifts. So you forget the Bestower, and you remember the ones who are the receivers. Prasad (holy offering) is never anyone’s personal possession. This is called Prabhu prasad (special offering received from God). It is not said to be “prasad of so-and-so”. You receive co-operation, and that is good, but at least do not forget the Bestower who enables you to receive co-operation. So, are you keeping a firm fast for this birthday? Has your attitude changed? Complete purity - this is keeping a real fast, and making a promise.

So check: you are observing the fast of the big gross vices, but are you free from their little children? Generally, householders have more love for their grandchildren than their children. You Mothers have love for them, do you not? So, you have conquered the big forms, but their little, subtle forms do not attack you, do they? For instance, some say: “I am not attracted, but I do like it... I like that thing more, but I am not attracted to it”. Why do you especially like it? So, check that there aren’t any traces of impurity left in little forms. Because, from a trace, sometimes a whole progeny can be created. When any vice comes, whether in a big form or a small form, there is just one word that causes it, and that one word is “I”: the “I” of body consciousness. Through this one word “I”, there is arrogance, or, if there is not complete arrogance, then there is anger, because the sign of arrogance is that that one is unable to tolerate even one word of insult towards him, and he therefore gets angry. So, devotees offer a sacrifice, but, on this day, whatever limited consciousness of “I” you have, sacrifice that to the Father, and finish it. Do not think: “I have to do it anyway... I have to become that anyway...”. Do not think about doing it some time in the future. You are powerful. So be powerful, and finish it. It is not anything new.

How many cycles - and how many times - have you become complete? Do you remember? It is not anything new. You have become that every cycle. You are becoming what you have already been. You simply have to repeat it. You have to create that which is already created, and this is why it is called the predestined drama. It is already created, and you just have to repeat it now, that is, you have to create it. Is this difficult or easy? BapDada believes that you have the blessing of the confluence age: easy effort. Through the blessing of easy effort in this birth, you will automatically attain an easy life for 21 births: BapDada has come to liberate every child from labouring. You have worked hard for 63 births. Therefore, now, with God’s love in this one birth, become free from labouring. Where there is love, there is no labour, and where there is labour, there is no love. So, BapDada is giving you the blessing of being an easy effort-maker, and the way to become free is love: love for the Father from your heart. Be absorbed in love, and the great instrument (yantra) is the mantra of Manmanabhav. So, use this instrument. You know how to use it, do you not? BapDada has seen how, through God’s love at the confluence age, you have received so many powers and virtues, so much knowledge and happiness. Therefore, use all of these treasures and gifts from God at the right time.

So, did you hear what BapDada wants? That each child should be an easy effort-maker: easy, and also intense. Use determination: “I have to become that... if I don’t become that then who will?... I was that, I am that, and I will be that, every cycle”. You definitely have to adopt such firm faith in yourself. Do not say that you will do it at some point: you definitely have to do it. It has to happen. It is already accomplished.

BapDada is pleased to see the children of this land and abroad. However, he is not just seeing you children who are personally in front of him. He is also seeing all the children everywhere, of this land and abroad. The majority of birthday greetings have come from everywhere. Baba has received cards, e-mails, and also thoughts from the heart. The Father sings songs of the children, and you also sing, do you not: “Baba, you performed wonders”. Therefore, the Father also sings the song: “sweet children performed wonders”. BapDada always says that you are sitting personally in front of Baba, but those who are sitting far away are sitting in BapDada’s heart. Today, in the thoughts of the children from everywhere there was just: Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! This sound was reaching BapDada’s ears, and the thoughts were reaching his mind. These are not just cards: cards are just the namesake... the letters are just the namesake. However, they are very great gifts, even greater than diamonds. All of you are listening and are becoming pleased. So you have all celebrated your birthday. Whether you are two years old, or one year old, or one week old, this is the birthday of the establishment of the yagya. All Brahmins are residents of the yagya. This is why BapDada is giving all the children lots and lots of love and remembrance from his heart, together with blessings. Always continue to be sustained with blessings, and continue to fly.

