15-03-2010          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Oh souls who are worthy of God's love, give a handful of happiness to those who are unhappy. Finish all waste and become powerful and bring the time close.

Today, BapDada is seeing all of God's lovely children everywhere. Out of multimillions there are only a handful of God's lovely children because it is only at this time that you are able to experience God's love. Throughout the whole cycle you have experienced the love of souls, of great souls and of religious souls, but God's love can only be experienced now, at the confluence age, which all of you children are experiencing. When someone asks you where God is, what reply would you give him? He is with me. He stays with me. He stays in my heart. "You experience this, do you not? Only you know this and only you have the experience of this love: The Father stays in my heart and I stay in the Father's heart. You know that only you have received the fortune to experience the intoxication of God's love. What is the sign of having love for someone? The sign of that is that you sacrifice yourself to that one. All of you know what the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul wants from all of you children. The Father's desire for each of you children is that you become equal to the Father. As is the Father, so the children's stage should also become just as elevated. What is that elevated stage? The stage of complete purity: such purity that impurity cannot come even in your dreams. Are you creating such a completely pure stage? A stage of purity in which there is no name or trace of impurities.

At present, because of coming close, BapDada is giving this signal: according to the closeness of time, even having waste thoughts is a sign of impurity. Check throughout the day whether any waste thought of arrogance or insult pulls you towards itself. While moving along, if you consider the specialities given to you by the Father to be your own speciality and become arrogant, then that is also waste thoughts and impure thoughts of the consciousness of "I", such as :"I am no less. I also know everything. Only my thought is right and elevated." Such thoughts of the ego of "I" are also a trace of subtle impurity. So, check yourself. There isn't any trace of waste thought of any type of impurity still remaining, is there? Because you lovely children of God are instruments to bring the time of establishment of the pure world close. The vibrations of instrument souls spread everywhere. Therefore, check: Are any type of wasteful thought pulling you towards themselves? Because now, the pure world and the pure kingdom are coming close. So, the vibrations of purity are needed as sorrow and peacelessness are increasing in different forms everywhere. The reason for sorrow and peacelessness is impurity.

So, impure souls and devotee souls now need double service. BapDada has seen that service through words is taking place everywhere with a lot of splendour. You are now finishing their complaint. However, souls now need extra sakaash. Do this by giving them sakaash, courage and zeal and enthusiasm by serving through your mind. So, at this time, there is a need for double service. For this, BapDada has said that each of you children should consider yourself to be an ancestor. You are the foundation of this kalpa tree, the ancestors and worthy-of-worship souls. BapDada continues to hear the sound of the unhappy children. The sound of the call of those souls should reach you children. You are to become completely pure souls, you are becoming that, you have become that, but, as well as that, you also have to increase serving through the mind.

Today, happiness, peace and contentment are decreasing in the world. So, now you souls who are worthy of receiving God's love, need to give souls a handful of love, contentment and happiness. You have to give a handful of happiness to the unhappy souls. Firstly, give sakaash by serving with your mind and, secondly, reveal the Father through your face and activity. BapDada is pleased with the service that you are doing and have done, and that there is zeal and enthusiasm everywhere, but one service still remains to be done. Until now there has been the sound that Brahma Kumaris make human beings good and that you liberate them from impure interaction. You are doing the service very well that the Government wants the Youth Group to do. However, now they should say: The Father has come. God has already come. They are giving knowledge given by God. My Father has come to give the inheritance. By their vision now going to the Father, they will be attracted by God's love and Godly attraction. They have already begun to say, "This is good, this is good", but the revelation of God, the Father, will attract them and make them good. So, they should now recognise the Father. The One whom they had been remembering is giving that knowledge and that inheritance. Now, bring them close to the Father by serving through your mind. The Father should be revealed through your face, your activity and your eyes. So, now make this plan among yourselves.

