20-02-2005         Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada             Madhuban

Today, BapDada, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing the lines of fortune in the centre of the forehead of all the children. The lines of the sparkling divine stars are visible on the forehead of every child. Baba is seeing the lines of love and power in each one’s eyes. Baba is seeing the line of elevated and sweet words on your lips. The line of a sweet smile is sparkling on your lips. Baba is seeing in your heart the line of being merged in the love of the Comforter of Hearts. Baba is seeing on your hands the line of always being full of all treasures. Baba is seeing on your feet the line of earning multimillions at every step. No one else throughout the whole cycle has such elevated fortune as you children have attained at this confluence age. Are you experiencing your fortune to be like this? Do you experience the spiritual intoxication of such an elevated fortune? In your heart, the song automatically playing is: “Wah my fortune!”. This fortune of the confluence age becomes an imperishable fortune. Why? Because you have attained an imperishable fortune from the imperishable Father. However, you only attain this at this confluence age.

It is only at this confluence age that you experience as extremely elevated this special attainment of the confluence age. So, does the experience of such elevated fortune always remain in an emerged form? Or, is it sometimes merged and sometimes emerged? And, what effort did you make? The effort for such great fortune was so easy. You simply knew, accepted, and made Baba belong to you, by saying “my Baba”. You recognised in your heart that “I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me”. To accept Baba as “mine” means to be one with all rights. And you have such a big right. Just think about it. If someone asks you what you have received, what do you say? I have attained that which I wanted to attain. Nothing is unattained from the Godly treasures. Have you experienced yourself to be an embodiment of such attainment? Or are you still in the process of experiencing it? The future is a different matter, but it is only at this confluence age that you experience being an embodiment of attainment. If you don’t experience this at the confluence age, you will not be able to experience it in the future either. Why? The future is the reward, but the reward is created by the elevated actions of your efforts at this time. It isn’t that you will become an embodiment of experience at the last moment. This is the experience over a long period of time at the confluence age. The special experience of being liberated in life is of the present time. It is now that you experience being a carefree emperor.

So, are all of you carefree emperors, or do you have any worries? Those who have become carefree emperors, raise your hands. Have you become that, or are you becoming that? What worry do you have? Since you are the children of the Bestower, what is there to worry about? You have become that, have you not? The moment you accept “my Baba”, the many baskets of burden are removed. Do you have any burdens? You are seeing the games of the elements, and also the games of Maya. However, you see those games as carefree emperors and detached observers. People of the world are afraid, wondering what will happen. Do you have this fear? Are you afraid? You have the faith (nischay), and it is fixed (nischit) that whatever will happen will be the best of all. Why? You are observing every scene as a trikaldarshi (knower of the three aspects of time). You know very well what is happening today, and what is going to happen tomorrow. You are knowledge-full, are you not? It is very clear, in front of all of you, what is going to come after the confluence age, is it not? The new age has to come. The people of the world question: “will it come?”: they have this question. And, what do you say? “It is almost here”. This is why you don’t question what is going to happen. You know that the beautiful golden age has to come. After the night, it is now the dawn of the confluence age: it is amrit vela, and after amrit vela, the day has to come. Those who have this faith will remain free from worry. They won’t have any worry. They will remain carefree. You have received clear knowledge of the creation from the Creator of the world.

BapDada is seeing that all you children who are loving, co-operative, or in contact, are bound with love, and have reached your own home. BapDada is congratulating all you loving children, you co-operative children, and you children who are in contact, for reaching your home to claim your rights. Congratulations! Congratulations! Does BapDada have greater love for you children, or do you children have greater love for BapDada? Whose love is greater? Is it yours or the Father’s? The Father says: the children’s love is greater. Look, it is because you children have love that you have come here from such faraway places. From how many countries have the children come? (50 countries). You have come from 50 countries. However, who has come from furthest away? Have those from America come from far away? You have also come from far away, but BapDada has come from Paramdham. Where is America compared to that? Is America far away, or is Paramdham far away? BapDada is the Resident of the land that is the furthest away. You children remember the Father, and he becomes present in front of you.