It is easy to give and receive blessings, is it not? Is it easy? Those who feel it is easy, raise your hands! Wave your flags! So, you don’t let go of these blessings, do you? The easiest effort of all is to give blessings and receive blessings. Yoga is included in this, knowledge is included in it, dharna is included in it, and service is also included in it. All four subjects are included in giving blessings and receiving blessings.

So, double foreigners, it is easy to give and receive blessings, is it not? Is it easy? Those who have been in knowledge for 20 years since you first came here, raise your hands! It is 20 years that you have been coming, but BapDada is giving you all multi-million-fold congratulations. From how many countries have the children come? (Fro, 69 countries). Congratulations! You have come from 69 countries to celebrate the 69th birthday. It is so good. There wasn’t any difficulty in coming here, was there? You came here easily, did you not? Where there is love, there is no labour. So, what special blessing of today will you remember? Easy effort-makers. Anything that is easy is done quickly. Work that requires a lot of effort is difficult and therefore takes time. So, who are all of you? Easy effort-makers. Say it! Remember it! When you return to your countries, do not get engrossed in labouring. When you have any work to do that requires labour, then say from your head “Baba, my Baba!”, and the labour will finish. Achcha. You have now celebrated, have you not? The Father celebrated, and all of you also celebrated. Achcha. Speak! The double foreigners have had 6 separate bhatti groups.

Each kumari is greater than a hundred brahmins. So check the memorial that is remembered. Each one of you kumaris definitely has to create at least 100 Brahmins. Will you create them? Are you going to do this? If yes, then wave your hand. In how much time will you create them? Time is close, and so tell Baba how much time you need. You will then have to send the result to Baba. (In one year). One year? Do you want to stay in the iron aged world for one year? Okay, may you have a gulab-jamun in your mouth (may what you say, happen practically). So, in 6 months create 50, and in one year create 100. So, in 6 months create 50 and, after 6 months, send your report. Do you like that? What can you not achieve? You can achieve whatever you want. It is good. The group of kumaris is good. BapDada is especially pleased to see the kumaris, because they can become number-one co-operative in service. Achcha. You have done very well.

(Kumars Group sang a song: “I am Baba’s, and Baba is mine”). It is good. Kumars have become double kumars. You are kumars in terms of the world, and in this Brahmin life too, you are Brahma Kumars. So, you are double kumars. So, you have to do double the work! You will do it. It is already accomplished. You had a determined thought, and success is already guaranteed. Achcha. All of you have created a very good banner.

Mothers Group: very good. BapDada is seeing that the mothers have very good zeal. This is why BapDada has made the mothers instruments. Very good. BapDada likes that.

The half-kumars will also perform wonders. Each one of you half-kumars has to relate the experience of your transformation, and bring everyone close to the Father, because people of the world think that the life of a half-Kumar is very difficult. However, all of you have made the difficult easy. That is all. Simply continue to relate your experiences, and, in this way, you can erase that which they think to be difficult. By bringing about transformation of one word, from a householder to a trustee, anything difficult becomes easy. So, in this way, the half-kumars have attained success in service, and will continue to attain it. Achcha.

(^Couples displayed their banner). You have made a good symbol of Vishnu. You are amongst the victorious jewels. Whilst living together, you are detached and loving. BapDada says of the couples: you are loving and detached, like lotus flowers. In the corporeal form, you live together as families, but in your mind, you always remain with the Father. Very good. All the double foreigners have received very good refreshment. You now have to give others the refreshment you have received. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

(^Centre^residents banner: “we will keep the light of love and mercy ignited”). You have had a very good thought. Have the vision of mercy for yourself, have merciful vision for your companions, and also for everyone else. God’s love is a magnet, so you have the magnet of God’s love. You can make any soul belong to the Father with this magnet of God’s love. BapDada especially gives blessings from his heart to all those who are living at the centres, because all of you have glorified Baba’s name in the world. You have spread the name of Brahma Kumaris to every corner, have you not? And the thing BapDada likes best of all is that, just as you are double foreigners, so you also carry out double jobs. The majority of you have a lokik job, and also do an alokik job. And BapDada sees -BapDada’s TV is very big... there isn’t such a big TV here - how you have class very quickly, how you have your breakfast whilst standing, and how you reach your work place on time. You perform wonders. Seeing all of this, BapDada continues to give you love from his heart. Very good. You have become instruments for service, and, as a gift for being an instrument, the Father continues to give you special drishti. You have kept a very good aim. You are good, and you will remain good, and you will make others good.

IT Group: have you made any new plans for service? (We will make the Brahma Kumaris website even better, so that it can be used for the service of revealing BapDada in the world). Whatever plans you have made, do them practically, and then write to BapDada with the result. Just as those from Africa have written their result, similarly you must also all send your results. Congratulations! You have made plans. You have zeal. Where there is zeal, there is definitely success there. You have done very well.

(it is the turn of Rajasthan and U.P. zone to serve everyone) It is good. This is a spiritual army. Very good. You have served from your heart, and made everyone content. When you make others content, the waves of contentment from them reach your heart, and this brings a lot of happiness. So, you have received a lot of happiness, have you not? You did physical service, and all the brothers and sisters gave you the gift of happiness. Contentment is the greatest nourishment of happiness. The whole group have become jewels of contentment. You are the jewels of contentment who make others content. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, from BapDada and the whole family, to the jewels of contentment. Achcha.

The mothers from Bharat are seeing that Baba did not mention them. BapDada says: wherever the mothers are, their speciality is that they make the bhandara (kitchen) and the bhandari (Baba’s box) there full. The mothers have this blessing of creating a lake, drop by drop. So, you mothers are very fortunate: you fill the Father’s bhandari, and the bhandara also becomes full. This is why Baba is giving many many congratulations to you mothers. Achcha.

The brothers are no less. Look, wherever brothers are, the service there is enhanced by 4 moons (it flourishes). All-round service service is done through the brothers. The mothers make the bhandara full, but it is especially the brothers who become instruments for increasing service. So, it is the brothers who increase the beauty and sparkle of service. This is why BapDada is giving many many congratulations to all the mothers and the brothers. You are welcomed into your own home. Look, who increases the beauty of this hall? When all of you children come, the Diamond Hall becomes a diamond. The scene is very beautiful. It is good. Dadiji loves the Diamond Hall a lot. She makes everyone dance very well. You become happy, do you not? You become happy when Dadiji makes you all dance. Very good.

Now, are you able to perform drill in one second? You are able to do this, are you not?

To all the elevated children everywhere, who always maintain zeal... to all the easy-effort- making children, who have received the blessing of the confluence age... to those who say “I, the soul”, with the awareness of the soul being with the Father... to those who give all souls the co- operation of creating the atmosphere through their attitude... to such master almighty authority children, BapDada’s love, remembrance, blessings, congratulations, and namaste.

(To the Dadis) You are all the beauty and sparkle (ronak) of Madhuban. All of you also especially incarnated with the Father on this day. It is especially the incarnation of all of you, because the original jewels incarnated at the beginning. So, special congratulations to all of you. It is your Happy Birthday. There is the song: “You are the beauty of Madhuban”. Since the beginning, many have gone away, but you have remained immortal. (It is with the blessings of Baba and everyone). It is good that your hand is always pointing upwards, and never comes down. It is good. It is good. Everyone is very happy when they see the Dadis.

(BapDada hoisted the flag of Shiva with his own hands, and gave greetings for the 69th Shiva Jayanti) The flag of the Father’s remembrance is hoisted in the hearts of all of you. Now, there has to be success in the service that you are doing in all corners of the world, and the sound will emerge from everywhere: “my Baba has come!... this is the One, this is the One, this is the One”. That day is not far. It has to come. It has to happen. It is already accomplished. Such mikes are being prepared. You will give might, and those mikes will reveal BapDada. You have to do this, do you not? (Seeing a VIP mike in the gathering) This mike is sitting here. She is a good mike. Such mikes will emerge that you will just have to give drishti. That day is coming, it is coming, it is coming. Achcha.

* * * O M  S H A N T I * * *