BapDada saw that children have put the plans that BapDada has given from time to time into practice with great discipline and with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and that you are still doing that. BapDada is giving all the children multi, multimillionfold congratulations for that. Now, make the addition that God is giving an inheritance. If you don't take the inheritance now, then when will you take it? The Father feels mercy seeing the atmosphere of the children's sorrow and peacelessness. You and the Father know that this is going to go into the extreme. There cannot be the end without the extreme. At such a time, give souls this experience, do not just let them hear about it, but give them the experience that God is giving the inheritance. All of you also ask, do you not, when and how will God's revelation take place? The sound has reached as far as them saying "the Brahma Kumaris", but who is teaching the Brahma Kumaris? Who is the Bestower for the Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars? You now have to bring the time close and bring about completion. Who is going to bring the completion close? Each of you children considers yourself to be an instrument for this, do you not? Together with Himself, the Father has given you children this responsibility. Son shows Father. When some of you knew the Father, what happened when you came to know the Father? You recognised Him, you knew Him, and having become His children, you claimed a right to the inheritance. Now, there should be a queue formed of the souls who will claim their inheritance. So, why is the queue stuck and not being formed? Because some children are even now caught up in the queue of waste thoughts. "Why? What? How?" You give time for this completion, but you haven't yet finished the waste. The wasteful (vyarth) creates an obstruction to becoming powerful (samarth).

Today, BapDada is giving courage to all the children from everywhere for them to finish their waste thoughts: Finish all waste from now, constantly be powerful and make others powerful. Do not just give them the message, but make them powerful. Become powerful and make others powerful. Celebrate the day for finishing all waste. Is this possible? You do believe that waste thoughts cause a loss for the self. They waste your time and don't give you so much of an experience of constantly being happy and fortunate. You do believe that you have to bring the time for completion close. So, who has to do this? You have to do, do you not? You are those who think that you have to bring the time for completion close, and for that you have to finish the waste. Not that you are to do it, but you definitely have to do it. It should not even enter your dreams. Let alone your thoughts, it should not even enter your dreams. Those who consider themselves to be such courageous children, raise your hands! You are raising the hand of your mind, are you not? It is very easy to raise your physical hand, but are you raising the hand of your mind? Those of you who are raising the hand of your mind, raise your hands! It is the hand of your mind, is it not? Achcha. The VIPs of today, stand up! The special VIPs who have come today, stand up! You are sitting here, are you not? Achcha. BapDada is speaking to the VIPs who have come. VIPs means those who are loving, co-operative and who have love for the task, for the sisters and for the brothers. Such ones are called VIPs, that is, those who are loving and co-operative. What will you have to become now? You are VIPs and BapDada is pleased. What will you now become? It is something very small, should Baba tell you? Should He? BapDada says that you have very good love, you also remember Baba. The word "Baba" easily emerges from your mind. There has to be one small addition. What is that addition? That you also come in the list of those who are easy yogis. You have taken one step, but what do you have to do in order to move forward? Take one step and if you are going to move forward from there, you will have to take another step. So, this is BapDada's desire for the loving and co-operative children. So, as well as this, also become easy yogis. Can you become easy yogis? You can become that. It is nothing difficult. You will not have to renounce anything. In fact, the power of yoga will help you even more. Your work will become better. BapDada remembers the loving and co-operative children. Why does He remember them? Because all of you are an example. People are afraid of one thing, that perhaps they will have to renounce their home and family. However, while living at home, all of you are moving along with love and co-operation, and so, seeing you, they will have zeal and enthusiasm. You will then serve them. You can open the lock of the fortune of many. Do you like this? If you like it, raise your hands! Achcha. BapDada is now giving you one blessing. You have maintained courage and the fruit of courage is very sweet. BapDada is now giving you this blessing: All of you will remain constantly happy for 21 births in the new world that is to come! You will not have to labour! You will not be caught up in the problems of the world. Whatever you need in life, for your body, mind and wealth, you will receive all of that. Your body will be healthy, your mind will be happy and you will have plenty of wealth and this is a guarantee for you for 21 births. BapDada agrees to what you do, but you just have to add one thing. You cannot go to the ashram (centre) every day, and so phone every day. Use a mobile phone. Fix a time with the teacher in your connection: We will phone you at this time and listen to every day's essence and blessing of the murli. Why? Why is BapDada asking you to do this? If you want to do this, then raise your hand! Achcha. According to today's world, many things continue to change. The laws of the Government are also changing. People's attitude is also to change. For this, many things will come in each one's life - wasteful things - and so you need powerful thoughts in order to finish the wasteful. In order to finish waste thoughts, you need best thoughts, and for that, you have to listen to the blessing every day. The blessing is elevated thoughts. Whenever you have any waste, you need to have elevated thoughts in your mind. The mind is not able to remain empty. The mind definitely needs one thought or another. In order to change the waste into best, the mind needs a change through the blessing, the slogan and the essence at the beginning of the murli. Are you able to do this? Can you do this? Some of you must already be doing this. Because it is in this that you can become experienced and make others experienced and thereby do a lot of service. Time is now moving fast. So, in the fast movement of time, your service also has to be fast. BapDada is pleased that all of you have come. Baba saw that even if they are children who only come sometimes, they are still the children. So, of course, the Father would see the children. Therefore, when you wake up at amrit vela, then, even though you may still be lying in bed, as soon as you open your eyes, first of all say "Good morning" to Shiv Baba. Can you do this? There is a saying that if you see the face of someone good first thing in the morning, then your whole day will be well spent. What do they say when they see the face of someone not good? They say: I don't know whose face I saw, because the whole day was bad. So, who is the best of all? Shiv Baba. You have love for Shiv Baba, do you not? As soon as you open your eyes: "Shiv Baba, good morning." And, when you close your eyes at night, when you go to sleep, then say, "Good night, Shiv Baba." This is easy, is it not? Then your whole day will be good because you took the pure thoughts from the blessing. So, do this! BapDada has love for all of you. And so, by doing this, you will continue to move forward. You will experience happiness in this life of yours too. There will never be any wave of sorrow. So, do you agree? And, simply become easy yogis. I am a soul, I am Shiv Baba's child, that is all. This is being an easy yogi. Whilst walking and moving along, remember: I am a soul, I am Shiv Baba's child. You can remember this much, can you not? It is very good. This is chit-chat with these children.

