02-11-2004          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Become one who uplifts the self and also uplift those who defame you. Become full of all powers and all virtues and a bestower of respect.

Today, the Ocean of Love is pleased to see His loving children everywhere. Whether you are personally in front of Baba in the corporeal form, or physically sitting far away, love makes all of you experience being seated close to the Father. Each child's love enables him to experience the Father being close to him. All of you children too have personally arrived here out of love for the Father. BapDada saw that every child has love for BapDada merged in his heart. Each one of you has the love song "My Baba" playing in your heart. It is love that is making you detached from the body and the relationships of the body. It is love that is making you a conqueror of Maya. Where there is love in the heart, Maya runs away from a distance. All the children have passed the subject of love. One is love and the other is the treasure of all powers from the Almighty Authority Father, the One with all Powers. So, today, on the one hand BapDada is seeing the love and, on the other hand, He is seeing the powers of the Shakti Army. To the extent that you have love merged in you, all the powers are also merged in you. BapDada has given all the children all the powers equally. He has made you master almighty authorities, ones with all powers. He hasn't made some of you those with all powers and others those with only some powers. All of you say that your self-respect is being a master almighty authority, the one with all powers. So, BapDada is asking all the children everywhere: Does each one of you experience all the powers in yourself? Do you always have a right to all the powers? All the powers are your inheritance from BapDada. So, do you have a right to your inheritance? Do you have a right? Teachers, speak! Do you have a right? Speak after thinking carefully about it. Pandavas, do you have a right? Do you always have a right? Or only sometimes? At a time when you need a particular power, does that power present itself on your order in front of you, the Shakti Army? Does it say, "Yes, my lord, I am present" (Ji hazoor, hazir) at the time you need it? Think about it! Look! When one who has a right issues an order, the power should say, "Yes my lord, I am present". You should be able to use any power at the time you invoke that power according to the time and the situation. Have you become souls who have a right in this way? This is because the Father has given you an inheritance, and you have made that inheritance yours. You have made it yours, have you not? So, you have a right to anything that belongs to you. Whenever there is a need to use a power in a particular way, you should be able to use it. For instance, when you have a need for the power to accommodate, does it obey your order and say, "Yes, my lord"? Does it? At least nod in agreement! You may wave your hand if it does. Does it obey you sometimes or all the time? The power to accommodate does present itself, but having accommodated 10 times, at the 11th time there is a little fluctuation. It should always and easily present itself, not after the time has passed. I wanted to do this, but that happened instead. It should not be like that. This is known as having a right to all the powers. BapDada has given all of you this right, but it has been seen that you become numberwise in becoming one who always has this right. Let it be always and easily. Let it be natural, let it be your nature. The method for this is: The Father is also called Hazoor (Lord), and it is said, "Hazoor hazir" (the Lord is present). All the powers are also present in front of the lords, the children who follow every shrimat of the Lord, saying, "Yes my lord, I am present, I accept". They always say, "Ji hazir" (Yes, I am present) to every order. They say, "Ji hazir" at every step. If you do not say "Ji hazir" in following every shrimat, then every power cannot be present in front of you, the lord, at every moment. If you follow the Father's shrimat or orders only sometimes, then the powers will also only sometimes fulfil your orders of being present in front of you. At that time, instead of being one with a right, you become dependent. So, BapDada checked this result. What did Baba see? You are numberwise. Not all of you are number one, you are numberwise. And it is not always easy. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes the powers emerge with a little difficulty.

BapDada wants to see every child equal to the Father. He doesn't want to see you numberwise. The aim of all of you is to become equal to the Father. Do you have the aim of becoming equal or of being numberwise? If you were to be asked this, all of you would say that you want to become equal. So, check! 1. Do I have all the powers? Underline the word "all". 2. Do I have all the virtues? 3. Is my stage equal to the Father's? 4. Does my own stage or an adverse situation sometimes attain victory over me? If adverse situations attain victory, you know the reason for that, do you not? It is when your stage is weak that the adverse situations can attack. For the original stage of the self to always be victorious, the method is always to maintain a balance of your self-respect and respect for others. A soul who has self-respect is always a bestower who bestows respect. In fact, to give anyone respect is not really giving. To give respect is to receive respect. One who gives respect automatically becomes worthy of respect in everyone's heart. You saw Father Brahma. Though he was Aadi Dev, though he was the first soul in the drama, he always gave respect to the children. He enabled children to receive even more respect from souls than he himself received. This is why Father Brahma became worthy of respect in the heart of every child. So, did he give respect or did he receive respect? To give respect means to sow a seed of love from the heart in the hearts of others. In front of the world too, you are world- benefactor souls. Only when you give souls respect with love do you experience this.