What does the Father now want from you children? You ask what the Father wants of you, do you not? So, BapDada wants each of you sweetest sweetest children to become a self- sovereign king. Are all of you kings? Do you have sovereignty over yourself? Those of you who consider yourselves to have become self-sovereign kings, raise your hands! (Many raised their hands). Very good. BapDada feels love for you children when he sees you, because you have been working hard for 63 births to go far away from sorrow and anxiety. So, the Father now wants each one of you children to become a self-sovereign, a master of the self... to become a master of your mind, intellect, and sanskars... to become a king. You should be able to transform your mind, intellect and sanskars whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want. The experience of a tension-free life should always be in an emerged form. BapDada sees that sometimes it becomes merged. You think: “I mustn’t do this... this is right, that is wrong”. However, you just think about it, but do not put it into practice. To think about it means it remains merged, whereas to put it into practice means it remains emerged. You are not waiting for time, are you? Sometimes you do wait for it. When you have a heart-to-heart conversation, some of you children say that everything will be fine when the time comes. However, time is your creation. You are master creators, are you not? So, the master creators cannot continue on the basis of the creation. You master creators have to bring the completion of time close.

Can you become a master of the mind in one second, and order your mind? Can you do this? Can you concentrate your mind? Can you put a full-stop? Or, is it that you try to put a full- stop but it becomes a question mark instead? What? Why? How? What is this? What is that? There shouldn’t even be an exclamation mark. It should be a full-stop. Become a point in a second. There isn’t any other hard work. Simply put into practice the one word “point”. You have to become an embodiment of the point: put a full stop to all waste, and churn the points of the elevated versions that you hear. There isn’t any other difficulty. Remember the point, put a point, and become a point. No matter how busy you are throughout the day, every so often, try and practice this. Can you become a point in a second? Can you apply a point in a second? Only when you repeatedly have this practice will you be able to claim full marks, full points in the final moment that is to come, and pass with honours. This is the Godly study. This is the Godly sustenance.

Whoever has come, and even those who have come for the first time - those who have come to celebrate a meeting for the first time, raise your hands! Many have come. Welcome. Just as you have come for the first time, so also claim the first number. You still have a chance. You may think that you have come just now for the first time, and that there are many ahead of you, but the drama has kept this chance, that those who have come last can go fast, and those who go fast can come first. You have a chance, and BapDada calls those who take this chance “the chancellors”. So become a chancellor. Do you want to become a chancellor? Do you? Those of you who think that you will become a chancellor, raise your hands! Will you become chancellors? Wah! Congratulations. BapDada sees that all those who have come here are raising their hands. The majority are raising their hands. Congratulations, congratulations.

BapDada has especially remembered all of you sweetest and lovely children who have come here. Why has Baba remembered you? Why were you invited? Do you know? Look, so many were given an invitation, but you who were to come have reached here. Why did BapDada remember you? It is because BapDada knows that all of you who have come are the quality souls who will become easy yogis (sahaj yogis) from being loving and co-operative (sahyogi). If you maintain courage, you will become easy yogis, and can become messengers, and give others the message of easy yoga. To give a message means to become a Godly messenger. It means to liberate souls from sorrow and anxiety. After all, they are your brothers and sisters, are they not? So to give the Godly message to your brothers and sisters means to liberate them. You receive a lot of blessings from this. You receive a lot of blessings by liberating any soul from their sorrow and anxiety, and by receiving blessings, you feel a lot of super-sensuous happiness and joy inside. Why? It is because you distributed happiness, and by distributing happiness, your happiness increases.

Are all of you happy? BapDada is especially asking all of you - not as guests, but as those who have a right - if you are all happy. Do not consider yourselves to be guests: you are those who have aright. So, are all of you happy? Yes, Baba is asking all of you who have come here (those who have come for the international guest retreat). You are called guests, but you are not guests, you are those who will become great, and who will make others great. So, ask yourself: “am I happy?”. If you are happy, then wave your hand. You are now happy, so what are you going to do when you get back? You will share that happiness, will you not? Share a lot of happiness with everyone. The more you share, the more it will increase. Okay, Achcha, you may applaud as much as you want. (Everyone applauded a great deal). Just as you applauded now, so too let there always be applause of such happiness automatically. Achcha.