Now, all of you who are heirs and who are going to become heirs. Those of you who consider yourselves to be BapDada's true heirs, raise your hands! Are you heirs? All the VIPs are also raising their hands. Applaud at least! Achcha. Now, the heir-quality ones who will have this determined thought, who will give this thought to BapDada from now, not at some point - we will definitely finish all waste thoughts from now. Do you agree? Do you agree? If so, then raise your hands! Achcha. Those who feel that this is a strong thought, of your mind, of not raising your physical hand, but raising the hand of your mind, raise your hands! Achcha, are all those sitting at the back raising their hands? Those who are firm in this, raise both hands! So, what day is it today? It is the day to finish all waste and to become powerful, to be constantly powerful, and what is the other task? To bring the day of the completion of sorrow and peacelessness close. There are two tasks. One is to be constantly powerful and the other is to bring the powerful time close. Is that all right? Are both the tasks OK? You may at least nod! BapDada can hear the call and the cry of sorrow a great deal. Baba doesn't know why you cannot hear it. When BapDada can hear that, then you children, who consider yourselves to be heirs, those who are to claim the inheritance should have mercy for those who are to receive their inheritance. Why do you not have that mercy? There should be disinterest, unlimited disinterest and mercy. Do not give time to the queue of "why?" and "what?" in trivial matters. So, oh, BapDada's long-lost and now-found beloved children, the children who are blessed with multi, multimillionfold blessings, now make your thoughts determined. Use the key of determination even more. Become karma yogis. You are those with a karma yogi life. A life is for all time, not just for some time. So, now, let your merciful, compassionate form of being a remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness emerge. BapDada has been telling you for a long time about the period of 'suddenly'. So, at least fulfil the call of the devotees before anything happens suddenly. Hear the sound of sorrow of the unhappy ones. Now, each of you young and old world transformers should consider yourself to be responsible for transforming the sorrow of the world and bringing about the world of happiness.

Until when will BapDada continue to come and go? This is why it now has to happen suddenly. So, now, oh heir-quality souls, you have to enable souls to receive their inheritance. Now play the part of being merciful. Do not think: When will this happen? It will happen suddenly. This is why you definitely have to finish waste. Not that it will happen, but that you definitely do have to do it. BapDada saw the result and checked the philosophy of everyone's karma. Baba checked your speed of effort and also checked the account of the accumulation of treasures. So, what did Baba see in the result? You make very good effort to accumulate, but there is a variety of percentage in what you accumulate. You think that you have accumulated, and you have accumulated, but only a percentage. A little is accumulated, but it is not accumulated for all time. You do it for so long, but there is a difference in accumulating it for all time. This is why BapDada is now enabling you to have determined thoughts for each and every thing. He made you do it for anger: however, there should not be any upheaval in your mind about anyone. There should not be any "Why?" or "What?" You have controlled anger through your mouth. Some of you have done this very well, however, it still continues in your mind a little. You are trying to finish it. Nevertheless, BapDada is pleased that your attention has been drawn. You have begun to realise that only you will be at a loss. Do you understand? Achcha.

