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After 9 Years of selfless Sewa by my websites and ,
An Om Shanti World Foundation - A Government approved NGO with many free services to the people of this world has been started by me as below as a Joy of Giving BK D R Luhar

1.  Om Shanti World Foundation - To provide NGO Services for Health, Wealth, Happiness, Relations,
                                                  Religion and Spirituality. e.g Education field, Health and Medicine field,     
                                                  Unemployment field, Environment and Energy generation fields etc

2.  Om Shanti World Knowledge - To provide Knowledge of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Relations, Religion
                                                 and Spirituality - More than 1 million Audio / Video/ EBooks
 - Free of cost

3.  Om Shanti Training Institute  - To arrange Training Workshops and Seminars for Health, Wealth,
                                                Happiness,  Relations, Religion and Spirituality e.g.  Depression cure
                                                Classes, Computer Training, IOT Training , Geeta Gyan etc.
- Free of cost

4.  Om Shanti World Store        - To provide Books, E-Books, CD-DVD, Pen drives, Accessories for every
of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Relations, Religion and Spirituality.

5.  Om Shanti Productions        - To manufacture different products and provide employment to
                                               Gruh Udhdhyog.

6.  Om Shanti Bhojanalay        -  Daily Bhojanalay for 100 Persons

7.  Om Shanti Home Tiffin       - Daily Home Tiffin service for 100 Persons

8.  Om Shanti Vrudhashram     - This is the shelter for old age persons & senior citizens for Free of Cost.

9. Om Shanti Hospitals         - This is future project.

10. Om Shanti Schools            - School project

11. Om Shanti Malls               - Malls Project



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