It is Bhopal zone’s turn to serve: those from Bhopal stand up. In this chance for service, how many multi-millions did you accumulate at every step? Did you accumulate? Here you are able to remember service and the Father of the yagya. You do service of the yagya, and so you automatically remember the Father of the yagya. What did you do here? There were just two types of work for you to do, that was all. There wasn’t anything else to do. You had to remember the Father, and do service. Did you have any other duty? This was all you had to do, was it not? To do service means to eat rich nourishing fruit. You did very good service. You accumulated blessings for yourself and you also gave comfort to others: that is, you reminded them of the Father. So, you claimed a very good golden chance. So, whatever you have accumulated here, increase that for yourself, and also share it with others when you get back. It is good.

Teachers in this group, raise your hands! BapDada always says to the teachers: teachers are those through whose features the future is visible. You are such teachers, are you not? Seeing you, people should have a feeling of the happiness of heaven. They should have an experience of peace. You should be seen as angels, whilst walking and moving around. You are such teachers, are you not? It is good. Whether you live at home, or are instruments for service, all of you are those who have faith, and who will become equal to BapDada. You very much liked doing service, did you not? You liked doing service. Did you remain content? If you did, then wave your hands. It is very good. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

(a group from the Media Wing are showing a banner saying “Value-based-Media - God’s revelation through Truth, Fearlessness, and Divinity”) You have kept a good aim. Media means those who spread the sound of BapDada’s revelation. The media is a special means for revelation, because people say that your sound has not spread that much in all directions. So the media is such a means that t can spread the sound in all directions. Now a little sound has been spread. Therefore now create such an atmosphere that those in every type of media themselves ask you to give them some service to do. You keep a connection with them, but now make those who are in connection, into those who have a relationship with you, through which they will understand themselves to have a responsibility. You are doing this: you will continue to do it, and the sound will definitely spread. When those who are spreading the sound are clever, the sound will then spread, will it not? You have started this, and that is good. Now increase it. (It is Dadiji’s desire that one crore (ten million) people should receive Baba’s message on Shiv Jayanti. We have made such a plan, and you have also made other plans). Congratulations. When you do this practically, Baba will give you a gift. But congratulations for now.

(a group from Scientists and Engineers wing have a banner showing: “Renewal through being an instrument and having humility - the Campaign for awakening through gyan (knowledge) and vigyan (science)”). You have made a good plan. Now those from the science and engineering department have to do something so that people experience that the power of silence can refine and advance the power of science. First of all, extract special points on what can be achieved through the combination of science and silence, and then spread them. Those from science can come to know what the co-operation of silence can give to their science, and how there can be progress. Experience this yourself, and give others this experience. It is good. BapDada is pleased. Each wing is already engrossed in their work. You have started to churn this. New extract the butter from the churning. Keep a special experience in front of them, because there is now a greater impact through practical experience. What you are doing is good. It is good. You also have this chance. You have created a good method. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations for what you have done, and congratulations in advance for what you will do in the future. You have done very well, Continue to do this, and keep your aim firm.

(to the Administrators Wing) Achcha. You have also made a plan, and you continue to make plans. It is good if the administrators change, because then everyone can change: it is said: “as is the king, so are the people”. So, if the administrators transform their lives, they can then become instruments to make others bring about transformation. This is why it is good: because there are administrators in every country. So, in every country make them (administrators) especially worthy by giving them the message of transformation for them to transform others. Otherwise, the service is good, and you can benefit many. One can be an instrument for many others, and this is what you are doing. You will continue to put the plan for transformation into a practical form quickly. There is a need for this Wing. Everyone’s vision is on this Wing today. You have become instruments, and you will definitely bring about renewal.

Double foreigners are carrying out the task of giving the message in every corner of the world very well. BapDada has heard that children have come from 50 countries, so there are messengers of 50 countries sitting here. You are carrying out the task of giving the message and you are now making good plan for someone to become an instrument for a place where the message has not yet reached. You have done this. This news also reaches BapDada. You now have zeal, and where there is zeal there is guaranteed success. So, who are you double foreigners? You are the starts of success. You are doing well. The sound from each one’s heart continues to reach BapDada: “we will do this... we will do this... we will also do this... and we will also do that...”. You have very good zeal, and there has to be success. You have guaranteed success at your feet, and around your neck. And, seeing all of you, everyone becomes happy. They invoke you: “there must definitely be double foreigners”. You have become the loved ones. You are doing very well, and continue to do so. You are flying, and you will continue to make others fly. All the teachers are very enthusiastic. See, with your zeal, even those great souls who have a right have also reached here. You have brought a good group here. Whoever has brought them here, congratulations to you. You have brought good quality. Now the sound will definitely spread more. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