So, at the present time, BapDada sees that there is a need to give one another respect. Only one who gives respect is seen to be a soul who is a bestower. Only those who give respect are the obedient children who obey BapDada's shrimat of having good wishes and pure feelings. To give respect is to have love in the heart for God's family. Those who give respect to others are easily able to stabilise in their stage of self-respect. Why? The treasure of blessings that you receive from the hearts of those to whom you give respect, easily and automatically reminds you of self-respect. Therefore, BapDada is especially underlining this for all the children everywhere: Become a bestower of respect.

Any child who came to Baba - whether he was a weak child, someone who was influenced by his sanskars, someone who came with the burden of sins or someone who came with strong sanskars - with which vision did BapDada see every child? That he is My dearly beloved long- lost and now-found child. He is a child of God's family. So, He gave them respect and they became those with self-respect. You have to follow the Father. If you want to become full of all virtues easily, then become a bestower of respect. Do you understand? It is easy, is it not? Is it easy or difficult? What do the teachers think? Is it easy? Is it easy to give respect to some and difficult to give respect to others? Or, is it easy to give everyone respect? Your title is: One who uplifts everyone. You are those who uplift even those who defame you. So check! Do I have the vision, attitude and awareness of being one who uplifts everyone? To uplift others is to uplift the self. So what are you going to do? You have to give respect, do you not? You will then be liberated from making effort to imbibe things individually. This is because BapDada is seeing that the speed of time is moving fast. Time is waiting. So, all of you have to make preparations. You mustn't make time wait any longer. What preparations do you have to make? Increase the speed of your perfection and equality. Do not say that you are doing it. Check how fast your speed is. Is your speed fast?

New children have also arrived here with love. BapDada is pleased to see the new children. Those who have come for the first time, raise your hands! There are many. Welcome to the Father's home, your home! Congratulations! Achcha.

Karnataka looked after everything: Those from Karnataka, stand up! Congratulations for the golden chance of service. Look, you have taken the first number. So, you want to remain the first number, do you not? You are those who take the number one in your efforts, in being victorious and in everything. Do not take the second number, take the first number. Do you have this courage? Do you have courage? With your courage, you will receive a thousandfold help from the Father. You have received a very good chance. You have accumulated a lot in your account of charity. Achcha, did you have a mega programme in Karnataka? You didn't? Why not? Why did you not have a big programme? Karnataka should take the first number in everything. (They will have the programme in Bangalore.) Achcha. Those who have held the mega programmes, stand up! How many mega programmes have taken place so far? (8 to 10 and one more to take place.) Achcha.

So, BapDada is giving huge congratulations for the mega programmes. How many zones are there? (15). Every zone should hold a big programme, because then those in your cities who make complaints will not then not complain. When you have mega programmes, you have huge advertising, whether it is through the media, posters, hoardings, or various other methods. Then the complaints will decrease. BapDada likes this service, but. There is a but. You have had big programmes and you have already had congratulations for that, but from every programme there should at least be a rosary of 108 that is prepared. That has not happened as yet. At least 108 should be ready, at the most 16,000. You have spent so much energy and money and so, at the least, BapDada wants to see 108 become ready. You should keep the addresses of all those who came. You have the introduction of those who brought others to the big programmes. So, you should bring them close again. Do not think "We have done our bit", for any task that is carried out has to bear some fruit. So, everyone who has done a big programme has to give this result to BapDada. Whether they are from the different centres or from other cities, there has to be a result. Is this OK? This can be done, can it not? If you pay a little attention, they will emerge. 108 is nothing. However, BapDada wants to see a result. They should at least become students.

They should come forward to give co-operation. BapDada wants to see the result this season of how many each of you make emerge. Is this OK? Pandavas, is this OK? So, we will see who is number one. No matter how many you make emerge, definitely make them emerge. What happens is that when the programmes are over, there is less attention on keeping further future contact with them. It is not difficult to make them emerge. Seeing the courage of the children, BapDada is pleased. Do you understand? Achcha.

Kumaris from the Indore Hostel and all other kumaris in the gathering: Very good. Out of all the kumaris that have come, how many hands will emerge? Kumaris can become BapDada's right hands. You have a golden chance. Do you know how many kumaris there are? Note down their names and see the result of how many have become right hands out of all of these kumaris. Raise your hands! Those who are living at the centres, do not raise your hands! Those who will become right hands, raise your hands! Record this on the video! All of you know that there are many invitations to open centres, but there are few hands. So, there are requests for you all. So kumaris should become right hands in service as soon as possible. Put aside the little ones, but those of you who are able to do service should become ready quickly according to the time. Your dowry is ready; the centre is your dowry. The Bridegroom is there anyway, and the dowry is also ready. So, make preparations. You will do this, will you not? Yes, older ones can emerge. Those who think that you can come quickly, raise your hands! Look, so many kumaris are raising their hands. The video is being recorded. Achcha. Congratulations, in advance, congratulations. Achcha.

BapDada is not seeing all the loving children from everywhere who have sent their remembrance, e-mails and letters as being far away, but He is seeing them seated on the heart- throne. The closest is the heart. So, BapDada is seeing all those who sent their remembrance from the heart, and also those who didn't send their remembrance but are in remembrance, as being seated on the heart-throne. Baba is giving a response. Whilst sitting far away, may you be number one intense effort-makers. Achcha.

Now, all of you, in one second, not even one minute, but one second, experience the drill of the mind, "I am an angel and becoming a deity!" Perform this drill of a second again and again throughout the day. Just as physical drill makes your body strong, so too, the drill of the mind will make your mind powerful. I am an angel, I am an angelic soul who is detached from this old world, old body and sanskars of the old body. Achcha.

To all the extremely loving children everywhere, to the souls who are always merged in love with the Ocean of Love, to the elevated souls who always have a right to all powers, to the souls who are loved by the Father and who become equal to the Father, to every soul who always stays in self-respect and gives respect to every soul, to the souls who become worthy of respect from everyone, to the souls who always uplift everyone, please accept BapDada's love, remembrance and blessings from the heart. Together with that, namaste to the souls who are the masters of the world.

To Dadiji: You have passed as number one in giving respect. You have passed with number one. It is good. The beauty of Madhuban is because of all the Dadis. (To the gathering.) All of you like the beauty and sparkle of the Dadis. Just as there is sparkle and beauty in Madhuban because of the Dadis, in the same way, all of you are not Dadis, but you are Didis and Dadas. So all the Didis and Dadas have to think about this and do this - wherever you live, let there be the beauty and sparkle there. Just as these Dadis are the beauty and sparkle, in the same way, there should be the beauty and sparkle in every place, because behind the Dadis are the Didis. You are no less. There are the Dadas and Didis. So, at no centre should there be any dryness. Let there be beauty and sparkle. Each one of you souls is one who brings beauty and sparkle to the world. So, whichever place you are at, that place should be seen as a place of beauty and sparkle. Is this OK? In the world, there is limited beauty and sparkle whereas from each one of you, there is unlimited beauty and sparkle. If you yourself have the beauty and sparkle of happiness, peace, and supersensuous joy, then the place itself will be filled with beauty and sparkle, because the atmosphere spreads everywhere through your stage. So, each one of you has to check if there is beauty and sparkle where you live and that there isn't sadness. Is everyone dancing in happiness? It is like that, is it not? This is the work of all of you Dadis, is it not? Follow the Didis and Dadas. Achcha.

Today, it is the beginning of the Indian season. So, all of you have come here at the beginning. It is good. BapDada has had this hall built for you all. The hall doesn't have any beauty or sparkle without you. What if Baba came and these people were not here? (Dadi likes the beauty.) It is good.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *