02-02-2004          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Stay in the self-respect of being an ancestor and worthy of worship and sustain every soul of the world. Give blessings and receive blessings.

Today, BapDada is looking at the most elevated souls from everywhere. Each and every child is an ancestor and worthy of worship. This is why all of you are the roots of this kalpa tree. You are also the trunk. The trunk is automatically connected to the branches, twigs and leaves of the whole tree. So, do all of you consider yourselves to be the elevated souls who are the ancestors of the whole tree? Just as Brahma is called the great-great-grandfather, together with him, all of you are also master great-grandfathers. The ancestor souls have so much self-respect. Do you stay in that intoxication? Out of all the souls of the world, no matter which religion they belong to, you are the ancestors who are the images of support in the form of the trunk of all souls. Therefore, because you are ancestors, you are also worthy of worship. All souls automatically continue to receive sakaash (current of light and power) through you ancestors. Look at the image of the tree: even the last leaf of the tree receives sakaash from the roots. What is the task of ancestors? The task of ancestors is to sustain everyone. Even in the world outside, whether it is sustenance of physical energy through food or through study, you receive sustenance to fill you with power. So, with the sustenance from you ancestor souls all souls are sustained with the powers you have received from the Father.

According to time, all souls now need the sustenance of powers. You know that there is a wave of sorrow and peacelessness amongst souls. So, do you ancestors, you worthy of worship souls, feel mercy for your dynasty? When there is an atmosphere of total peacelessness, the military and the police become especially alert. In the same way, in today's atmosphere, do you ancestors consider yourselves to be instruments for special service? Do you have the awareness that you are instruments for the whole world? Today, all souls of the world need sakaash from you. Do you experience yourselves to be the unlimited ancestor souls? Do you remember service of the world or do you only remember the service of your centre? Today, souls are calling out to you ancestors, you deity souls. They are all calling out to their own different gods and goddesses, their deities: Come! Forgive us, have mercy on us! So, can you hear the sound of the devotees? Can you hear this or not? No matter which religion souls belong to, when you meet them, do you meet them considering yourselves to be the ancestors of all souls? Do you experience that they too are the branches and twigs of you ancestors? It is you ancestors who give sakaash to them too. Bring the picture of your kalpa tree in front of you and look at yourself to see your position. You are in the roots, you are also the trunk. Together with that, look at yourselves in the supreme abode. The place of you ancestor souls is with the Father, close to Him. You know this, do you not? When you meet any soul with this intoxication, then souls of every religion will look at you with the vision: You are ours, you belong to us. If you meet others with the intoxication, awareness, vision and attitude of being their ancestors, they would also have that feeling of belonging. Because you are the ancestors of everyone, you belong to everyone. By your serving with this awareness, every soul will experience that they have once again found their ancestors and their specially beloved deities. Then, in terms of being worthy of worship, your worship is so great. No righteous soul or great soul is worshipped in the right way as you deity souls are. They too become worthy of worship, but they are not worshipped with discipline in the right way as you are. Look at your praise too. People sing devotional songs of praise with such discipline, and they perform arti (ritual with lamps on a plate). Only you ancestors become worthy of worship in this way. So, do you consider yourselves to be such souls? Do you have this intoxication? Do you have the intoxication? Those of you who consider yourselves to be ancestor souls, who have this intoxication and awareness, raise your hands! Do you have this awareness? Achcha. Those of you who have this awareness, raise your hands! Very good. So what is the next question now? Do you always have this awareness? Do you always have it?

BapDada wants to see every child imperishable with every attainment. Not just sometimes. Why? You reply very cleverly, and what do you say? You do have this awareness. You have this awareness very well and then, very slowly, you say: Sometimes it lessens. Look, the Father is imperishable, you souls are also imperishable. The attainments too are imperishable. You receive imperishable knowledge from the Imperishable One. Therefore what should your dharna be? Should it be imperishable or only sometimes?

According to the circumstances of time, BapDada now wants to see all you children always busy in unlimited service, because when you are busy in service, you are saved from many types of upheaval. Whenever you are serving, making plans and putting those plans into practical form, you also achieve success. However, BapDada now wants all three types of service to take place simultaneously. Not just service through words, but let there be service through the mind, service through words and also service through actions, that is, let service take place of those who come into relationship and connection with you. Let there be the motive of service, let there be feelings of serving. At this time, the percentage of serving through words is greater. Service through the mind does take place, but the percentage of serving through words is greater. By serving in all three ways at the same time, there will be even greater success in service.

