I am fortunate to be Baba's instrument to run this digital platform by following websites

      and since 1.1.2013.

 You also have a chance to be  a part of this great service by donating your some money

 Servers                3 Nos - Dedicated Servers with IBM at Singapore.

 Expenses            Rs. 3.0 Lacs Per Month (US Dollar 4000 Per Month)

1. Online : -

    Contribution Link

2. Bank Details
    Bank                       HDFC BANK
    Branch                   Bodakdev, AHMEDABAD, INDIA
    Account Name      BK DRLUHAR
    Account No.          502 0000 507 5468
    Account Type       Current
    IFSC Code           HDFC0000049

3. Bank Details - 2 - OSWF

   Donations to Om Shanti World Foundation is eligible for Income Tax benefits under
   Section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961).

   Bank                                    ICICI BANK
   Branch                                Drive-in Road, AHMEDABAD, INDIA
   Account Name                   OM SHANTI WORLD FOUNDATION
   Account No.                       006405 008072
   Account Type                    Current
   IFSC Code                        ICIC0000064
   80G Registration Number AADCO3222GF20206 - dated 27-05-2021

Please send your Name, Address and PAN card details by email or Whatsapp to receive Income Tax Exemption Receipt.  You will not get income Exemption without this Receipt.
Email -      Whatsapp - 9824001168

4. Other Modes

    Paytm                    9824001168
    Google Pay           9824001168

5. PayPal

   Paypal email address to transfer Foreign Currency

6. Contact

   BK Dhanubhai R Luhar                                    
   E-113, Jai Ambe Nagar,
   Near Udgam School, Thaltej,
   AHMEDABAD-380 054.

          Mobile                             :       9824001168 - Contact Time - 7 to 9 PM Evening
          Email                               :