It is the turn of Eastern Zone (Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam), Tamil Nadu and Nepal. Three-quarters of the hall are from this zone. Achcha. Servers, just the servers, stand up! Those who have come with them, you may sit down. There are many. It is good. So, now, it is the Eastern Zone in particular. There are many parts within the Eastern Zone. The Eastern Zone has a speciality, and, in that too, Calcutta in particular, where the Sun of Knowledge arose. The land on which the Sun of Knowledge arose is so great! And Bihar is no less because BapDada has seen that there is a very good method of doing service there. Why is it good? Because the people of Bihar have very good desires. In the upheaval that took place in Bihar recently (there was a flood in Bihar last year), the brothers and sisters gave help in every way they needed for life and also gave them knowledge i.e. food for the mind and also sustenance for the body. That is why your name has spread very well in Bihar. They listen with love. You have done this service with your heart. BapDada is giving special congratulations to the children of Bihar who have done such double service of not just giving things, but also of opening centres. In fact, you are doing this in other places too, and you have done it. Baba is not mentioning their names, but they do continue to do this. You have done it abroad and also in India. However, the speciality of Bihar is that you have showered knowledge on all the different places very well. How many centres have been opened? (12 centres have been opened in 12 districts in one year.) There must have been Gita Pathshalas opened too. (They have also been opened.) It is good. BapDada likes this service very much. Wherever there are such conditions, you should do this double service. You will have to become instruments to open centres because, although the conditions there are bad, in a short time afterwards, they will become co-operative with you in a good way. BapDada has seen that service is spreading in this zone too. Whether it is Bengal, Bihar, or its companions, Nepal, Orissa, Assam and Tamil Nadu, there are many of your companions because the Sun of Knowledge rose there, and so there are many centres and many companions. And until today, BapDada has seen that every area until now, even though it may not be a big zone, it may be small, there is a lot of enthusiasm for service even among the small zones. You have done it and are doing it with interest, and that is why in all these zones that are being mentioned, the name of service has been glorified in all those places. As a result, it has been seen that regular students have also been created. Whether they are big or small programmes, there is support from the media too. But now, Baba has asked you to bring time close, so you now have to make preparations for that as quickly as possible. Achcha. BapDada is also giving congratulations to those who have come from Bengal, Bihar etc.: You are looking after the charitable task of serving the yagya very well. There is a big crowd, but BapDada has seen one thing: Everyone now likes to come in large numbers rather than small numbers. Day by day, numbers are just growing. Nevertheless, at least you are getting food that is purer than at the kumbha mela. At least you have got tents to stay in. Whoever comes has love and whatever is done out of love, you are not aware of it, you just do it out of love with happiness. So, Bengal and Bihar have played a good part in service. Achcha. All those who are sitting here today, did anyone have any difficulty in sleeping or eating? Then raise your hand! Anyone who has difficulty with food or sleeping, raise your hands! Yes, raise your hands high. Achcha.

Tamil Nadu: Nowadays, Tamil Nadu also is very enthusiastic about service. BapDada has received the news that you have created a mela of Shiva, and you go and do service through that in different places. Other places also benefit from that and this is very good because it is after all, Shiv Baba's introduction in particular. They receive Shiv Baba's introduction through that, and they go and do this service in other countries too. BapDada liked the news of this service. Continue to do it. And it is good that where there is unity among you in the zone, that unity automatically enables you to carry out charitable work, and increases your zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada has seen that all of you have had the hall built with everyone's co-operation, so to have this co-operation from one another within the zone is something very good. A zone is put together so that places that are close to one another are easily able to help one another. So, become co-operative in this way. Not that, "This is my area", "All are mine." Wherever there is a need is "mine".

Although the names of the zones are different, wherever there is a need, to give your co-operation at a time of need is great charity. If you want to accumulate in your account of charity, then become co-operative and glorify service even more. BapDada liked this. So, continue to make this gathering grow. You will continue to make it grow, will you not? Raise your hands! All raised their hands. Achcha. We are all one, but zones have been created for service so that you are able to see to everything. However, otherwise, you are all one. You will remain united. You belong to One and will remain belonging to One. Achcha.