To the always elevated and fortunate souls, whether they are sitting in front of Baba in the corporeal form, or are close to the heart even whilst sitting far away... to the special souls who always become instruments, and successfully carry out the task of renewal... to the courageous children who move forward with zeal to become equal to the Father... to the multi-multi-multi- million-times wealthy souls in the world. who accumulate an income of multi-millions at every step... to the souls who are always full... BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

(to Dadiji) You are rup, and she (Dadi Jankiji) is basant. You get everything done just with your drishti. You just raise your hand upwards and dance, do you not? (She makes everyone light).

(to Dadi Janki) What do you do? It is good. Your companions are also good, are they not? It is good. To create an atmosphere is the most elevated service of all. The atmosphere is created by you original jewels. Whether you speak or not, you are those who create the atmosphere. Look, you are doing so much service.

(to Manohar Dadi) You make everyone laugh a lot. You do this service very well. It is good.

(to Munniben) You remain busy. You are also clever in keeping others busy. You are playing a very good part.

(to Ishu Dadi) This one remains incognito but creates very good vibrations. It is very good.

(to Dadi Nirmal Shanta) You have now become a conqueror of matter. You are now no longer influenced by matter, but you are a conqueror of matter. Look, you are looking so good in this gathering. You look the most fresh of all. Wave your hand to everyone.

(to Rukmaniben) Are you okay? You are serving with a lot of love.

(to double foreign senior sisters) You are giving good proof of service. It is through this that the sound will spread. By relating your experience, the experience of others also increases, and so BapDada is pleased. Those who are instruments for foreign service remain busy in service with very good zeal. You have gone from this land, but you are serving the people abroad as though you are from that land. You give them the feeling of belonging, i.e. all of you are from everywhere, not just from one place. You are not from just London or America. You are unlimited servers. You have responsibility for the world, have you not? So, BapDada is congratulating you. You are doing very well. As you progress, you will continue to fly very well, and also make others fly. Achcha.

(to a group of double foreign guests) Why did BapDada remember you? Why did he remember you? It is because you have to become Godly messengers. You have understood the message, have you not? What is the message? To have remembrance. You know this message, do you not? Continue to remind everyone of the Father. That is all. It is easy, is it not? You don’t find it difficult, do you? Stay in remembrance, and remind others. It is very good that you have reached here.

(to a second group of double foreign guests) Do you consider yourselves to be those who have a right to the Father, that is, to your birthright? You are those who will claim your full rights, are you not? Full, not half. You are not guests (mehmaan) but those who will become great (mahaan), and make others great. You have this happiness, do you not? Are you happy? Are you ever-happy? You now have to remain ever-happy. Do not lose your happiness. Constantly continue to smile. It is good to smile, is it not? So this is the ever-happy group. Okay. The ever-happy group. It is very good, very good.

(to a third group of double foreign guests) All of you are holy and happy swans. What is the work of a swan? A swan has a lot of power of discernment. So you too are holy and happy swans, who finish all waste. By becoming powerful you make others powerful. Are all of you happy? Are you ever-happy, ever-ever-happy? Now, never allow sorrow to come. You have divorced it. You have divorced sorrow. Only then will you be able to resolve the sorrow of others. So, you have to remain happy, and give happiness to others. You will do this work, will you not? Keep the happiness that you have received here safe inside you. Whenever something happens, then just say “Baba, sweet Baba, take this sorrow”. Do not keep it with you. Would you keep bad things with you? Sorrow is something bad, is it not? So, remove that sorrow, and remain happy. So, this is the happy group, the group that gives happiness. Continue to give happiness whilst walking and moving around. You will receive so many blessings. So, this group is worthy of receiving blessings. (To one guest who had tears) You are happy, are you not? Now smile. Just continue to smile. Dance in happiness.

(to double foreigner instruments for service) All of you did very good service. Many many congratulations for that. Continue to serve in the same way. It is a good group. (We are making a book) BapDada has heard this news. Achcha. Everyone will receive the elevated versions, and they will become great. So, fill that with such magic that whoever opens the book has magic performed on them and they begin to dance in happiness. You are working very hard. BapDada is pleased.

(To Jayantiben) This one is the backbone. Achcha.

* * * O M  S H A N T I * * *