BapDada has heard the news that, in this group, souls from many different wings (professions) have come and are making good plans for service. You are doing well, but by doing all three types of service at the same time, service will be fast and it will grow. Children have arrived from everywhere and BapDada is pleased to see this. New children reach here with zeal and enthusiasm.

Now, BapDada wants to see all the children always in their form of being free from obstacles. Why? When you, who are the instruments, remain stable in being free from obstacles, you will be able to make all souls of the world free from obstacles and all problems. For this, underline two things especially. You do do this, but underline them even more. Firstly, look at every soul with your soul conscious vision. Look at the soul in his form of his original sanskars. No matter what type of sanskars that soul may have, your good wishes, pure feelings and elevated feelings for transformation for every soul can transform the sanskars of that soul for a short period of time. Let soul conscious feelings emerge. You saw in the beginning, that even by staying in the gathering, they had soul conscious vision, a soul conscious attitude, and the awareness that a soul is meeting another soul, a soul is speaking to another soul. Their foundation became very strong with this vision. Now, with the expansion of service, and because of connection with everything in terms of the growth of service, interacting, speaking and coming into contact with others, soul conscious feelings have become a little merged. They haven't completely finished, but they have become merged. The self respect of soul consciousness easily enables a soul to achieve success, for who are all of you who have gathered together here? You are those same deity souls of the previous cycle, the same Brahmin souls who have gathered here. In the form of Brahmin souls, all of you are elevated souls. In terms of being deity souls too, you are elevated souls. Come into relationship and connection with others in this form. Check at every moment: What is the elevated duty and elevated service of I, the deity soul, the Brahmin soul? To give blessings and to receive blessings. What service do your non-living images do? No matter what those souls are like, they go to take blessings, they come back with blessings. And if someone thinks that it is hard work to make effort, then the easiest effort of all is to give blessings and receive blessings from everyone throughout the day through your drishti, attitude, words and feelings. Your title and blessing is: The great donors. Whilst serving and coming into relationship and connection with others, just perform this task: Give blessings and receive blessings. Is this difficult? Or, is it easy? Those who think that it is easy, raise your hands! However what if someone creates opposition? Will you still give them blessings? Will you give blessings? Do you have a stock of that many blessings? Of course there will be opposition because it is the opposition that will enable you to reach your position. Look, it was Father Brahma who faced the maximum opposition. He was opposed, was he not? However, who claimed the number one position? It was Brahma who claimed it, was it not? No matter what happens, I have to give blessings in the same way as Father Brahma did. Was there no one who spoke wasteful things or who did wasteful things in front of Brahma Baba? However, Father Brahma gave them blessings and received blessings; he kept with him the power to accommodate. "He is just a child. He will change one day." In the same way, you too have to have this attitude and vision. "This one is from the previous cycle, from our family, from our Brahmin family. I have to transform myself and then transform others." Not, "I will change when that one changes", but "I have to change and change others. This is my responsibility." Only then will blessings emerge and you will receive blessings.

Now, time is quickly moving towards transformation. It is going into the extreme, but before the transformation of time, you world-transformer souls, have to become the images of support for the transformation of others through your own transformation. You too are images of support for the world, images of upliftment. Each of you souls has to have the aim: I have to become an instrument. Let there not be the slightest trace, even in thought, of just three things. Transform these.

1. Parchintan (thinking about others).
2. Pardarshan (looking at others) - not to have pardarshan instead of swadarshan (looking at the self.) 3. Parmat (dictates of others) or parsang (company of others), bad company.