Nepal: Baba continues to hear the news of the service in Nepal. According to the atmosphere there, you are making service grow very well very tactfully. BapDada is pleased to hear about the service in Nepal. No matter what happens, this spiritual service never decreases. It grows; it doesn't decrease. The number of centres is increasing, and there is stability amidst the upheaval. This is why BapDada is proud of the service in Nepal. Very good. All of these standing up are from Nepal. Those from Nepal, raise your hands high! It is good that when the zones have a chance to serve they come in large numbers. You do service and all of them also receive salvation. Achcha.

Double foreigners: BapDada has given double foreigners the title of being double effort-makers. So, speak, are you double effort- makers? Raise your hands! Not double foreigners, but you are double effort-makers. Very good. BapDada has always said that the service abroad has proved the Father's title of the World Server. Previously, Baba was just a Bharat Server, but now, in every turn there are double foreigners from 80 or 90 countries. BapDada is pleased that service abroad is growing and you reach here in every turn, in every season, with so much enthusiasm. No matter how much you had to try, BapDada knows that in the beginning you used to come once, and then you would start collecting for the ticket to come again next year, and you definitely used to come. However, you are now also moving forward in body, mind and wealth. BapDada has told you earlier too that He likes it when you come to Madhuban and become refreshed group-wise and you are given personal attention too. BapDada also heard the result this time. Being loving and co-operative with one another, in giving a signal to one another, in making intense effort, if there is any shortcoming, then you speak about it with one another with an open heart. BapDada liked this news because until you know your shortcoming, until you recognise it, you cannot transform it. This is why BapDada liked this method of effort. When a few of you come together and have meetings, your attention is then drawn more. So, double foreigners are double effort-makers - BapDada saw this a lot more in the news of Madhuban. All those who have come here, do all of you consider yourselves to be free from obstacles? Those of you who consider yourselves to be free from obstacles, raise your hands! Free from obstacles? Achcha. There is a majority. Some are not, though the majority is. Today, BapDada is giving the double foreigners a double blessing. One is to do service and increase the number of centres. Continue to increase the number of regular students. They will increase. Secondly, the meetings that you have of making effort and inspiring one another, which you continue to do every year: take as much benefit from that as you should as you continue to move along. The method you have created among yourselves is good and there can be even greater progress through that. If you pay attention to this and increase it, it can grow even more. Did you hear? BapDada is pleased. What does He remember in His heart? Wah children! Wah! Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time: In this season, the majority, more than half the class is of those who have come for the first time because those who come regularly sit outside and the new ones sit in class. Did all of you see how the family is growing so much? BapDada says: Wah family! wah! Now, whatever places you create, they are going to be small. You are going to make plans, are you not? Because now your attention has been drawn to giving everyone the message. So, there will definitely be growth in the service that is taking place. So, BapDada is giving multi, multimillionfold congratulations to those who have come for the first time. Now, become free from obstacles and finish the obstacles that are to come, by yourselves or with help as quickly as possible and continue to fly. Now, the time for walking has now finished. The time that you have come in is the time for flying. So, at the time of flying, you mustn't walk but fly. So, you will continue to fly and continue to move forward. This is BapDada's special blessing and extra help to those who have come for the first time. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who are lovers of God, to those who constantly continue to fly with the Father's love and are intense effort-makers, and are true servers who are free from obstacles in service, BapDada is seeing all such children from everywhere. Baba is also seeing the children from far, far away and also seeing all the children who are watching and listening to BapDada on a screen in different places in Shantivan. BapDada is giving all those children the blessing: May you always remain happy and distribute happiness for all time. A happy face. Anyone who sees your face should become happy on seeing your face. No matter what someone may be like, on seeing your face, they should also become happy. This is a blessing for all the children everywhere. It is a blessing for all those here who are sitting personally in front. Your face should never wilt. If you wilt, what would be the condition of the world? You have to have a constantly happy face and always be engaged in activities of happiness and make others remain like that too. To such intense effort-making children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste to all the sweet children.

To Dadi Nirmala Shanta: This is good. In settling any karmic accounts, you are a good example in doing that while being loving and detached.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *