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Om Shanti
Greetings and Best wishes for this Diwali 2017.. 
May you all have many more happy and memorable ones to come under SHIVA BABA's canopy of complete Health, Wealth, Happiness and Protection for every moment of your lives.
Also this is extended to your family, relations, friends and contacts.
Om Shanti

Diwali Videos         Dadi Janki Blessing  Mp4    Mp3     Greeting - Suraj Bhai - pdf
Spiritual Significance of Diwali - Didi Sudesh - 13-10-17 - Mp4    Mp3
Sunday AV Murli Revision - Hindi - BK Dr Sachin - 15-10-17    Hindi Murli    Song    Pdf 
Sunday AV Murli Revision - Eng - BK Dr Sachin - 15-10-17 - Part-1 & 3   Part-2     Eng Murli      

Inner Technology - Shivani Bahen- Mumbai -15-10-17 Mp3 Mp4
Tension Free Lifestyle - Shivani Bahen- Mumbai -15-10-17 Mp3 Mp4
Spiritual Reengineering - Eng- Dr BK Sachin 14-10-17   EOW - 15-10-17 - Hindi Eng  
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