Keep elevated company because bad company causes a lot of damage. BapDada had also told you earlier: Be those who observe one par (par-upkari - one who uplifts others) for only then will you receive blessings and be able to give blessings. No matter what others give you, you simply give blessings. Do you have this much courage? Do you have this courage? So, BapDada says to all those at all the centres: If all the children maintain courage that, no matter what others give, you have to give blessings, then, this year, BapDada will give extra help for the courage and enthusiasm you have. He will give extra help. However, only if you give blessings. Don't mix this. BapDada receives all the records. Even in your thoughts, there should be nothing except blessings. Do you have this courage? If you do, then raise your hands! You will then have to do this. Don't just raise your hands, you will also have to do it. Will you do it? Will those from Madhuban do this? Will the teachers do this? Achcha, will you accumulate extra marks? Congratulations! Why? The advanced party repeatedly comes to BapDada. They say: We were given the part of the advanced party and we are playing that part, but, why do our companions not create their advanced stage? What response should Baba give them? What reply should He give them? When both the advanced stage and the part of the advanced party come together, then completion can take place. They are asking, and so what response should they be given? In how many years will this stage be created? You celebrated everything: the silver jubilee, the golden jubilee, the diamond jubilee. You celebrated everything. Now celebrate the ceremony of the advanced stage. Fix a date for this. Pandavas, speak! Will a date be fixed for this? Those sitting in the front row, speak! Will a date be fixed for this or will it happen suddenly? What will happen? Will it happen suddenly or will it happen at the end? Speak! Say something! Are you thinking about it? Baba is asking Nirwairbhai. Will there be a ceremony or will it take place suddenly? Are you asking Dadiji? He is looking at Dadiji so say something. You say something. Baba is asking Rameshbhai to say something. (It has to happen eventually.) Eventually, but when? (Baba, You give us a date and we will do it by that date.) Achcha. BapDada has given you the date of one extra year. With your courage, you will receive extra help. You can do this, can you not? Do this practically and then the Father will fix a date. (We need to have Your direction, and then we can celebrate the year 2004 as the year for this.) This means that as yet you haven't made that many preparations. Therefore, the advanced party will still have to wait one year, will they not? Achcha. If you keep this aim from now - that I have to do this - then it will be that much added because there is the account of a long period of time. If you do this at the end, then the account of a long period of time would not be right. Therefore, attention please from now. Achcha. Now, those from all the different wings will say: We want to hear for ourselves.

Whatever wings people have come from, all those who have had meetings, all of you, stand up! Achcha. So many teachers have also come. All of you are sitting together in your groups, and that is good. Those from the gram (rural development), raise your hands. Those from the gram are sitting at the front. Achcha, those from the media, raise your hands! Achcha, those of the heart group have given themselves a title: Dilwala (the ones who win your heart). So, the Dilwala Group, stand up! Achcha, this is the Dilwala Group. You have kept a good title. They have made very good plans. Their news has reached BapDada. BapDada knows that the practical form creates an impression quickly and this is why, whatever plans you have made, BapDada likes them. It is good. Now increase this service and make the sound spread everywhere through it. You have maintained courage well. It is very good that you have created a gathering. BapDada is giving a title to the Dilwala Group: those with the authority of experience. It is good.

Achcha, all the wings that have come, all of you stand up. The Media Wing, Business Wing, Transport Wing, Rural Development Wing and the CAD Group (Coronary Artery Disease Group) are also having meetings. You have had very good meetings, but none of the wings have done the one thing that BapDada had requested. Do you remember what that was? (Proving the God of the Gita.) Put aside the things of the Gita. BapDada has already told you that it is something very elevated, and that you have to do it very carefully. First of all, prepare a group that can be your companions. They should be the mikes and you the might. First of all, prepare such a group. All the wings that are doing service, congratulations for all that you are already doing. However, from every wing, who is that special soul who can come forward in service? That soul has not yet come in front of BapDada. OK, that soul may not come in front of BapDada, but Baba should at least receive a list of such souls. As yet, Baba has not even received a list. Let there be a gathering of such souls from the souls who have emerged from every wing. You haven't even done that yet. First of all, make a list of those who are the co- operative companions of the different wings in our service. Then BapDada can see how far the sound has reached. For example, the Medical Wing demonstrated with a practical example, and that sound is spreading in a practical way. Even the Government is accepting it. Now prepare someone like that. You are doing that and that is very good. Continue to do that. Bring the result. Did you hear that? All the wings that have come have to do this. Achcha.

This time, the Eastern Zone, Nepal and Tamil Nadu were responsible for service: All three have been given a chance. OK, teachers from all three places, stand up! There are many teachers, and so there must be just as many centres. Since the number of teachers is so many, there must be just as many centres. It is good. This is the biggest zone. If the sound were to reach all three zones, then so much service would take place automatically.

