Avyakt Milan Manthan - 30.11.18

Are all Brahmin children celebrating Avyakt Milan ( meeting ) in a happy state of mind free from queries and doubts ?. The sakar milan (corporeal meeting) part is also over, the avyakt (incorporeal) meeting in corporeal part is about to finish and simultaneously the part of avyakt milan in avyakt is going on. The meeting of Father and Children is still continuing, only the method has been changed which is suppose to as per the drama. Father is fulfilling his promise and will continue to do so till the end. The children must not get disheartened specially those who are old and have become full. Since, it is through you that the new children will get zeal and enthusiasm and guidance. Either at Amritvela, at home, at work place, at centre or at Madhuban anywhere you are free to celebrate meeting. This Milan date is also a support, it awakens the emotions of the meeting but this again is a corporeal one. After some time, practice is needed even to go beyond this which first Mamma and then Father Brahma made to practice by becoming Avyakt. After that we have examples of Aadi ratna dadis. The drama is moving ahead as time progresses. Everyone must follow accordingly. Time is never constant, part changes as per time. Baba is not bonded by any place or person, he is world benefactor so thinks of the welfare of the world, can execute multi task and through many. The task of God never halts may be he has to change the medium. To make God proceed as per your will is not an effort but effort must surely be made to make him reside in your heart. Make a race in this. First invoke him to sit in your heart throne because now the Father is interested in that. Many are also undergoing through their karmic account clearance phase and this is bound to happen since this being the final moment. Now, the time has approached to clear the account of the world. Let that account continue separately but in Baba’s meeting NO ENTRY to them. If you allow them then you will go astray from the target and as much you increase your burdens the sorrow will increase accordingly followed by lowering you zeal and enthusiasm. Two things are very much essential in Brahmin life one is zeal and enthusiasm and second happiness then only you are alive since these are referred as breath of Brahmin life. Therefore, it has to continue. May be that all others go away but these two need not. Hence Baba has said earlier do not keep burden on your shoulders, give it to Father, neither keep the burden of effort. The one with burden cannot fly. Those who are light fly themselves and can also make others fly. Now, the part to revise knowledge and make others revise is going on, the time is to become an embodiment and become a sample before the brahmin family and the world, the time to make the year of completion worthwhile. Om Shanti.