BapDada's good advice and shrimat for all the children is that you should prepare a group who can spread the sound that this is God's task. Prepare a group who fearlessly and without hesitation can reveal the Father, who can speak with that determination and that authority. In today's world, even worldly authority is useful. Those with worldly authority and those with God's authority can both make the sound spread. So prepare such a group. Each wing can prepare such a group from their own wing, or anyone else can do this, but now let those who speak with such authority emerge so that their sound of experience and authority creates an impact. Do you understand what you have to do?

Even if you bring a small group, at least let the group come in front of everyone. Those of all the different wings sitting here should say that someone like that is ready in their wing. Have you made someone like that emerge? Then raise your hand! Whichever wing has someone like that ready, raise your hand! Is there anyone? No one? (We are now preparing such souls.) The one from the Business Wing, stand up. (Yoginiben). Achcha.

Do you remember the spiritual drill? Can you come into your stage of being an ancestor in just one second, become a lighthouse, a resident of the supreme abode with the Father and give light to the world? So, in one second, all of those who are listening and seeing everything everywhere, in this land and abroad, become a lighthouse and give all souls everywhere in the world, light, sakaash and powers. Achcha.

To all the ancestor and worthy-of-worship souls everywhere in the world, to all the great donor souls who, as constant bestowers, give blessings to everyone, to the world-transformer souls who, with their own transformation through determination, bring about transformation of everyone, to the close souls who always become lighthouses and give light to all souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste filled with blessings from the heart.

Speaking to Mohiniben: Those who take a chance become chancellors.

To Shantamani Dadi: (her health isn't so good.) Karmic accounts are being settled. (There are bad omens.) There cannot be bad omens for jewels like you. You have been sustained with blessings from the beginning, and this is why you will continue to move forward. You are moving ahead. It is nothing serious. You will be no less, you will go ahead.

Dadi Ratanmohini, Dadi Manohar, Mohiniben, Ishu Dadi and Munniben are in front of BapDada. Look, all of you are the specially co-operative souls. When BapDada sends love to both of them (Dadiji and Dadi Jankiji), all of you are also definitely included in that because you are co-operative. You are co-operative, are you not? Your part is more of service than theirs. From the beginning, all of you have been instruments for unlimited service. This is why there is the importance of both of them through the importance of all of you. Always consider yourselves to be jewels who are close to the Father. You do consider yourselves to be this. However, you are extremely close. You will always remain close. This is a guarantee. It is a guarantee, is it not? It is good. You are playing your part well. Even though the names of the special souls are remembered, all of you are included in those. Nothing can separate you. The beauty of the yagya is through all of you. Therefore, consider yourselves to be those who are greatly responsible. You have responsibility. BapDada sees you as the responsible souls. Is this ok? All of you are special. You also have speciality. Now use those specialities with everyone and increase them. Achcha.

To Dadiji and Dadi Jankiji: It is good. Both Dadis are giving very good sustenance. Very good sustenance is taking place. Very good. You are instruments for service. So, all of you are also happy on seeing the Dadis, are you not? You are happy then, are you not? You also receive the happiness of having responsibility. You receive so many blessings from everyone. Everyone is happy (Both Dadis embraced BapDada.) Just as they are all happy on seeing this, in the same way, there will be so much happiness when you become like them. BapDada has made them instruments and so they must have some speciality, for this is why they have been made the instruments. However, what would happen if those specialities were to enter each one of you? Your kingdom would come. The date that BapDada was speaking of will come. You remember that you now have to fix a date, do you not? Each one of you should understand: I have to fix it. If everyone becomes an instrument, then the renewal of the world will surely take place. To have the awareness of being an instrument is to become a mine of virtues. Let there be the awareness of being an instrument at every moment and all other virtues will easily come because there is no consciousness of "I" in the awareness of being an instrument. It is this consciousness of "I" that brings upheaval. By being an instrument, the consciousness of "mine" also ends and it becomes "Yours! Yours!" You become easy yogis. So all of you have love for the Dadis. You have love for BapDada, and so the return of love is to become equal in your specialities. Therefore keep this aim. You have to make the specialities equal. Whenever you see any specialities in anyone, you may follow them in those specialities. In following the soul, both will be visible. Look at the specialties and become equal in those. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *